My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 3

We take Sonya’s car to the house for the meeting, my bug chugging out black fumes like it smokes 40 a day wouldn’t exactly fit in here would it?

Never in my life could I have expected that people could actually live in a place like this, its less a house and more a bloody town! I’ve seen city council buildings smaller than this place.

Imagine if Downton Abbey took a fuck ton of steroids and you still wouldn’t be close to what I’m looking at. It’s beyond beautiful, everyone on my block growing up would collapse seeing someone like me in a place like this.

“Close your mouth Brianna. Confidence darling, act like you belong and people will believe you do.”

I shook out my awe and plastered on my game face. Show time.

Sonya knocked the large wooden door and it echoed throughout what I expected to be a large hallway behind. The door was answered quickly but a petite young girl, her dark skin a complete contradiction to the pale white of her apron. She looked slightly familiar as she gave me a gentle smile.

“Ms Vanderbilt is expecting you, if you’d like to follow me to her study.” Sonya almost pushed me over as she stepped inside and I had to bite my tongue to stop myself from grabbing her by her damn hair and ripping her back out. I still wasn’t used to letting people do things like this with me, in high school I would slap a bitch for looking at me the wrong way but now we’re adults I can’t exactly get away with that shit anymore.

As we walked through the maze of halls my confidence began to waver slightly, this place was unbelievable. Every wall held expensive art pieces or giant oil portraits of the family that housed themselves here. We passed so many doors on the way to the study I lost count. How could they fill all these rooms? What the hell was in them?

Finally we came to a set of large double oak doors, the maid that led us here knocking them gently before leaving, shooting me a small grin before going back down the way we came.

“Come in.” Ms Vanderbilt’s voice wasn’t what I was expecting, it was sweet, a bit like Tara’s. Most women I dealt with on this job were hard arses with voices that showed they commanded control and respect.

I followed Sonya inside. Ms Vanderbilt didn’t really resemble the woman I’d seen in the pictures at all, she was smaller and her body bloody brilliant for a woman in her early fifties with three adult sons. Every picture I’d seen of the woman her hair was crafted in a perfect bun on top of her head but she sat at the desk today in a flowy summer dress with her almost silver hair cascading around her in subtle waves. She was really beautiful.

“Sonya dear! How lovely to see you!” She arose and embraced Sonya in a rather awkward looking hug, Sonya wasn’t one for physical affections.

“Clarisse! You look wonderful, this new man of yours must be doing wonders for you, you look ten years younger! Thank you so much for having us be a part of your special day, we’re thrilled.”

Clarisse smiled at the mention of her new beau, she looked like a little girl falling in love for the first time.

“He is wonderful, you’ll meet him tomorrow unfortunately, he has business keeping him busy today.”

Sonya’s shoulders slump. The new man had become somewhat of a mystery, no-one outside of the family had met him and his presentation into this society would be at the engagement party. There were lots of rumours floating around since the engagement that the two hadn’t met under the most ideal of circumstances and that’s why everything was bring kept hush hush but I tried not to let rumours cast a shadow over me making my own decisions on people.

“Plus after that wonderful job you did at Nancy’s party how could I not hire you all?! It was exquisite!”

Sonya feigned embarrassment. “Oh I can’t take all the credit, Brianna here helped a bit.”

A bit?! A fucking bit?! You had a mental breakdown ten minutes in and passed out in the back room after your second bottle of wine while I fucking ran the show! I even had to hide the fact a fucking white tiger had got loose, finally finding it basking over the third hole of the fucking golf course! But sure, I just helped A BIT.

“Brianna, I’ve heard wonderful things about you, you’ve become a bit of a superstar with your reputation as ‘Miss fix it’ at every party. I’m glad to have you here.” She extended her hand to me and I gave it a firm shake, something my Granny had always taught me to do, she said she never trusted someone with a weak handshake.

“Thank you Ms Vanderbilt. It’s a pleasure to be here.”

She smiled. “It’s Clarisse dear, I insist.”

We got to planning and it became clear very quickly that this wasn’t going to be easy, most of the venues on her short list alone had three year waits. I’m sure her name would carry a punch and I had a few favours I could call in too.

Sonya asked questions whilst I wrote notes like a maniac, trying not to miss a single detail, I needed this to go well. Getting in with someone like her could be huge for my future.

We approached the subject of food and it started to become apparent how soon after meeting the couple had become engaged, she still knew very little about the man she was going to marry, she couldn’t even tell us his favourite dessert.

“Brianna dear, pop down to the kitchen and have a chat with Chef, he should be able to lead you in the right direction.”

