My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 173


Sharing a bed with Brie is like sharing a bed with a rabid fucking animal with a cocaine problem, she doesn’t keep fucking still. I swear to fuck I have no idea how Steve spent all that time in bed with her at the hospital, she’s got fucked ribs but she still had me hanging off the edge this morning. She’s lucky I bloody love her.

We talked about me moving in with her this morning but I’m not sure. I love that girl to death, I’d die for her, but spending more than two hours having to listen to her off key Disney karaoke in the shower every morning is enough to make a guy kill. I don’t think I can do it everyday.

I’ll chat with Aleah about it later, we need to come up with a plan to take care of her anyway so I might just have to suck it up and play the bloody house husband for a while.

Walking into Steve’s house, it’s quiet. Thank fuck. I’ve gotten so used to dealing with Chrissy and him fighting constantly that the silence is fucking welcome.

Of course it doesn’t last, the moment I get to the top of the stairs and open my bedroom door there she fucking is.

“Get the fuck out of my room.”

I fucking hate this girl. I’ve hated her since I was fifteen, I met her for the first time and the second Steve went to go get the milkshakes she was already fucking hitting on me. Obviously I shoved her off but it didn’t stop her doing it with every fucker she met, I brought Chad with me once to meet Steve after work and she practically tried to mount the boy when she saw him. When even Chad Wilson thinks you’re a bloody tramp something is definitely wrong.

Brie keeps telling me slut-shaming is bad, which I get, so instead I just think of Chrissy’s head going bang and her brains smearing the walls every time she opens her fucking mouth rather than calling her a whore any more.

Smirking at me, she continues to walk around my room like I’m not even here, measuring tape in hand like she’s a fat Bob the fucking builder.

“When are you getting the last of your shit out of here? I need to get it decorated before the baby comes. I’ve already ordered the crib so I need this bed gone too.”

“Sure, you paid for that yourself too right?”

She glares at me but we both knows that’s half the reason she’s making Steve do this. He might buy it but I don’t, she doesn’t give a fuck about this kid being raised in a family, she just wants to make sure the kid’s Daddy has a credit card she can use.

Scoffing, she rips open my wardrobe and starts throwing my clothes onto the bed.

“I’ll just help you pack, is it?”

I swear if it wasn’t my nephew in her stomach I’d-

“What the fuck are you doing Chris?!”

Steve’s barrelling voice comes from the doorway and I can almost watch her personality change before my eyes; her shoulders slumping with fake sadness, her eyes growing wide like she’s a fucking lost puppy as she looks at my brother. I’d call her bipolar but at least bipolar people have a reason to have such sharp changes of personality, she’s just a manipulative cunt.

Smiling sweetly she talks just above a hushed whisper. “I’m just helping. I know Josh is having trouble letting go of this place but I thought-”

Steve’s anger flares and she knows she’s fucked up. He’s stronger this time, usually by this point she’d have him wrapped around her little finger again but somethings changed. Well, I think someone changed him anyway.

“I told you he ain’t fucking leaving unless he says he wants to. Get the fuck out of his room.”

Chrissy nods, a crocodile tear running down her cheek as she grasps her stomach. I’ve watched Aleah all the way through her pregnancy, the way she caresses her growing baby with so much love, there’s none of that here. Chrissy only ever touches that poor little boy when she knows it’ll get a reaction from Steve, otherwise it’s like he’s not even in there.

Walking out of the doorway she leans up and places a kiss on Steve’s cheek, a move that used to always work but I see now just causes him to shiver with revulsion. This is fucked up and he knows it.

I wait for her to get down the stairs before even attempting to look at him. I know it’s not all his fault, Brie even told me she was the one that told him to make a go of it for the kids sake, but I just can’t stop thinking about the pain this is causing them both.

I watched her fall apart, I watched her become nothing before my eyes because of what he did. I told him if he hurt her then he’d hurt me, but I didn’t expect if this happened it would destroy him too. I love them both, this shouldn’t be happening to either of them.

“Look Josh, I’m fucking sorry okay? I don’t want this. It’s just..”

