My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 22

Antonio’s lips meet mine as he leans down into them, pressing me into the bed below. My hands loop behind his neck and hold him close, we may never be given this opportunity again and I want to experience it all. Tonight only, I’m his.

The last time we did this I knew I was there for him but this isn’t like that, this is mutual. My hand runs between us as the clammy air fuses our bodies to start sticking together but we both don’t care. I run my hand over his boxers, the thin material does nothing to hide his protrusion, his whole body quivering as I push my hand inside and start to stroke him.

His tongue forces its way into my mouth as his hand slides back between my legs, our fingers working in sync as the pleasure begins to course through us both under each others touch. He’s just as big and thick as I remember, I have to feel him inside me again.

Letting my thumb flick over his tip he moans into my mouth, the glistening pre-cum wet and lubricating my hold on him. The noises he makes when he’s turned on are so fucking sexy, I start pumping him harder just to hear them again.

The music is still loud outside the room but I can barely hear it as I become wrapped up in what we’re doing. His lips moving to my neck as he sucks gently at the sensitive skin, causing me to emulate his moans.

Suddenly I feel him pause his interrogation of my clit yet again. “We are no longer alone amore...”

I open my eyes and glance to the door. Standing there completely naked is the beautiful brunette woman I saw at the restaurant, her perky breasts crying out to be touched and her eyes alive with desire. Behind her stands the man she was dancing with but she directs him to a chair in the corner of the room before approaching us.

Antonio leans back, waiting to gage my reaction. I guess he did say only men couldn’t touch me...

My hand removes itself from his boxers as she lays down next to me, taking my face in her hands and scanning it. “I saw you across the room tonight, fire and electricity shooting out of you like a beacon. You’re beautiful.” Her fingers run down my neck and over my arm until her fingers interlock with mine.

I smile, stroking a lock of her chocolate hair behind her ear and noticing the subtle piercings that line her lobes. “So are you.”

She smiles back at me before her lips lower to meet mine. Antonio doesn’t move, I know he’s fine with this. Her lips are soft, the kiss gentle but there’s a power there. This is a strong woman who knows what she wants... just like me.

A second pair of lips meet my neck, Antonio, and the feeling of them both kissing me at once sends shock waves throughout my body until they settle in my core.

Her delicate fingers run up over my chest until they find my nipple, swirling and pinching the hard bud as she continues to kiss me deeply.

“Have you been with a girl before?” She asks between kisses. I nod and she smiles. “I knew you were special the moment I saw you. Lay back.”

There is so much to me people will never understand but it’s never not nice to hear someone call you special.

Her lips trail kisses down to my jaw making me moan, then carry on until they meet my breast, where Antonio joins her. They both work in sync – licking, sucking and biting at me until I can’t stop moaning. Antonio is rougher but they both know exactly what they’re doing.

Someone’s hand comes up to place gentle pressure on my throat whilst another begins to tease me over the soaking wet fabric of my lace, I don’t know who’s doing what but I don’t care, it feels so fucking good.

The sound of tearing fabric fills the room and I realise Antonio has destroyed another pair of my underwear, not that I have much chance to worry about it before she starts to move her lips down my body. I feel my legs begin to shake with anticipation as she trails kisses along the bottom of my stomach.

Antonio rises from my chest to face me, taking hold of my thigh and spreading my legs apart to allow her to settle between them. I glance down at her, she smiles back at me before placing kisses along my wet folds.

“Eyes on me amore.” Antonio whispers and I return my vision to him just as her tongue dips in between my wet lips hitting my clit, causing my eyes to roll back with pleasure.


Antonio smiles down at me before his lips meet mine once more. I can hardly breathe as he ravages my mouth, causing the intensity of what she’s doing to me only to amplify.

This girl wants to taste every inch of me. Her tongue rolling up and down my clit before lowering into me. I bite down on Antonio’s lip as he smirks.

“She likes that.”

My legs twitch as she moves back to my clit, finding the spot I cry out from then grasping my thighs tightly so I can’t escape her desire to please me.

The man she brought with her has never let his eyes leave her, his throbbing member in his hand as he takes in everything she is doing to me.

Antonio takes hold of my nipple, sucking it deep into his mouth whilst pinching the other between his fingers. My senses are overwhelmed by everything happening to me all at once.

I honestly don’t think I can cope with anymore pleasure, my head throwing back into the pillow as I cry out in bliss. I’ve never experienced anything like this, so many parts of me being completely saturated with delight.

The pressure in my core builds to boiling point, I grab hold of Antonio’s hair and pull him back to face me. “You should touch her.” I pant breathlessly but he just looks into my eyes.

“You are the only woman I want to touch amore.”

I want to argue but at this very moment she pushes two fingers into me and I scream, not expecting the very welcome invasion. Pulling Antonio into my body I wrap my arms around him, my nails digging into his back with such force he responds by burying his teeth into my neck.

