My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 167

"Wait, you have a fucking file on me?!"

She smiles. “Of course Brianna, I always get to know the enemy. It’s the first rule of business.”

I’m her fucking enemy? This bitch hardly knows me. Looking down at the open folder, she flips through it like this isn't the creepiest thing I've ever seen. Turning from page to page as I look at my entire life written down on paper. She has my old dance schedule, my class time table from high-school, she even has my fucking tax return from last year!

Turning another page a pile of photographs spill out onto the desk; Me at work, May at school, me and Al at the ice cream place... Some of these aren't even recent... How long has she had someone following me?

Then the final two come to the surface. The first, one I've seen many times, the one of me pushed against the glass with Antonio at the hotel - the first time. Guess that’s out of the bag then... But the other, the other is... Granny. She's just sitting on the porch, a smile on her face as she looks out at the street, completely unaware of the person taking pictures ahead of her.

She looks so peaceful, so content. The only face of hers I've been able to picture lately is the one of the last time I saw her; cold, grey and lifeless. This one though, this one is truly my Granny. If she were here right now she wouldn't be putting up with this shit... and neither will I.

“What the fuck is this? What the hell is the matter with you? You can’t just follow people like this, you can’t... you’re fucking mental, you do realise that?”

Looking around the room subtly I try to see if there’s another way out, a way I could smack this bitch over the head and get far away from here before she comes too. I’m pretty sure the doom patrol is still outside the door so that won’t go well, but I think I could get out that window and probably only brake an ankle when I land.

Christopher keeps his keys in his car, if it’s out back like usual then I could use it to get away, at least far enough I could call Hannah for backup. This is basically stalking and kidnapping, she could kill two birds with one stone and lock up the crazy fucking bunch of them.

“Stop thinking about it Brianna, if I thought you had any chance of getting away form me against my will I would not have brought you here. I have protections in place dear, you won’t get far.”

Wanna bet?

I need to catch her off guard, keep her talking until I can grab that paperweight thing and smash this bitch over the fucking head with it.

Clarisse seems to get to the page she wants and I look down to see what appears to be a handwritten note. It’s upside down so I can’t read it but I can recognise the signature. Nigel Thompson. “He is not a fan of yours, is he?”

Considering I stamped on his dick before I had him sent down for fifteen years, I’d say he ain’t gonna be sending me any holiday hampers anytime soon. “He’s a good man, a good business man, who was brought down by a simple whore. Believe me, I was as surprised as anybody to find out it was you. It appears seducing rich men then making up false accusations to cover up the fact you can’t keep your legs together runs in the family, your mother did the same thing to him... I don’t have a lot on her lately. She appears to be under her own protection...”

Why is she talking like this is all normal?

“Clarisse, what the fuck do you want? If you think bringing up my past is a way to threaten me into pulling the charges then you’re more fucked in the head than I thought. I don’t give a fuck, I knew all this shit would come out when I decided to go forward with it. I’m not afraid of people finding out about me... besides, exposing that case in particular, would expose someone else... I’m sure you’d rather not have that, wouldn’t you?”

I pick up the photo of me and Antonio pushed against the glass, sliding it towards her and watching her face contort in pure hatred. I’d love to have been here when she saw this photo for the first time, the moment she realised her man was mine long before she got her hands on him.

My hand still rests on the photo as hers snaps out, she pulls my hand towards her so hard my already aching ribs go slamming into the wood of the desk.


The pain is crippling, my legs fall to the floor as I slide off the chair and I know at least a few have to be broken now. She doesn’t let me go. Turing my hand she drops her pen and picks up her letter opener, plunging it straight through my palm into the surface of the wooden desk, pinning me to the furniture.

I scream, I keep screaming but nobody comes. I can hear noises outside but nobody opens the door as blood pours from my hand over the desk, seeping into the open pages of the folder.


I make to pull the blade out but she grabs hold of it, moving the blade around and around in my hand as my blood splitters out along with my shrieks. Fuck, the gash oozes with red thick liquid and tears stream down my cheeks as I try everything to get myself free of her. It hurts... Fuck, it hurts...