“It’s the way it has to be, I know, you keep saying that. I just... What’s the fucking plan here Steve? Just be with a girl you can barely fucking tolerate, never mind love, for the next eighteen fucking years or something?”

He moves to sit on the edge of the bed and I can see now under the light how tired he looks, he didn’t even look this bad when he got out of the coma for Christ’s sake. Of course back then he had a big curly headed reason to smile didn’t he.

She made it better, she made him better. I never should’ve stood between them, I’ve realised that now. Maybe if I hadn’t, maybe if they’d not held off for so long and had more time together, they could’ve found another way to fix this.

Holding his head in his hands I can see the toll all of this has taken on him, and I know I haven’t always helped. I was just so angry at him in the beginning, even after he saved Brie at the hotel I just couldn’t stop wondering if she’d never have found herself in that position in the first place if she hadn’t been so fucking broken. Obviously I don’t blame him for what happened to her, only one prick was responsible, but I can’t help feeling so awful over it now.

I stopped him seeing her, I thought I was protecting her from getting hurt again but what she really needed was him all along. The situation they’re in right now is impossible, she made this call for him to pick the baby and they both agreed, but it doesn’t make it any easier to live with.

The way they look at each other when they think no-one's watching... It’s a look I used to see every time I’d glance down at Harley in my arms. A look I miss every single day I open my eyes to find a world still without him.

I don’t think either of them ever realise it yet... The way they feel is so much more than just chemicals bouncing around the brain or lust or affection... It’s the truest emotion there is.

Sitting at his side, I rub his back so he knows I’m here for him no matter what. I just don’t want this for him, he’s my brother and he deserves better. They deserve to be happy.

“This isn’t a life Steve, not one worth living. You’re so fucking miserable, nobody wants this for you.”

In my entire life I have seen Steve cry three times. Once when he told me about his mother for the first time, once when he told Hannah about finding Brie in that elevator... and right now.


The tears rush out of him and I don’t know what to do, he’s too fucking big for me to get my arms around like a do with the girls, and he’d probably fucking kill me if I tried anyway. Instead I just keep running my hand up and down his back so he knows he’s safe here with me.

“I fucking hate this Josh... I hate it. I know what Brie said, I know what I did, I just can’t find peace with it. I don’t want this, I fucking hate even thinking that because it’s not the baby’s fault and I want them to know I’ll obviously fucking love them no matter what but... I can’t stop loving her.”

Oh fuck... Holy fucking shit...

“You love Brie?”

His tears just fall harder, his hands shaking as he nods his head and falls against my shoulder.

Steve fucking loves Brie.

Of course he fucking does. I could see it so long ago... Like I could from her too... This isn’t fucking fair.

“I keep telling myself it’s not, that I can’t fucking love a girl I can’t even see, but I fucking do. I feel like every second she’s not near me I’m fucking suffocating without her, Chrissy even comes near me when I’m sitting on the couch and I want to be sick. I don’t want her touching me, she said she wants us in the same fucking bed when the baby comes and I can’t do that! I don’t want another woman in my bed... I want my woman in my bed.”

These fucking two.

I want to fix it, I want to tell him there’s some another option but what? Let her take the baby? He’d never do that, and I wouldn’t let him. This is all her fucking fault, her obsession with having Steve under any fucking circumstances, she doesn’t give a fuck what this is doing to him.

Steve rubs away the tears, pulling it all back in until I see the emotions wipe straight from his face until it’s back to nothing. I wish he’d stop doing that, it’s not healthy.

“You’d better go, haven’t you got to take Aleah over to the game?”

I nod. “Yeah but not for a few hours, Jayce already left. Mum’s asked me to come for lunch, want to come with? You know she’s missing you.”

It’s funny, my mum and Steve had no relationship for so long yet now I worry about the time he’s not spending with her, he’s hardly seen her since he found out about the baby. He knows what her reaction would be to his situation, he always said he didn’t want to be like our father but here he is in that same situation as their marriage, except he’s my mother’s role in it.

