My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 20

We drive for a while until we’re deep out of Westbrooke, I’m starting to think this might be a kidnapping when finally he pulls in outside a gorgeous sky high glass building.

A skinny valet captures his keys as he tosses them before walking to my side and opening the door.

“This is where we’re eating?” This building is huge but it doesn’t even seem to be a restaurant, there’s a large foyer with a few people walking around on the ground floor but very little else, if I was just walking past I would assume it was an office or business of some kind.

“Actually, up there is where we’re eating.” He points towards the very top of the building. Stepping towards me he is just a breath away as he takes hold of my hand. “Stay close amore, I would hate to lose such a precious treasure.”

There were more buttons in this lift than any elevator I’ve ever been in, how big exactly was this place?

After what felt like an eternity of accending the doors finally opened but I couldn’t move, never in my life did I ever expect to see something like this.

We were on the roof of the building, looking directly out over the entire county. There were a group of violinists and a pianist playing on a stage in the middle of the floor with couples slow dancing around them.

The lights up here were almost entirely from the multitude of large candles held in deep glass vases, that were scattered around the place perfectly whilst cascading rows of fairy lights wrapped the edges of the walls and rails.

I knew I needed to shut my very widely hung open mouth but it looked like something from a film set, not something that existed in real life. I just couldn’t believe it was somewhere I would ever find myself.

Antonio’s hand gently tugged mine and I followed him over to the gentleman standing by the reservation podium.

“Reservation name monsieur?”

“Romero.” Odd that he used his own name this time, how could he have got a reservation at a place like this on such short notice without using Clarisse’s? I know every top end place in this state like the back of my hand through my job but I didn’t even know this one existed, the jewellery on the beautiful women that surround us show it’s a place for the super elite.

There’s a pattern to the couples here, most of them consist of one beautiful and young partner with the other slightly older but very well off by the designer labels they were wearing.

Each couple looked in love, or at least in lust as they twirled around the dance floor.

The refined melody of the music swam through my veins and my body wanted to move on instinct, it is impossible for a dancer to not want to sway into any rhythm they hear.

We bypass the dance floor as the gentleman leads us to our table, Antonio had requested one on the corner with the best view of everything below us. The whole world looking so small, the last time I saw anything even close to this was that night he pushed me up against the window in the hotel. Even as my limbs shook and he thrust into me over and over I still couldn’t believe the view in front of me that night, it added so much to how uniquely special that time was.

“Do you trust me to pick the wine this time?” He smirks, remembering how our last meal went.

“Only if you make it white and sweet.”

He glanced down at the wine list, ordering the most expensive bottle of white they had and a few appetisers. The bottle is at the table almost instantly.

I stare out over the view, I can see all the way to the ocean. I wonder where Aleah is on it right now...

“This is beautiful.” I exclaim as my eye is drawn to everything around me.

“Nothing more than you deserve amore.” He passes me a large glass of wine which I take with appreciation.

Oh. My. God. I have never tasted wine this good, can I take a bath in this stuff? As the liquid hits my tongue again a small moan leaves my lips.

“You should trust me more often bellissima.” He sniggers.

He’s so chilled right now, his demeanour different than I’ve ever seen it before. His presence is still strong but there’s a playfulness there too. “This place is incredible, how did you find it?”

He smiles. “I used to work here. This is where all the rich bring their favourite whores.”

I honestly didn’t mean to but the wine just came spitting out of my mouth before I started choking on it. Antonio cackles as I attempt to dry myself with the cloth napkin.

Scanning the room there are so many beautiful people out here, it’s hard to believe that each one is being paid to be so... in love?

My eye is caught by a gorgeous woman, mesmerising in fact. Her long chocolate hair flowing down her back as she laughs loudly into the night sky about something the silver fox with his hand around her tiny waist is saying to her.

Maybe for the first time in my life I’m not the most attractive person in the room... Nah fuck that, I definitely am.

“So everyone here, they’re either being paid or doing the paying?”

He nods. “A room of true professionals... You would make more money here in one night than in six months working for Sonya, I can already see at least three men wondering how much it would cost to pry your attention away from me tonight.”

As tempting as that sounds, I learnt a while ago that this life was never meant for me. It’s nice to feel wanted though.

“How much would you take to let me go tonight?” I tease.

He pulls his chair around the table until he is next to me, his eyes locked on mine as his hand travels along my cheek before his thumb runs across my bottom lip. “There is not enough money in the world that would allow another man to take you from me tonight amore.”

My heart starts to beat faster and faster as his fingers travel down the side of my neck and over my collarbone. Cold bumps rise following the trail of his touch along my skin, my body leaning in further until I feel his lips against my shoulder. Tiny kisses being placed delicately and forcing my body to erupt with pleasure.

I scan around but no-one is looking at us. I know I shouldn’t do this anyway, but there is something about this man I just cannot describe. I’m strong with guys, I never let them control me but with him it doesn’t feel like a loss of control, it feels like a satisfying surrender.

His hands take a hold of my waist and turns my whole body to face him as the kisses start to travel up my neck. “Antonio... We can’t do this...” I gasp breathlessly as his hold on me slides up my ribs until his thumbs brush across the fabric of my dress directly over my hard nipples.

“I do not believe you truly wish for me to stop amore.” His thumbs now twirling around my hard buds as the rest of his hands continue to hold me strongly against him. As his lips travel up to my jaw he places a final kiss before moving away. “But I did promise you a meal so I shall wait a bit longer.”

The gall of this man, always believing I’ll just give into him eventually. Which I won’t... Definitely not... Maybe.

