My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 184


“Dude! What were you thinking? I told you not to talk to her until after the reception!”

Yeah, Josh is pissed.

I can’t blame him, I said I’d stay away from Brie until after the meal so I wasn’t a distraction today, but I saw her there and it was like I had no fucking control over my body, I had to go to her. After all this time... I just couldn’t stay away.

She just... She’s Brie. There’s nothing else to it, I’ve never been able to keep myself from her, even back when I knew I should all those years ago at the square room. Something deep within me calls out to her and I can’t fight it. Trust me, I’ve fucking tried.

Although, it might have been a tiny bit easier if she didn’t look like a fucking ebony goddess right now.

How can she look like that? Seriously. People don’t look like that, not really, she looks like someone is running around holding a filter in front of her as she walks or something.

She’s always been beautiful, but right now she’s fucking breath taking. I didn’t know if I should come to this thing, wedding’s aren’t really my game anyway but Aleah had invited me and I was going to be home so it felt rude not to tell her I could make it if she still wanted me here. Aleah practically begged me to come, it was weird how eager she seemed to have me here if I’m honest. Josh kept telling me Brie was fine with it but just to keep my distance, the way she reacted to me in the bar earlier made me feel like maybe she’s not as good as she’s telling everyone though.

I knew all my feelings were still strong, but seeing her in person only made them smack me in the face all over again. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking to want her to have felt the same thing.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking. It’s just..”

“It’s Brie. I know Steve, I know. I just don’t want you to get your hopes up, okay? She hasn’t asked about you in months and I’m not sure what she’s even looking for right now. She’s been calling this thing bang-fest for fucks sake, she might just be looking to burn off some steam. I know how you feel about her but a lot changes in two years and you guys haven’t even spoken in all that time properly, that spark might be gone.”

Like fuck it is.

I felt it, the second I saw her I felt it all over again. I couldn’t even reach out and touch her because I knew the moment I did I’d never let her go again.

I don’t give a fuck if she wants to make her way through every person here, I’ll wait for her. I’ve waited two years, what’s a little more?

“I know mate, I know. It’s fucking freezing out here now, how much longer do you want me to wait with you?”

Josh gives me that look he used to give me when we were kids and I’d put the wrong pieces of Lego together. I love him, but he takes that shit way too seriously.

“You’re not getting out of this anymore Steve, you have to meet him. Heather loves him and so does everyone else, if you want to be part of these people’s lives again you can’t keep avoiding Liam, he’s our brother.”

Liam. I know the kid hasn’t done anything wrong but I still can’t bring myself to spend time with him, although now I’m back for good I know I can’t keep avoiding him. Josh has sent me photos and things over the years but I haven’t actually met the little man in person yet.

Denise’s car pulls up into the car park and her smiling face is enough to make all my nerves flutter away. Josh goes to the back seat to take out the kid but Denise runs and almost launches herself into my arms. I’ve really missed her.

“It’s so good to see you, don’t you dare leave me for so long again.”

I chuckle, holding her close. I’ve actually seen her more than I’ve seen Josh over the time I’ve been away, the job had me travelling a lot and her cruises take her all over the world so we’ve met up when we could.

She’s become a bit of a grandmother figure to Liam according to Josh, Chrissy being the useless piece of shit mother we all knew she would be. She got kicked out of her apartment a few weeks ago and is moving back in with her sister, Josh hasn’t told the others that’s the real reason he’s moving that way. His job offered him the position and he took it so he can make sure this kid is okay. It’s not his responsibility, but Josh has always been the one to sacrifice for everyone else.

Walking over, he carries the little shy boy like he was his own son, his tiny suit making him look like a miniature version of Josh too. They stop in front of me and I almost burst out laughing when the kid sits up straight and offers me his hand to shake. Isn’t this dude like two?

“Hi Steve!” Okay, yeah he’s cute.

I shake his petite fingers and he tries to smile but it’s clear this kid is painfully shy because the second I let him go his head is buried into Josh’s neck.

He kind of looks like me, it’s the eyes. If I didn’t know I would’ve... I would’ve thought he was mine.

I never wanted children, but thinking you were having one just to have it ripped away from you, yeah that really fucking hurt. It’s why I haven’t tried to get to know him, it was really fucking selfish of me but I had to get my head around the fact this child was my brother, nothing else.

I follow everyone back inside just in time to see Aleah and Jayce start their first dance. She really does look beautiful, and they look so fucking happy together. Yet, there’s only one person I’m looking for.

There she is, standing at the edge of the dance floor with her head lent against the best woman as they all look on at the lucky couple. She probably doesn’t even realise her body is moving to the music, she can’t help it, she’s a dancer in her soul.

I hadn’t gotten a chance to speak to her again since earlier, she was busy with the photos, then dealing with the magazine people. It was kind of amazing to watch her work, people really do just bow down to her presence. Of course they do, she’s a queen.

She’s my Queen.

