My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 188

I don’t know how I’m awake so early, but as long as I get to wake up in this man’s arms, I don’t give a fuck.

He was right about something... It was a long night.

After my little confession last night he tried to speak but I wouldn’t let him, I didn’t want him to feel like he had to say it back just because I said it. I meant it, I’ve never said those words to a man before in my life but I couldn’t deny them to him, he deserved to hear them. The second I span and saw him in that suit it all hit me, like we’d never been apart... It was all still there.

Facing him now, his body littered in the marks of our love making, I can’t imagine ever waking up to a different sight.

We’re not Jayce and Aleah, there’s been no magical build for us, we’re just two people who found each other in this shitty world and slotted our puzzle pieces together naturally. We weren’t gifted each other, we earned each other.

Running my fingers over his chest, I can actually see the work he’s had done now. Most of it is tribal, but the piece over his heart is something very different. Etched into his skin are the silhouettes of a man and woman, their features masked by black and not a spot of colour anywhere... except for the crowns that sit on their heads.

A King and Queen, sat over the scars that nearly tore him from me.

There’s a gentle knock at the door, Steve stirs but doesn’t wake as I slip myself out from between his arms and tip toe over to it. Opening it ajar, my favourite bitch stands there with the biggest smirk on her face, although her legs seem more wobbly than mine and that’s saying something.

She doesn’t say a word, just popping her head over my shoulder to see Steve covered in nothing but a sheet across his waist and snoring gently.

“Come on...”

I grab the pyjamas I was planning on wearing last night before Mr undeniable walked in. Me and Al scampering down the large staircase like teenagers about to be caught by their parents before arriving at the dining room. The place is empty and even the breakfast isn’t out yet, so we just make two large mugs of coffee before walking all the way to the edge of the gardens.

The flowers have fallen from the gazebo, the petals littering the floor like confetti at our bare feet until eventually they’re replaced by the sand of the beach.

We wonder over to the largest flat rock we can find before settling in with our coffees to keep us warm.

“Soooo... spill. Did the plan work? Did we parent trap you guys?”

I chuckle into my bean juice. “Yeah bitch, it worked. He’s...”


Yes, yes he is.

Al wraps her arms around my waist as we watch the sunrise higher over the crashing waves of the ocean hitting this empty beach. It’s so peaceful here, anyone could be fooled into thinking we’re alone but I know better, the white light radiating off the crisp sand telling me we’re both being watched by some very important people. We both just sit quietly, embracing the cold morning breeze for a while.

“It feels like things are changing Brie, like we’re moving on to another stage or something?”

I know what she means, I can feel it too. We’re not those two little high school girls anymore, we’re not even the same people we were two years ago. It all changes eventually, everyone grows and moves on, I just don’t want to move on too far.

“How’s Romeo?”

“I told you to stop calling me that Brianna.” I turn around to see my absolute favourite basketball player stepping up onto the rock, sitting down behind his girl and pulling her back into his chest. “Good morning Mrs Thompson.”

That giggle of hers, as long as she’s sitting in his arms I know it’s the one thing that will never change.

She leans back against his shoulder, letting him bear her weight but keeping her eyes on the rolling tides. “Is Heather okay?”

Jayce nods, kissing her temple before wrapping his arms around her. “Yeah, Mum’s got a little playschool going there with all of them. Helena and Christopher were helping, they said they’re getting breakfast with Aniston and Connor in a bit if we want to join them. Anyone seen Josh?”

Just on cue his little brown head of hair pops up, trailed by Kallie and Drew as they all squeeze onto this tiny space with coffees in hand.

Drew’s arm wraps around his wife’s waist and for a moment there’s silence. I’m not sure when we’ll have this again, those two will be back off to Oz soon, Josh is moving half way across the country for a few years. Jayce could get signed by a team in Timbuktu and they could leave too.

I’m glad everyone’s happy, it just feels like the end of an era.

Aleah pulls up a photo on her phone and smiles.

“Look at us Brie, look how bloody young we all were.”

Glancing at the screen I can feel the tear threatening to slip from my eye. It’s the one Jayce took of all of us at the winter formal. Me squeezed in next to Harley, Josh’s eyes fixed to him with so much love. Chad and Jayce having a battle for cheesiest grin, Kal forcing Drew into the shot. It feels like a lifetime ago now.

I was so alone back then, it felt like I just couldn’t find my place in the world, then we lost two of the most amazing people and I honestly didn’t understand why I was still here when they weren’t.

Now I do. These lot need me, I needed me. It took a while, it took therapy and realising I couldn’t do it all alone, it took me realising it wasn’t weakness to ask for help, that it showed strength to admit you can’t keep living like that.

I’m so strong, I have seen every demon in this world and greeted it with a smile, wink and a short skirt.

I never needed someone to complete me, that was what I needed to realise. I could make myself whole by finding the love I needed for exactly who I am.

It just so happens that when I did that, the right man found his way back to me.

The chilly breeze nips at my skin but all thoughts of being cold disappear as I find myself wrapped up in the warmth of the person I wanted it to be most.

I thought people would be shocked at least, but as Steve sits and lifts me from the rock into his lap, all I see are happy faces.

This lot...

Taking my coffee, I feed him a bit before taking some for myself and relaxing against his chest.

“You found me.” It’s a joke in this moment, but the deeper meaning isn’t lost on either of us.

“Always.” His lips pressing against my jaw and heating me up better than any blanket ever could.

“Didn’t think I ran did you?”

He chuckles to himself, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me in even closer until we’re becoming one being.

“There is nowhere you could run I wouldn’t chase you Brie, not now.”

Al once said that no matter how far I ran, the right guy would always chase me – to the ends of the earth and back. Here he is.

Josh smiles at me, playing with a stick in the sand before staring out at the ocean. I know this is hard for him being surrounded by couples, but I heard Harley, he just has to wait.

Al leans back against Jayce, facing me before reaching her hand out and taking mine in hers.

We all just sit, stopping and soaking in the time we have before we’re ripped back to reality. We’re bonded, all of us. We’re bonded in grief, in love, in family, in friendship. We’re bonded in hope and tragedy. Most of all we’re bonded in understanding. Each and every single one of these people have had a reason to walk away from me, yet here they all are. Still by my side.

I’m the luckiest damn bitch on this planet.

The sun rises, the laughter of children fills the air and one by one each of them return to the path of their life, each leaving me with a kiss or a hug until it’s just me and Steve left.

He doesn’t try to move and neither do I, both happy to be finding ourselves back in the position this all started for us.

“Brie, this is it now. It’s us... I’ve waited my whole damn life for you. What we have, I’m not letting it go. I can’t be without you anymore.”

Leaning up, I let our lips collide gently, pouring everything I have deep within me into him. I’ve never been particularly good with the mushy words crap but actions are a strong suit of mine. My hand still on the back of his neck I lean us together.

“You won’t have to. I got you.”

He smiles, laying a tiny kiss against my cheek before leaning into my ear and letting me melt into his touch.

There are so many words he could say, so many promises he could make, but instead he chooses the simplest. The ones no man has ever said to me.

“The moment I kissed you, I knew. I knew you were special the first time I saw you, but your lips met mine and there was no denying it any longer. You were made for me, I was built for you...

You’re all I’ve ever wanted Brianna Parker, you have made me into the man I’ve always wanted to be. I’m going to show you it will all be worth it, I’ll prove it my Queen...

...I love you.”

And for the first time in my life I don’t fear those words, I don’t run or hide. Instead I take his jaw in my hand and let my own smirk take over my face.

“Damn fucking right you do.”

The End...ish
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