My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 23

The bowl smashes at my feet.

“Shit Brie! Bitch are you just going to stand there gawking after you’ve just got milk all over me or do I get a hug?”

I don’t know what takes over me, I think that word vomit of hers is damn contagious now!

“I had sex with my college professor and I think he really might like me and he has this cute kid and I saw Antonio and he took me to this restaurant for whores and he was fucking sexy and he nearly pushed me off a building kissing me and then he took me to an underground sex club and I got really turned on and then I had sex with him and probably the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and now all I can feel is where his dick filled me more than I thought humanly possible!”

Take a fucking breath Brianna!

Al’s jaw hits the floor quicker than the bag in her hand. Maybe I should have eased into all that a bit more...

I wait for the onslaught of questions but she just steps straight onto the cereal that coats the floor and pulls me into her arms. “I’ve only been away for four months, you really can’t cope without me can you? You bloody nutcase.” We both burst out laughing as I force my favourite tiny human into my own embrace.


“Fuck, how do places like that even exist? Did you see anyone famous?” Al asks whilst drinking her second cup of ginger tea, apparently boats and coffee aren’t a good mix.

“I’m not sure, most of them were in masks and didn’t go to the restaurant first. I think I recognised the ass of that Calvin Klein model from the billboard at the edge of town but it was moving so fast in and out of this other guy I can’t be positive. We had to sign all these wavers and crap before they let you leave... but babe it was crazy hot.” Honestly I’m getting flustered just thinking about it...

“Damn girl, I’m kinda jealous. Although let’s face it, in that type of situation Jayce would probably spend the entire time trying to cover me up and making sure no-one actually came near me.” Yeah her man isn’t good with the sharing.

“Where is Romeo? Couldn’t be bothered to come see his second favourite girl?” I know I’m actually fourth, May has become his little angel and he’s a total mamas boy but still.

Al gets all sheepish, fiddling with the hem of her dress and then the second that lip of hers finds its way between her teeth I know things aren’t right.

“Girl, what happened?”

She let’s out an overly dramatic fake yawn. “I’m so tired, long trip back. Can I take a nap?”

Nope bitch. “Aleah?”

I see her flinch, she hates me using that tone on her but right now she’s giving me very little option.

She smirks. “So what’s going to happen now with you and Antonio? Has he called you today?”

Nice try on the change of subject little vixen. He actually hasn’t tried to talk to me at all, there might have been a tiny little school girl part of me that thought he would at least text or something but I soon shoved her head in the toilet and she shut up sharpish.


She pulls her knees up to her chest, leaning her chin on them and staring at me whilst taking a deep breath. “...I think I’m pregnant.”

Holy fucking shit. “You let me sit here rambling about a damn sex club when you had news like this!” Wait, why isn’t she bouncing around with joy right now? And where is lover boy? Al reads my confusion.

“He doesn’t know... I kind of... ran away when I found out?”

Bitch you did what now?

“Shit Brie I’m fucking freaking out... we’ve only been back together a few months, he’s going off to the team soon and I’m supposed to be starting at the clinic... and what if the same thing happens that happened last time...” Her voice breaks, imagines of her little angel baby clear in her eyes.

Squeezing in next to her I pull her whole body into my hold. “Babe you shouldn’t have run. Jayce won’t care about the timing, he loves you and you love him... Are you sure? How did this happen? I thought you were being really careful.”

She nods against my chest and I can feel the silent tears soaking into my pyjama top. “We were, I’ve been taking my pill like they’re candy. I’m not even sure how far I am if I am. Right back when we’d just left we had some food from a street vendor on the way back to the boat and I got really sick, I know that can fuck with your pill but that was months ago. I’d know if I was that far along right?”

“I don’t know chick, I doubt you guys were going at it a lot if you were sick?”

She glares at me. “It’s Jayce. I’d have to be dead before he’d stop giving me those damn Moses eyes that just part my fucking legs.”

That boy is an animal. “Are you sure? Did you take a few tests?”

She shakes her head. “We were kind of far out but I hadn’t got my period for a while so I just got one test to check. I saw those two pink lines and my head started spinning faster than the exorcist. Next thing I knew I’d packed and was on my way here... Babe I have to know if they’re in there and if they’re okay. I can’t lose this one, I can’t get his hopes up just to shatter them, he won’t survive it.”

Fucking hell. No one can understand what this girl went through last time, the trauma, and yet here she is worried about how he will take it. Her instincts to protect him will be her undoing, mind he’s exactly the same way with her.

“Are you okay with other people knowing? Kallie’s aunt is an ob-gyn receptionist, I bet she could get you in to see someone ASAP if we tell her?”

Al shakes her head. “I don’t want anyone else knowing before Jayce, I just need to know myself before I tell him. I rang my doctor on the way here and they can see me this afternoon as an emergency, will you come with me please?” Her little pleading voice so weak.

“Of course I will you crazy bitch, but babe if everything’s good or even if it’s not, you need to tell him.”

I squeeze her exhausted face into my chest, no-one can stay sad when planted into these things. I just hope to fuck everything is okay this time...

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