My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Epilogue One

Three years later – STEVE’S P.O.V.

Oh god she has to stop, they’re all waiting for us down there but here she is straddling my lap in the back of the bug even though her legs only started working again an hour ago.

I swear to fuck I never thought I’d find a girl who could match my stamina but fuck me, this one is something else. Three perfect years with this woman and I still can’t get enough of her.

“Brie, they’re waiting...”

Oh god, if she keeps sucking my neck like that I’m going to end up letting her ride my face for the next hour instead. She’s my fucking drug, the one thing I can never overdose on.

We’ve travelled to every country she threw a dart at on that map hanging on our living room wall. We’ve ate food we couldn’t pronounce, ridden the bike up to mountain top temples and through Asian markets. We’ve made love on every fucking beach we could find, drank until we fell over and laughed like we’d never find happiness again.

Every moment with Brianna Parker is an adventure, one I’m about to make fucking permanent.

That is of course, if she ever climbs off me.

A loud bang on the window finally causes her to let go of my neck, Aleah staring in at us whilst tapping her invisible wrist watch.

“Alright bitch I’m coming! Don’t get your granny panties in a twist!”

I glance behind the girl poking her tongue out at my woman to Jayce, him giving me a subtle wink to say we’re good to go.

Brie attempts to pull down her skirt but the thing is hardly long enough to go any further, not that I give a fuck. One of the things I love most about her is that she doesn’t give a shit what anyone else thinks of her; she says what she wants, wears what she wants, acts how she wants. If people don’t like it then she’s happy to tell them to go fuck themselves and move on to the next one. This is why she’s so fucking perfect.

Although as I attempt to get out of this bastard thing I guess I wouldn’t mind if she’d change this pissing car. I love that it makes her so happy but it really wasn’t made for guys my size.

Heather comes barrelling past me to run to her second favourite aunt, hardly sparing me a glance until I scoop her up and throw her over my shoulder.

“Uncle Steve! Hahahaha! Stop it!” Her laughter filling every inch of this beach as we all walk down together with me tickling her ribs. I’m glad Brie’s distracted by her because everyone is doing a seriously shit job of hiding. This is kind of an all hands on deck situation but I can see Tara, Cole and Josh’s heads poking up from between the cars over there already.

The second I stop tickling Heather she immediately begins to pout.

“Why did you stop?”

I laugh. “Because you told me too?”

She crosses her little arms over her chest and I’m not sure if it’s Aleah’s influence or Brie’s, but I’m immediately willing to sell a kidney just to see her smile again.

“Auntie Beebee, have a word will you? Mum said men are only good if they can do what they’re told. You’re man isn’t listening, he’s defective.”

The Thompsons have created a monster.

Not that I’d have her any other way. This little princess is more important to me than even she realises, having her run down the garden into my kitchen every morning can do that to a guy. Her height is even measured every year on the inside of my closet door frame, right next to her mother’s ones growing up. I’m not getting rid of any of them, not that I’d want to, they’re always with us one way or another. If it’s not her, it’s May. I’m surrounded by little Alpha females but I wouldn’t swap any of them for the fucking world.

Brie walks over and pulls Heather from me with a smirk.

“I know, I’m doing what I can beaut but I don’t think this one can be saved. I pretty much only keep him around for his giant dic-”

“Dictionary!” Aleah slams her hand over Brie’s mouth but it doesn’t stop the laughing. “Auntie Beebee really loves a good dictionary.”

Heather looks at Brie with absolute confusion. “Really? I didn’t know you liked reading Auntie Beebee, I’ve never even seen any books in your house.”

Chuckling to herself, Brie tightens Heather’s little pigtails. “Oh trust me girl, when you get older, I bet you’ll have a full library of dictionaries. Just make sure you only rent them okay? You don’t need to be worrying about buying the first one to show you a good word like your mother did.”

Jayce may be ten feet in front of us but I can hear him growling at Brie from here.

“Beach is really quiet, we’re the only ones here.” Brie comments as her feet hit the sand.

Jayce smirks at me, it definitely wasn’t this quiet an hour ago. Jayce had to sign a lot of basketballs and take a fuck ton of selfies with people so we could have this place to ourselves. He’d do anything to make this special for Brie, I think he’s one of the only men alive that loves her as much as I do.

Me and Brie make our way over to the rock pools but Heather wants to paddle so she goes with Aleah and Jayce hand in hand towards with sea. With the sun setting ahead of them and her looking up at her parents, they look like a cute painting.

