My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 187

Damn it.

Reaching up I grip hold of his head and he drops all the ice to the floor as he places both hands to cup my cheeks. The background noise fading to silence as I look up into the eyes that have filled every good dream I’ve had, every beautiful memory flooding back as he gazes down at my lips.

Neither of us hesitate this time. Both of us smiling in the moments before his lips crash down onto mine.

Oh god... The last kiss I had was with this man... This one is the one I deserved to be my next.

His lips are soft, but the kiss is far from delicate as he holds my head as firmly as I’m holding his and begins to devour me with every forceful push of his lips, his other arm reaching down and taking hold of my thighs before lifting me up into his embrace. It’s been too fucking long...

These arms, I’m always supposed to be in these arms.

My back hits the wall, my body sandwiched between his and the bricks as I dig my nails through his hair until I’m burying into his scalp. I just want to tear this man apart.

He doesn’t ask for permission, grasping my chin and pulling it to open my mouth before slipping his tongue between my lips. These aren’t sweet and nurturing kisses, they’re raw and open, both of us doing everything we can to take in the other entirely after so long apart.

I explore his mouth, tasting every inch as he massages my tongue with his own until we’re both struggling to breath but happy to die this way. I can’t stop touching him, my hands travelling over every bit of exposed skin I can find; his neck, his chest, his arms, his waist – all mine to feel and I can’t get enough.

Taking hold of his hair I pull him back, our beings still riveting under the pressure of our own passion. That’s the thing with Steve, everything has always been so natural, yet so intense.

Gasping for breath we both look at each other, our claw like fingers loosening their grip on one another’s flesh until we’re just caressing the surface. He forces me further back against the wall until his exposed torso is flush against me and I couldn’t escape if I wanted to. His forehead drops to mine, a sigh of pleasure leaving his lips as I gently trail my nails along his spine.

“I told you I’d come back for you...”

His warm breath teases my swollen lips, my ears hear the words but my heart is what feels them. I have to know.

“Steve... Do you still want me?” I can’t even look at him, my body weak with the vulnerability in my voice.

Please don’t break me... Not again...

Steve pulls back from my head, gently lowering my feet back to the floor but keeping my body wedged against the wall before taking my head in his hands and tilting me to face him. How is he so fucking beautiful?

“Brie, I’ve woken up every fucking morning for the last two years to the memory of your eyes. I’ve fallen asleep to the echoing sound of your voice. Every moment you needed me gone, I’ve reminded myself that I’m doing it for you. Even when it felt like my soul was being torn in two I knew it would be healed again the second I saw you... and I was right.”

He waited... he really waited for me.

“I don’t know what you’re ready for Brie. I don’t know if you’re ready for me or us, but even if you’re not, I’ll still wait until you are. I’m not going anywhere Brie, not unless you tell me too. I left because you asked me too, because you needed space to heal and so did I. Now I’m back, if you want it... I’m all in here, all of me for all of you. Nothings changed Brie, I still got you.”

I got you. The words that made me fall in love with him in the first place. The words that made me feel for the first time, that I wasn’t alone in this battle of my life.

Leaning my head forward against his chest, I do what I always do when I’m about to leave him... Except this time I’m not leaving him... I’m leaving behind the girl that pushed him away.

Taking three deep breaths I force myself to look up into his eyes, every nervous butterfly vanishing the moment ours meet.

“I’m ready.”

His grip on my head loosens, his thumb sliding along my bottom lip as the most gorgeous smile I’ve ever seen curls up onto his face, his happiness making my legs want to give way under the relief of that weight being lifted from me.

“Thank fuck.”

His lips come back down onto mine but this time it’s so gentle, his arms wrapping around me and holding me close as the kiss only deepens, slowly opening us both up until we’re surrendering to this new comfort. A world where there’s no longer just him or me, where for the first time I can say – there’s us.

The kisses move from my lips, working their way over my jaw and up to my ear, pleasure rippling through my veins like a tidal wave as he sucks my lobe between his lips.

“My Queen”

My nails dig into his shoulders at those words, words I’ve not heard in so years but have craved for what feels like a lifetime. I couldn’t stop him now if I wanted to, my body surrendering to him entirely.

Taking hold of my waist, he spins me until my chest comes into contact with the wall. His lips moving to the side of my neck as he begins to pull down the zip at the back of my dress. He tugs it slowly, following my newly exposed skin with his lips, marking between each disk of my spine with his kisses.

