My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 158


Jesus fucking Christ, I hate this part of town. If one more of these suited up fuckers looks at me like I’m about to steal their fucking watch I’m gonna lose my shit.

They can’t even see my fucking face through the helmet but apparently having tats and riding a bike automatically makes me a criminal in their eyes. I hate entitled rich twats, never had to earn shit but still think that makes them better than the people who work their whole damn lives to support the people they love. This meeting better be fucking worth the hassle, Ross knows I hate this part of the job, if his little one wasn’t sick I’d have dragged his ass with me here kicking and screaming.

My phone is buzzing in my pocket but the Bluetooth is fucked on my helmet so I can’t answer it. It’s probably just Chrissy again anyway, she knows well enough to stay the fuck away from me in the house but over text she’s much more fucking confident. I had the DNA company run the samples again and they confirmed it was a match, all hope I had came tumbling down the moment I got that email.

I still can’t stand the sight of her, or the sound of her voice, so sending me insistent texts is the only way she can get to me now. She tried to make me breakfast this morning but I made sure not to come out of my room until she was in the bathroom and I could just get out without dealing with her. I know it’s kind of pathetic but it’s the only way I can stop myself blowing up at her.

It’s only gotten worse since Josh left. He hasn’t packed all his stuff up yet but he can’t look me in the eye anymore and spends all his time at his mums or Aleah’s place. I know it’s just a matter of time before he officially moves out and I can’t fucking blame him.

I destroyed his best friend.

Even the thought of the pain I’ve caused her, hell the pain I’m still causing her, makes me want to rip my own fucking heart out. I can’t stop thinking about her, I keep trying because I know she’d never fucking want me now, but I just can’t.

The way I reacted when Chrissy turned up with my fucking baby inside her, it was fucked up. I should never have let Brie leave. I was just so shocked, I honestly didn’t think this was even possible. We were careful, so fucking careful, and I’d hardly touched her in months. I can’t even remember fucking her five months ago, but then again, shit with her wasn’t really fucking memorable...

Not like it was with Brie...

Fuck, I’ve never felt anything like that. It wasn’t even the sex, although that was fucking mind blowing, it was the connection. It was like a broken part of me was glued back together as she seeped into my soul and bound me to her. There are no words to explain it, I didn’t even know people could feel like that, I thought it was just some shit they talked about to sell movies not something that really happened when you find the person you’re supposed to be with.

We were so fucking close.

I had her, I had her right there in my arms, open and ready to be mine completely. Then I had to go and fuck it.

The guilt I feel is fucking with me more than I can explain, I should never have let her walk out that day, it’s going to go down in my own history as the biggest mistake of my life. I know what it took for her to open up, I know she took down a lifetime of fucking armour with me only for me to stab her straight through the heart the second she did. I hate myself for this, I can’t blame her for hating me too.

I’ve wanted to see her every fucking day but what the hell do I tell her? I still don’t know how to fix this. No matter what I do, I’m going to be a Dad, and that has to come first, right?

Kids mean sacrifice. I never wanted to do that, it’s why I never wanted children of my own. I’m too fucking selfish, I like my life the way it is... Well, the way it was, when it was going to be with her.

Now what do I have? A woman living in my house that I can’t stand having anywhere near me, a brother I love more than anything that can’t say more than three words to me without clenching his fists... and the woman of my dreams turning into nothing before everyone’s eyes because I couldn’t fucking pick her.

I want to pick her.

I should’ve picked her.

Chrissy’s sister wants an answer, if she’s moving there she wants to start making preparations for the baby. I can’t fucking do that, I can’t watch my baby get on a plane and fly half way across the country, I can’t watch him grow up through a screen, visiting a few times a year where he won’t even fucking recognise me from one trip to the next. What kind of father would do that? Actually, I know what kind, mine.

I won’t be him. No matter what, I will be a better father than he ever could. I wish Chrissy would just stay here and know I’ll support them both, even if we’re not together. I understand her desire for our kid to be raised in a family, in a perfect world we’d be fucking happy together.

But this ain’t a perfect world and there’s not a chance in hell I could ever be happy with her, I’m not her destiny.

I know who my destiny is.

