My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 30

It’s been a whole two weeks I’ve managed to avoid entering the mansion now. Sonya has decided today is the day to run against Hitler as world’s biggest cunt, she appears to be taking the job very seriously.


Shoved down your fucking throat if you keep talking to me like that you insufferable wench.

I plaster on my work face but we both know I’ve stabbed her to death three times in my head already. “They’re on your desk, just where you asked me to put them. Clarisse has already expressed interest in the gold but I think the off white actually goes with the theme, so I’m having larger samples overnighted and have arranged to meet her tomorrow at the hotel for her final approval.”

She doesn’t even look up from her phone, something has been going down with her lately but I’m not going to ask her about it. Maybe one of her flying monkeys clawed its own eyes out at the sight of her or something.

She storms back into her office and slams the door so hard I’m surprised it didn’t tear its way off the hinges. That bitch needs to get laid bad.

I return back to my laptop and try to finalise the guest list now the RSVPs have mostly come back, I’ve been chasing the stragglers but rich twats are the worst at returning a call. I’d hate to be them if they turn up unannounced at one of Clarisse’s events, she might have them hung at the entrance as a warning to the others.

The guy drama in my life had actually almost come to a standstill. I hadn’t heard shit from Antonio since that night at the club, which I was grateful for because now I’ve had time to separate myself from the voice between my legs I realise how truly fucked up what we did was. He knows I need this job but he doesn’t care, he just wants me when he wants me. The fact I haven’t heard from him shows all his words that night were just lust induced, never trust a hot guy telling you exactly what you want to hear ladies!

Connor had reined back the flirting too. I’d had four classes with him since our little midnight chat and each had been completely platonic, except of course when I realised he’d got so lost staring at my ass as I crossed the room that he spilt half a glass of iced coffee on his shirt before he could tear his eyes away. Bless.

My school work was suffering though. I’d been getting back so late from the office every night I was barely getting enough time to eat, never mind work. The essay I handed in yesterday read a bit like it had been written by a drunk toddler but at least it was on time and Connor said we’d all have the opportunity for one on one’s this week to discuss changes anyway.

Al was having a party Saturday at the Manor. Everyone thought it was a welcome home bbq but they were finally going to tell everyone they were having a baby. I’m so excited I won’t have to keep the secret anymore I’m on the verge of pissing my perfectly fitted pants at the thought.

The door behind me swings open again. “Brianna, go over to the Vanderbilt place and get a look at the outfit choices Clarisse has chosen for the men. I want to make sure she hasn’t sprung a fucking red suit on us like that stupid Galbo bitch where we had to change all the flowers in the centrepieces again two hours before show-time.”

Nope. I am not fucking going there right now. “Clarisse has confirmed she wants simple tux’s. Not a red suit in sight I can assure you.”


You know what? I’m fucking done with this shit today. “Of course Sonya, unfortunately I’ve already made arrangements for a dinner with Ms Perry from the florists so if I go all the way over to the Vanderbilt estate I won’t be returning to the office this afternoon but I can email you the details.” My sickly sweet voice isn’t fooling anyone but she knows I’m about three minutes away from setting fire to her office with her still inside it so she doesn’t say shit.

“Fine. I expect you early tomorrow Brianna. I feel like I’ve been doing this whole thing myself!”

Do. Not. Punch. The. Skanky. Bitch. Who. Pays. You. Brianna.

I grab my purse and the files I need. Hopefully Antonio won’t even be there and I can use the office at the estate to actually get some work done without being harassed by the daughter of the devil.


The bug was churning out smoke like a chimney but I hadn’t had time to get her looked at, a few more days until the bbq and then I’d be able to get Jayce to have a look at her for me. He wasn’t just good at using his hands on Al...

I swear this place gets bigger every time I come here. Knocking the large front doors I’m relieved to see a familiar gorgeous smile.

“Helena!” I pull her into a hug, it feels like I haven’t seen her in ages. “You look good girl.” Her hair is pulled back off her face in a gorgeous high bun and her skin is all glowing, I guess Christopher has been taking real good care of her.

“Brie, I’ve missed you. I saw your sister at the ballet recital, my friend Tiffany’s sister is in her class. You weren’t there?” Yet another thing Sonya kept me from this week.

“I couldn’t but she had a crowd, her brother Jayce just got back from travelling so to be honest she was more excited to have him there anyway. Is Clarisse here? I’ve got to see the suits for the engagement party.”

Helena shakes her head. “No but I can get them for you if you want to wait in the offices?”

I follow Helena up and see the house is extremely quiet, unusual as its almost always full of people rushing around at this time of day. I settle into my chair and start unpacking my files, I brought my textbooks too in case I find myself with half hour to contribute to the other part of my life.

Helena comes back in with four suit bags, laying them out on the bed in the adjoining room so I can get photos and send them off to the she-witch.

“Why’s it so quiet here today?” I ask as Helena zips back up the bags.

“Clarisse has kind of been on a war path, something happened while she was up at the Hamptons and since she’s been back she’s been firing people left, right and centre. Her and the new guy had a falling out or something when he wouldn’t go with her, I try not to get caught up in it all. There’s always drama with these people.”

Antonio had made out like she was the one that left him behind, not the other way around. Odd.

“Rich people hun, too much money and too much time to worry about getting more. Can you imagine how happy we would be if we could even have a hundredth of what they have? The people who would appreciate it never have it and the people who’ll never appreciate I always seem to get it. It’s the way of the world.”

Helena grabbed the bags ready to leave when a voice from the door caught us both off guard. “You should both watch how you talk about your employers in their house, especially you amore. I would hate for my future bride to turn her wrath on you.”


I turn to see Helena has paled but I won’t let her take the brunt of this. “I apologise Mr Romano. This was my fault, Helena here was only politely listening to my ramblings, she played no part.”

Antonio looks almost amused and I know this is only part of a bigger game to him, it would be easier to play if he didn’t look so fucking distracting. “Helena, I would appreciate some time alone with Ms Parker to discuss this matter. Please see to it we are not disturbed.”

Helena bows her head before walking past where Antonio continues to stand in the doorway, turning to mouth ‘thank you’ to me whilst standing behind him. I nod at her before she shuts the office door behind her.

I stand staring at Antonio, trying to keep my face in a state of indifference but I can see the smirk making its way to his lips.

“You have been avoiding me amore. You have not come here in many weeks.” That accent of his, he could be reading the back of a shampoo bottle and I’d still defy any woman to not feel a twinge down there.

I stand tall. “I have no reason to avoid you Antonio. My work keeps me busy, as I assume yours does too by your actions...”

His smirk only grows. “You are mad I did not call you like a love struck high school boy?”

My eyes roll without permission. “I am not mad, you owe me nothing. I owe you fuck all too so let’s just forget it ever happened shall we?”

Antonio’s eyes run from my toes to my head, if I was a guy this pencil skirt would be feeling a bit tight in the crotch at the way he’s looking at me right now.


Here we go. “No? What do you mean no?”

He steps into the room and kicks the door closed behind him. “No, we shall not forget it. I have not stopped thinking about you amore, the little stunt I pulled to take you that night had a larger ripple effect than I expected. I apologise for not being able to contact you, it was an unfortunate necessity. Please forgive me amore... I came to the house just now and seeing your car parked there brought me more joy than you can possibly imagine.”

Little stunt? So he purposefully didn’t go with Clarisse just so he could take me out? Why?
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