My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Epilogue Two

Three years after proposal – BRIE’S P.O.V

“About bloody time! You’ve been trying to find a dress for months Brie and if you made me go to one more bloody store I was going to kill the next piece of white lace I saw!”

Oh yeah, because this bitch didn’t make me go to twelve different stores when she was looking for her dress!

This wedding has been a bit of a fucking nightmare to plan, serves me right for thinking I could organise the whole thing myself after so many years out if practise. I finally gave in last week and rang Sonya, who began screaming down the phone like I wasn’t paying her ass and was the same twenty year old girl sitting on the desk outside her office.

Thank fuck I love her.

Things are falling into place now, although I’m pretty pissed at Josh. He’s been seriously distracted lately, he skipped his suit fitting and he said he couldn’t even come here today. We started these family barbecues a few months ago when we realised how little time we were making for each other lately, getting May and Milo to come was hard work but seeing Josh seems to be harder lately.

Even Kallie Skyped in earlier. She’s going to try fly in for my wedding but the baby is too small to travel that far yet so the rest of the tribe will be staying back. I swear that kid looks so much like Drew it’s Kal that needs the DNA test.

Thank God Helena called this week so I could at least get everything sorted with those guys. The Queen of the Vanderbilt’s went on holiday to Paris to visit her husbands brother and fell in love with the place, that was eight fucking months ago now. She promised they’d be back for the wedding but I still miss seeing her cute smiling face around the office. They’re so happy though, I could never begrudge them the amazing life they’ve built for themselves.

I’m glad everything is finally coming together. We weren’t in a rush to tie the knot, that man ain’t going nowhere, but then I’ve got May talking about moving away for college and Milo hardly spends a second with us anymore, it felt right to have something bring us all back together for the day.

Steve tries his best to show interest but I know he doesn’t really give a fuck, he would’ve married me in city hall then jumped on the first plane leaving Westbrooke for the honeymoon. That’s why I love him so fucking much, all he wants is to be with me.

When it came to who was going to walk me down the aisle though, there was only one real option. I don’t have a Mum or a Dad, but I do have someone who has walked into every point of my life with her hand firmly in mine. That day will be no different, if anyone is going to offer me up like a sacrifice to the god of hot tattoos it should be my soul sister... I just hope she stops throwing up by then...

Oh this bitch ain’t fooling anyone, I know there’s another Thompson on the way, she hasn’t been seen without a bag of chips in her hands in weeks.

Cole passes me another hotdog but I can’t juggle it and baby Chase at the same time, almost dropping mustard on his squishy little face. Although knowing this little weirdo, he’d just lick it off. He’s the total opposite of Heather, dark hair and dark eyes staring back at me. If Chad was still hanging around I’d have guessed Al was back to playing both sides when this one came out.

“Seriously Al, you have to stop making such cute kids. I mean, I thought Heather was the most beautiful baby I’d ever seen but this little guy is bloody gorgeous. Might actually start getting broody of you carry on.” Nope, she’s still not gonna tell me yet is she...

My king’s head shoots up so fast it takes everything in me not to laugh. Bless, the panic in those eyes is real guys. I’ve always been scared one day he’d change his mind, that he’d suddenly want the white fence and little screaming baby. Thank fuck it hasn’t happened.

Although the way he is with Heather does make my cold dead uterus skip a beat.

Elizabeth scoops Chase out of my arms so I can lean back against the table watching the two of them. Steve’s got a pretty decent black eye at the moment from his last fight but I told him he can’t have anymore before the wedding, I’d rather his face not resemble week old meat in our pictures. Not that it seems to bother Heather as he has her throwing punch after punch at his hands.

Al pretends she hates it when he trains her like a little cage fighter, but that girl of hers is hard as nails and I’m sure her Daddy is going to be grateful she can defend herself when she’s fighting off every teenage boy in a five mile radius. She may have her Mama’s beautiful face and her Dad’s piercing eyes, but that spitfire ‘I could have you if I wanted you’ attitude – that’s all me.

