My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 17

Two hours! Two hours I spent talking to him that night we met and he never thought to mention he had a kid?!

Shit he even tried to take me home, would she have been there if I did go?

I try my best to concentrate on the rest of class but the thoughts just kept running around in my head. I’m not even sure why it bothered me so much, I guess I never actually asked him but it still feels like something that would naturally come up in conversation.

What else didn’t he tell me? Was he married? Where was this perfect little things mum? I never did Dad’s, too many complications. I don’t need no baby mamas hunting me down for screwing their man.

As the session comes to an end the little pudding and I are in a war of tic-tac-toe which she’s winning.

“I’m pretty sure you’re finding a way to cheat at this. It’s not mathematically possible for you to beat me sixteen times in a row.” Actually it’s completely possible, I just shove my circle in random boxes and hope for the best, it’s a tried and tested way to fail.

She giggles and it echo’s around the room, forcing me to look up and realise the place has now emptied. Standing directly in front of us is Connor, arms folded over his giant chest as he leans against the table.

“I thought I told you not to distract anyone little miss?” He scans over the pages of colourings and games that now coat the desk, most of which bare my signature.

Hope smirks. “Sorry Dad... She’s a really good colourer! And she can sign and she’s really pretty. Can we keep her at our house? Then we can both play with her.”

Connor looks like he just wants the world to swallow him whole right now and I feel it’s a bit of karmic justice for not informing me that this beautiful creature existed.

I can’t help but add fuel to the flames. “Yeah Professor Joseph, don’t you want to take me home and play with me?” Making sure to bite my lower lip in the same way that drove him mad that night.

He runs his hands through his hair and rubs the back of his neck like he has no idea what to do here. He talks staring directly at the ceiling, where Hope can’t read his lips.

“Has anyone ever told you that you’re a very dangerous woman Brianna.”

I chuckle. “Once or twice.”

Hope’s stomach growls loudly and she bursts out laughing as she squishes it between her fingers until it looks like a mouth then uses a deep Hulk style voice. “Feed me Hope!”

Looking at the clock I realise it’s late, I’m sure this little one is supposed to be in bed but you can’t deny the girl food.

“Come on little miss, there’s still some pasta in the house from earlier.”

She pokes her tongue out at this suggestion. “Dad I already had that today! Can I have... chicken nuggets?”

Connor looks exhausted but as she puts on the sweetest doe eyes I’ve ever seen in my life I have no idea how he plans to say no to her.

“There’s a McDonald’s a block from here.” I chime in, remembering our little conversation from that night.

Hope starts wiggling her hands in the air between claps, clearly very excited about this idea. “Can we go Dad? Please!”

Connor glares at me. “If she gets sick from that place I’m giving the whole class a ten page essay next week and telling them it’s your fault.”

I roll my eyes at him. “It’s just a McDonald’s Professor Joseph, you need to chill a bit. Let the kid get a Happy Meal and when she thinks you’re the best Dad in the world tonight you can thank me with a free pass out of whichever test I fail first.”

Putting all my stuff back in my bag I get up ready to leave when a tiny hand takes hold of my finger. “Will you come with us Brie?”

Ah shit.

Connor shuffles uncomfortably before signing to his daughter. ‘Brianna has to go home to her family, you can’t make her come Hope.’

Hope throws her hands onto her hips and stands tall. This girl has attitude and I love it. “I wasn’t making her come, she wants to come. Tell him Brianna! He’s always so grumpy when he’s hungry.”

Well shit I can’t say no now can I?

Connor locks eyes with me. “I totally understand if you can’t come, so will she when she remembers she’s nearly six not sixteen.”

I look down at the little madam at my hip, who could say no to that face? Or to a McDonald’s for that matter. ‘I have no idea what you’re talking about, me and my new best friend here have plans to eat our weight in fries Mr Grumpy! Of course I’m coming.’

Connor smirks at me. “Oh god, there’s two of them... I’m out matched here aren’t I?”

I smirk back. “Sweet cheeks, we both knew you were outmatched by me before she even got here.”
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