My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 179


“Brianna, stop referring to my wedding as ‘Bang-fest 98’ or I swear to god I will revoke your invitation as maid of honour!”

Bride-zilla much?

What the hell else does she expect me to call it? I’ve been celibate for two fucking years, not a single man’s dick has passed my fucking threshold and now my shrink has finally said I’m good to fuck again. That date just so happens to fall on the exact same day she’s got a room full of eligible basketball players... Bang-fest!

“Fine bitch, but you know it’s tradition for the maid of honour to screw the best man. I thought you liked wedding traditions?”

I can practically hear her eyes rolling from the other end of the phone. Her wedding is in a few days and I know I shouldn’t be pushing her but it’s just too fucking funny.

“Heather! Stop trying to climb in the bloody dishwasher!... I swear to Ru Paul if this kid doesn’t keep still I’m going to tie her down. Why was I so eager for her to walk again?... Anyway, yes I like traditional shit, like throwing the bouquet or good punch up at the reception, not you pounding the best man in the broom cupboard Brianna. Besides, you know Milo is best man and Lisa is the best woman so that plan ain’t gonna work out well beaut...”

I chuckle, taking one of every newspaper and magazine off the stand in front of me before paying the cute newsstand guy and balancing the pile over to where Helena sits with the coffees. It’s been our morning routine ever since we opened up the offices across the street, I love this little moment of peace together before the world snaps us back to reality.

“Well Lisa broke up with her girlfriend six months ago so she’s fair game now too beaut. You dare throw that bouquet though, I spent bloody days putting those gems together and it’s so heavy you’ll knock some fucker out with all the broaches on it... Oh fuck, you’re on page six again. People are lapping up the whole forbidden love conquering all angle we’ve got going with you two, they picked that cute picture from the night after you got engaged. Did Sonya tell you about the arrangements with the magazine?”

Taking a large sip of my coffee, I watch Helena get up and attempt to move into a more comfortable position but these chairs weren’t made for that big bump of hers. It’s nice to see though, I remember when she took her first steps after her fall, now here she is waddling along with her and Christopher’s little miracles just bouncing around inside her like nothing ever happened.

Aleah huffs. “Yeah she did, I told her they can only take pictures outside the venue and nobody from the press can be in the ceremony. It should only be an hour then the rest of the day is ours. How did you talk me into doing this again?”

How do I make anybody do anything? I’m Brianna fucking Parker, that’s how.

Not that it’s actually been easy. I started my own firm six months ago after spending a year working for the Queen of P.R. two towns over, the travel killed me but it kept me busy and taught me everything I needed to know to go solo.

It was kind of fate that everything came together at once. Ms Day was going to lose the dance studio after the rent was increased outside of her budget, I saw her sitting at her desk half way through a bottle of Russian Vodka when picking May up from class and we got talking. I didn’t even realise there were offices upstairs in the building, they’d only been used as storage rooms for years.

Cole and Jayce helped us fix it up, I poured almost everything I had into it but before I’d even opened up I had Jayce and Drew signed. Harley’s Angels was born and six months later I’m having more offers for clients than I could possibly ever take on.

Helena got out of the hospital almost eighteen months to the day after she entered, it wasn’t an easy journey for her and she still has bad days but she’s almost entirely whole now. Even after meeting Chris again though, she never regained her memories. Although we all told her what we knew, a part of me was grateful she’d never have to truly live with the trauma she suffered. Instead she got to build a whole new world for herself, one filled with only happy memories of their time together.

Her and Christopher started slow, cute little meetings at the hospital and cafeteria dates. Valarie was cautious to let him near her daughter but just as I suspected; fate brought them together once again through all the odds. Leaving the hospital, they moved into this beach front villa on the edge of town, and now are expecting the first of what I expect to be many many bloody kids with the way these two go at it.

She doesn’t need to work with the money Chris earns but she wanted to, the minute I opened the offices she was my first visitor and I offered her the job of my secretary straight away. I know how hard she works and I know she needed something that would let her be close to the kids, with the day-care Anniston and Fiona opened up across the street it was ideal. Plus it means I get to see her little cute face smiling back at me every morning.

