My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 169

He stands strong, stronger than my body could possibly be right now, but he doesn’t look at me, he just looks at her.

“Put down the gun Clarisse.”

She sniggers, attempting to look past him at me, but Antonio doesn’t budge, shielding me completely with his body.

“Antonio, my love. Please, let me kill the whore and we shall discuss my misgivings later. It’s for the best.”

How can they talk like this? They’re so calm, like this is as common as picking up milk on the way home for them. I thought I knew these people, but in reality I only saw what they let me see.

Antonio has always been intimidating, but right now he has never looked more ready to end a life. “Clarisse, I shall not ask again. Lower your gun.”

She looks between me and him, searching for something she can’t seem to find before she begins to laugh manically. “And why would I do that sweetheart?”

“Because if you don’t, I’ll blow this cunts brains out.” A strained Italian accent comes from behind where I stand.

I hadn’t even realised anyone else was here, turning slightly to see Antonio’s brother walking in through the door, his arm around Christopher’s neck and a large black gun pointed at his head.

Chris is terrified, the sweat pouring from him as he tries to take in the scene before him in total shock. As soon as he turns to see me covered in blood, all the colour from his face leaves. “B-Brie? What are you-”

“LET MY SON GO OR I WILL KILL YOUR BROTHER YOU FUCKING IDIOT!” Clarisse howls at the man with the gun held to Christopher’s head.

Jordano seems to find this whole situation comical, he’s actually grinning as he holds the gun to Chris with such familiarity and looks over to Clarisse. This family is truly fucked. “Perhaps, but I assure you chica, if you place a single bullet in my brother I shall rip your son from this earth... I see he won’t be the first one you lose tonight.”

Antonio looks over at Christopher with concern, I’m not sure his brother told him about this little part of the plan but I don’t think he’s going to stop him either. All three of them follow Jordano’s eye line to Tommy’s body on the floor of the hall.

Antonio doesn’t hide his smirk, Jordano either, as they watch Tommy’s pooled blood leak over the edge of the staircase and begin to drop to the floor before us. I expect to see pain or anguish on Christopher’s face but he doesn’t appear to have any... I think he may not have known the true extent of his brothers crimes but he was aware he was not a person to mourn for either. Helena must have told him her fears.

“You will not kill me Clarisse, you understand the consequences of such actions.” Antonio talks as if she’s still not pointing a gun at him.

For the first time, I actually see some fear in her, but she shakes her head trying to clear that fog before grasping the gun with both hands as she holds it steady towards Antonio.

“I wouldn’t be so sure of that Antonio. I killed my first husband with little bother and his help, what makes you think you’d fair any better? Your father hates you! He’d probably give me a payment break if I freed him of you!”

Antonio clenches his fists at his side and that’s when I notice it, the lump under his jacket from inside the back of his waistband.

“You killed Dad?”

Oh Chris...

I place my hands on Antonio’s shoulders, steadying myself and making sure I’m in the right position to do what needs to be done. I can do this... I can do this...

Clarisse hardly glances at Christopher, despite the pain clear in his voice, she has no remorse as she continues to recount the events like a children’s bedtime story. “I had to. He went mad. He wanted to give it all up, he wanted to ruin everything I worked for! I wouldn’t let him do it, not to my sons, not to me. I had already given up too much to see him throw it all away. I did it to protect us Christopher, everything I’ve ever done I’ve done to protect you all.”

As fucked up as she is, I honestly think she believes that. She thinks she’s doing the right thing. She doesn’t see the only threat to her boys - was always her.

Chris stands frozen, he doesn’t even seem to notice the gun held to his head anymore. His body limp as he realises the true extent of what a demon he’s been birthed by is. I’m so sorry, his sweet and innocent soul was crushed by this woman but I think it took this for him to realise there was no way back for her. She’s too far gone. “Was he the only person you’ve killed?”

She glares back at me, ignoring Christopher completely as her venom becomes completely transfixed on my form. Antonio tries to force me further behind him but I don’t move, I don’t want her to see how afraid I am. “I’ve killed threats Christopher. Those that are hell bent on destroying us. This bitch killed your brother, for nothing, she has to die. If she’d just gone off that cliff like I intended none of this would’ve been necessary! Why won’t you just die!”


Clarisse’s gun fires, her shaking hands missing their target completely as the glass in the window behind me shatters, an alarm rings quickly before being cut off. This time I hold my ears, the ringing so loud I almost scream at the pain of it, Christopher attempts to do the same but the brothers seem immune.

Out of the corner of my eye I see movement on the landing, a blue blur leaping forward as my heart leaps into my throat. Charlene dives into Clarisse and sends them both tumbling down the stairs to the floor. Clarisse’s gun goes flying out of her hand and bounces along the floor until it is far out of anyone’s reach. My heartrate reaches an all time high. Now Brie.

I don’t hesitate. The moment I realise Antonio is safe from her I yank the gun out from the back of his pants and point it at Clarisse’s head as she tries to jump back.

She panics, true fear cascading across her features the moment she realises her life now sits in my hands..

I’ve never held a real gun before. It’s heavier than I thought it would be, my aching limbs are struggling to keep it lifted but my head is flying with so many thoughts I can’t concentrate on what I need to do.


Why is my heart doing this? The pit in my stomach growing with every second that passes.. I can do this.. I can do this.. Antonio turns to face me but I push him aside as I look forward at the creature before me. My hands are shaking, there’s tears running down face and I can feel the metal sting as it pushes against the cut in my hand but I have to do this.

