My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 170


The waiting, the not knowing how my amore is healing.. I cannot bear it much longer.

We have been here for so long yet my heart feels no closer to acceptance for my world without her.

I never thought I’d find myself back in this place, hiding out like a street rat at the docks with my hands coated in blood once more, just like I did the day I ran away. What choice did I have this time? None.

She was going to kill my amore, she had to die. I regret nothing. If I must kill every man, woman and child who has ever glanced upon her face to protect her, then that is what I shall do.

Clarisse was a means to an end from the start, she was a way to reunite with a part of myself I'd sorely missed - my family. I did not wish to re-enter their world, only to let myself see those I love once more. When I left, father kept them away from me; my mother was all that stood between him and true darkness, the moment she departed this earth what little remained of his soul went with her.

My father is a complicated man, he values loyalty above all things and he is merciless to those who break that oath. My mother was his only true wife, he has had many women but I believe he only ever truly loved one. Losing her destroyed him, now I am all he has left of her he doesn't know how I am to be a part of his life.

I have many brothers, many sisters, so many aunts and uncles I could not tell you each of their names, yet I have spent so much of my life alone.
My time on this land has been one of tragedy, one of crippling pain that is masked in the screams of the innocent and the delightful shrieks of glorious women. Sex, death, life, lust - it all becomes a rope of intertwined threads until you cannot tell one from the other over as much time as I have experienced it.

Until I met her that is. The one thing I have ever been sure about... My Destiny. A name she granted herself with little understanding of its true impact.

“Relax Fratello, stop pacing.”

I love my brother, but if he asks me to relax once more I shall slit his throat and enjoy the silence drenched in his blood.

Father wished for us to board the jet immediately, but I was in no hurry to face his wrath and would not leave, not yet, not without knowing if she is safe and well.

To say he was angered by the loss of Clarisse would be an understatement, but I believe in his heart he understands I would not kill without reason... He does not need to know that reason, I would die myself before I told him of Brianna.

My father does not tolerate weakness. To him women to whom you find yourself with affection are your weakness. Should he discover her existence, he would not hesitate to take her from me. He believes it is a lesson all men must learn, that women are our downfall and we must keep ourselves blocked to their charms. He was not always this way, and I was not always such a bad student of his practices.

I shall not lose her... but I shall not drag her into this world either. She deserves more than I could offer her at this time... although it does not stop me picturing what we could be.

It is my fault she found herself in this position, in that house, I just could not stay away from such a soul. Her beauty is unmatched, in my many years spent with every gorgeous creature I could enchant for the night, I am still yet to find one who compares to her.

My amore...

The way I cannot spend a moment in her presence without feeling enamoured by her, the spell she casts on me is incomparable to any other. The fact she is unaware of her magic, makes her all the more alluring.

I cannot stop my craving for her, the thoughts I have of her even as I sleep; I wish to thrust myself deep into her mind, I am riddled with the desire to spread her open and plunge my aching tongue into her soul. Where she feels empty, I find myself compelled only to fill her with satisfaction. Yet alas... She is not mine to take.

The world I am to re-enter upon my leave of this country is one I would never take her too, I never wanted this life for myself so I shall never make it hers. Her soul is the purest white, so blinding I could burn for eternity in its presence... but mine is black, she was the only one that ever saw it any differently. I shall not dampen her flame.

"Fratello, look."

My brother passes me his phone and I see the police are extending their search, my own face looking back at me from the screen below a warning of my danger. I believe the fact I entered one of their crime scenes without their knowledge until it was too late for them to stop me, may have increased their desire for my incarceration.

Jordano is not like me, the life is all he knows, he cannot understand my need to remain. I have spent my existence trying to raise him to see the world from outside my father's clutches but he cannot seem to view beyond the end of his gun. I will always look out for him, but I fear his path is trailing beyond my reach.

"Fratello, we must leave! It is no longer safe for us to remain, Uccisore we must go tonight! It has been too long!"

He knows I detest that name, it is not who I am anymore.. or at least it was not who I wished to be before I was made to become it once more.

"No! I will not leave until I have seen her, I cannot... I have to say... I have to tell her.."

His frustration is evident as his fist bounces from the steel wall with such force I expect to see blood upon it. "Brother! She is just a woman! A woman is not worth this! You would risk your life, your soul, for her?!"

I know I should not react with violence, but she is not simply any woman. Slamming him by his throat against the wall of the shipping crate, I watch his head bounce back against the metal before the skin upon his cheeks begins to lose its colour. The sound of his skull cracking is sickening, as are his gasps for air, but it is all necessary if he is to understand the lengths I am willing to go to see this through.

"Have you learnt nothing Fratello? I would give anything for her! My life, my home, my freedom. I would burn this world to the ground along with everyone in it, if it meant I could stand by her side amongst the ashes.... One day my son, you will love a woman so truly, so completely, that you shall understand what it means to be weak to her. You will understand what it means to feel complete in that weakness... On that day you shall remember this moment, you will remember your words here and my actions. On that day, you will come to me and tell me you understand, on that day we shall see how far you would go to protect her."

He smirks at me despite is obvious lack of oxygen. "I think you forget I am soon to be a married man, brother."

With a deep exhale I roll my eyes, letting him drop from my grasp to the floor at my feet. I'd rather not think of the poor woman who would agree to such a proposal, what he is offering is so far from love. A marriage of convenience in order to secure his seat at the table and prove himself settled is not destined to end with joy.

"I need to go to her... tonight."

He clutches at his throat but still rises to his feet before my eyes.

"Tonight?! Brother, please listen to me. You cannot, your amore is well, she's being released from the hospital according to all my contacts. Please, you wished for us to remain in order to see her home safely but I cannot let you leave here and risk everything for her... Father would see her life ended should you be caught because of your infatuation."

What I feel for Brianna extends so far beyond infatuation. I know he is right in what he says of my father's actions, but I know I could get to her without fear of being captured. I made her a promise.. a promise to return to her once more.

But shall I bet her life on my self-belief? Would she wish me to do so

"Call Father, tell him to have the jet land in one hour. We must go home now Fratello, it is time."

My little brother, a man with so much potential, yet broken at his core. I believe he can be saved, but I do not have knowledge of how. The world will serve his path but I do not believe I shall be able to stand at his side whilst he walks it.

He gives me an appreciative smile before exiting outside to make the preparations for our escape.

Forgive me amore, but I must do this...

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