My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 176

“No you fucking listen to me you fucking cock-womble! I don’t give a fuck if he’s on the fucking court! You pull him off unless you want to be responsible for him missing the birth of his first fucking child! I swear to fuck, if you don’t get him here, I will find out where you live and I will come there every fucking night and take a shit in your mailbox! Even if you move, I will find you and I will shit in your mailbox! If you take the fucker down, I will build you a new one just so I can take a shit in it! Do you fucking understand me?! GET HIM THE FUCK TO THE HOSPITAL!”

As you can tell, I’m handling this whole birth thing really fucking well. This team trainer guy needs to realise that I came into this world kicking, screaming and covered in someone else’s blood; and I have no problem going out the same fucking way.

At least I’m doing better than Josh, he almost passed out at the wheel when Al lost her mucus plug all over his back seat. I won’t even tell you what happened when the doc came in to examine her but let’s just say that thank fuck Josh is gay because he doesn’t understand the workings of a vag very well.

“Have they told him? Is he coming?”

Al was taking this like a champ. She had a whole plan for a hypnotised water birth but the doc said because she’s gone early they need to keep a closer eye on her so she can’t get in the tub. She’s doing her best to keep calm but I can feel the worry coming off her in waves.

“He’s coming hun, I know he is, he wouldn’t miss this.” I fucking hope.

The sweat was pouring off her but she’s still trying to stay positive. Tara, Cole and the kids were all waiting outside but Al said she didn’t want anyone else in here while she was in so much pain. She was sucking on the gas and air like it was her link to life but she was still bossing this labour.

“Just talk to me, distract me with someth-arghhhhh!” This whole birthing a child shit was no fucking joke, this crap hurt.

Josh screamed as Al dug her nails into his shoulder but it did nothing to stop her, even when he buckled and fell to his chair as I tried not to giggle she didn’t let go.

Josh screamed as she finally relented and gave him back his arm. “What about you and Steve? Did he come see you?”

Oh I’m going to kill him, this is so not the time for that. “I’ll tell you about it later Joshua.”

Aleah stops mid scream, like contractions take a break when there’s gossip to be heard or something. “Wait Steve? What happened with Steve?”

Jesus Christ. “Aleah, you’re in labour! Can we do this after?”

The moment my screen lit up with Romeo’s number I have never been more relieved.

“Brie! Fuck, I’m in the car, I’m coming. Is she okay?”

I put the phone on loud speaker so Al could hear him.

“She’s okay but this baby girl of yours has no patience so I need you to go full Jayce fucking Thompson with that mustang and get here, fucking quick.”

He sounded even more panicked than her and I’m not sure this was helping calm her nerves. He’s still so fucking far from here. “Okay, I’m coming princess.”

Al couldn’t even talk, she was trying to hide it but she was terrified of doing this without him and it was written all over her face. The doctor said she must have been labouring for hours at home but thought it was still the Braxton hicks, she’s already been at this a while and it was taking its toll.

As another wave of pain hit I could see that Josh’s hand was going to end up more fucked than mine if she kept squeezing it like that, not that he was going to say anything with how ready to kill she looked. He just gripped his teeth and diverted his eyes from anything below her waist, bless.

The pains were coming thick and fast, it felt like she was hardly getting any space between them to catch her breath anymore. One after another after another and still no fucking basketball player. Her temper was flaring as the pain became increasingly apparent in her eyes.

“Brie, tell them to fuck what I said about doing the homeopathic shit, I want the drugs. All of them. Now!”

That’s my girl.

Grabbing the sadistic bitch who called herself a midwife, I made her get my soul sister the good stuff but everything was happening so quickly now it hardly seemed to affect her when she got the drugs, her body was just burning it off too quickly.

The pains weren’t even minutes apart anymore I swear, they said they were but like fuck were they. She had been holding it together so well but now I could see the cracks starting to show. This birth shit isn’t fucking natural, I don’t care what anyone says, it’s torture. I bet guys have given up nuclear missile codes under less pressure than is currently on her clit.

Oh fuck, can that explode?