“No I’m good man, Ross wants me to come over in a bit so we can make the final presentation. I have to tell that other company none of us can move to Germany tomorrow so we’re going to try present something new, if they’re willing to look at it.”

Sometimes I wish he’d just go and leave all this shit behind him, he doesn’t deserve this pain. He’s been the best brother, he didn’t have to bother, he could’ve never fucking spoken to me a day in my life but he wouldn’t do that. Family is everything to him, it’s his one weakness.

A weakness Chrissy is taking advantage of.

I pack up a few more bits and take them with me as I drive over to mums, leaving Steve to deal with Chrissy’s demands for food that doesn’t come from a McDonald’s drive through. Brie would never fucking complain about too many chicken nuggets.

Mum greats me at the door of her new condo with the biggest smile I’ve seen on her in a while, her tan fresh off her latest trip somewhere with my aunt. They’ve both caught the cruising bug so they’re hardly on dry land anymore. She could’ve got a big house somewhere but she decided she wanted to live life with her money, not own things. I’m so proud of her for that.

Sitting down she plates me up some lasagne before I’ve even got my shoes off, pulling me into another big hug before I sit down at the table opposite her.

“How’s Brianna? Better now she’s away from the hospital?”

Damn this food is good, I can hardly get the words out through the mouthful I don’t even want to swallow. I guess moving in with mum would mean I’m better fed than at Bries, I love her to death but our culinary skills consist mostly of grilled cheese's and instant ramen.

“Yeah she’s better, was still sleeping this morning when I left, the tablets they’ve got her on have knocked her for six. Kallie is there now then I think Tara wants to bring May over to see her this evening. She’s still banged up but she’s healing.”

My mum nods but I can see the concern on her face. What happened to Brie has been all over the news, it’s not been easy to miss. The rumours and gossip has been running wild but we all know the truth.

“That poor girl... Has Steve been to see her or is he still..?”

I shake my head. “He tried but she thinks it’s for the best they don’t. It’s kind of hard for them both with everything.. there’s still a lot of feelings there.”

Mum’s eyes grow sad. “I don’t understand it, they were adorable together. I could see how happy they were, everyone could... I’ll never understand men... apart from you of course Elmo.”

Oh god don’t call me that. Thank god she never says it around the others, Brie would never call me anything else! Apparently I liked to be tickled as a baby but she really should’ve moved on from that by now. Mothers...

“Speaking of men, did the divorce papers come through finally?”

Her eyes become instantly brighter as her smile gleams. “Yep, had them this morning. I’m not sure what you said to him in the hospital that day but he didn’t fight me on anything, I’ve already got a realtor looking at the house so we can get it sold quickly.. are you sure you’re still okay with that sweetheart? It was your childhood home.”

I couldn’t be fucking happier, it isn’t somewhere filled with happy memories for me either.

“I’m good. How many mistresses come forward in the end?”

She chuckles. “Thirty-seven. It was impossible for him to argue the infidelity clause in the prenuptial at that point so they stopped looking for more. I think only god knows the real number.”

I’d laugh if it wasn’t so fucking sad. My mum put up with that shit for years, if she’d told me I never would’ve let her stay. I’ll just add it to all my other fucking guilt... the box can hardly contain it all anymore.

“How’s Steve with everything hun? How long until the baby’s due now?”

Shrugging my shoulders I just push around the last piece of pasta on my plate with my fork. “Few months, I’m not sure to be honest, don’t care either.”

Placing her hand over mine she stills my fork. She knows I don’t mean that but I’m still so fucking angry.

“Josh, that’s your nephew, he’s family. Remember how Steve must’ve felt when you came along? But he pushed through your parentage and saw you for what you were – his brother. You have to do the same.”

I know she’s right, but it isn’t always that simple. “It would be a lot fucking easier if half that baby wasn’t Christine bloody Aberenchie. I just can’t cope with being around her Mum, I’ve tried but-”

My words are cancelled as my mother’s fork hits the plate so hard it almost breaks the china in half.

Her face is drained of colour as she looks at me and starts stuttering over her own breath.

“W-What did you say Chrissy’s name was?”

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