My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 183

Okay Brie, you got this bitch. Just keep your tits high, turn around and own this shit. I mean, how good could he really look?

Turning around slowly, I’m honestly trying my best to keep my crap together... But then I saw him.


Nope. Nope. No fucking way is one person supposed to look that fucking good. It should not be humanly possible to make my clit dance like this from a single look.

Holy shit, he got more ink too.

His hair is a little longer, his beard a little rougher and the tattoos that now travel up to his neck are poking out of the top of his black shirt just tempting me to fucking lick him.

Those fucking eyes though... Nothings changed there.

Although I can’t see them completely as he can’t seem to stop them running all over my body like wile-e fucking coyote!

That smirk I love so much is curling up his lips and apparently he’s not feeling the crippling nerves I am because his body is completely relaxed, fucking huge, but relaxed.

He smells so fucking good... He smells like home.

Okay, no stumbling over your words or your heels, you got this.

“Hey yourself, finally decided to get your ass on a plane and leave the land of lederhosen’s then?”

He chuckles, although it seems a bit forced, before settling back into his calm state. My heart is racing so bad I feel like he could watch it pushing against the skin of my chest with enough concentration.

I can’t show it, I don’t know what’s going on with him but if he’s about to throw his arm around some blonde European chick as his surprise plus one I won’t let him see me crumble.

Does he have to keep looking at me like that?

“Brie..” Oh fuck, that fucking voice. My name on his lips always tasted so fucking sweet. I should just run, running is good. In therapy they said if you feel yourself getting overwhelmed you should leave the situation. Not that I actually feel overwhelmed, in fact what I mostly feel is the desire to wrap my legs around his head, but I think running is still my best option here.

“Ladies and Gentleman, if you could all please make your way to the ceremony gardens, we’re about to begin.”

We both glance over to the master of ceremonies and watch people starting to make their way through to the gardens. Jayce spots me across the room and I respond with a smile so big he knows he has nothing to worry about.

Something pulls on the side of my skirt, looking down I see Heather trying to climb me like a ladder after jumping out of Josh’s arms.

Josh gives Steve a look that I can’t quite decipher before attempting to pull him towards the doors. “We should get out there bro.” He’s basically shoving Steve at this point to make him move, but the guy is rock solid. I can see the words sitting on the tip of Steve’s tongue but he can’t seem to let them free. Josh gives up and turns to me. “You good with Heather?”

Me and Steve were in that stage where we can’t disconnect our eyes, something we’d find ourselves doing constantly before he left. I don’t think there’s ever been a point since the moment I met him where I wasn’t completely obsessed with looking at this gorgeous person.

“Aunt-we Beebee?”

Oh fuck, yeah, people in the room. I force my eyes away from Steve against all my natural instincts and scoop up my little precious one, placing her on my hip and checking her face for chocolate before her mother sees her. Apparently the ability to magically procure snacks from thin air is something she inherited from mommy dearest.

Steve finally relents to Josh’s force, taking a step away from me but not before tickling the side of Heather’s neck and making her wiggle like a worm whilst giggling.

He smiles at me and I smile back but even as he follows Josh out I can’t stop the butterflies erupting in my stomach. Us separating feels more unnatural than taking a deep breath underwater.

“You want to kiss him, you want to love him, you want to marry him!”

I swear to fucking god...

“Maybelline! Shut the fuck up!”

May glares at me from her spot standing at the bottom of the stairs next to Kallie, she hates her full name more than anything and I can see her claws extending as she readies herself to welcome my demise.

“Don’t ever call me that!” She might be getting bigger but stomping her feet like that, she’s still got the obnoxious little toddler that made me loathe and love her in equal measure somewhere deep inside that prepubescent outer layer.

I shove my tongue out at her just before turning to see the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen in my life descending the staircase. Steve may have been fuckable, but this girl right here is fucking imperial.

“Oh Al...”

“Princess! Mummy princess!”

Couldn’t have put it better myself little one.

Al looks like she’s floating on air with every step she takes and I finally let the tear leave my eye. She’s actually doing this, she’s really going to marry Jayce Thompson.

Heather runs to Aleah, Cole and Tara both trying to stop crying but neither of them achieving it.

Noticing an eyelash on Al’s cheek, I brush it away gently whilst trying to keep her make up off my gloves.

“You ready for this girl? Last chance to ditch this dude and become my lesbian life partner instead.”

She smiles so widely, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her look so happy or contented. This is her dream becoming reality. When we were growing up she’d only say how much she hated Jayce, she’d say he was cruel or mean, she’d call him all the names she could think of and I’d join her. Yet, when we talked of the future, the man she described standing at the end of the aisle always looked like him, always had his protective nature and domineering presence. Even when she couldn’t see it, I could.