“Where the fuck is the epidural?!”

Forget the epidural, where the fuck is Jayce? Even with the game traffic he should’ve been here by now. He should’ve been here a while ago.

“Babe they said you’re too far gone for that now, you just keep breathing okay. Use the gas.”

Oh god, she’s going to tear my throat out isn’t she?


Forget what I said, I’m glad it hurts.

The midwife pulls up the sheet again and I’m not sure what Josh saw but all the blood just left his face.

“Okay Aleah dear, I think your daughter is done waiting. Are you ready to push?”

All the anger leaves her in an instant and her eyes are filled with something so much more familiar – fear.

Taking hold of her other hand I try to soothe her but I just don’t know the words to say as the tears start to leave her eyes.

“I don’t... I can’t do this without him...”

She’s so fucking terrified and I can’t stop it. She needs her man, she needs something I just don’t know...


Grasping her head with my hands I force her beautiful blue eyes to meet mine.

“Someone really special told me to give you a message girl. He said that every time you think you can’t, you prove that you can... Your prince knows you can do this angel, so do I.”

Thank you Chad.

Her tears run down her cheeks as she looks at me. “How do you know those words Brie? He only ever...”

Another huge pain hits her but her tear soaked eyes don’t leave mine as she clenches her teeth, grips Josh’s hand and pushes with her whole body until it’s quivering under the pressure. The sweat is running down her head and her hair is stuck to her scalp in a nest of knots but she’s still the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen. She’s fucking Wonder Woman right now.

“That was amazing Aleah, a few more like that and hopefully you’re going to be a mummy. Next contraction I want the same again, okay?”

We’ve done everything together, every single moment of our lives, but this right here is the hardest because I can’t do shit, it’s all on her. I don’t understand how she’s doing it, with each bout of unimaginable pain she pushes but after so many and still no baby I can see exhaustion taking over.

A few doctors step into the room and start talking in the corner, they’re trying to look calm but the vibe they’re giving isn’t one of comfort. What the fuck is happening?

Another doctor joins them, looking over at us then back at a chart before approaching Josh.

“You’re the father?”

He shakes his head. “No, the dad’s on his way, what’s going on?”

The doctor turns his attention to Al but I can see her eyes are now falling closed between each contraction. She’s got nothing left to give.

“Aleah, your baby’s heartrate is dropping, you’ve both become very tired. I can see you wanted to avoid intervention but at this point I think we need to consider our options. A C-section may be necessary in order to bring your daughter safely into the world if you can’t regain your energy. We’re going to prep the O.R. but I don’t want you to panic.”

Easy for you to say mate, nobody’s planning on slicing into your uterus!

The panic is instant, she’s already shaking and the tears are flooding her eyes, the thought of losing another baby almost too much to bear for her.

She can do this, I know she fucking can, she just needs...

“Jayce!” Josh’s voice floods out all other thoughts as the door swings open and I’ve never been happier to see that stupid perfect blonde hair in my life.

His eyes are filled with tears as he pushes his way to the side of the bed and grabs hold of Al’s head.

“Fuck.. I thought I missed her.. There was an accident, Hannah had to get police to move the bollards just to let me through. I’m so sorry Lee, I love you...”

All of her fear vanished the moment he laid his hands on her and I watch as determination replaces everything else in her features. She’s getting this baby out.

The next contraction hits and Josh makes a mad dash for the door.

“Call me when she’s out... oh and clean!”

Al shoves her middle finger up at him but Jayce just laughs as she grips his hand along with my own and starts to push.

“That’s it Aleah! Keep going!” The doctor shouts words of encouragement as I glance down quickly between her legs and see a head of blonde waves trying to desperately get out.

“Fuck babe, she’s right there, she’s seriously fucking close.”

Jayce lowers his head to hers and I don’t know who’s tears are who’s anymore as they stare at each other, but I know as long as he’s with her she won’t stop.

“You’ve got this princess.”

The next pain comes so quickly but it only seems to fire her up more, no sign of sleep in sight any longer as she screams at the top of her lungs and almost breaks my wrist as she grips my arm but I can’t feel it, I’m too in awe of her at this moment.

