My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 164

Harley smiles back at me with absolute joy, his body wrapped in pure white sunlight as he moves to my side, his flowing cream linen shirt being caught in a gentle breeze as he sits.

“Hey gorgeous, long time no see. Well, at least you couldn’t see me...”

Why aren’t I freaking out right now? I should definitely be freaking out. Maybe it’s a dream, oh fuck maybe I’m in a coma.

Harley starts to laugh before moving closer into my side.

“Bitch you’re not in a damn coma. We all just discussed it and decided you needed an intervention or something, so here I am beautiful. You gonna give me a hug or just stare at me like you’ve never seen a damn angel before?”

His arms open up for me just like they always did, and without hesitation, I fall straight into them.

He smells the same, he looks the same, his perfect smooth ebony skin in total contrast to the white light that seems to follow him everywhere. I can feel him, not just his body against mine, I feel his soul wrapping around my heart and keeping me safe here.

The tears fall down my face as I lean my head against his chest.

“I missed you.”

He pulls me back enough for my chocolate eyes to meet his deep navy ones. They’re even more gorgeous than I remember.

“I was never far sweet cheeks.”

I know he wasn’t, I feel him. I hear him in the beat of music, I watch him in the ripple of an independent wave, I become wrapped up in him when the fall wind catches my curls. He’s never distant from me.

We sit up, my hand finding his and linking them together as we both look out at the calm aqua sea before us.

“Are you happy? Where you are?” It’s the question I always want to ask when I think of him.

He smiles. “Yes, it’s peaceful. Although it’s a full time job watching over your sorry ass. You’ve been more work than the rest of them, but I manage to get you there most of the time.”

I laugh. “Oh yeah, I thought angels weren’t supposed to interfere or something?”

He chuckles. “Bitch, I was never one for rules, you know that. Besides, it wasn’t really interfering, just little things. A sign to turn left instead of right sometimes, making sure you’re at the right place at the right time...A nudge of your finger when you scroll to make a call, making sure it gets to the guy it’s supposed to, even if you don’t realise it.”


“You made sure I called him?”

He smiles. “We all do our part. Chad says to tell you hi, and that yes he can see you changing and yes he does look.”

I can’t help but scoff. “They let him in here?”

Harley bursts out into hysterical laughter. “His charm isn’t limited to just the mortal realms, even the purest of souls can be corrupted by that man.” That’s my boy. “He needs you to pass on a message, he said to tell that sweet girl of his that every time she thinks she can’t, she proves that she can. He said you’ll know when the time comes to tell her.”

I nod. I’ll make sure she gets it bad boy.

“Is umm... Is Granny...”

“She’s here babe. She’s already making changes and she practically rules the clouds now but she’s here.” Of course she bloody does, I wouldn’t expect anything less. “She loves you, she misses you both. May, honey you got work to do there... Things... It’s going to be tough for a while soon, but you got to make sure you’re there when she calls okay? You make sure you go pick her up.”

“Pick her up?”

Harley nods. “You’ll see, there’s still a lot of time before then.”

He knows it all doesn’t he? He knows everything that will come and everything that will go, but I know he won’t tell me.

Looking off into the distance I can see the real world is starting to come back into view slowly, I just about make out Josh’s figure blurred to my side. We’re running out of time here.

“What about him? He’s lost Harley.”

Harley looks over to where Josh stands, his body frozen in a mid run towards me. He can’t stop smiling at him, the love between them still so obvious.

“He’ll find himself again. His next love is so much closer than he thinks, he’s just going to have to wait a bit. I’ve seen them Brie, they’re going to be beautiful. It’s going to be worth the wait, it’s all going to be worth it in the end... There’s a guilt he carries though, one he’s never shared with anyone, one he’ll have to let go of before he can move on to the greatness ahead of him... He just needs more time.”

The way he looks at him, I’d forgotten that look. The love they had was so pure, so special. I can’t see how Josh will ever find that again.

Harley turns to me, a small tear in his eye as he smiles at me. “They’re going to need you Brie, they’ll be there for each other but they’re going to need someone in their corner to fight for them too. What they’ll have... It’ll be everything everybody wants for him.”

“He misses you, he misses you so much.”

Harley swipes away the tears from my cheeks, ones I didn’t even realise I’d let fall. My heart breaks for him but he doesn’t seem sad when he talks of Josh’s future, he wants him to find that happiness, just like I knew he would.

“I’m always with him Brie, always.”

The world around me is becoming clearer and I know we only have minutes left.

“What do I do Harl? What the fuck do I do? I can’t... I just don’t know... Steve and the charges and me and May and –”

Harley grasps my face gently, his warm and comforting hands holding my cheeks as he smiles at me. The whole world doesn’t seem so frightening the second his skin touched mine, I feel completely at ease.

“Girl, do you know how strong you are? How have you got this far and you still don’t even realise it? Bitch, you can do anything. ANYTHING. I have no doubts that if you wanted the keys to the damn pearly gates there ain’t a damn force in this world or any other that could stop you. You are gonna make that thing pay, you’re gonna do the right thing because you – Brianna Destiny Parker – are the best fucking person I know. You’ll do it because you’re a queen and you ain’t gonna let that man decide your fate, it’s yours.”

He always did believe in me, but even now, after everything he’s seen me do, he still has faith.


