My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 2

I wake up to sunlight pouring directly through the crack in the curtains into my eyes and the sounds of cheery birds chirping away... Someone get me a fucking slingshot to take those noisy little fuckers out?!

From the way Josh is curled up in the corner of the bed I’ll guess I was hogging the whole thing again. I’m not used to sharing a bed with people, unless it Aleah and she learnt young just to punch me in the back when I tried to shove her out.

I search the closet and see a few large black t-shirts so grab one and throw it on to go downstairs. I. Need. Coffee.

This house is nice. Not huge like Josh’s parents place, that was more mansion than house but this place was cute. Modern sleek designed furniture and lots of clean white surfaces. Maybe I could get a place like this soon? I’d been reluctant to move out while May was still young but now Tara was doing so much with her maybe Granny would be okay with me just staying there instead of living there in the near future?

I saw the large stainless steel coffee maker with all its weird dominatrix looking attachments and was completely lost.

“Long time, no see stranger.” I turned around to be greeted by a gorgeous hunk of a man. His arms were bigger than my thighs and he had a six pack that travelled directly into a V that basically pointed at the large bulge in his low hanging sweats whilst screaming ‘Suck me!’


He’d been the bouncer at the club I used to dance in but I hadn’t seen him for years... or out of his suit. I’d basically forgotten that him and Josh were even brothers, they were both parts of very different times in my life.

Steve protected me, all the girls at the strip club really. He’d smash the shit out of any guy that took it too far without a single ounce of remorse. I’d only stayed in touch with one girl from those days, Steph, although when we met I thought her name was Kira and she thought mine was Destiny. She’d told me how gutted everyone was when Steve left, he’d only been working there until he finished college, I’d never understood why – his family was loaded.

“Well hello yourself, want to show me how this monster of yours works?”

He smirks. “Are you talking about the coffee machine or something else?”

Fuck. I knew there was a reason I liked him. We’d spent most of my time there flirting our asses off but it never came to anything, I knew the limits of the job... Well until I met Antonio of course. My one and only night of being an actual whore turned out to be a set up that landed my mother and Jayce’s father in prison. Long story.

“Well how about we do the caffeine first, we’ll talk about me taming the monsters under your bedcovers after then shall we?”

He steps behind the counter and leans in dangerously close to me as he grabs the coffee beans from the top shelf. I can feel his body heat radiating through the thin fabric of the t-shirt I’m wearing and a part of me just wants to lay down right here and let him show me exactly what he’s made of. Anyone else get the desire just to screw anything with a dick after a bad fuck?

“So what are you doing here gorgeous? My favourite brother decide to stop riding stick?” I slip out from the cage he’s created around me with his body and take a seat on one of the bar stools.

“I wish! I just needed a place to crash after last night. We would make the perfect couple though... don’t you think?” I’m teasing him obviously, even when I thought Josh was straight nothing would have happened, although he was much more of a cunt back then.

“I don’t think there’s a person alive that wouldn’t look better by being on your arm Brianna.” He winks. The smell of freshly ground coffee fills the air and my mouth starts to water at the scent.

“How do you take it?” He asks as he starts to fill the mug with the ebony liquid that shows a striking resemblance to my own skin tone.

I’m so busy staring at his toned back and following the trail of his body smothering tattoos I almost forget to answer him. “Sweet.”

He chuckles. “Aren’t you sweet enough?” Shooting me that panty dropping smile. Was he always this fucking hot? I mean I know he’s a few years older than me but surely I should remember him from school or something as well?

I’m just about to turn up my flirt o’meter to one hundred when a long pair of legs make themselves known from the door across the hall. A beautiful woman follows them, her body athletic and toned, her luscious bleach blonde hair flowing down her back in a just fucked mess.

She walks straight up to Steve, ignoring my presence completely and wraps her arms around his waist. He leans back, placing a gentle kiss to the top of her head.

Lucky fucking bitch.

“Morning beautiful, waffles?”

He’s going to make her waffles too?! What the actual fuck?! Where do I get one of these because it’s a toy I really.. really.. want to play with.

She nods and places her head against his back, letting herself sink into his body. Finally noticing me out of the corner of her eye her smile draws big but obviously fake.

“Oh sorry! Hi, I’m Chrissy, you must be one of Josh’s frien-... are you wearing one of my boyfriends t-shirts?”

Steve spins back to face me and I look down at the t-shirt I grabbed out of the wardrobe. I’d assumed it was Josh’s but I guess it makes sense it isn’t now, this not being his house and all. Steve seems to eye me up and down, he seriously didn’t notice until now? He was standing behind me for ages earlier! What was he doing all that time?

Oh yeah.

I forget sometimes I have this ass.

“Shit sorry, it was in the wardrobe in Josh’s room. I thought it was his... I’ll just go get dressed.”


Josh thankfully chooses this moment to emerge from his slumber.

“I can see your ass Brianna.” Is all he states as he sits down on the seat next to where I am and takes the coffee Steve had just put in front of me into his hands to take a sip.

I watch as Steve pulls his now seething girlfriend into his arms, whispering into her ear and making her giggle like a school girl before pulling her up into his strong hold and carrying her back towards the bedroom without a word.

