My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 27

“What the fuck?!” I scream at her but she doesn’t even flinch, pulling her shirt up off the floor and buttoning it slowly like I haven’t just caught her cheating on Josh’s brother.

She smirks at me as she checks her make up in the mirror. “You won’t say shit. You understand me?”

This bitch really has no fucking idea who I am does she? The guy she was with shuffles out past me into the bathroom behind, still clutching his pants in his hand.

Walking straight into my face this foul little cunt tries to square up to me. “I said, do you understand me?”

I grin. “Perfectly.” Then grab the little slut by her throat and slam her head into the wall behind her. Just as I see she’s about to practically shit herself a howling voice breaks us apart.


Without loosening my grip I turn to see Steve and Josh standing at the top of the stairs. Steve comes charging at me, grabbing the thing by her wrist and ripping her from my grasp into his arms.

She starts to sob like it’ll earn her a fucking Oscar. “I was.. I just saw her go into Josh’s room with some guy.. I just wanted to ask her politely to not do that in your house and she attacked me!”

Oh bitch please. I stare at Josh and he gives me a knowing look, he knows that isn’t my style.

“I ain’t taking the fall for you sweet-cheeks. She was in there with some dude, sorry Steve. I caught her and him about to make babies when-”

I’m forced to stop as the guy in question exits the bathroom, having clearly heard everything and seeing the size of Steve on his exit he immediately wraps his arms around my waist. “I had fun with you gorgeous, shame we were interrupted.”

Am I in the fucking twilight zone? Shoving my elbow into this dudes stomach he lets go and crumbles to the floor. “Like fuck mate. I’ve got fucking standards.”

The woman still pretending to shake in Steve’s arms smirks at me whilst clinging onto him for dear life. “She’s lying to you Steve, I didn’t touch anyone. You know I would never do that to you. Look at the way she’s dressed, not to mention everything Josh has told us about her. By all accounts she gets around more than a taxi.”

My eyes flash to Josh’s, that’s what he said about me? I’m just a positive sexual person, what’s so wrong with that? Does having a healthy sexual appetite somehow make you untrustworthy?

“Bitch you better watch your fucking mouth before I cave it in. Steve I have no reason to lie to you, I saw what I saw.”

She glares at me. “You have every reason to lie, you clearly like my man. You’re just a little home-wrecker aren’t you?! Some little trollop who wants me out of the picture.”

I am going to slice this whore from tip to cunt.

Josh looks at his brother but Steve is just staring down at his girlfriend. “Get out.”

Hell yeah. Take that bitch.

Just as I’m about to throw a little parade, tears start to flow from her, Steve moves his glare to me and it’s vicious. “You Brianna. Get the fuck out of my house.”

Is he shitting me right now? Fuck you! “You know what? Screw you! Enjoy your cheap whore.”

Not even pausing to look at Josh I get downstairs and out the front door. Never in my life have I wanted to hurt someone as much as that bitch, did she seriously just use me to cover up her own fucking cheating?

“Brie! BRIE!”

Josh’s voice comes from behind me as I pull open the drivers side door but he gets a hold of it before I can slam it shut again. “Brie I swear to god I didn’t say anything about you the way she just made out, I’ve only ever spoken about you positively. I know who you are and I’m fucking proud to be your friend, I would never say shit like that about you, especially to that bitch.”

I’m so angry I can feel my nails digging deeply into the steering wheel but I have to know. “Do you believe me?”

Josh crouches down looking into my eyes as he turns my head to face him. “Of course I fucking believe you. I know he will too when he calms down. Those words she used... let’s just say there’s a bigger story there. Now let me go get my shit, I’m crashing at yours.”

That guy is special, I’ve been told I’m not worthy of being believed so many times over things I’d rather never think about. He never doubted me for a second, he might drive me crazy but I’m lucky to have him. We all are.

I sit patiently, trying to control the urge to go back in there and beat that slut blue when finally he comes out and jumps in the bug.

“Let’s go home sugar-tits. I’m in Aleah’s bed, I don’t want to wake with bruises from sharing with you again.”


Getting into my room I see Al stir from her slumber. “You guys okay? You have that look like when you threatened to snap Louise Harris’ neck in sixth grade.”

Ah good memories.