I stepped out of the room and followed my way back down the hall until I reached the staircase but as I got to the bottom there was no-one around to ask for directions, I couldn’t even hear anyone walking around in this giant of a place. I decided to go with my gut and turn right, following the hall for what felt like forever until I came out in a large parlour room filled with plush furniture. Okay not this way then.

I was about to head back in the opposite direction when I saw movement behind one of the couches. Stepping forward I was greeted by the image of the maid I’d seen earlier, bent down on all fours, skirt lifted, being banged into next week by a tall white guy with wicked bone structure. They hadn’t spotted me as her fingers dug deeper into the carpet and I tried to step back to leave quietly when I stumbled straight into the coffee table with a thump.

Smooth Brianna...

The guys head shot up over the couch and locked eyes with me.


Do I run? Pretend I didn’t see anything? Ask to join them? The guy was really cute...

They both frantically tried to pull themselves together as I stood frozen just bloody staring at them.

“Um yeah, I was looking for the kitchen?” I ask as they both rise to their feet, looking like they want the world to swallow them up whilst flattening out their dishevelled clothing.

“I can take you miss.” The young maid replied before walking and gesturing for me to follow her through the door. I smirk back at the guy running his hands over his face before turning to follow her.

She didn’t say a word as I followed her through each hall until finally I could smell the kitchen, we were just approaching the door when she grabbed my arm and pulled me through into the pantry.

She slammed the door behind us. “Please don’t tell anybody, I’ll give you anything you want just please don’t make me lose this job.” Her eyes are pleading, her hands shaking and I know if I don’t do something now this poor thing was going to cry.

I pull her into a hug she clearly wasn’t expecting. “I won’t say anything, I promise.”

She pulls back. “He’s cute, good for you girl.”

She blushes, I’m guessing from the look on her face this isn’t the first time those two have been together. “He’s gorgeous right?”

We both giggle. “Who is he?” I’m going to guess by the expensive loafers I saw poking out the end of the couch he wasn’t staff.

“Christopher Vanderbilt. He’s the youngest of the brothers. He’s not married anymore if that’s what you think this is, his wife was a right bitch his dad made him marry because she came from good breeding, she ran off with their tennis coach two years ago. The family haven’t told anyone, they don’t think it would be good for their image.”

It’s easy to see she seems slightly upset by this, I think this is more than a sex thing. “You like him?” I ask as softly as I can.

She nods, tears starting to form in her eyes. “I love him, he loves me too. We’ve been together for so long now but this is the first time we’ve been caught. I’m begging you, please don’t tell anyone, it would be the end of us.”

I grab a napkin from the pile on the shelf and hand it to her. “Sweetheart I’m really good at the secret thing, ask my best friend, she was fucking her own future stepbrother and I said nothing. I’m not one to judge babes. Why doesn’t he just tell them about you guys? Surely his family would be happy he’s happy?”

She scoffs. “I can tell you’re new here. Don’t buy into Clarisse’s sweet and innocent act, there’s a reason this family has the power and the money they do, she’s that reason.”

I appreciated her honesty, I’d grown up in a world so far from this one I forget sometimes how cut throat it is. I’d remind myself now to keep my guard up at all times here.

“Thank you. Any other words of wisdom for me?”

She shakes her head smiling before it falters again. “Tommy, the eldest son. Be careful around him, never be alone together. He gets a bit... handsy... with the staff.”


“I’ve met you before haven’t I?” I ask as she checks her face over in the reflection of a spatula.

“Yes. I came to one of your dance classes when I was younger, I’m from West Side. Your Granny’s girl aren’t you? My sister Elle was in the year below you, she went with a boy from your year to the winter formal and was...”

I remember who she is now. Ellen Parsons. I’d read her name on the memorial plaque outside the school a hundred times next to Harley and Chads, she’d been the youngest victim to lose their life that awful night.

“You’re Helena.” She nods.

Ellen hadn’t been someone I knew but after I lost Harley I’d gone to one of the support groups trying to cope, Jayce had come back every month from college so I didn’t have to go alone. Ellen’s mum had been at quite a few of them, she spoke highly of her daughters and it had always stuck with me, my mum being such a useless piece of shit, it seemed unfair this wonderful woman had to be the one to lose her daughter.

We heard a clattering emanate from the kitchen next door.

“Shit, we’d better go, Clarisse would have our heads seeing us standing around chatting like this.” I wanted to say that she’d be far more likely to flip seeing her bent over for her youngest son but I let it go.

I followed her into the kitchen and got started on planning out a menu with the head chef.
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