I’m glad they’re okay now. Aleah found out she was pregnant a few months ago, but she lost the baby early on. Brie explained about her condition and how much of a miracle it was that they managed to have Heather so safely after losing their first baby. I had never seen two people so broken and it tore my queen apart.

Brie stayed at their house every night, even when Aleah said to leave she wouldn’t. I’ve never seen a bond like those two have, it’s beyond special. Brie jumped in the shower one morning quickly and I came down to find Aleah sitting on the couch, just bawling. For the first time in a really long time, I felt helpless. I just wanted to make it better for her but there was fuck all I could do. So I just held her, I just sat there with her and let her cry until she had nothing left. Josh flew in for a week, Kallie Skyped. Everyone did what they could for the pair.

Something like that would break most couples but not those two, if anything it made them stronger. Watching them now you’d never believe they’d suffered so much heartache. I know they still get some shit for being together but I’ll never understand why, two minutes with the pair and you can see how much they’re meant to be.

“What you thinking there stranger?”

God, will her smile ever stop doing things to me? All these years later and it still fills me with so much fucking joy to see her face light up like that.

Looking over her features, it’s like so much yet so little has changed since she was just a seventeen year old girl who walked into a club looking for a job. A girl I couldn’t stop staring at, a girl I never truly stopped thinking about. Sometimes I can’t believe I get to call this beautiful creature mine. How the fuck did I do it?


She leans against me, moving herself closer but not close enough for my liking. Wrapping my arm around her waist I pull her back into my lap, my nerves starting to bubble under the surface as she wraps her legs around me and I realise the time has come.

“This is where we were sitting, this exact spot in this exact position, the first time I kissed you.” Brie glances around, a small smile on her face that only grows as she brings her eyes back to me.

“Yeah, then we almost went off a cliff and I nearly lost you.” She tries to joke about it, but I know she will always carry a fear that one day someone will come and rip us apart. It’s one she doesn’t need, no-one could ever take me from her.

It was her, it was always fucking her.

“Do you know what my last thought was as you made me jump out of that car?” I shake my head, I don’t think it’s something we’ve ever talked about. “The last thing I thought, the moment you counted down to one, was that I lied. That I knew even then, I could fall in love with you.”

I promised myself that I wouldn’t kiss her again until after I finished my mission here but she’s making it too damn fucking hard.

My lips meet hers and the same spark I felt that very night explodes within me, her skin meeting mine at every point as she weaves her fingers into my hair and pulls slightly... she knows it gets me every time.

Her lips part and I slip inside, reminding her taste buds that the flavour of me is all I want them to remember. With Brie, no matter how much of her I have, I somehow always want more.

My hands run down her arms to her fingertips, but before I can lock our fingers together in a hold, I feel how fucking freezing cold she is. She never brings her own fucking jacket, why would she when she can always steal mine?

I wrap it around her shoulders, she stopped fighting me on this years ago, my clothes look too fucking good on her and she knows it.

Pulling away from the kiss I see Jayce waving behind us and I know everything’s ready. Fucking hell, here we go.

“Brie, I need you to close your eyes.”

She sits back and immediately starts giving me the death glare.


For fuck’s sake. Why do we have to have this conversation every fucking time?

“Because I fucking said so.” Yeah, that did nothing. Stubborn fucking woman. “Fine, because if you do then I promise to give you something you’ll love but if you don’t... then I’ll stop doing that thing you like with your legs bent back and my tongue deep in your-”

Her eyes slam shut before I even get out the words. I fucking love this girl.

Jayce gives everyone the thumbs up and bodies flood the empty beach. I’m so fucking grateful to them all, this required a lot of hands but I didn’t have to look far to find people that wanted to do something for this girl. She’s so fucking loved.

“Can I open them?”

“Not yet.” Taking her hand in mine, I lay a kiss on her palm, keeping her distracted by trailing the kisses up her wrist as everyone scrambles to get things into where they need to be. It’s not easy getting this many flowers and candles in place.

As I meet the crook of her elbow slowly, she lets out a delicate moan of satisfaction. If she doesn’t want me to bend her over the bug again and fuck her stupid in the driveway like last night then she better fucking stop that. May puts down the final vase of flowers, smiling at me and checking everything is perfect with everything that now completely circles around us. She runs as fast as she can to join the others out of sight.