Steve throws her up into the air with a giggle before she runs to the safety of her favourite auntie. No, not me. May and her – it’s the double act from hell when they get going. That firecracker of mine might act tough, but when it comes to her nieces and nephews, she’s mush. Even Milo finally glances up from his phone for the first time since he got here to ruffle Heather’s hair.

I haven’t seen much of him lately, nobody has. I know hanging out with your older brother and his mates isn’t exactly the ideal situation when you’re nineteen but he made his bed, he’s got to lay in it. He got into some serious shit last year and I’m not sure when everyone is going to just let him go out and have a life again. I feel bad for the kid, but I think he’s pulling it back now.

Steve settles down on the bench with his beer and a smirk, that little remote just sitting in his pocket waiting for his moment to strike. Why did I think it was a good idea to give it to him again? Oh yeah, I’m a fucking nymphomaniac and he loves watching me cum no matter where we are. Although this egg feels bigger than the last one, I can hardly sit down with it in.

I take Chase from Elizabeth in the hopes I can distract my guy for a little bit with a tiny bundle of cuteness. Steve still looks worried as I stroke his chubby cheeks but I won’t keep torturing him.

“Don’t get any ideas, I’m happy doing the Aunt thing.” He leans forward, putting a kiss on Chases head before grabbing my chin and leaving one on my lips. I get ready to pull this man in and make him kiss me the way I deserve when the bundle in my arms starts to squirm. Oh fuck... “Shit, he’s doing that face he does when he’s... Al! Situation over here!”

Thank fuck Tara is on the case because this kid’s parents seem more concerned with planning out another way to make more bloody babies than paying attention to the one they already have.

The second the cutie leaves my arms, Steve has his tongue teasing at my ear. Neither of us give a fuck about being intimate wherever we are, even when the police caught us on that beach in Thailand he didn’t pull out until I was finished. This is why we’re made for each other.

Although I don’t think even we’re as bad as Hannah and Lisa, they ran off to the toilets about ten minutes after they got here and none of us have seen them since. Bloody horny lesbians having bloody good sex all the time.

Grasping his face, I swing my leg over his hips until I’m straddling him, sucking his skilful tongue between my lips and forcing him to release moans that make Elizabeth start fanning herself with her hand before running off to leave us in our little corner alone.

Pulling at his hair has always been something that turns him the fuck on, right now is no exception. The moment I do, he clenches my waist with his giant hands and pulls me forward so my core sits directly over his bulge.

“Eager.” I tease, my kisses moving to his jaw and then his neck. For a second I think I’m actually winning... until those damn vibrations hit.

“Fu-” Steve slams my head down into his neck to muffle my moans, subtly moving the dial up on the remote in his pocket. I clamp down on the skin of his neck and thank fuck no-one is sitting around us right now. “I-I told you not-t while we were around p-people.”

His grip on my hair increases, the pressure to keep me against him probably just looks like an intimate cuddle to everyone around us but really, it’s taking everything in me not to scream as the pressure in my pussy increases ten fold.

Steve leans into my ear, his other hand firmly against the bottom of my back with force.

“You’re my queen Brianna... But I’m your fucking King... I decide when you cum.”

Holy fucking shit...

He gently lowers the vibrations, allowing me to catch my breath before spiking them again. He keeps going until my legs become so weak he’s holding me to the bench, before suddenly hitting them off all together. My head is so cloudy, my body buzzing, I’m ready to tear his head off for stopping until I realise Cole is about to sit down next to us.

My panties are drenched and I hope this boy knows he’s going to pay for that later. His smirk tells me he’ll love every fucking second of it too.

There’s so much I love about my relationship with Steve, but most of all I love that we’re equals. He isn’t like any other man I’ve ever met, he doesn’t love me for who he wishes I could be or what I can do for him. He loves me for exactly who I am, with no exceptions.

He embraces every inch of my past and never tries to hide it, he supports all of my crazy ideas and never complains if I don’t make it home for tea. He doesn’t take my shit, he’s not afraid to tell me no or punish me in the best ways possible. The way we love has never stopped being passionate, I still wake up and want to rip his clothes off every morning but I also know if I didn’t, he wouldn’t care. All he wants is to love me, to make all of my dreams come true.

