My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 26

I knew I recognised that fucking guy on the door! Even behind the mask and fitted suit, I can always recognise a good body.

Staring at Steve I was for the first time in my life at a loss for words. Shit. I mean I’m not embarrassed or anything, it was one of the best places I’ve been in my life but if he recognised who I was with there that could cause problems.

Confidence Brie, ride this shit out and take back control.

Steve leans back against the kitchen counter opposite me and smiles taking another sip of his beer. I wait for him to lower it again before taking it from his hand and chugging a swig myself, as seductively as I can of course.

Handing it back to him without a word I step forward close to his chest, looking deep into his eyes and making sure to talk in the most delicately hushed but husky voice I have. “Did you see what I was doing in there?”

Steve smirks shaking his head. “Unfortunately not beautiful, I had to stay on the door. I’m sure all eyes were on you though.”

I wait for him to take another swig. “Shame. There were a lot of gorgeous people there. The brunette with her head between my legs was a particular favourite.”

Steve starts choking and spluttering on his drink and I finally find my own smirk. With men it’s all about control, when they think they have it you make sure to rip it straight back.

I step away from him and lean back against my own counter as I wait for him to regain his composure.

“Jesus Christ Brianna. Thanks for putting that image into my head, how the fuck am I going to make it through this party now?”

I laugh looking over my shoulder at his girlfriend, who hasn’t seemed to have looked at him once since I got here. “I’m sure she can see to it...”

He lets his eyes flickering to her before returning them to me but doesn’t say a word. “Are you going to tell anyone?”

He shakes his head before placing a small kiss on my cheek. “Secrets safe with me beautiful. Just be careful, not everyone that goes to that place are exactly safe people to be around. It’s kept secret for a reason... How did you even end up there? Usually there’s a shed load of background stuff done but you didn’t even seem to know what it was?”

What does he mean people who aren’t safe to be around? Antonio came across as a bad boy yeah but he’s never struck me as dangerous or threatening.

“It was a one time thing, trust me.”

Josh wonders back in from wherever he was, smiling at me. “My parts done, conversation had so please get me a drink.”

I eye him, there’s no way he’s had a decent conversation with a guy already. I cross my arms over my chest and glare at him. “Bullshit! Who did you talk to?”

Josh gestures to a weed of a guy sitting in the corner, he’s alright but like fuck is he Josh’s type. “Oh yeah, what did you talk to him about? And don’t bother lying because we both know you’re shit at it.”

He shuffles on his feet uncomfortably. “...He asked me where the bathroom was and I told him... It’s still a conversation Brie!”

I burst out laughing and Steve joins me. “Oh bro, if you can’t even have a conversation with a guy how do you ever expect to make any progress?”

I nod in agreement. “Babes I’m not asking you to drag the guy upstairs and shove your dick down his throat... although from the way he’s looking over here I’m sure he’d be up for that. I’m just saying to make a tiny step, not even a step, a tiny nudge forward. I don’t want to see you alone forever, neither would Harley. Look, how about we get a few drinks down you and you can try again? I’ll totally wingman you and help you escape if he gets all doe eyed and in love with you okay?”

Steve walks to stand next to me and we both smile at his little brother. This poor guy needs like an intervention or something and we are going to team up to give it to him.

“Fucking hell! Fine! You two need to stop looking at me like that though, I don’t like this new pack mentality you have going on. Creeps me out, it’s like you move in sync too.”

Walking over to the living room I don’t miss the way Josh positions us so I’m out of sight of most of the blokes here, although now Steve is sitting with us they appear to be giving me a wider birth than I’m used to guys giving anyway.

We chat for ages, Steve might be the funniest guy I’ve ever met and the way he talks to Josh is really lush. There’s so much love there, they bicker but it reminds me so much of me and May. A sibling relationship is like no other. You can completely loathe each other at moments yet still be willing to kill anyone that ever hurts them. It’s a completely pure love.

A guy from one of Steve’s many jobs comes to sit with us, he’s broad and has the most delicious dark olive skin. I was ready to get my flirt all the way on until I saw him make a bee line for the seat next to Josh.

I give him the glare and he throws his head back against the couch with a huff before finally surrendering and having a present, if somewhat banter free, chat with the guy. At one point I swear I even see his lips resemble something that could count as a smile.

“It’s good to see him like this, shit hasn’t been easy for him.” Steve states after coming back with a glass of vodka free lemonade for me.

Josh is actually completely engaged as the hot Greek god looking guy talks to him about some business crap that makes me want to fall asleep right here.

“Yeah it is. I worry about him, it took so much courage for him to come out. I just don’t want him wasting all his best years still in mourning. Harley had been a massive part of my life too but I know he would’ve wanted Josh to be loved again.” I fall back against the couch and start peeling the label off an empty bottle I had earlier.

“I didn’t realise you guys were mates? I only met the dude twice. He was a good guy, really funny. First time I met him he told me that he’d do anything for Josh, he said it with such conviction I remember even feeling a touch jealous. I was so damn proud of him for coming out, even though I’d guessed when he was about nine.”

I snap my eyes to Steve. How had he guessed? Some kids definitely have the vibe but my gaydar is pretty good and I bypassed Josh completely. “You were always okay with it?”

He nods. “Just want the kid to be himself, be happy. Anyone who thinks anything else isn’t fucking worth having him in their lives anyway.”

Say it again, louder for the people in the back! It’s good to hear that. Looking the way Steve does it could be easy to brand him as someone that wouldn’t be cool with having a gay kid brother, looks can always be deceiving.

“I remember when he came out after the match, walked straight up to Harley and asked him to the dance. Not a dry eye in the house, your mum was a wreck when she saw him standing up there so proud.”

Steve stiffened, his whole body rigged. “She’s not my mum.” The words leaving his mouth like venom before he got up and stormed off through the crowd without another word. What did I do?

Josh turned his attention back to me, trying to search the faces around us for his brother. “Where did he go?”

I stand up looking around. “I’m not sure, I said something about how sweet your mum was and he got all angry, then bolted.”

His face drops. “Shit.” Josh jumps up from his seat, leaving the poor guy who definitely thought he was in there behind. “Did you see which way he went?”

I shake my head. “Babe what happened? Did I do something wrong?”

Josh barely seems to hear me. “Long story. Will you check upstairs for him, I’ll go out back. If you find him though just come get me, I’m the best person to handle him when he starts thinking about that shit.”

I nod and force my way through the bodies that fill the house until I reach the stairs. What started out as a few people drinking glasses of wine is now adults acting like teenagers in vodka induced make out sessions all along the staircase.

Finally pushing through the haze I get to the top and start opening doors, apparently Steve has never heard of locks because the first room I get to had some serious activity going on under the sheets. Jealous.

I check the bathroom before hearing a whimper coming from the room I stayed in with Josh that time. Opening the door there seems to be something placed behind it but I shove it hard and it falls open to reveal two half dressed people in a pretty heavy make out – groping combination session.

Stepping back I get ready to leave them to it when I suddenly lock eyes with the blonde in her bra.

Fuck. That’s Steve’s girlfriend.
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