Except I’ve got no fucking idea if she feels that way anymore. Josh said she’s doing better but I don’t know where she is in her recovery and I don’t want to force my way in just because I’m back in the states permanently. She asked me to stop contacting her so she could heal and I did, even when it killed me to do it, even when I came back home a few months ago I made sure no-one saw me just so she wouldn’t feel pressure to see me. Although one night I did find myself sitting outside her house begging my body to walk to the door, but I couldn’t, I was the one that fucked up, it had to be on her terms when she was ready to see me again.

During the speeches I couldn’t do anything but listen to her voice, I hardly took in any of the words, just letting her deep sultry tone breathe life back into me after too long away from it.

Although I do think Milo’s speech was killer, that kid is actually really fucking funny. Josh was cracking up all the way through, I’m wondering if he had something to do with writing it because Milo always seemed to be looking for his reaction when glancing at the crowd. It’s cute, I don’t think Josh sees it but the boy has definitely got a crush on him.

More couples join the floor, Brie taking that girls hand and forcing her into a dance she clearly doesn’t want to do. Not that anyone can ever say no to Brianna Parker, trust me, we’ve all attempted it and failed.

“Red really is her colour, isn’t it?”

Red? “She’s in black Denise.”

Denise giggles as she settles into the seat next to me with her glass of wine in hand.

“I meant the bride Steve.” Oh fuck, yeah I should really remember this is Aleah’s day. “I guess your attention was somewhere else though... Brianna looks very beautiful, have you two spoken since you got back?”

Real subtle Denise. Falling back in my chair I try to divert my attention away from the only woman that’s ever been able to hold it.

“Not really, I haven’t had the chance. I don’t want to push it, I’m not sure she even wants to talk to me. It was kind of sprung on her last minute that I was coming.”

Denise looks at me with sympathy before suddenly smacking my arm so hard I jump at the sudden impact.

“What the fuck was that for?!”

“Being a pussy.” What the hell did she just call me? “You’re being a bloody coward. Now, get up and go ask that girl to dance.”

No way. “Denise, I can’t I-”

Her hand comes back down on my arm and I’ve taken gentler hits in the fucking cage!

“Steven Greenslate! Listen to me now, you two haven’t kept your eyes off each other for longer than thirty seconds since the moment I got here, and according to Josh it’s been going on all bloody day. Now, one of you has to make the first move and it should be you, you’re the one that ran away.”

“I did not run aw-” *SMACK*

She really needs to stop hitting me, that one really fucking hurt. “Did I tell you that you could talk yet? No. Now, you ran away for the right reasons Steve, to give her the space you both needed, but you still ran away. Get up, go over there and dance with that girl! She’s special that one, she’s been through more than most people can comprehend but she’s still smiling. That’s an amazing woman you have waiting for you, don’t let her go.”

Did she wait though? I fucking did because I couldn’t even think of anyone else, couldn’t be near anyone else or feel for anyone else, that doesn’t mean she didn’t move on from all this a while ago.

Looking over I can see some guy dancing with her now, I’m sure I’ve seen him somewhere before but... Oh crap, teacher boy.

“She seems busy.”

Okay, even I can hear how much of a child I sound like right now.

Denise shoves me so hard I almost fall straight into Josh as he sits back down in his seat the other side of me.

“Trying to get him to speak to Brie?” He laughs towards his mother.

Denise sips her wine whilst staring out at my girl, her hips swaying slowly as that guy holds her waist. I shouldn’t want to hit him as much as I do, I’m not that kind of guy. She’s not mine... I just want her to be.

His eyes lock with mine and as he leans in to whisper something in her ear, my fists clench of their own accord. He’s really fucking testing me here.

“Bro, it’s not like that with them. Trust me. Just go speak to her, it’ll be okay now.”

Why am I hesitating? I want to fucking speak to her, I want to hold her and dance with her more than anything. It took everything I had to keep it together earlier, I didn’t want to scare her by showing how even being near her made my heart skip every other fucking beat. By the time I walked away from her and took my seat at that ceremony, all I could think about was seeing her again, I watched her walk down that aisle and all I wanted was to be the one waiting at the end of it for her.

Josh leans over to face me, his look so much more serious than it was earlier.

“Do you know what I’d give to have one more dance with the love of my life Steve? What I’d give just to fucking talk to him again? Yours is standing twenty feet away and you’re still sitting here. Fucking go.”

Fuck it.

Rising to my feet, I don’t see anyone but her as I keep myself moving until I’m by her side. The guy loosens his grip on her as he sees me approach, there’s no malice there, in fact he looks relieved to see me.

“Can I cut in?”

He smiles at Brie, taking her hand and kissing the back before placing it in mine.

She’s taken her gloves off, her skin caressing mine for the first time since I said goodbye to her on that couch and let myself crumble the moment I closed the door. I never stopped, every second away from her has been agony.

I’ve found myself looking at photographs of her just to remind myself she was real, the ones of us together all I have to tell me what we had wasn’t just in my head. I’ve waited for her, I’ve fought every opponent that was willing to stand against me just so my body could feel something other than the pain of being apart from her.

Now she’s here, touching my skin with so much electrical energy running through us I can hardly stand the small distance between our bodies. Fuck, all I want is to kiss her until she begs me to stop.

One step at a time Steve.

“Can I have this dance?”
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