“We’d better get going, I don’t know what he does to her in there but it tends to get loud.”

Fuck. What I wouldn’t give to find out.


I’d just pulled into the office, the bug was on its last legs but I couldn’t bare to part with it. I’d bought my Volkswagen Beatle from this guy I was sleeping with a while backs sister as soon as I got my licence and it was the first thing that made me feel like I had true independence. She was falling apart and I could actually afford something better now I was being paid a decent amount but... she was mine.

Stepping into the office I came face to face with the receptionist that hates me. She had a degree in events management and had worked under Sonya for three years before I came along, she just saw me as the black bitch from the projects that stole her job now.

I’d given up on trying to be pleasant towards her months ago.

“You got any mail for me? I’d hate to have to tell Sonya about the last lot that went ‘missing’ should it happen again.” I caught the evil hoe trying to shred some of my contracts when they’d been mailed back, I threatened to slam her head through my car window and then beat her to death with her own last season Prada’s, she’d soon stopped trying to fuck with me.

She practically throws the pile of letters at me and I take a seat at my desk, setting the coffee machine to make me a dark roast after my last cup was so rudely interrupted this morning.

You could always hear Sonya before you saw her. The sound of her sky scraper stilettos click clacking against the marble hallway followed by the sobs of recently abused staff members was a sure sign she was on her way.

I sat up straight, grabbing the folder for the Harris ball we’d been planning for the last few weeks and were finally meeting with today.

Sonya walks in, I always thought I owned every room I walked into but this woman was something else. She had long dark chestnut hair that was always perfectly blow dried, her lips were never seen outside of their trademark red and the cream Channel suit she wore probably cost more than my house.

Her little dog Rose was poking her head out of the oversized handbag that sat on her arm.

“Morning, coffee?” I ask already knowing the answer.

“Yes. Skinny espresso. I need you to hand the Harris folder over. Now.” I placed the file in her hands as little miss arse-licker in the corner jumped up to make the coffee. Pouring the one I’d just made for myself down the drain with a smile. I’m gonna cut that bitch.

Sonya scans over every page as I give Rose a little stroke on her fluffy little head. I think that dog is probably my favourite thing about working here, well that and the money. For the first time in our lives we weren’t actually struggling. We weren’t well off by any means but I could now afford to get clothes from shops where no-one had donated them. That was a big win for my family.

“Okay, I need you to go through all of this with Diane before the meeting at eleven. She’ll be taking it.”

My mouth almost hit the floor and I could see the bitch in the corner smirking. I’d spent bloody weeks setting up this meeting, spoken to hundreds of vendors to get everything perfect and now she wanted me to hand it over to fucking Diane!

“Diane? Did I do something wrong?” If this bitch is about to fire me for getting spaghetti stains on one of the cushions I’m going to fucking kill her! You can’t even see it anymore!

Sonya shakes her head. “I didn’t fucking stutter did I? Give it to Diane. I have something bigger coming in this afternoon and I want you free for it.”

Bigger? This account was already a gala in the top five figures, how much bigger can a party in Westbrooke get?

Sonya gestures for me to follow her into her office before hurling the bag containing Rose at bitch-face. “She needs cleaning out.”

I smirk, taking the coffee from the hands of my work-based nemesis and flipping her the bird for good measure. Enjoy cleaning up dog shit you fucking imbecile.

Sonya sits down in the large, throne like, white leather chair that sat behind her large glass desk. I took a seat on the luxurious couch and laid my notebooks out in front of me, waiting for what this could be.

“What do you know about the Vanderbilt’s?” She asks, fiddling her gold pen between her fingers and glaring at me.

I’d become quite the expert on the high ranking members of society in this place, they didn’t come much bigger than the Vanderbilt’s.

“High class family, the highest. Matriarch is Clarisse Vanderbilt, widow of George who died last year of cardiac arrest on their trip to the French alps. There’s three sons, all now married and I believe four grandchildren at this point. They attend everything that’s worth a damn actually going too but are incredibly private when it comes to their own lives... And they have more money than God. Are we doing something for one of their foundations?”

I grab my pen ready to make notes.

Sonya smirks. “Not exactly. It seems Ms Vanderbilt has got herself a fancy new toy-boy and he’s popped the question. They want us for the engagement party.”

I drop my pen. Holy fuck. The pay day on a job like this could be enough to put May through an ivy league college, twice.


“Two months.”

Fuck. It would be difficult enough to do a job like this with a damn year to prepare! No wonder she wanted me off the other job.

“They want to meet us this afternoon to clarify some details. Get used to the place because you will be practically living there over the next few weeks. I want you to take point on this. I will obviously be there every step of the way but I’m not dealing with the three am calls because she’s decided she needs the table cloths to be a slightly different shade of white, that’s all you. Get ready to eat, sleep and breathe this couple because as of right now you might as well just climb into bed with them and start bloody spooning. I want you that close, do you understand?”

Me - given free reign over the biggest event of the social calendar for the last decade and being constantly surrounded by eligible millionaires.

What could go wrong?
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