We rehearsed this yesterday when Josh flew in, until we got it down. Looking around now, I hope it’s everything she wanted. I got the beach, the sunset, 1979 black roses – one for each day that I’ve fucking loved her.

And the ring.

Moving my kisses up to her neck, I feel her sigh against me, slipping my hand into the pocket of my jacket and pulling out the ring that I’ve been carrying from country to country for five years.

The day Brie came to sit with me in the hospital after getting stabbed, she told the nurse about this ring she’d seen in a jewellery shop on the bay front. How if she ever got engaged, she’d want this ring; the one with a blue stone plucked from the Westbrooke waters surrounded by tiny diamonds.

The day I left for Germany I saw her standing on that pier, Heather lent against her chest, and she’d never looked more fucking beautiful. I knew she needed me to leave, but I made a promise to come back for her and I knew one day she’d let me.

Getting on the bike, I didn’t drive to the airport. I went straight to that jewellery store, I found this ring and I bought it. On the hardest nights, when I didn’t think I’d ever see her again, I’d hold this ring in my hand as a reminder of my promise.

One day I’d come back, I’d get my girl and I’d make her fucking mine.

Today is that day.

Brie isn’t traditional, if I got down on one knee she’d probably laugh then pull me straight back up. Instead I let her sit in the spot where we first came together, her eyes closed so she can hear my words and nothing else.

“On this beach Brie, I asked you on our first date, then when you said yes I told you to try and not to fall hopelessly in love with me. You said falling in love wasn’t your style. You were right... it’s mine. I knew it then and I still know it now. You’re the only girl I have, the only girl I am and the only girl I ever will be in love with.”

She leans forward, finding and capturing my lips for a moment without attempting to open her eyes.

“Brie, when I used to picture my future, there wasn’t much in it. I thought I’d travel the world alone, I’d build my business alone and I’d come home every night to a pizza and a brother that took up most of the couch.”

She laughs, her face cupped in my hand as the sea breeze catches her curls and I can’t stop staring at her peaceful face. Touched by angels this one...

“Then you came into my life. I had my whole story ready for print then you turned up... you were my ultimate fucking plot twist. The person I never could’ve seen coming.”

Tilting her head up within my hold, I put the gentlest kiss on her lips until she lets her eyes flutter open. Her vision locked on me as I keep her close.

“Every day I fall a little bit more in love with you. You’re not just in my future, you are my future; you’re my adventure, you’re my person; you’re my light on the darkest fucking day. I can’t imagine a second of my life without you, so I want to make sure I never have to.”

Pulling back slightly she rests her head against mine, freezing the moment she sees the black roses that surround us. Her head whips all over the place, her breath hitching in her throat and sending my nerves into overdrive as she spots the ring in my hand.

“Brie... I got you. No matter what, I’ve always got you... but can I keep you? Forever?”

I thought there’d be some hesitation, I know this isn’t something either of us could’ve imagined when we first met... but there’s none, her lips crashing against mine before I even have a chance to get the ring on her finger.

“About fucking time you asked.” She smirks against my lips, pushing me back wards until I’m laying flat against the rock with her on top of me laughing like a fucking hyena. “I love you, you idiot. I don’t want to have a single fucking day in this crazy shit-show we call life without you. Of course I’ll fucking marry you.”

Thank fuck.

Pulling her hand into mine, I kiss each of her knuckles before sliding the ring onto her hand and watching it sparkle under the setting sunlight. She’s all fucking mine.

We don’t get a second to celebrate, the crowd of bystanders abandoning their post and racing towards us, water and roses flying everywhere as Aleah lands on top of the both of us.

“Bitch! You’re getting married!”

Denise is crying so much even Tara can’t beat her, Josh and May not far behind as tears fall down both their faces.

I pull my woman back from her best friend and connect her lips to mine before anyone else can steal her away from me.

“I love you.”

She pulls me to her, her hands holding my head and her lips devouring mine like we’re not surrounded by people watching before she eventually pulls back and smiles at me.

“I’m not changing my name.”

I laugh. “Never wanted you too. Besides, I kind of had another plan.”

She smirks. “Oh yeah, what’s that?”

Jones was never my name, it was my father’s and it was always one I didn’t want. I’ve used my mother’s one for years but it was never mine to wear either. Now however, letting the world know I belong to the most beautiful woman on the planet. That I managed to make the great Brianna Parker fall in love with me. I know who I am.

“I’m taking yours.”
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