I feel the urge to shout, scream, tear this fucking bed apart and explode all at the same time.

My orgasm ripples through me like a damn tidal wave and I almost pass out from the sheer bliss of it. My body twists in spasm but Antonio holds me to the bed until I have ridden out the high completely and eventually collapse, all limbs exhausted.

The gorgeous woman, who’s name I still don’t know, moves back into the space next to me but it is Antonio I can’t stop watching, his tongue comes out as he licks up a bead of sweat that is running down my chest with his eyes glued on mine.

I turn to face her and she smiles, lowering her lips back to mine for a brief moment. “You taste as good as you look.” She pushes the fingers she just used to fuck me into my mouth and she’s right, I taste amazing.

Her attention returns to the man she came in with and as they leave I have a feeling she’s going to have trouble walking when he’s done, after seeing that.

I want to call out and ask her name but I guess this isn’t the type of place where you can do that.

“Brianna...” I look back at Antonio who is biting his lip as he stares down at my still shaking body. “I have waited my whole life for a woman like you, you are every fantasy I’ve ever had come to reality. We were made for each other...”

Those words from any other man would send me running for the hills but looking into his hazelnut eyes I see nothing but sincerity... and lust. “Prove it...”

Without warning my body is flipped, my chest hitting the mattress and I have to grab hold of the edges to stop myself falling off. Antonio pushes my knees under my chest so my ass is high despite the tremor still in my thighs.

I hear him tear open the condom before putting it on and rubbing his tip against my swollen clit, causing me to moan and shake at the sensitivity.

“As soon as I saw you Brianna, I knew I had to have you again.” He places himself at my entrance. “I have thought about that night constantly and no other woman has ever been able to bring me the satisfaction you have since that day.”

He edges himself inside me and my fingers curl into the sheets as the stretch to accommodate him is almost unbearable. As I reach his hilt he stops, moving his hips to hit every point inside me and making me scream out his name.

“You will be mine.”

He pulls out until he has almost left me completely before slamming back in, he repeats this over and over whilst building speed until I scream at him to fuck me.

I don’t know where I am, who I am. I only know I’ve never felt like this, my pussy fits him like a glove and I know he feels it too as his own breath hitches in his throat when I clench around him.

Pounding after pounding we both let all inhibitions go as we scream louder and more feral each time.

My face is buried deep into the sheets and all I can smell is him, all I can taste is him. It’s like he’s across every part of my mind, body and soul.

“Fuck me harder...” I shriek as I feel my orgasm building and he does just that, grabbing hold of my hips and slamming me back onto each thrust until he is deeper inside me than any man has been before.

Just as I think I can’t take another second his hand locks into my hair and pulls me back with force until my back slams into his chest and I’m bouncing on his cock, it so deep now I can practically feel it in my stomach.

His hand takes hold of my throat as I ground down onto him, squeezing and causing a head-rush in my brain that only adds to the pleasure.

“Fuck yeah! Make me cum Brianna!”

I don’t even know how I’m functioning right now. I clench as hard as I can which only causes the pleasure to increase faster for me too. His legs start to shake below me as he lets out noises like that of an animal.

Thank god because I couldn’t last much longer.

I’m gasping for air as his hold on my throat tightens just as our orgasms hit in synchronicity. I ride him furiously as he slams up into me until there is nothing left for either of us to give.

Collapsing into the bed our bodies refuse to disconnect, his dick only slipping out after we both finally find the ability to take in oxygen again.

There is the gentle thud of the music outside but as far as we’re concerned, there is no-one else left on the planet but us right now.

Antonio turns me until I lay in his arms, my face against his chest still absorbing all the oxygen I can before I feel him kissing the top of my head.

“Brianna, now that I’ve had you once more. I shall never let you go again. We are meant to be amore, I know we are.”

The worst part of this whole situation, after that – I’m starting to think we are too.


I didn’t get back until the early hours this morning, my body collapsing into bed before I could even have a shower.

Fuck what did I do?

I fucked Antonio! I fucked him good... but it doesn’t change anything. I’d fallen asleep on the ride home and when I got here he gave me a quick kiss goodbye and left, no mention of the words he’d claimed in the heat of passion.

He was still going to marry Clarisse, no matter what happened between us I knew that much was true. I’d never had a problem with screwing married guys but this was different – she was powerful and I had so much to lose if she found out.

You know who I really need to talk to right now? Of course she’s god only knows where around this damn country.

Al would know how to fix this. Maybe I should get an Antonio lobotomy or something?

Granny had already left for her church reading group so luckily I didn’t need to explain to her why I’m only waking now, at eleven, but still exhausted.

Pouring cereal into a bowl, my head was still pounding - I don’t know if it was the wine or all the crap floating around in it right now – when there’s a knock at the door.

Walking over I pulled it open but immediately dropped the bowl as I saw who was standing there.

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