My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 31

It doesn’t fucking matter. This thing has to be over, I’m sure he’d land on his feet if this all came out but it could ruin everything for me.

“It’s not fucking happening again Antonio. Never.” My tone strong and almost cruel. I might not like to admit it but I don’t actually like being ignored by people.

His hand shoots out and grips my throat as I fall backwards and he pins me to the bed. “I shall not be denied what I want Brianna. I have decided I want to make you cum in every single room of this house, I plan on starting with this one.”

Before I have the power to stop him his lips are forced down onto mine, I start to hit his chest but my slaps are weak at best as his tongue slips between my lips. The pressure on my throat increases as his tongue starts to flick and slide over my own and its at this moment I realise.. I’m kissing him back.

My hands stop hitting his chest, gripping hold of his shirt and pulling him in towards me as he starts to trail the kisses from my lips down my neck. My breathing is shallow until he loosens his grip on my throat just as my head was starting to blur.

He starts to unbutton my blouse just as his kisses move to my cleavage and I find myself moaning loudly as he bites onto my nipple through the sheer lace fabric of my bra. Fuck.

Why do I have no control around him? This isn’t me. It’s not who I am. I don’t let men have what they want from me but with him it’s like I want to give him anything just so he’ll keep touching me.

Lust. Pure and total lust. There’s a reason it’s one of the deadly sins... and I’m pretty sure this guy is going to be the reason I’ll end up in a torture cell in hell.

“Antonio... we shouldn’t...” But my voice is so breathless all my words become lost in their desire to be heard.

“Amore, I only want to apologise and make it up to you. Let me...”

He takes hold of my skirt and pulls it free of my body, along with my g-string, leaving my bottom half completely exposed to him as he looks down on me with total desire. “You are not one to stay quiet amore but I’m afraid this time I must insist.” Running my lace underwear between his fingers before leaning over and pushing them into my mouth.

The control I give this man... or more precisely the control he takes... it’s such a fucking turn on. I always have to be strong in my day to day life, be the one that has to hold it together but with him he makes me feel like I can completely let go of everything and just be used as I wish.

His strong arm slides under my waist, flipping me onto my front before forcing my legs underneath me onto all fours. I feel his hand put pressure between my shoulder blades to force my front half back down into the mattress.

I can’t see what he’s doing behind me as I balance at the edge of the bed with my face forced into expensive sheets, the smell of cotton lost to the smell of my own arousal as it fills the room.

Antonio drops to his knees and that’s when I feel his tongue slowly trail up between my wet slit, the touch so gentle it’s like being cuddled by a sleeping kitten.

I lose all hope of stopping him, surrendering to his welcome version of an apology.

The feeling is instant as he forces his tongue between them and runs over my clit. A muffled moan coming from my filled mouth as he runs over it in circles, around and around as the tension builds and I find myself forcing my body against him to increase the pressure.

I can feel him smirk against me as I buck my hips in the direction I want him until his strong fingers dug their way into the flesh of them and keep me perfectly still. His tongue moves from that spot just as my moans become louder and I want to reach back there and force him to go right to it again. He moves to the very apex of me and runs his tongue from that point slowly over the length of me, stopping when he gets to my entrance to fuck me with it slowly.

My body becomes undone, every tingle from his touch turning into a spark as I drip all over him. He keeps going, moving in and out of me until I feel myself start to clench in my stomach, moving to continue the trail and denying me my release.

He knows he’s teasing me and driving me wild, his tongue moves from my pussy completely as he continues to lick straight up through my crack, until he reaches my tail bone.

There I no denying this guy is a pro, he knows how to work every inch of a woman’s body and he loves every fucking second of it I can tell.

His tongue moves back to my clit but now he’s ready to let me feel what I desire. There’s so much pressure as he forces his face into me; I can feel his tongue, chin, nose and lips all pushing into my pussy and moving in sync to stimulate every fucking bit of me he can. I scream into the sheets as the build comes so quick, he only increases his pace and I’m not sure it’s humanly possible to be so fucking good at eating a woman out.

It hits, the rising pull of my orgasm hurling me into bliss as wave after wave of pleasure washes over me until my knees can no longer support my quivering thighs and I collapse to the bed.

My hand reaches up and pulls the underwear from my mouth as I gasp for breath but they are quickly forced back in by Antonio. “We are not done amore.”

He flips me so I’m laying on my back once again before taking my wrists and holding them tightly above my head in one hand. “I want to see your face when you cum this time.”

Without warning his hand is between my legs, running his fingers over my sensitive clit before burying three fingers in me deep. There is a shoot of pain which makes me yelp, I wasn’t expecting him to go straight in there like that.

He doesn’t move them out, just letting them stroke at the inside of me and causing a ripple of moans to come from me until he hits the spot that makes a moan become a scream.

There is a glint in his eye as he sees the spark within me ignite under his controlling touch, the drive to do it again too much as he pulls them out then pushes them back in sharply against that spot.

I try to shout his name and tell him to pull back a bit but it’s muffled. “You can take this amore, you must relax. You have taken me, you can take this.”

He repeats the process, pulling out and slamming back in until the pain I once felt dissolves into pure pleasure. As soon as it becomes clear I have grown to what he’s doing he picks up the pace, the once sharp pain now causing screams of delight as he trusts his hand into me without mercy.

My head spins as the sensation of another strong orgasm builds, clouding all my other senses until all I can feel is him.

Antonio is shameless as he lets go of my wrists and stands tall, watching exactly what he’s doing to me intensely and leaving my whole body exposed to him as it starts to shake.

He’s ready to see me finish and his actions become feral, the rough way he’s fucking me becoming animalistic as he powers into me like he’s trying to reach my stomach.

The scream that leaves me matches the beastly action, I feel my juices squirt all over his hand when it crashes through me, the reaction of my body so dramatic I stop having any control over it.

My high continues and so does he until my body cannot clench anymore.

I look up at him and can’t help but smile as he smiles back down at me from his position standing at the bottom of the bed.

“Amore, you were-”

I should’ve heard them but with what was happening there was no chance. Not until I hear the glass of water hit the floor and shatter did I even realise the door had been opened.

Antonio pulls his fingers from me as we both look back at the shaking figure in the doorway.

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