Pausing at my ribs, his lips cover my new tattoo, only stopping for a moment to read the text. His head falls against my skin, a wave of emotions smothering his heart as he realises I had the words taken from him printed on my body.

As my dress falls to the floor with a sharp tug, the cold air attacks my naked body. I never did develop the habit of putting on underwear, not that I could in that dress.

Steve doesn’t stop, continuing to kiss my skin until he’s biting and sucking on the peach of my exposed cheeks. My back arches into him on instinct, it’s been so long since I’ve been touched, even my nipples brushing against the cold brick of the wall before me is sending waves of bliss bubbling all through my person.

His hands run the length of my legs, caressing me from my thighs to my ankles like he’s trying to leave his touch on every cell before travelling back up; skimming over my hips and into my waist before standing straight and wrapping his arms around it.

My back sits against his chest, his fingers running over my tight stomach and up to my breasts. As his thumbs brush over my nipples I can’t stop the way his name escapes my lips with a gentle moan.


All restraint he was showing snaps, his arm hitting the back of my knees and making me fall into his hold as he lifts me; my legs draped over his forearm and my lips connecting with his, forcing us together while he walks us to the bed.

The moment my back hits the rich cotton sheet, I begin to unbutton his pants, letting all the clothing left between us to fall to the floor before he climbs into the bed next to me and pulls me onto his lap. My adrenaline is firing, lust and passion rippling throughout my body. We were both always better with actions than words, he just wants to show me how he feels.

We break the kiss for a moment, his lips still touching mine but leaving me room to breathe. I can feel how hard he is, his solid dick sitting against my ass, but I also know he wants to make sure this is what I want. The best part about Steve, there’s never any pressure.

But I’ve been waiting two long years for this.

“Brie, we-”

I cut him off instantly, kissing his lips whilst moving my hips so his dick sits between my thighs. Continuing to kiss him with wet, open mouth kisses, I bring my hand between us and start to stroke him. His breath hitches, his whole body becoming stiff and covered in layers of cold-bumps under my touch. The moment my thumb swipes over his tip he captures my bottom lip between his teeth to stop the moan threatening to break loose.

Fuck, it’s good to have a cock in my hand again.

Sex has always been an important part of me, of my life. Sex with Steve though... Yeah, it’s so much more than that.

His hands grip my ass, moving me so I’m grinding softly against him. I begin to stroke him faster, his lips moving from mine to my neck and sucking the flesh deep into his mouth to leave his mark. Everything he’s doing, everything I’m feeling is so intense.

He makes his way to the base of my neck before crawling down my chest bone until he’s at my nipple. Teasing the first one, he circles it over and over with his tongue, only flicking it when my moans tell him I can’t take the teasing anymore. He moves one hand from my ass but keeps the other one firm, before placing it to my other nipple and mirroring each of his actions.

He’s moving slow, teasing me ruthlessly and revelling in the feeling of his contact with my body. My back arching to give him more access, I feel him smirk against my skin before sucking the whole thing into his mouth and nibbling gently whilst pinching my other one. This, this is why I can’t picture anyone else with that vibrator between my thighs. He’s too fucking good at knowing what I want.

I increase the pressure of my grip, pumping him harder and faster, for a second his concentration falters as he lets what I’m doing to him soak in.

“Brie...” He pants against my chest.

“How do you want it?” My voice low and deep as my tongue slips into his ear and he grasps my head as the pleasure rushes through him.

He looks me dead in the eye, no hesitation from him as I slow my hand.

“I want you. All of you.”

I know I should be wanting to make this last, I should want hours of foreplay to make up for what I’ve been missing... There’s time for that, but right now, I just have to feel him inside me.

Steve takes hold of my hips ready to flip us but I put all the power I have into pushing against his chest and holding him flat to the bed. This is my time.

Lifting my hips, I place his tip between my dripping wet lips and run it over and over my clit, having him touching me this way is radiating heat from every inch of me. His eyes fall shut as the most gorgeous moan escapes him, one I’ll never forget. The buzz runs all over me as I take him in my hand and place him against my entrance.

I wait for his eyes to open, our gaze locking before I slowly lower myself down onto him. I feel every throbbing vein brush against my inner walls, every think inch of him stretching me in the most joyous mix of pleasure and pain after all this time. Now I have him here, I’m never letting him fucking go.

His hands take mine from his chest, interlocking our fingers and keeping them tight as I take him in to the hilt and his tip hits that spot deep inside only he’s ever been able to reach. Fuck, this is what it’s supposed to feel like. This is what I’ve been dying to fulfil, a part of my soul needing him to complete it.

