My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 19

Thank fuck it’s Friday.

This is probably one of the last weekends I’ll actually have free for a while, the Vanderbilt’s are all off to the Hamptons and Sonya left at lunch for her busy weekend of topping up all her Botox so for once I’m actually under no stress.

May and me had plans to spend tonight knee deep in brownies and chick flicks but Milo decided to have a pool party with his mates so she was out of here quicker than... Well a ten year old girl who had the option to be surrounded by her older brothers mates in swim-shorts – sometimes I seriously worry she’s taking too much after me.

Sabrina was back visiting after moving a few states over last year so she’d taken Granny out for food, which the old bat hated because she saw paying to have food out when you have food in the fridge as a waste of money. I told her to stop being so damn ungrateful and shoved her out the door.

I had my facemask on and was an hour into my binge of Drag Race when my phone started to ring.

Unknown number. I hate Unknown numbers. Are you a hot guy? Angry wife? Someone looking to sell me double glazing? The possibilities are endless.

I let it go to answer phone only for it to start going again. Damn it. “Hello?”

“Hello Amore.”

Okay, so hot guy it is. “How did you get this number Antonio?” The Vanderbilt’s only had my work cell so this was rather creepy.

He let out a low chuckle. “I have my ways Amore, tell me – have you eaten?”

What was this dude up to? “Aren’t you supposed to be in the Hamptons sipping down champagne that costs more a glass than most people’s cars?”

“I have been relieved of my duties for the weekend, I was hoping you would be willing to accompany me for dinner?”

Dangerous waters Brianna. Tread carefully. “And why would I do that?”

There’s that laugh again. “You know, I’m not used to women fighting me so much. I don’t believe I’ve ever been questioned on why I should be joined by a beautiful woman for an expensive meal... I will pick you up in one hour amore, dress impressively. Although I guess you always do...”

“Wait! I didn’t say yes! How do you even know where I liv-” but he was already gone.

I don’t have to go, I could sit here and ignore the car or answer the door in these pyjamas and frighten him with my mud mask.

Staring at the bowl of unappetising ramen I’d just made my resolve dissolves. It’s free food and I know in the types of places he goes it’ll definitely be good. Plus it’s nice to tease him just a bit... Fuck it.

I race up the stairs and jump straight in the shower, washing off the mask but making sure to keep my hair dry, an hour is definitely not long enough to dry this mane.

Looking through my closet I’m not sure what’s best to do here, its very much a room of two halves. One side all my Brie stuff – short, tight and showing off every perfect curve. The other Brianna the worker – poised, fitted but not exactly the best evening wear.

Finally I spot the blue dress I wore to the gala last year. It’s short enough to show off my pins but still long enough not to flash my panties to the world when sitting down. Sonya referred to the neckline as ‘too much tit’ so I guess that means it’s perfect.

I smooth the fabric down over my ass and admire this body of mine in the mirror. Damn I’m fine.

Just as the lipstick touched my lips there was a powerful knock at the door but I didn’t rush, he can wait. I made sure my pout was perfect before balancing without effort in my heels and finally answering the front door.

Fuck he looks good. His black suit sculpted to every toned muscle, his shirt left open a few buttons without its usual tie and a cross necklace hanging around his neck. He looked more casual than I’d ever seen him but it was still sexy as all hell.

He steered his eyes across my body until a smirk grew on his lips. “You look beautiful amore.”

Well what else did he expect?

His head pops over my shoulder to glance into the living room behind me. “Your home is lovely, do you live here alone?”

Compared to his place this house is a shoebox but it’s twice the size of the one I grew up in so to me, this was my mansion. “No, there’s three of us.” He didn’t need to know more than that.

I was just locking up the front door when Sabrina pulled back into the drive. Shit.

Granny saw me standing there and came straight out the car door. She eyed Antonio more and more intensely with every step she took towards us. “I didn’t know you were going out Brianna, who’s this?”

Antonio extended his hand towards her. “Antonio Romero, a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” As she placed her hands in his he brought it to his lips and kissed the back, I’m sure it’s a move that made most woman curl over with joy but Granny was not most women.

“A bit old for her aren’t you?” She really didn’t give a shit did she.

Antonio smiled and glanced back at me. “A business dinner, I assure you. You need not worry about your granddaughter with me.”

Like hell does she believe that. I leave the door open as we step back in but Antonio doesn’t follow us, he just leans against the frame and watches as I start to get Granny settled.

I can see she’s exhausted, reaching up into the cupboard I put out all her night-time pills, placing them onto a plate and making a glass of water before helping her up the stairs.

“Be careful with that one Brianna, there’s a darkness there.” She states as I cover her with the blanket.

I try not to roll my eyes, Granny has always been protective over me – it’s half the reason I’ve never brought any guy home... that she knows of.

She puts on the TV in her room whilst I help her change the channel but she’s asleep so quickly she doesn’t even get to the end of round one of Wheel of Fortune.

Getting to the bottom of the stairs Antonio hasn’t moved. He’s just staring at me. “How long have you been taking care of her?”

I grab my purse from the couch. “Not as long as she’s been taking care of us, shall we?”

Antonio offers me his arm to walk over to the car but I glide straight past him ignoring it, I’m not one for chivalry.

He’s faster than me so manages to get the passenger door open before I get there, I slide into the cream leather seats of his fancy sports car, this thing is gorgeous. I know shit all about cars but I want one of whatever this is, it’s red? Does that help?

“So, where are we going?”

“Surprise Amore.”

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