There were so many times throughout my life I honestly didn’t think I’d ever find my match, I’m not like most girls and I didn’t know what kind of guy would want me for more than the one night I was willing to give them.

This man right here, he gets all my nights. He is the person I want my last glass of whisky with, my last kiss with, my last dance with. If the world was ending it’s still his arms I’d want to fall into.

I’m not saying it’s always been easy, some days we can fight and make up more times than I can count. It’s built us though. It turns out relationships are a lot like dicks – they grow when it’s hard.

The way my life was before him, the men I’ve found, so many of them were twisted. My twisted lovers. Now however I’ve got this incredible person, someone I can’t picture in any other place than by my side.

He is my strength, my hope, my love, my best friend...

A man who walked into my life as my Perfect Stranger and became My King.

I never needed a man to make me whole, I needed to do that myself. Instead I got to pick a man to walk alongside me as my equal in this world.

That’s the truth of this story; I’ve had a lot of lovers, but the thing I needed to love most was me.

Almost slipping from his lap as I slide into the seat, Steve captures my waist and sits me down safely, his ocean blue eyes and that curled up smirk combining to remind me why it was always him.

“I got you Brie.”

And I know he always will.

People kept saying my trauma would make me stronger but that wasn't true. It made me weaker, it made me block out whole periods of my life, it forced me to become someone I didn't recognise. I had feelings I couldn't cope with or understand. Trauma didn't make me stronger, you know what made me stronger? Me. I did. I made myself fucking stronger.

It's been a long fucking road for me. I've been a sister, a carer, a mother, a friend, a dancer, a stripper, a whore, a mistress, a heartbreaker, a loser, a winner, broken and beaten. However above all those things; I'm a survivor.

I don't regret a second of my life, every moment of it brought me right here. I didn't NEED a man to fix me. I CHOSE a man I knew would make every step I take from this day forward that much more bearable.

Because in the end it doesn't matter who you were, whether you were the broken slut from the wrong side of town or the fun loving, and slightly violent, best friend. Where you come from doesn't mean shit, it's who you end up being that's what matters when the dust settles.

That being said...

Hello, my name is Brianna Destiny Parker...

...and I'm fucking awesome.

The End.

And that my beauts.. is the end of My Twisted Lovers and our girl Brie’s story... ish.

Writing Brie’s story has been a whirlwind to say the least, sometimes it made me cry with laughter and other times sob in pain. Brie is a character so close to my heart, she is very much a combination of all the beautiful strong women in my life. Their strength to overcome the hurdles thrown at them never ever ceases to amaze me. Neither does Brie’s.

I hope you've all loved this story as much as I have, I know it was heart-breaking, uplifting, soul shattering and life revitalising all in one go. This is by far the longest story I have ever written but I needed that time to show this beautiful woman the love she deserved, her story and journey is one so many gorgeous females find themselves on the path of and it deserved to be told.

To all the slut shamers in this world - From Monroe to each and every one – This story was a sincere and unrelenting... Fuck you.

Although this is the end of this story, we won't be saying goodbye to Westbrooke for too long 😉

Our next venture in the Forbidden Lust Series will focus on our favourite unspoken hero - Josh ❤ This book is based in the time period of the epilogues of both previous books, an almost 30 year old Josh fighting through the world of business, acceptance, everyone moving forward in their lives without him, overcoming loss.... and of course... a forbidden love of his own...

Please note that this book will be BoyxBoy, which means gay guys being their authentic selves without compromise and lots of dude on dude smut. If this is something that bothers you then please don't read it because homophobia will not be tolerated in the comments of my book, neither should it be tolerated in society or the world in general 🏳️‍🌈

I will be doing weekly updates for this book every single Friday, unless we have something extra juicy and I'll throw an extra update in there for my favourite bunch of beauts when needed ❤

Please follow my Instagram @MonroeThirty for all the updates and some bad ass aesthetics and outfit choices for all of my books - The wedding aesthetics including Aleah’s wedding dress will be on there tomorrow. 😍

See you all in book three this Friday...

Oh, the title? So glad you asked....


See you there 🥰

#Josh #Milo #It'sHappeningPeople 😉

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