My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 21

My legs were still shaking from the kiss when the doors to the floor opened but things here were very different here than upstairs.

There wasn’t a window in sight, the small room draped in thick black crushed velvet curtains with dashes of deep red silk.

Two large wooden doors stood in front of us guarded by two burly men in fitted black suits, wearing black masks that covered most of their features. Although one still seemed slightly familiar.

Standing in front of them was a very petite woman, her legs so long I wasn’t entirely sure where they ended under her tiny black dress. Her face was covered in an intricate lace mask that only showed her piercing blue eyes and glossy red lips.

“Mr Romano, what an unexpected pleasure. It has been too long.” Her eyes moved to me. “New player?”

Antonio nodded, taking the woman’s hand and kissing it before whispering something in her ear. She smirked down at him before returning her attention to me. “You’re very beautiful, I’m sure you’ll do very well tonight.”

She handed us both a package wrapped in red tissue paper before gesturing for the men to open the door. “Welcome to paradise.”

As soon as the doors opened a smell I’m all too familiar with engulfed my senses. Sex.

The hallway in front of us looked like a sea of material, Antonio lead us to an open door on the side and took me inside. It was a small room, still no windows with a white leather sofa and a bathroom leading off from the left. This was paradise? I may have built this up too much in my head.

“What is this?”

Antonio grinned. “This is where we get ready bellissima.” Opening the package it had a small towel, a fancy looking soap, mouthwash and a stack of condoms. I watched as he removed his suit jacket and placed it on a hook on the door... then came the shirt.

Fuck. I’d forgotten what his body looked like, everything so firm and toned. The definition in each muscle a reminder of the work he must put in to look like that. He was like a piece of art but still all man, rugged scattering of chest hair and not heavily moisturised skin that looked unkempt yet was still soft.

As his tight pants fell to the floor it became all the more evident that the hardness I’d caused earlier had still yet to cease.

I wasn’t sure what I should be doing so just stayed still until Antonio stepped to me, an Italian divinity in nothing but tight black boxers.

“Amore, this place is like Eden - therefore there are no clothes here.” His hand reaches up behind my back and pulls down the zip of my dress before brushing the straps off my shoulders and pulling me free of the fabric.

His fingertips ran down from my collarbone, across my heaving breasts and along my tight stomach until they met the white lace material of my thong. I couldn’t wear a bra with that dress so every part of me was on display to him right now, but I didn’t care. I was confident in what I had to offer despite what my pounding heart was trying to say.

Leaning down to my ear his husky accent came out as a whisper. “We need only watch amore... but if you find yourself wanting more I will only allow that with me, no other man may touch you. Do you understand?” There was a definite underlying hardness to his tone but I didn’t hate it.

Opening the drawer at the end of the room Antonio presented me with a delicate white lace eye mask, stepping behind me to tie the ribbon and not caring for how his hard member dug into my back as he did.

“And if I don’t listen.” I smirked.

Antonio’s grip took a handful of my naked ass and squeezed roughly, causing me to yelp. “Then you will be punished.”

Oh I think he underestimates how much I’d like that.

Antonio doesn’t bother with a mask, the way the girl greeted him on the way in I have a feeling his face is already very well known here.

“Are you ready amore?”

As ready as I’ll ever be.

Stepping back into the hallway I thought the air would be cooler but it’s thick with lust, I can taste it with every breath I take.

There is music blasting through the doors at the bottom and as we step through I now see where all the noise is coming from, a melody of moans and gasps emulating from all the naked bodies that surround us.

It’s a fucking sex club.

We stand on the raised balcony looking down. There are beds, couches, chairs and swings all around the floor, covered in mangled connections of bodies. There are people dancing on platforms in every corner, whilst a raised stage filled with beds sits in the middle for those desperate to be watched.

There are no windows, no natural light at all as almost every surface is a deep dark black or red.

As we descend the staircase I see two women locked at the lips as their hands caress each other gently on a bed at the bottom, two guys sitting either side of them with their dicks in their hands watching intently.

There are doors that lead to different rooms all around, themed for every taste. Some much darker than others. My eye is drawn to one at the back that is simply a four poster bed surrounded by layers of white material, it seems like somewhere angels would go to fuck.

Antonio takes us around to an armchair on the side facing the podium in the middle which contains the three beds draped in red silk. Each one is now holding a number of bodies, a girl in the middle shrieking in pleasure as a guy twice her size pounds into her without mercy.

I don’t miss the amount of eyes that follow us, my nipples hard as I feel how turned on I’m getting. I’ve always loved attention, loved the feeling of having people around me who want me but can’t have me. Antonio doesn’t seem to mind people looking but as a man approaches me from behind I hear him growl until we’re left alone once more.

Pulling me down into his lap he turns me to face him, my legs straddling his hips as he starts kissing my chest. “I have missed you... your touch... your skin... the way you move... I want you to dance for me again.”

I pull away at his words, a dark shadow casting over me. “I never danced for you Antonio, Destiny did. I’m not her.” Maybe this was a mistake.

Antonio captures my chin and pulls me in close to him. “You are not separate amore. Two halves of the same coin. You cannot deny that she is a part of you, a part of you that even now is still desperate to get out... Dance and you shall see.”

I have built up a wall around that part of myself. Is he right? Is she a part of me I’m just repressing? I’ve never let myself think about how I was back then after being with him.

The music changes in the room and he leans back, his hands on the arms of the chair as he runs his eyes over me in admiration.

My hips start to move and it’s frightening how quickly I fall back into the routine, after he can’t take just looking at me anymore his hands move to hold my ass as I run my nipples along his bare chest with my movements. The light in his eyes is now on fire as he watches me, his tongue darting out to lick over my nipple as I run it across his bottom lip the way he always liked.

There’s a shudder that goes through him as my pussy comes down against his thigh and his hold on me tightens. “You’re so wet...”

Well yeah, have you seen this place?

His hand loops under my thigh and pulls it across his lap so I’m now sitting with my back to his chest. His hand dips into my thong and I turn to face him but he shakes his head. “Don’t watch me. Watch them.”

I turn back to the scene in front of me, on the bed is a gorgeous red head, her hair laying across the silk sheets as a tall brunette man with wicked abs buries his tongue deep into her pussy. Her face is contorted in pure pleasure as she cries out in bliss. He soon starts to get his own release as a handsome blonde guy comes behind him, reaching around and running his hand along the his hard length.

Antonio’s fingers start to run circles over my clit as I watch them, the throbbing between my legs only growing with every flick. The tension builds as I watch her back arch up off the bed and her legs begin to shake.

The scream that follows is primal.

“That could be you amore..” Antonio whispered in my ear before biting my lobe. I can feel eyes on me as Antonio begins to pleasure me more intensely but I don’t look at them, the feeling of knowing they’re there enough to drive me wild.

Antonio is thriving as well, his actions that of a man completely enthralled in the comfort of his surroundings. I have a feeling this is where he shines brightest.

I lean back to face him, his eyes filled with lust as I suck his bottom lip into mouth and bite down harshly. His hand immediately leaves my underwear as he pulls me into his arms and rises.

My body cries out at the loss of his touch on me. “What are you doing?” He doesn’t stop, walking directly towards the white room I saw earlier until I find myself lowered onto the soft cotton sheets.

“You will be mine Brianna.”

Brianna. Not Destiny. Not Amore. Brianna.

He wants me.

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