Helena was the first person to visit me in actual human form when I started the business, but not the first one to make it known how proud they were. The day I opened the offices I walked in to find a single bottle of wine sitting on my desk, a very familiar bottle. I stopped trying to guess how he managed to get it in there the second I saw it, instead focusing on the attached note.

‘Congratulations Amore’

It’s all the contact we’ve had, and honestly, it was all I needed. I’m okay just knowing he’s safe somewhere. Although I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make my heart burst when I looked down at my necklace and knew he was still keeping tabs on me after all this time, I know us being apart is the best thing for both of us. It doesn’t stop me missing that accent of his though...

“We had to do the wedding shoot hun. The public love you guys and your story, we have to maintain that. Remember what it was like in the beginning? How hard it was? Now you two are the Posh and Becks of basketball. Just trust me, besides, they’re going to do all that promotion for the Wilson art foundation show with Jayce’s pieces in. The kids need as much money as we can raise, it’ll be an hour out of your day and you know Sonya won’t let them have a minute more, it’s why we hired her. We’re the only client she’s taking on at the moment with everything else going on with her right now.”

Flipping through the pages quickly, I go to the next paper to see what they have to say about my clients today, only to be greeted with Sonya’s face on the front page. I’m so fucking proud of that woman.

‘Local business woman causes hearts to bleed in awe inspiring speech about trans rights, in the wake of new 'bathroom bill' suggestion.

Sonya Walker, world renowned events coordinator and Westbrooke celebrity, made jaws drop as she revealed herself to be a trans woman in a speech that left every man, woman and child present at the town meeting yesterday in tears. She has tirelessly rallied support in opposition this bill over the last few days and is set to see her victory soon. She was in attendance with her husband, Peter Walker, who himself beamed with pride as his wife showed the world that she will not stand by while her people are persecuted. The transphobic bill looks ready to die out into the ether, Mrs Walker protecting the rights of trans youth to use the bathroom they identify best with at public facilities, including schools, throughout this county. Mrs Walker has been called a hero by many LGBT advocates for her heart wrenching speech but when approached for comment on this stance she dismissed our reporters with words unsuitable for print.'

That's my fucking girl.

Underneath the article is a small piece about the corruption scandal. Most of the people who participated in the protection of the Vanderbilt’s are now in prison, the evidence was pretty fucking overwhelming. It turned out there was more to it than any of us even realised, not everything was released in the press but Hannah kept us updated. Christopher’s ex Emma’s father had gotten life for his role; as the head of police he’d failed this town, it came to light he’d not only known about Rowena’s death but had been directly involved in the cover up. Apparently Emma’s marriage to Christopher was a pact made between him and Clarisse to seal their families after he helped them. Emma’s doing well now, I saw her on TV last week in that little reality show of hers.

Al surrenders to my will like always. “Okay, I get it. I’m just nervous, attention isn’t my thing, you know that. I’ve got to go sis, Heather is trying to eat nappy rash cream again.. put that down you little-”

Talking to your friends with kids often ends with them hanging up before you hear them curse their own children. I can’t blame her, I love Heather to death but she’s a right little shit when she wants to be. That’s why they make kids so cute, so you don’t kill them when they’re destroying the place. They’re going to have their hands full with her, but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

I moved out of their place right before I opened the firm, it was time, although I still miss it sometimes. Jayce had helped me slowly change the house over the months, letting me save a bit of cash here and there until I could make everything different. It’s unrecognisable from the one I left. It was amazing living with Al though, watching Heather grow and building that bond with her. She’s Al on the outside but that temper comes straight from her Daddy. Josh helped too when he could but we all hardly see him at the moment. His company are moving him across the country right after the wedding for a few years and I’m trying really hard not to think about it.

It’s been hard for him, especially with... Steve still gone.

Josh thought he’d be back by now but the project he was working on over in Europe has gone on longer than expected and I think at this point nobody really knows if he even will come back.

Josh has flown out there a few times, and I think him and Steve met up in London when he went there for work a few months back, but Josh tends to avoid the topic of his gorgeous brother when around me. I get it.

Me and Steve... We haven’t really spoken since he left. About a week after he got there I sent him an email just to make sure he was okay, he responded instantly and we got talking but I could feel myself slipping every time my phone pinged. My therapist said I had to cut ties for a while, which Steve respected. Then when she said it would be okay to start building bridges it felt like too much time had passed so I didn’t contact him. Call me a coward all you want, you’re not the one that was writing and rewriting emails for months. My draft folder is still fucking full.