I always knew she was the most amazing person, I knew she was strong, but this is so far beyond that.

“One more Aleah, one more and you’re going to meet your daughter.”

My girls screams fill the room, everything else in the world fades away as I watch a warrior battle through indescribable agony to achieve her victory. She’s so near..

Then suddenly there’s silence.

We all wait for what feels like an eternity.. The silence deafening... only for it to be broken by the most magical sound I’ve ever had the pleasure to hear... A tiny cry.

My god... she’s so fucking beautiful.

The doctor wipes her over quickly, Jayce cuts her cord with trembling fingers and they place her perfect little body on Al’s chest.

These two fucking made that. One bout of food poisoning and Jayce’s inability to keep his hands off the love of his life turned into something so gorgeous. Fate.

Tears pour from every pair of eyes in the room as we look at their little miracle. I can see in Jayce’s face he is already completely at the mercy of this tiny human.

She’s a mum. He’s a dad. They’re a family.

Watching Aleah stroke her fine wisps of hair as she feeds gently from her, I can see the love pouring out if her soul into her daughter, this baby they prayed and wished for now full and being passed into her daddy’s arms. I can’t stop looking at them. I could watch them forever.

I’m not sure how long passed, none of us spoke a word. Everyone left, it was just the three of us, yet I still couldn’t quite believe this glowing rainbow before me was real.

“Guys.. She’s...”

“Perfect.” Jayce’s tear drenched voice finishing the sentence I couldn’t even find the words for. “She’s you Lee, she’s exactly like you... Do you want to hold her Brie?”

I nod, reaching out to Jayce and taking the delicate bundle from his arms before sitting down in the chair. Her body tucked into a soft lemon blanket as I hold her teeny fingers with my own.

There’s so much of Al in her but that’s not who I truly see. She’s Heather, all the way from the top of her curly blonde hair to the cute little dimple on her chin, she’s just Heather. All except for one thing, as she flutters her lashes for a moment and gazes up at me with all the wonderment of innocence, I stared into those precious baby blues. She has her daddy's eyes.

“I didn’t think they opened their eyes yet?”

Al looks up into my face with a small smirk.

“Holy shit Brie, you’re crying. You never cry about baby’s.”

How could I not? Look at her... “Shut it bitch. I’m not crying for her, I’m crying for Jayce’s poor dick. That gaping hole between your legs ain’t ever shrinking back to normal after shoving this thing out.”

She laughs but the moment Jayce joins her she’s quick to cut him back down to size. “Are you kidding? I hope you enjoyed all the sex these last few months because after doing that we are never having it again! I’m not fucking risking it.”

Jayce looks like he’s ready to cry all over again but it doesn’t stop him kissing her head as they giggle.

I keep this little princess as long as I can but I know there’s a whole world of people outside waiting to meet her so I return her to her inspirational mummy.

“I’ll go tell everyone she’s here and give you guys a minute... Have you got a name for her yet?” Al had said they wanted to meet her before they named her but I had a feeling I knew which one they’d pick.

Al smiles down at the little pudding about to fall soundly asleep in her arms.

“Look at her Brie, there’s only one thing we could call her. Heather, she’s Heather... Heather Brianna Thompson.”


Al’s eyes meet mine but I can’t see them through the tears in my own. Me? They named her after me? Rushing forward and wrapping my arms around them both, I can’t stop crying now. I’m not sure I ever will.

“Al, are you sure you want to do that?”
Jayce’s arms move to pull me from Al’s hold into his. “Of course we’re sure Brie. That part of her name was decided a long time ago. You’re her family, you’re our family.”

They both know I don’t want babies, I was okay with the fact my name would never be given to another and probably die with me. This... being a part of her... it means everything to me.

I know the tears wont stop falling but I want them to have some time. Slipping out of the door quietly, I walk to the waiting room to be greeted with an army of eagerly awaiting faces.

Smiling over at each and everyone I realise how truly loved this little girl already is.

“Are you all ready to meet an angel?”
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