My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 25

Al was passed out on the bed, snoring like an old man in his favourite chair. She’d tried ringing Jayce at least fifty times but it just kept going to answerphone and I knew she was worried. I’m assuming he’s hauling ass across from wherever they were and doesn’t have signal.

She’d decided to ditch the party after such an emotion filled day, I offered to stay with her a hundred times but she said she was just going to sleep so I should go. Not before telling me I looked like a classy harlot in this outfit, which I of course took as a resounding compliment.

I’d decided to limit my drinking for tonight in case she needed me to get back so took the bug over. As soon as I sat down in the seat I realised this blue strapless body-con dress I had on barely covered my pussy in this position but I’m sure no-one would be complaining, especially when my boobs were on show this much too.

On my out I’d put on my new stiletto heels but was now cursing myself for not breaking them in first, I just needed to style it out. Never let people see anything but the confidence and that’s all they’ll think you have.

I’d forgotten how nice Steve’s place was. It was so dark the last time I arrived here I barely took it in and I was in a hurry when I was leaving not to hear him powering through that girlfriend of his.

Josh was outside waiting for me when I got out, running his eyes disapprovingly over my barely there and skin tight dress. Is this what it would feel like to have a dad? An annoying tall judgey fucker who thinks exposing skin is a sin?

“Do you own anything that doesn’t show exactly what you’d look like naked?”

I smirk. “Yeah it’s called my work shit. Want to go in or are you planning on freezing me out here until I put more clothing on?”

Josh rolls his eyes at me. “Just do me a favour... Don’t fuck any of my brothers mates tonight? I’m not being a prick about it, it’s just I grew up with a lot of these guys and I don’t need to be hearing about all the stuff they did to you every Saturday morning I come down for coffee after I move in here. I hear enough of that from you!”

Oh bless him. Cute he thinks his aversion to hearing about other people’s sex lives would actually stop me but since it means enough for him to actually say something I’ll keep my legs together. Especially since I’m not convinced I’m actually healed after Antonio anyway.

“Okay prude, I’ll control myself, if you promise to have at least one conversation with a guy that isn’t straight. Baby steps but you have to start making them.”

Josh scans me over. “Fucking hell... Deal.” Yay! I love winning.

The music was pumping from outside but inside it’s blaring. I’m immediately starting to regret making that deal with Josh scanning the talent in here, Steve has some seriously fit mates.

As per usual all eyes are on me as I enter the room, most in admiration of such a beautiful specimen in their presence but a lot of the girls are looking at me like they wish I were dead. I’m used to it.

Following Josh I make my way over to the bar in the kitchen that has been lined with drinks, pouring myself a lemonade with only a dash of strawberry vodka.

It only takes a few seconds before a tall wall of abs has made his way across the room and I find myself dancing like nobody’s watching, except of course they are.

This guys cute but his moves are really not doing it for me. Has Antonio ruined other men for me now? The words he said as we lay on the bed keep running through my mind no matter how I tried to stop them. Was it possible I’d found the perfect man? Hot, fiery, an animal in bed and completely unavailable for anything beyond that? If I’d built my perfect man from the ground up I fear he would show a striking similarity to that Italian.

But it could never be anything more, I’d always be the other woman. I thought that was what I wanted but after watching Al grow to be someone so much more than what she was by meeting her other half there is a tiny part of me that wonders if... maybe I’d be happier being someone’s world rather than their weekend.

I grow bored of the guy fumbling around like he’s never touched a hot chick before and leave him on the floor before going back to the bar.

“Hey there stranger, long time no see.” Steve’s deep and rather fucking sexy voice comes from behind me and I spin to face him.

“You know you used that exact same line last time? Is this going to be a thing? Because last time it was cute but baby you only saw me like a week ago.” Damn he looks fineeee. Fitted black shirt open at the collar showing the top of those fucking glorious tats, tight lack jeans and heavy boots. How is he Josh’s brother? Josh is fit yeah but this dude is something else. He’s massive for one and...dangerous?

“Well what can I say? It feels like every time I see you it’s the first time all over again. How’ve you been gorgeous? Been up to anything exciting?” What is that little glint in his eye? This guy is trouble and he knows it.

I couldn’t fuck Josh’s brother here on the bar in front of everyone right? No... Well maybe... No! Bad Brianna! Very bad Brianna! Down girl.

I scan the room quickly for the leggy blonde that he took over his shoulder back to his room last time and spot her curled up on the sofa, a bit too close to the guy she’s talking to for a woman in a relationship if you ask me.

Steve walks around me and takes a beer from the fridge before leaning against it to look at me. “Nothing too exciting, same old same old. You?”

He smirks before walking over to me, beer still in his hand as he steps in close and leans into my ear to whisper. “Did you enjoy paradise?”

Holy shit.
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