Steve squeezes our connected hands, his bottom lip between his teeth as I lift myself up slowly before forcing him into me again.

“Fuck Brie... You’re so fucking tight...”

Two years with nothing to do but kegel exercises, you’re damn fucking right I am.

I begin to ride him gently at first, watching the pleasure build on his face with every bounce of my hips, his hands running over my thighs and to my ass before squeezing it. He can’t stop touching me, activating every nerve as he continues to caress my skin with the light touch of his fingers. I pick up the pace, letting his moans of pleasure guide me before suddenly he grasps hold of my hips on my next rise, not letting me lower before thrusting up into me hard.

Screaming out in a flash of pure satisfaction, I meet his next thrust with vigour, our bodies slamming together until all I can feel throughout my whole body is him inside me.

Again and again, every thrust growing with a strength I didn’t know either of us had, until my legs are shaking at his sides and my voice will scream nothing but his name.

My core is so tight, it’s taking everything in me not to explode right now. The pressure is too much and I know he feels it too, my walls tightening around him, forcing him to sit up and wrap his arms around me.

Holding me tight, he waits until I’m at my peak, about to fall over the edge as I lift up and he pulls me back down onto him, but this time he doesn’t let me move again.

His arm around my hips remaining firm, his other palm placing pressure between my shoulder blades and keeping our sweat soaked chests connected as I hold myself around his neck.

My nipples increase in sensitivity, every small movement making me brush them against his skin. With his reach deep inside me at its pinnacle, he begins to rotate his hips, his dick slapping at every glorious point inside me and keeping me on the edge of total euphoria. My mind is beyond cloudy, I can’t do anything but relinquish all control to him. The way his arms hold me, like the slightest move could let me slip away from him and he can’t let that happen.

Our lips connect but I can hardly breathe already, my sweat drenched body crying out for oxygen as he increases his grip, lifting my form whilst keeping it flush against his own before pushing in even deeper.

My arms move to wrap around his back, steadying myself in his embrace as his hand moves into my hair and holds my head against his.

My orgasm building to the most intense boiling point, with one final thrust he sends my release spiralling from my core straight to my heart. Everything in me spills out, my screams of ecstasy being drowned out as I dig my teeth into his shoulder until I feel his flesh imprinted with my mark.

Moving inside me, circling with every breath, my orgasm is extended beyond measure. My whole body just keeps vibrating as the waves continue hitting, joy and the tantalising thrill seeping out of me in all forms until one bout of pleasure moves into the next.

Steve doesn’t move until I’ve rode it out, even then not pulling out as he gently lowers me down to the bed, my head almost hanging off the end before pulling me back and climbing on top of me.

With one sharp thrust he re-enters me, this time deep and slow. My legs feel so weak, the arms I have placed around his neck are loose at best as he starts to build me back to that point again.

His thumbs brush over my nipples, his kisses coating my neck as the way he hits inside me sends a quiver throughout my flesh with each pounding, my cries of luxurious satisfaction making room for the animalistic growls of the predator that has me in his grasp.

He hits harder, pushing in deeper, his fingers now pinching my nipples roughly before he arches my back so he can bite one.

“Steve! Fuck!”

There’s no stopping him, his thrusts raw as he powers in and out of me with all the hunger of a starving man.

“Oh fuck Steve... I’m gonna...”

I can’t stop it, my body taking on a life of its own as his hand slides between our beings and circles my throbbing sensitive clit.

“What am I Brie?”

My vision darkens, his wide hips forcing my legs apart until every inch of me is at his mercy.

“Tell me Brie.”

Every drop of blood in my veins pools at the bottom of my abdomen, the intensity of my incoming orgasm forcing each and every one of my muscles into spasm. I have no control, my walls tightening so much he is forcing himself inside me as my mind begs him to never stop. His own ragged movements telling me he’s waiting for the words before he gives us our release.

“You’re my king...”

Smacking his lips down onto mine with a punishing kiss, we both give way for the rippling tides of our unity to implode together. He fills me, his swollen manhood being milked by my tensing walls until I don’t know where he ends and I begin anymore.

As the orgasm reaches its end we disengages our lips and he forces my vision back to reality with three simple words.

“I got you.”

Reaching up, my exhausted arm cradles his neck, my hand holding his cheek as a feeling I’ve never let myself surrender too takes over me until the words just spill from my mouth.

“I love you.”

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