“I’m fine, I might have to kill a slut but I’m fine.”

Stripping down out of this dress I have a stupid moment of insanity where I wonder if maybe the hem was too short, then I remember I’m a bad ass boss who can wear whatever the fuck she wants and there isn’t a damn person on this planet that I’m going to let make me feel shit about it.

Josh relays tonight’s events whilst I scrub my face clean of my make up. It always feels like a waste of perfectly good product if you end the night without even a little bit around some guys cock.

“Fuck Brie. Did that girl have a death wish? I’m surprised you left her standing.” You and me both girl. “Josh, what did your brother say after he kicked her out?”

Josh shuffles Al over before sliding into bed next to her. “Nothing really but when I went back in for my stuff I could hear them arguing from all the way across the house. I don’t think this is the first time she’s done it to him, they used to break up and get back together all through college. He left her for good like a year back but she managed to worm her way back in, I’ve always kind of hated her.”

I hadn’t realised Josh felt that way, I guess he didn’t really have any reason to tell me though. I’m sure there are plenty of people I care about and hate that he has no idea of. I’m not sure why it hurt so much for Steve to treat me like that, it’s not like we are really good mates or anything. He’s always been good to me though and I thought the respect was mutual.

“Are you good babe?” Al asks just as I turn the lamp out.

“Yeah bitch, I’m good.”

I lay there in the dark, the events of tonight circling in my head. I hated feeling helpless and tonight I actually felt helpless not being able to prove what I was saying was true. Steve was a good guy, except for throwing me out – that was a dick move - he still didn’t deserve to be treated like that by some chick.

Trying to sleep I find myself rolling back and forth before eventually giving up, pulling my phone off charge and mindlessly scrolling as I listen to the two sleepyheads in the corner snore in unison.

I see a few people have added to the group chat for night school, Connor having responded to all of them – except the particularly flirty ones from balloon boobs. I don’t want anyone to think I’m slacking so add a few cheeky comments on a couple of the posts.

Just as I’m about to try call it a night again I see a message pop up.

‘Connor – You’re up late. Everything okay?’

Better now I’m talking to you... um yeah, don’t think that again Brianna, that was weird.

‘Bit late for you isn’t it good boy? 😉 I’m good. How’s my favourite fairy princess?’

He replies almost instantly.

‘Currently sleeping sweetly whilst snoring like a truck driver. Didn’t have the heart to move her.’ Seconds later he sends a picture of Hope flat out on the pillow next to him, sleeping like a little angel.

‘I think she might be the cutest kid in the history of kids, you’re going to have your hands full with all the guys trying to pound down your door when she gets older❤.’

I look at the picture again, it’s the first time I’ve seen Connor without his glasses on. His eyes are even more intense than they were before, I’ve never seen such a perfect green. Do you think I could take this picture to like a DIY store and have them mix me a paint in this exact colour? Because I want it on every wall in this room.

‘Tell me about it, she told me earlier a boy in her class asked her to be his girlfriend but he wouldn’t share his chocolate so she said no. 😂’

I knew I liked that kid. ‘Glad to see she has her priorities straight. Tell her she doesn’t need a man, she can be a bad ass woman who gets her own damn chocolate without one.’

He’d raised that girl right. She was strong and independent, clearly the signs of being brought up surrounded by love and stability. I wish all little girls could have that, then maybe so many of us wouldn’t be so broken.

‘So you want her to turn out just like you then?😂’

I try not to laugh. I may be a damn boss but I’d rather that girl not carry half my baggage to get her there. ‘Hell yeah! I’m perfection! 😉’

The bubbles are doing that thing again, starting and stopping like he can’t bring himself to say what he wants too. ‘You’re not wrong there.’

Fuck. He really was sweet. I mean I’m sure a lot of guys think I’m perfect but it just feels different coming from him. It’s like he’s not saying it about my body or my face, he’s saying about who I am, I’m not used to that.

Another message comes through quickly. ‘I’d better get to sleep, Hope isn’t great at sleeping in on Sundays. Good night x’

I can feel sleep calling to me too. ‘Good night professor x’

Just as I’m about to shut my eyes a message beeps again. ‘I’m not just your professor Brianna, we both know that...’

Yeah, I do know. That’s the problem.
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