He smiles, gently stroking my cheek and holding me to our connection.

“He has his own angel watching out for him sweetheart, his mama is gonna take good care of him... That man is fineeeeeee though honey, if you don’t scoop him up before he gets here then I will keep him for my damn self.”

The laughter erupts from both of us, his arms wrapping around me and pulling me into his body as the light of the beach fades back to darkness around us.

Harley leans down and kisses my head. "You know you got to get your shit together now, right? This girl you’ve been trying to be ain’t gonna fly for much longer, you are destined for things that girl could never achieve."

I know I have. “I’ll get better. I know what I need to do now, I’ll fix it.”

"I'm serious babes, this is the turning point for you. You need to do the Jayce thing too, at least for now."

I pull back from the hug slightly to look at him horrified. "Oh god no... you mean...?"

He smirks. "Yep, no drinking beautiful. You need the break."

Damn bloody angel, trying to make me into a damn... "Jesus Christ Harley, I can't just-"

His hand slams over my mouth.

"Bitch, where the fuck do you think we are right now? You can't be saying that name like that!"

I can’t stop laughing and neither can he, I’d forgotten the sound of it but now I know I never will again. It’s the most fabulous noise I’ve ever heard.

The view around me is clear now and I can see it’s now just his light that is beginning to fade. I throw my arms around him tightly, the tears streaming down my face as I try desperately not to let him slip away.

“Please don’t go. Please. I don’t want to do this without you.”

He chuckles, placing a final kiss on the top of my head, leaning back so we both lay down on the rock.

“Honey, have you listened to a damn word I’ve said? I’m never gone, none of us are. You never have to do it without me baby girl, I’m right here.”

I can feel the cold surface of the rock against my cheek, the salty air of the sea chilling me as his warmth slowly fades from my grasp.

The tears won’t stop despite the fact my eyes are sealed shut.

“I love you Harley.”

A hurried breath hits my face.

“Harley? Brie, it’s me? Shit, I thought you knocked yourself out or something, are you okay?”

Forcing my eyes open once more I see Josh only a foot away from where I saw him last, less than a second must’ve passed here but I feel like I lived a lifetime somewhere else.


I can’t stop the smile that makes its way onto my face as I look at him, Harley was right, he’s going to be incredible.

“I’m fine babes, let’s go back.”

Josh helps me to sit back up, confusion written on his face at my sudden change of attitude.

“Are you sure? We only just got here.”

I’m sure. “I got what I needed.”

Josh nods, taking my hand and pulling me back to my feet. I stand, wrapping my arms around his shoulders and giving him the hug he deserved weeks ago. I’m so lucky to have him, to have all of them.

He returns my hug, holding onto me like he wants me to know he’ll never let me go if I don’t want him too.

“I love you Josh. I love you so much and I want you to know that, no matter what happens, I’ve always got your back. I’m on your team, always.”

We stand there for a moment, my legs feeling heavier by the second until Josh lifts me up into his arms and carries me across the sand.

“You’re not even in your boots and I’m still carrying you. How do I always end up in this position?”

I chuckle, leaning my head against his shoulder. “You love me.”

He places a kiss to my head, not realising it’s the exact same spot I was just kissed by his lost love. “More than you know Brianna.”

Looking over his shoulder as we make it to the car I glance back at the rock pool, the light everywhere else on the beach has an orange hue from the bonfire but not there. The light right there is completely white.

People could excuse it, they could say it’s just the moonlight bouncing off the water or a trick my eyes are playing on me but we all know better.

We all know light is all that’s left, after you’ve been touched by an angel.

I almost fall asleep in the car on the way back, the Manor still dark and quiet as we make our way upstairs to Aleah’s room. I hadn’t even got my hoodie off yet when Josh was already flat out on the other side of the bed.

A small laugh escapes me as I watch him cuddle his pillow, his face like a little baby after a belly full of milk. He’s bloody adorable, whoever this guy is better appreciate him, exactly the way he is.

Tomorrow I’ll call Hannah, Harley was right; I have to try. If he did this to another girl because I was too scared to attempt to stop him, I’d never forgive myself.

Tomorrow I’ll make some changes, I know I have to, this life I’ve been living isn’t the one I was supposed to have. If I want that, I have to stop trying to just make the best of things. I have to start working towards my goals.

Tomorrow I will make better choices.

But tonight, tonight I just want to do something for me.

I tuck Josh in and go to the bathroom, taking a second to check myself in the mirror and clean my tear stained face.

Yeah girl, no matter what, you’re still fine as hell.

Opening the door to the other side I see Steve laying in the bed, his phone still in his hand telling me he hasn’t long fallen asleep.

I don’t say anything, peeling back the covers and sliding in next to him.

Steve stirs, looking down to see me.

“Brie? Everything okay?”

I nod, turning so I can wrap myself up in him for the night. Today was a bad day, then it was a weird day, then it was an emotional day. Tonight I need to sleep, and I need to feel safe.

I’ve never been safer than when I’m in Steve’s arms.

He doesn’t wait for my response, realising without words what I need. He doesn’t fight or push me away, instead he slides his arms around my waist and holds me close to him, my body moulding into his the way it always does.

I will find Brianna Parker again, I will find all my pieces and put them back together.

But for one single night, just tonight, for the last time...

I will be his.
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