Turning back to the table I see the food he’d ordered is already here, clearly he distracted me too much because there isn’t usually anything that can stop me sensing good food.

Just as I expected the meal is incredible, each sauce is incredibly rich with flavour and even the tiny portions don’t bother me whilst everything tastes so good.

We talk a bit, Antonio isn’t big on giving away details on his life but I find out he moved here from Italy ten years ago, most of his family is still there and he gets back when he can. I questioned him on how his eyes changed colour magically but he just giggled, apparently the eyes are the windows to the soul and he liked to keep them covered when working. I’m glad he stopped, the pool of chocolate pudding I’m finding myself staring into right now are better. It’s like I can finally see the real him.

He asks me lots of questions but I try to keep my answers vague, if he’s not giving me much then I’m not giving him much either. Finally the elephant in the room becomes too much for me to ignore.

“So how did you really end up with Clarisse? I don’t buy that bar story for a second.” Rubbing all traces of food from my lips as the waiter places a large slice of cake in front of us with two forks.

He smiles. “A story I’m not at liberty to share. I do not wish to talk of Clarisse tonight, it seems unkind to talk about the woman who spends her nights in my bed in front of the woman I’d rather have there.”

Holy shit he did not just say that. I don’t blush, I never blush but right now my face is so damn hot.

“You have your own man though, do you not? That call you took seemed... intimate.” I’d honestly forgotten all about the little stunt I pulled with Josh. Antonio’s body stiffened slightly as I saw the memory run through his mind.

“Oh he’s incredible. Tall, dark, handsome and completely committed to the true love of his life.” None of this was technically a lie, Josh was all those things.

Antonio took a piece of the gooey chocolate cake onto a fork and raised it to my lips. “And yet, you are here with me.” His face smug.

I opened my mouth and placed my lips around the fork, making sure to slide them down the metal when pulling the cake into my mouth. “For now.”

We ate the rest of the slice in silence, Antonio taking it in turns to feed me a bite then himself. As the last piece passed his lips all I could do was stare at them, we’d shared this fork so much I could practically taste him on my tongue.

Entranced by his beauty I did not realise what he was doing until his lips moved to the inside of my wrist. Open mouth kisses trailed up the inside of my arm until they reached the sensitive skin at the inside of my elbow. His touch was so special, it was forceful yet you never wanted to resist it. He was a drug of a man.

Taking hold of my hand in his he stood to his feet. “Let’s dance amore.”

Don’t do it Brie... Don’t do it... Fuck.

My legs walked with him before my brain had any power to stop them until we arrived on the dance floor. The music was now slow, sensual.

He circled around me, his hands taking hold of my hips as he pulled my back against his chest. His body began to move in rhythm with the beat, my hips joining it as our beings moved like one fluid wave of the ocean, flowing directly into the next song.

My eyes closed, allowing myself to take in every tingle that radiated from his touch. His hands ran over every inch of my curves as we moved, his breath tickling at my neck as the steady rotation of his hips ground his cock against me without pressure.

I’d danced with more men than I can count and I’ve found there’s a definite correlation between those who can move well on the dance floor and those that do well in the bedroom. Antonio moved liked the damn sex god he is.

I let myself go a bit, feeling the wine cloud my mind as the tempo increased and allowing my body to lead the way. As began grinding myself back against him seductively I felt him harden behind me, just like he always did when I would dance like this on him.

My body rolled over him again and again, each time revelling in the feeling of the stiffness digging into me. He could get under my skin so easily, it was good to know I could get under his too.

The heart that was already beating rapidly in my chest practically hit my rib cage when he pulled me around, grabbing my thigh and raising it to his waist whilst dipping me so far back my head almost reached the floor. His lips met my chest and continued until they were buried between my ample cleavage, the sensation of having him so close to my nipples enough to make my underwear moist.

Finally I opened my eyes and saw the restaurant had emptied whilst we had danced, only a few people remained, their focus completely on us.

Standing back up my face was met with Antonio’s, his lips an inch from mine. “Where did everyone go?”

He smirked at me. “I believe by now most will be on the 40th floor.”

I have to know. “What’s on the 40th floor?”

His smirk only grew. “I shall show you if you’d like, but you must do one thing first.”

I was going to regret this wasn’t I. “What do you want me to do?”

He lowers his lips towards mine. “Do not stop me from doing this amore...”

I couldn’t if I wanted to..

As his lips met mine all the electricity that he'd once awoken inside me reignited its connection. The kiss was so slow, his lips pushing against mine barely hard enough to feel but it was still overwhelming. His tongue ran across my bottom lip until I parted them and suddenly the kiss became very different.

His hands moved to the back of my neck as the passion increased, my knees became weak as his tongue filled my mouth and battled against my own. Nothing about him had changed. That night he kissed me so deeply I thought I might collapse and tonight was no different.

I sucked his lower lip into my mouth as the kiss began to break, wanting just another moment of his lips in contact with mine. He moaned from deep within his chest and moved us so my back came into contact with the railings at the edge of the building.

His pressure against me increased and I found my body being pushed over the top, my eyes quickly glanced down at the drop behind me, fear rushing through me as I took hold of his hips to pull myself back.

He smirked against my lips, leaving them just for a moment. “I will not let you fall bellissima...” His pressure against my mouth increased again and I found my nails being dragged down his back in an attempt to distract myself from the fear, before finally he relented.

Gasping for breath our faces only centimetres apart. “I have waited four long years to taste you again amore, you’re even more delicious than I remember.”

I feel the same way.

Grabbing my hand Antonio pulls me to the elevator and smashes the button for the 40th floor.

What have I got myself into now...
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