I have to do this.

I have to kill her.

There are so many reasons to do it, she deserves to die. She cut my breaks and made me watch my bug fly over the side of a cliff, she threatened to kill Steve and May after I was already dead, she’s the reason Helena threw herself off this very fucking house! Christopher, Tommy, Rowena, Hannah, the list goes on.

She has to die.. She has to fucking die..


I can feel him trying to step back and take my gun but I won’t let him. Christopher is sobbing as he looks at me but I can’t let it in... I have to do this...

“No! She has to die..” The sobs escape my body, I’m losing all control on my emotions. Why do I feel this way? I know this has to happen but.. I just.. I can’t let myself pull the trigger. “I have to k-kill h-her...”

I’m so tough. I can survive anything. Why can’t I just do this?

Antonio moves until he’s standing in front of me, wrapping his arms around my shoulders as I sob and pushing his chest into the gun to block its path to Clarisse without it going through him too.

I look up at him, my eyes streaming with a pain that now comes straight from my heart.

“You’re protecting her?” I can’t stop crying. “After everything she’s done, you’re still going to protect her?”

He gives me a small smile, wrapping his hands around the gun and loosening my grip.

“No amore, not her. I’m protecting you...”

I can’t do it. I can’t take a life like this.. and he knows it...

Antonio takes the gun, my shaking hands falling to my sides as he pulls me harshly into his comforting embrace. He would never let me do that, he knows what it would do to me if I tried. No matter what she’s done... I wasn’t made to kill.

Laughter starts to come from behind him, the loud chilling wails of a ruthless hyena filling the room as I lift my head from Antonio’s chest and I turn to face Clarisse. “You should’ve let her kill me Antonio.” Antonio whips his head from me to face his fiancé as she continues to laugh whilst walking backwards towards the staircase, stepping over Charlene like she’s a minor inconvenience as the girl struggles for air on the floor. “I’ll never stop coming for her Antonio, you know that. There is nowhere you could put her I won’t find her. I already tried to kill the bitch once, I won’t fail next time. I’ll have her fucking head.”

Antonio looks down at me, a look I’ve never seen before on his face, like he’s trying to memorise me in this moment out of fear he’ll never see me again. “I know Clarisse.” His hand lays behind my head as he brings his lips down onto mine in delicate and soul refilling kiss. I was so frightened, there was so much pain, but with his lips on mine I know it will all be okay. He’s my escape, even now.

Pulling back he continues to look into my heart through my eyes. I never want to forget him in this moment, the way he's looking at me is doing something I don’t think any other man ever could. His eyes flash with sorrow before he leans into my ear and talks to me in a tender hushed whisper.

“You are not a monster amore... but I still am.”


I didn’t see him move, he didn’t even look behind him when he raised the gun and took the shot.

Christopher screams and I turn in time to see Clarisse’s body hit the steps behind her, a perfectly placed bullet in the middle of her forehead leaking with blood as her brain leaks out onto the floor.

Antonio grips my head and forces me to look away, the sound of sirens now beginning to fill the air, growing ever closer.

“We should kill this one fratello, he will talk. Then we have to leave, quickly. Father will want us home, he can protect us there.” Jordano says as he holds the gun tightly against Chris’ head.

No. I grip Antonio’s jacket and force him to face me. “Please don’t kill him. Please. He won’t say shit... Please.” I’m pleading with him but I can still see he’s hesitating, he knows he’d be safer with Chris dead.

Antonio looks at Christopher, his body barely standing as his eyes remained glued to his mother’s dead body. He reaches out and pulls Chris away form the gun and towards us, all without letting go of my hand.

“Christopher.” Chris hardly hears him, he’s completely frozen. Antonio reaches out and slaps him hard across the face, snapping him back to reality with a shock that even I jump to. Chris jolts to look at him. “Listen to me. You and your brother will have everything now, you can live free, but my father will expect compensation for what has happened here. Whatever he asks for, you pay it. Do you understand? He is not a forgiving man and you do not wish to be in his debt.”

Chris nods. “He can have it all. We don’t want it.”

Antonio nods, his brother coming towards him. “We must leave now fratello. They cannot catch us here. I will get the car, you say your goodbyes..” Jordano winks at me before racing outside, I swear he’s actually enjoying this.

I don’t want Antonio to go. He can’t fucking leave, not like this.

He turns and pulls me into his arms, wrapping them around me tightly as I begin to cry into his shoulder. I know I’m smearing my blood all over him as I try to hold him closer, but I just don’t want to let him go. I already lost him once.

“Please don’t leave me..”

He kisses my head in a rare sweet kiss. I already know its too late for this plea but I can’t stop myself.

“Amore, I must. This is not the end for us, I shall make sure of it. We shall meet again my love, I promise you.”

I’m going to make you keep that.

The car beeps outside and Antonio forces me back as the sirens now blare with how close they are. He has to go, I just can’t watch him leave.

Leaning down, he captures my lips in a kiss that tells me this will never be the end...

“Forever Amore.”


I keep my eyes closed, I could never watch him walk away. The car speeds off into the distance before my body finally gives in, the pain returning, my heartache crippling, until I have no choice and I hit the floor.


Christopher’s voice mixes with the sound of the sirens and the cracks that form in my torn soul.

A lot of people say they’re willing to die for someone, but Antonio...

...He was willing to kill for me.
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