My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 24

Al’s appointment wasn’t until 5 so we were making the most of finally being together by getting over Josh and Kal for a good old fashioned catch up. Josh practically tried to bulldoze Aleah when he saw her, I know he loves me but sometimes I feel like I’m the slutty replacement friend he never actually wanted.

Kal only had two emotional break downs about Drew so that was definitely progress. We were half way through the live action Beauty and the Beast whilst chilling in my room and to be honest, it was starting to feel like I’m back in high school.

“That dress is a fucking travesty! Look at it, I could’ve made something better with two hours and Granny’s old curtains. Remember how we always wanted to pull the dress from the cartoon one into the real world? This shit is not what I had in mind.” I know I’m getting irrationally angry at a dress in a movie but have you fucking seen that thing? #Disappointing.

Josh finally glances up from his phone, he could never appreciate a good Disney movie so he’s been watching basket-crap on his own screen for the last hour. “My brother’s having a house party tonight, that software project he’s been doing is ending so they need a blow out. You guys in?”

A house party? Okay maybe we are back in high school... but then again I do get to drink and forget about this confusing as fuck week whilst staring at Josh’s rather fit tattooed brother, always a bonus.

I flash my eyes to Al’s, her appointment is in an hour away and how the rest of this evening goes will very much depend on the outcome.

“Me and Al have this doctors appointment thing to make sure I’m not riddled but if all’s good down there then we’re in.” Had to make it something believable and I’m pretty sure Josh thinks I’m infested with something as it is, cheeky twat.

Josh smirks at me. “Good to know you’re keeping an eye on things Brianna, considering how many times you’ve ended up in my bed over the last few months. Don’t think the sheets can keep taking the boil wash I have to put them through just to be safe.”

I shove my middle fingers up at him just as May walks up the stairs. “Oooo you’re swearing! I’m telling Granny!!” That little shit needs to learn what happens to snitches.

She jumps down onto Al’s lap and squeezes her tight, she’s really missed her.

“I can’t do tonight guys, Dad’s on the night shift and the last time he left my brother home alone he almost burnt down the kitchen. Josh you good to get me back soon though?”

Josh nods, kissing Al then me on the heads before scooping May up and giving her a little bit of much needed attention. “See you guys tonight. Please try come, otherwise my bro is going to try hooking me up with that fucking neighbour of his again and the guy does not take a hint.”

I don’t know why he’s complaining so much, that guy really needs to get laid. I pull myself up from the floor onto the bed where Al is laying as I hear them leave. “You ready for this?”

She shakes her head. “What if something’s wrong again babe? My mum lost two before she had me.”

I hate this. She doesn’t deserve this, neither of them do. “Babe you can’t live in fear of it, being scared won’t change what happens – it’ll just ruin the time you do have with them. Let’s check there’s something there to worry about first, those tests are wrong all the time so let’s not panic until there’s a reason.”

I wish I could make all this better for her, there isn’t another person on the planet that would make a better mother than this girl right here. I know she’s scared about the timing and Jayce’s reaction but I also know she wants this to be true more than anything.

“Come on gorgeous, let’s get over there and see if you’re fine ass is going to make me an aunt.”


I have shit all left of my nails. There was a backlog of patients here so we’ve been waiting bloody ages and I think if one more woman comes it with a big belly and a smile Al is going to have a heart attack.

“Aleah Davies?” Thank fuck for that.

She doesn’t move. “Al? Babe they’re calling you?”

Poor thing is completely frozen, walking into that room might change her whole life. “Brie he should be here.”

I gently rub her back. “Hun we still don’t even know what’s happening. You’re the one who’s body will have to go through this, not his. It’s not selfish to want to know and take the time to process yourself first, especially after what you went through.”

This girl is so hard on herself. Right now she just needs to know if there’s a bun in the oven and if it’ll be given the time to cook, she shouldn’t be worried about anything else.

Grabbing her arm I pull her to her feet and follow the overly smiley doctor into a room, dragging her near comatosed body with me.

I was glad the doc had already read her notes, she didn’t need to be sitting here going through everything again.

“Okay Aleah, I could do a simple blood test to confirm a pregnancy but I think given your history I’d like to check you thoroughly. Are you happy for me to preform an ultra sound today? Then I can check for any signs of abnormalities or bleeding that could be a risk to the pregnancy.”

Al nods but the tears are making themselves seen in her beautiful blue eyes. I wish I could do this for her, I’m trying to stay strong here but even my nerves are shot to pieces.

She lays back on the bed, my hand in her vice like grip as we both stare at the black screen. It feels like an eternity before the doc actually starts, this bitch must be a masochist! Doesn’t she do this shit everyday? Hurry your ass up!

Finally she starts but I don’t see anything, neither does Al. The black screen just active with white wavy lines. There’s nothing there...

I can feel her heart break as she looks up at me, the tears now completely free of her eyes and barrelling down her face.

There is nothing but silence and pain, I’m ready to pull her from this bed into my arms never letting her go until suddenly... the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard fills the room. A tiny fluttering heartbeat.

Our eyes break as we both turn to the screen and there it is. I can hardly believe what I’m seeing as their teeny hand comes up into sight, almost waving like they know we’re watching.

“Oh Al... Look! They’re in there.”

I turn back to her but there are no words to describe the mix of pure joy and all encompassing fear that fills her face. Finally shaky breathless words leave her lips. “Are they okay?”

“You appear to be reaching the sixteen week mark Aleah and from what I can see they are perfectly healthy. There are no signs that lead me to believe this pregnancy is at a higher risk than any other, although they do seem to like to hide. Congratulations darling, you’re going to be a mum.”

Those words, words I know she feared she would never hear are almost too much as she clutches at her exposed stomach and howls with sobs.

My girl is going to be a mum, a fucking amazing one.

“I’ll give you two a minute but I would like to run some blood work too just to check my findings before passing you over to the anti-natal team.” She takes hold of Aleah’s shoulder comfortingly and I can’t stop myself from jumping up and hugging her.

“Thank you doc.”

The woman unwraps herself from my uncomfortable and overly friendly embrace. “You’re welcome, although I don’t believe I played a role in this creation.”

Aleah laughs. “No, it was my insatiable hunger and lack of fussiness when it comes to hygiene ratings that made this little one.”

I try not to chuckle. Thank god for food poisoning. “Bitch, I think it’s Jayce’s ravenous appetite for you that is actually to blame for this.”

As the doc leaves she prints out a few copies of the photos she took and hands them to us. I can’t stop staring at them, their little nose and itsy bitsy fingers that will soon be clawing their way out of her poor vag. I definitely never want to do this myself but I’m so excited to watch her.

“Are you okay gorgeous?”

She smiles up at me. “Perfect, I need to tell him. We’ll work it out. Even if I have to leave the job at the clinic to be closer to the training centre, we’re going to be a family now. You’ll be there too right? I’m not pushing this out without you.”

Jesus Christ I must really love this girl. “Of course I will. Any classes he can’t get to or appointments he can’t make you ring me, I will play the role of your lesbian life partner just like always. This is my baby too now. Plus I want a say in names, Jayce will probably want to name them after a bloody basketball or something.”

Getting out of the office Al’s hands never left her stomach, the bond to the life growing inside of her so instant. Her whole being is now someone else’s, and I’ve never seen her happier.
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