Except my destiny is constantly staring at the bottom of an empty vodka bottle and pushing away everyone who’s ever loved her because of the damage I’ve caused. Losing her grandmother was always going to hurt her, the woman was incredible, scary as fuck, but incredible. She raised those girls and I know Brie loved and respected her above everyone else.

If it had happened any other way though, she would’ve been able to cope with it. If instead of me breaking her first, I’d been with her, she would’ve still crumbled but she wouldn’t have broken.

What’s happening with her now, that’s on me.

Josh won’t talk about her, he used to give me little updates in the beginning but now when I try to bring her up he just cuts me off. He told me I had to stop calling and trying to contact her, that I was only making it worse. I listened, but I still had to go to the funeral, I couldn’t leave her to suffer through that without me.

She was so fucking pissed that night. I was ready for anything, I was ready for her to cry or scream or fucking hit me. I wasn’t ready for her to try force me to fuck her though. I could see she meant it, she felt like she needed it, but I could never do that to her. She uses sex like therapy, a quick fix to feel better, she doesn’t realise the impact it has after until she’s done it. I know if I’d slept with her that night, it would’ve only hurt her that much more when I had to leave, she wouldn’t have coped with me still not being able to give her the reassurances she wants. Besides, one more night with Brianna Parker and I would’ve given up the whole world for her, neither of us would’ve lived with ourselves after that.

I just can’t make her any promises right now. I’m working on Chrissy, getting her a place and I’m going to prove to her she can depend on me even if we’re not a couple, I just hope it’s enough.

Pulling the bike up to the side of the tall glass office building, my phone keeps fucking beeping and I’m sure I’m already fucking late but I pull it out anyway.

‘One Voicemail – My Queen’

Oh fuck, it was Brie trying to call me? Fuck! If I knew it was her I would’ve got straight off this fucking bike!

I rip off my helmet and pull the phone to my ear to listen to her. I don’t care if she’s just calling to leave a drunken screaming fit, I’m just so fucking desperate to hear her voice.

“Sonya, please can you come?” Sonya? Oh fuck, that bitch she works for... She’s probably too drunk to realise she’s dialled the wrong number. Her majestic voice is like music to my ears but she still sounds really out of it. “I’m still at the Freewater but somethings wrong... I had some water and now I can’t feel my legs...” Holy fuck. I’ve worked at enough fucking clubs, and seen enough fucking girls hanging off creeps trying to drag them to a back alley saying those same words to know what’s happening to her. She’s been spiked. “Please, can you come get me now... I’m scar-”

A man’s voice come through in a muffled tone before the message ends. I don’t need to hear anymore, shoving my helmet back over my head I slam on the bike and take off. Whipping through the rows of traffic faster than my heartrate. It won’t stop racing.

If anything happens to her...


Freewater, that’s the big fucking hotel at the end of the strip.. I think. Driving straight through a red light, I have to swerve just to stop getting hit by some twat in a flashy red sports car, pretty sure the guy was screaming at me in Italian but I just keep going.

Fuck, this place is huge. Where the fuck is she? Dumping the bike by the valet stand I jump out and grab my phone, she hasn’t fucking called again.

“Mate, you seen this girl come out with anyone in the last few minutes?”

I show the valet the photo of Brie I took the night of our first date. She didn’t even know I took it, her face so fucking happy as she digs into her fries. I’d give anything to be back in this moment with her.

He smiles at the photo of her. “She went in a while ago but I don’t think she’s come out, I’m pretty sure I’d remember seeing her again.” Yeah, can’t blame you, she’s fucking unforgettable.

The foyer is fucking packed with people, there’s a load of suits walking around towards the bar. I get some looks, people making their usual judgements as I rush past them, but I ignore them completely as I try to find her.

My panic only grows as I scan through every seat in the bar only to see she’s not there, I spot an empty table in the corner with some folders like the ones Brie always has on her desk at home and I know she was here not long ago. If she’s in one of the conference rooms or something now I’ll never fucking find her in this place.

Racing back to the reception desk my heart wants to spring from my chest, my hands are shaking as I push through the group of people trying to check in. Where the fuck is she?

A tiny receptionist looks up at me, I see the fear in her eyes as I storm towards her so force myself to take a deep breath and try to appear calm, she isn’t going to tell me shit if she thinks I’m some maniac come to harass one of her guests.

