My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 28

Tara had invited Granny around for lunch with May, she’d invited me too but Al didn’t want them to know she was back yet so I stayed home with her. I had to promise May two new make up palettes just to get her to agree to keeping her mouth shut about Al being here, the girl is getting better at bending people to her will than me!

Al was still pretty wiped from travelling and hadn’t heard shit from lover boy so was currently trying to keep herself chilled by having a ridiculously bubble filled bath before coming out for coffee with me. Of course she wasn’t actually going to be drinking coffee but I needed it desperately.

Josh had gone back home about an hour ago and I was busy trying to brush these fucking knots out of my curls. I’d ran out of coconut oil and now my life barely felt worth living with the state on my damn hair.

I powerful knock at the door made my whole body jump out if its skin. Opening it I’m hit with a wave of anger, and the scent of very familiar cologne.

“Where is she Brie?!”

Ah shit. Al you are so in shit now.

In front of me stands my very favourite basketball player, although it’s hard to tell as I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen him this angry. Jayce’s face looks like he's ready to kill, and also like that he hasn't slept in a week.

“What the fuck happened to you?” I ask taking in his appearance, I haven’t ever seen him looking this rough.

“I had to get an overnight flight just to get here.. with three fucking lay overs!”

What the fuck? “Hold up, a flight? Where we're you when she left?”


“Peru?!” Oh that little...

“Yes. I went to go get breakfast, everything was great, got back and there was a note that said; ‘Gone home. See you later, love you.’ Left on the counter... in fucking eye liner!”

Clearly Jayce’s enraged tone has reach as I hear Aleah’s delicate footsteps come to the staircase. She seems more unsure about seeing him right now than I do as she peers sheepishly down from the top step.

I look to my best friend. “For God's sake Aleah! Peru?!”

She’s redder than the damn dress she’s in right now. “What? I said I got scared and ran!”

“You left him in Peru! When you said you'd had a long trip I thought you meant from like the fucking coast!”

Aleah just shuffles her feet as she stands on the staircase, her hand delicately placed on her stomach. I know this isn’t how she wanted to do it but she’s the one who made this bed, time to lay in it girl. “You have to tell him Al, you owe him at least that fucking much and probably fifty blow job's on top!”

Aleah takes another few steps down the stairs as she finally brings herself to look at Jayce. “...I'm pregnant.”

Jayce drops the bag he was carrying from his shoulder to the floor with a bang. I wait for the reaction, wait for him to shout or scream but instead I'm barely able to stay upright as I’m sent barrelling out of the way whilst he crashes through the door and pulls Aleah from the stairs straight up into his arms.

“I love you.” He proclaims as he kisses her face. These bloody two, she could kill him and with his one last gasping breath he’d tell her he loves her.

She giggles as he kisses her from her face straight down to her stomach. “I love you too. I'm so sorry, I freaked...I didn't want to get your hopes up... after last time.”

Jayce goes back to her lips and kisses her like I'm not even in the room. This is what I love about these two, I've never known two people more perfect for each other.

“I get it princess. Is everything okay? Have you seen a doctor yet?” Aleah nods and I reach over to grab the pictures out of her bag and hand them too her.

Jayce drops them both onto the staircase, Aleah still in his lap as she passes him the ultrasound scan. His whole face lights up as he takes in the perfect image of their little bundle.

Al already has tears in her eyes, Jayce has his arm wrapped around her waist and I bet he doesn’t even realise he’s stroking her stomach.

“Are they okay?” He asks and I can hear the tremor in his voice.

“They’re perfect. Doctor said everything is as it should be and their heartbeat is really strong and-” She doesn’t get out another word as he captures her lips with his.

They’re a family, this baby is going to be the most loved little pudding on the planet. Jayce breaks away just to stare at the image in his hand again, like he’s trying to memorise every detail. “Do you know what they are yet?”

“No, Doc said we can find out in two weeks if you want to? I didn’t realise I was so far gone, she said I’m lucky I’ve missed most of the bad symptoms and even when I did get sick I always just thought it was just being on the boat. I’m four months already Jayce, I’ll be due right as the season kicks off. Are you sure you’re okay with this?”

I can hear the doubt in her voice, she wants him to know that this isn’t all going to be sunshine and rainbows for them with the timing.

“Am I okay? I’m fucking ecstatic princess. This is all we’ve ever wanted. With training and the clinic... teams only an hour from here so we’ll get a place here where you can still be close to Mum and Brie and I’ll just travel. They’ll support you and I won’t be the first guy on the team to have a kid babe, there’s stuff in place. We’ll make it work, I’ll do whatever you want to make you happy. I love you.”

She’s got a fucking good one there. I never doubted for a second he wouldn’t be as happy as a pig in shit but I know she needed to hear that. The weight lifts from her shoulders as she throws her entire body around his, their lips meeting once again.

“Okay guys, please don’t screw on the stairs. Take it to the bedroom.”

I meant it as a joke but Jayce has her up around his waist before I can even blink. “Back to where it all began is it princess?” Giving her that smirk I know kills her. He races up the stairs and slams the door behind him.

“Don’t fuck on my bed!”

They’re already fucking on my bed aren’t they?

I turn the volume up to max on the TV in case Granny comes back early, she doesn’t need to hear that. Shoving on a pair of shorts from the dryer I get ready to leave them have some peace whilst I re-caffeinate, when there’s another loud knock on the door forcing me to jump once more.

“What is it with people today scaring the shit out of me knocking this fucking do-”

Opening the door I’m greeted by the last person I expected to see today.

“Hello stranger.”

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