These two, they’re what we’re all looking for.

“I’ve never been more ready. Sorry babe, maybe in another life but in this one, I’m his.”

We all line up at the doors, Heather at the front ready to overload the crowd with cuteness as she plays with the petals in her little basket.

The doors open and she takes May’s hand before stepping down towards the crowd. Everyone there oh’s and ah’s as she scatters her little petals everywhere, not particularly looking where they’re going and throwing a handful directly into Christopher’s face at one point.

May tries to walk slowly like I showed her but the two of them only get about half way down the aisle before giving up and sprinting the rest. Heather jumps onto Elizabeth’s lap with a smile, Liz squeezing her tight and telling her how well she did. That woman has been like a second grandmother to her, the bond they share is beautiful.

Milo stands by the door and greets Kal, taking her arm and readying her to walk down. He’s taller than her now, not that it takes much with her short ass but it’s just proof of how much he’s growing. His chubby baby cheeks are disappearing and that suit barely contains his shoulders. He’s a late bloomer but I think in the end he’s going to put a fight up with Jayce for cutest Thompson.

Kal links her arm through his and they begin their decent. Stepping forward I can finally see how gorgeous it is out here. We had to dose Al up on enough antihistamines to sedate a horse to cope with all the flowers but it was worth it.

There are rows and rows of white chairs, all surrounded with beautiful vases of white roses. The aisle is so long with all the people here but it’s just proof of how loved these two are.

Jayce stands under a towering dome roofed gazebo that looks out over the bay, the pillars wrapped in draping white fabric and every inch smothered in my girls favourite flower. Everything is crisp white except for the calming blue ocean and the shadowing oak trees of the land around us. This was all her doing, a place where even angels would feel content to sit.

I turn back to my girl quickly before stepping outside.

“I know he’s your man, but you’re my soulmate. I hope you know that.”

She lets go of her father’s hand and pulls me into that monster dress of hers.

“Always Brie, me and you against the world, always.”

Brushing the tear from my eye, I step out to be greeted by Lisa. Of all Jayce’s crazy mates, this one is definitely my favourite. She’d ditched the idea of a dress early on, instead opting for a tux that fitted her skinny curves like a glove. She’d shaved the sides of her hair since I’d seen her last but it was still super cute.

“Damn Brie, you look amazing.”

I run my eyes over her suit, sometimes I think I would’ve been better off sticking with her team.

“You too gorgeous. Ready to walk me down?”

Linking my arm through hers we make our way down and along to the aisle. I’ve always loved a bit of attention, having every pair of eyes on me right now is not something I’d shy away from, but I swear one pair is burning a hole in me most of all.

Heather waves from the edge of the seats and I quickly wave back before smiling at Helena and Aniston. I’m really hoping those two manage to keep those babies in until at least after the ceremony.

Connor smiles brightly, his gaze falling quickly to my ass before pulling it back again. Bless, he’s only human after all.

Getting to the bottom, me and Lisa take our spaces either side of Jayce. He looks over at me with concern.

“Brie, where’s Mum?”

I smile, watching the doors reopen and the music switch to a very familiar melody.

“Walking her daughter down the aisle.”

Jayce melts, he knows what this will mean to Tara. Every head in the place turns to watch Aleah enter but I keep my eyes firmly glued on Romeo.

The moment she comes into view I hear the gasps of the crowd but I pay them no due, how could I look at anything else when his face is filled with that much love?

Tears run down his cheeks but he can’t stop smiling, his hands shaking and I know he just wants to run up that aisle and grab her. He’s getting the girl, his girl. They went to hell on a one way ticket together, they’ve been through more than most people could possibly imagine but neither of them ever lost faith in their bond.

The moment she’s close enough, there’s no waiting for ‘you may kiss the bride’, their lips connect on instinct and the laughter from the crowd behind shows everyone was expecting nothing less from this pair.

I can’t take it anymore, Kallie grabs my hand and the two of us share a moment just looking at them as they start the ceremony. Every word, every action, every moment is filled with them staring endlessly into each others view.

There’s talk of growing older, wiser and developing in their affections for each other but I already know that they’ll love each other as much on their last day as they did on their first.

I was so caught up in the scene in front of me I’d forgotten there was a world beyond the two of them. They read their vows to a symphony of cries from everyone in a seat. Each of them ending with the same two words.

“I’m yours.”

As the rings settle on their fingers, the guests erupt. But when I look out I can only see one pair staring back at me.

His shining blue orbs capturing me in a hold I can’t escape despite my tears, the words I have just heard about finding your other half floating through me and settling into my soul until I can’t deny it anymore. My heart beats in rhythm with one I can’t even feel, my mouth dry and hands quivering but there’s no hiding from the feelings attacking me...

Shit.... I’m still in love with him.
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