My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 16

Cole was sitting outside the house waiting for May when I got there.

“She still not out yet? How long have you been waiting?” Mays attention span was almost zero, I’d probably walk inside to find her with one shoe on and her face glued to the TV instead of coming out here where she should be.

Cole smiles at me. “Not too long. Have you spoken to Aleah? She seems to be... happy, doesn’t she?”

I was so glad him and Tara had found a way to be cool with those two getting together but I guess it can’t always be easy to know your daughter is off gallivanting around the country with a guy that thoroughly enjoys pounding her into a puddle at every given opportunity.

“Yeah she called a few days ago, she seems good. They both do... You still good with this?”

He smiles at me. “Never better. I’ve seen them both smile on video chat more in the last few weeks than either of them have in the last three years. Looking back I feel stupid I couldn’t see how much they were meant to be together... What about you? Finally found a special guy you can bring to thanksgiving?”

I laugh. “Actually I’ve got a few, thinking about starting a commune.”

Cole never knew what to do when I made those kind of jokes, his face is so red right now I could probably fry an egg on his forehead.

“I’ve got to get ready for class, I’ll send out trouble.”

Opening the door Granny was already flat out on the couch, her body submerged under a thick blanket despite the heat outside.

May was sitting at the counter eating chips and still in her t-shirt with no pants.

“May Anastasia Parker! Get your ass sorted and get outside, God knows how long poor Cole has been sitting in that van waiting for you!”

She didn’t budge, turning her back on me like I wasn’t even in the room. “I’m not going.”

I so didn’t have time for this shit right now. “Yes you are. Now get some pants on.”

“No!” Here we go, May was due for her weekly melt down but I just wasn’t in the mood to deal with it today.


She whips around to face me and for the first time since I came in I actually see her face, she was crying.

“I’m not going Beebee! I hate it there!”

Where was this coming from? May loves it at the Manor, she practically asked to move in a few weeks ago. I walk over and try to cuddle her but she bolts away up the stairs like a flash. By the time I get to the top she’s already locked herself in the bathroom.

“May... babe what’s happened?” I sit down on the floor outside the door and can see from the shadows through the frosted glass she’s doing the same.

“I tried out for basketball.”

Okay, not exactly what I thought would cause this kind of breakdown. “You didn’t make the team?” I ask gently.

Her voice comes through the glass weakly. “No I did make it but... They asked us to fill in the forms so we could travel to matches with our parents. I don’t have any parents so I thought I’d put Cole and Tara down but... Tara said I couldn’t do that. I’m not her kid... I’m not anyone’s kid.”

Oh shit. My heart immediately breaks for her. Tara wouldn’t have meant it the way she’s taking it, I know that.

I remembered life with my mum, so when we came to live with Granny I never felt like I was missing out on anything because things were better here. It never occurred to me that May wouldn’t feel the same. “Sweetheart why didn’t you put down me or Granny? You usually do.”

I could hear her let out a deep breath, she was still so young, I hated to feel this kind of pain coming from her. “Because the mums and Dad’s are supposed to help out with the practices and at the games. Granny is always sleeping and you’re never home. Neither of you have time for me.”

I am the worst sister on the planet. I’ve been so caught up in all my own shit I can’t even remember the last time I asked her how school was going or who her friends were? How did I not know she was even trying out for the team. Shitty sister award for you Brianna, congratulations.

“Bumblebee open the door. Please.”

She shimmy opens the door just enough for me to squeeze through and I sit down on the floor in front of her, pulling her into my lap.

“There is nothing, and I mean nothing, more important to me in this world than you. I’m so sorry I’ve been gone a lot lately, work has been crazy and I’m not going to lie to you – the next few months are going to be hard but girl if you need me, I’m there. Always. It’s you and me against the world, you know that.”

She buries her head into my shoulder and I run my hands over her braids, I’m not even sure who did them for her. I’ve really been neglecting this little angel lately.

“Do you want me to stay back from class tonight? We can watch movies and eat everything left in the fridge?” Shaking her head against me I continue to cuddle her until I feel her relax.

I’m going to do better by her, I haven’t worked this hard just to let her feel so rejected and abandoned.


I dropped May to the Manor myself. Tara was heartbroken when I told her what May had said, she explained how all she meant was that she didn’t want to overstep her boundaries. We both agreed we needed to communicate better and I said I’d ring the school in the morning and add all of us to her forms as her guardians.

Milo was ecstatic when he found out May made the team and immediately pulled her outside to practice, I guess there’s something in the blood with those three and throwing orange balls through nets.

The gods were thankfully looking down on me positively when I got to night school and there was a parking spot right outside the doors free. I rushed into the classroom almost knocking over the class bike but was relieved to see it hadn’t started yet.

I decided to avoid emo guy today and took a. seat at the empty table in the back instead. My heart was still pounding from the jog I’d had to put on to make it here but I took a few breaths to calm myself down.

Just as I was starting to feel semi-normal, in walks green eyes... except he’s not alone. Accompanying him is a little princess, maybe five years old. Her twirling ringlets tied up in bunches that don’t even come close to looking equal.

Every girl and non-heartless guy in here starts to aww and ahh at the little bundle of cuteness as she digs around in the little fluffy hello kitty bag she has hanging over her shoulder.

“Okay guys, we’re going to have a tiny extra student for today’s class but she’s promised not to overshadow you all with her own work.”

Connor kneels down and gestures to the little girl who gleefully pulls out her colouring book and pencils from her bag, to another chorus of aww’s.

I’m going to guess she must be his niece, or maybe a baby sister. They have that look of familiarity that only comes from being family.

Connor is slightly out of my sight and I don’t realise what he’s doing with his hands until the little girl responds to him, in sign language.

I know a bit of sign, enough to hold a decent conversation but this girl is so fast I only catch half of what she’s saying.

Connor stands and signs for her to sit at his desk but she blissfully ignores him, dancing up the aisle and taking the spare seat next to me.

She plonks herself down much to his dismay and smiles at me, reaching up and twirling one of my curls around her little finger. “I like your hair. Can I sit by you?”

Oh god she’s so cute I could eat her with a spoon.

I’m not sure how good her lip reading is so I sign along with my words. “I like yours too cutie. I’d love to sit by you, I’m Brie.”

Her little face lights up as she follows my hands avidly, I’m sure she comes across more people she finds it hard to communicate with than those she doesn’t.

She places her colouring book on the desk and I return my attention back to the front of the class only to realise every pair of eyes are on me, one green pair with an open mouth most of all. Guess he didn’t realise my talents extended far beyond the bedroom.

The little sugar-snap pulls on my dress sleeve and I return my attention back to her. She signs without talking. ‘I’m Hope. Why is everyone staring at you?’

I smile and sign back. ‘It happens a lot, I’m really pretty.’

There’s a small chuckle from the front of the class that almost matches the one from the precious little thing next to me, clearly the only two people in the room who understood what I said.

Connor finally pulls his eyes from me long enough to get class started but it’s too late for me. I’ve been sucked into colouring a unicorn so I’m only taking in about a third of what he’s saying now.

‘You should be an artist, not in this boring class.’ Hope remarks as she marvels at my rainbow design.

My skills seriously know no ends. ‘Thank you beautiful, don’t let Connor see you sign that, he’ll know how boring his classes are.” She chuckles before covering her mouth when she notices Connor staring back at her. ‘How are you here with him?’

She shrugs. ‘Nans poorly, couldn’t stay with her tonight.’

‘Is Connor like your Uncle or something?’

She laughs and shakes her head. ‘No, he’s my Dad.’

Her Dad?!
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