It’s been rough but I know I needed to get stronger. For all I know he’s moved on, got himself a cute German girl with big boobs and pigtails who brings him beer in one of those big fucking tankard things. Okay, I know fuck all about Germany, so don’t ask me if that’s shit they really do. Stereotypes is all America gives us about anything outside it people.

Josh has tried to stay positive though. Chrissy had the baby a few weeks after Heather was born, a beautiful little boy called Liam. Josh has brought him around a few times to play with Heather and he’s honestly fucking adorable. The worst thing is, I can actually see so much of Steve in him. The eyes and the way he smiles, it hurt my heart when I met him the first time. As far as I know, those two still haven’t met. I can’t blame Steve, I can’t imagine how hard this must all be for him.

Me and Helena finish our drinks, her smiling down at her phone as she talks to her man. They’re so in love, it’s beautiful to watch them both finally so happy. I thought they’d be the next ones down the aisle after Al and Romeo but I had a text last night that someone else very special has finally got a ring for his girl.

It does feel sometimes that everyone around me is getting married. Even Kal and Drew fucked off to Vegas without telling any of us a few months ago. I would’ve killed her, if it wasn’t so funny to watch them on video link get married by a fat Elvis while a sixty year old Marilyn Monroe gave Kal away. The photos are epic.

Those two were never traditional, and I love them for that. Saying goodbye to them at the airport killed me. Drew was scouted by a team in Australia, after his Dad died they finally had no reason to stay here. Kallie’s old man met a girl up in Canada so he was set, and her brother really needed the space to be free. Kal always wanted to be around animals, then when I told them Drew was offered a spot on the team, she found this huge abandoned farm about twenty minutes away from where he’ll train. They saw it, fell in love with it, now she’s running an animal sanctuary with enough room her brother can finally be free of all the traffic noises that upset him so much. It looks like heaven if I’m honest.

She rang last week to say they’re all thriving over there, but they’ll be flying in for the wedding tomorrow. Her Instagram alone is enough to show how happy she is, even if she is on the other side of the world now. Thank fuck for Skype.

It’s still weird to see my name up on the front of this building.

‘Brianna Parker – Harleys Angels public relations’

Unlocking the offices, I hardly get the doors open before a head of brown curls whips past me, followed by a blonde blur.

“May! Hope! You’re going to knock someone over!”

They don’t care, running around and around Helena’s desk chasing each other whilst flooding the room with giggles, the terrible twosome those two.

It’s only worse when it’s the four of them.

Right on cue the other two come barrelling in through the door, Aniston’s twins filled to the brim with piss and vinegar showing me that Fiona’s Saturday morning class just let out.

“Beebee, can we have a coke from the mini fridge please?”

Hope, her little eyes still doing things to me after all this time. She never fails to pull on my heart strings, even now.

Reaching into the fridge, I pull out the last two cans.

“This is all I got so the four of you will have to share.”

Her and May immediately take one over to the end of Helena’s desk and share like the little sisters they’re turning out to be, but the twins aren’t so polite.

Aniston rushes to the door out of breath just in time to see her boys wrestling on the floor of my office.

“You two! Stop it!” They tear apart and look at her with the innocent faces that I know are just masks for the devil’s underneath, I’ve spent too much time with the pair to buy into that look. “I’m so sorry Brie, they ran off when they saw the girls coming up. I’m not as fast anymore.”

I chuckle at her, pulling out the chair in front of Helena’s desk and making her sit down. Running my hand over both their bumps, I can see neither of them are very far away now.

“Of course you’re not fast anymore beaut, you’re carrying a litter. I can’t believe you’re both having twins.”

They look at each other before answering in unison.

“Runs in the family.”

I had no idea that Anniston and Fiona were related to Helena before Helena started working here, you’d never have guessed but apparently they share a grandfather. Although they weren’t close growing up it’s been nice to see them go through this process together and become a family. They both needed the support.

“Speaking of, where’s your baby daddy, I’ve got to have words with him.”

Aniston glances to the doorway with a smile and there he is, his gorgeous green eyes meeting mine.

Hey good boy.

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