Pulling out my phone, I face it towards her and attempt to speak like my body isn’t vibrating with fear.

“Have you seen this girl leave with anyone? I think she’s in trouble, she left me a panicked message and I just want to make sure she’s okay.”

The woman looks at the screen and I see the recognition on her face. She knows where she is.

“She um... she... Somebody took her upstairs.”

All my control snaps. I’m too fucking late.

“Who took her? Where the fuck did they take her? Give me a room number.”

I can see the hesitancy in her, she’s afraid, really afraid, but I don’t actually think it’s of me.

“He’ll take her too-”

She was cut off by the sound of some rich bitch woman in a bright red dress screaming at one of the bell boys. We both glance over to see there’s a bit of a queue for the elevator and apparently this walking designer label doesn’t want to wait.

The receptionist looks confused as she begins typing away at her screen.

She starts muttering to herself. “What the... somebody pulled the emergency stop... why?”


“Did this girl get in there last?” I point again to the screen showing Brie’s face, my patience now non existent. She nods with a gulp, her hands shaking against her keyboard. “Get it back down here, now!”

She looks down at her screen before looking back at me with so much pity I now have no doubts she’s fully aware of what’s about to happen to my girl. Who the fuck is this guy? Does he do this a lot or something?

“I can’t do it from here, you have to override it from the floor it stops at.” I look over to the numbers above the elevator and see the lights for floors four and five are lit up. “I’ll call maintenance and get someone to get it going.”

We don’t have time. “Like fuck! Tell me how to do it!”

She jumps at my tone, grasping the security card hanging around her neck.

“You have to swipe a staff key pass by the door, but I can’t just give you one or-”

I don’t wait for the rest of her little speech, leaning over the desk and grabbing hold of the one hanging from a lanyard around her neck and ripping it free of her body before racing towards the stairs.

The pitter patter of her heels chase after me, along with her screams, but I don’t stop, pushing my body to the limit and taking the steps three at a time.

I have to fucking get to her.

My heart is pounding as I see the door for the fourth floor, throwing it open and speeding down the corridor to the elevator doors. I’m hit with the stench of fresh paint and my boots stick to the dust sheets coating the carpet, I realised quickly this floor must be empty for redecoration or something. Did he know? Is that why he stopped here?

Where the fuck do I swipe?!

I search all around the door but there’s nothing. Thinking back to how we kept paradise a secret, there were hidden doors everywhere hiding the security we had in place, things only the employees saw but no-one else so you didn’t ruin the aesthetics of the place.

Sliding my fingers over the white wood panelling I notice one has an extra ridge, pushing against it the whole thing springs open and I see the key card entry slot and a number keyboard.

I shove the key inside but nothing happens, I do it again but still nothing.

“Useless piece of shit!”


I turn around to see the receptionist from downstairs now clutching her stomach and attempting to recapture her breath through her panting, standing against the stairwell door.

“You have to.. put my code in.. first, 927”

My hands are shaking so much I have to grip my own wrist to steady it enough to get the numbers in. Slamming the card into the slot a green light fires up before I hear the buzz of a motor restarting. I swear to fuck, if he’s fucking touched her...

The elevator doesn’t move but the doors begin to open anyway, a man’s voice slipping through the crack.

“I’m a Vanderbilt.”

It must have been seconds for the doors to open completely, no more than three, but the moment the vision of what was happening began to come into sight it felt like I was staring at it for an eternity.

The elevator was stuck halfway between floors so I was looking straight in at the bottom of the cage, only to be met by Brie’s tear soaked face in front of me.

Her body was limp, she couldn’t even blink as the tears fell from her eyes. My heart broke as I saw her skirt had been pulled up to her waist, scratches and bruises along her thighs where he’d held her down and her hands bleeding from the punctures of her own nails.

Then I saw him and everything changed. He was over her, his body held against her with his pathetic excuse for a dick ready to force it’s way inside her... I didn’t know if he already had... His fist still looped in the belt wrapped firmly around her neck. There was no sadness, no pain. All I saw... was red.

He tried to scramble for his pants but I got hold of him too fast. There was a shriek from the woman behind me as I took hold of his shirt and ripped him from the elevator, launching him half way down the hallway, with the sickening crunch of his body splintering filling my ears as he hit the floor.

He dies. Now.

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