“Did you think seeing him with you would hurt me Brianna? He is the means to an end, that’s all. When my husband died I was vulnerable, I needed protection and a man by my side. His father could provide both. He had a son who wanted back into the family and away from the life of a whore, I wanted a man who could fuck me until I couldn’t walk and would kill when I needed him too. Our money bonded, as did the rest of us. It is a business arrangement, one he could not leave without ensuring the wrath of the one man who’s love he seeks. I pay his family well Brianna, he is simply my payment in return. Did you believe you meant more to him than that? That you were more than a whore to him? You girl, you were just his escape.”

You’ve got that backwards you cunt.

She isn’t smirking or looking at me with anger any more, she looks like this is something she’s seen a hundred times, like it’s normal. I’ve seen gang members take down rivals with less glee than this woman is taking right now. What the fuck is she?

“Now Brianna. I really hoped we could settle this with little bloodshed but it’s clear you’re not like the others. Well, except for one maybe, she was a stubborn little tart too. You will meet the same fate as her unfortunately, I see now I am running low on options. You should know the consequences of your behaviour Brianna.”

My hand burns with pain, I try to get to my feet but my ribs scream at me for even attempting to rise from this position.

Clarisse keeps the handle in her hand and starts to twist, the blade slicing through my flesh as the tears run down my face and the adrenaline I feel does little to block out the pain.

She continues to twist back and forth as she talks, my cries and screams doing nothing to distract her from her mission. She wants to watch me suffer. “Steven, I believe he will get a number of years for what he did to my boy, he butchered him and I will make sure when he gets in there Brianna, he only leaves in a box. People die in prison everyday, their reputation never having the chance to recover... it’s so sad.”


“Then we have your sister, such a tiny little thing, but so much spunk. Tommy told me she was quite the character at school today, although that ADHD of hers... my, she does place herself in some dangerous situations... Accidents, terrible things. Children like that, they just seem to have such silly moments; fall from their bikes, jump from the climbing frame... step out in front of cars..”


“Such tiny fragile body’s. So many ways to break them. They snap so easily, just like THAT!”

On the sound of the last word she tears the blade from my hand and I am released to the floor in defeat. The blood spurts from my hand as I cradle it to my chest, wrapping it in the fabric of my dress to try slow the bleeding. All my limbs are shaking from blood-loss and it everything fucking hurts so much.

“Then we have your sweet little friend, childbirth – so dangerous.”


I’m sorry Hannah, I was willing to risk myself, but I won’t risk them.

Clarisse moves around the desk as I try to shuffle my way back towards the chair, my dress soaked in the blood of my hand so much its leaving a trail along the floor as I drag myself backwards.

“I-I’ll drop the c-charges... Please... I’ll do it.”

My back meets the chair and I use my uninjured arm to try pull me to my feet, only to collapse again as Clarisse leans down over me with her weight pressed against my shoulders.

Her tiny delicate fingers, coated in my blood, come out to stroke my cheek, her touch like a hot poker being dug into my face. I don’t want her fucking touching me.

She smiles at me, a genuine happy smile as she brushes my hair from my face.

“Oh Brianna, I’m so happy to hear that.. but I believe you misunderstood. I was not informing you what would happen if you did not drop the charges, I was informing you of what’s going to happen once you’re taken care of. I wanted you to know you won’t be alone, I’m going to send them all to you soon enough.”


“Oh sweetheart, I think we both know you can’t be trusted out there anymore. I’m going to put you with the last one, right under the tree where I take the children to picnic, it’s a favourite spot of mine.”


“Your life ends today my darling.”

Like fuck it does.

I wait for her to completely lower her guard the moment she thinks she’s won, bringing my knees to my chest and slamming them full force into her stomach.

She tumbles backwards and I throw all my pain away, I have to fucking fight. Grabbing hold of the edge of the table I force myself to my feet, channelling all my fear whilst grasping the paperweight off the side and trying not to let it slip from my blood soaked hands as I raise it above me before sending it shooting down at Clarisse’s head.

I don’t stop to check she’s unconscious, grasping the blood soaked letter opener with my good hand racing for the door, ready to war with whatever’s outside it.

But as it swings open I’m not met with three burly walls of muscle.

Instead I’m staring directly down the barrel of a nine millimetre, the man standing behind it smirking at me through his broken teeth.

“Well, hello again Brianna.”

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