My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 32

Oh shit. I scramble off the bed trying to grab my skirt and pull it on, searching the floor for my underwear only to remember they’re still in my mouth.

Never have I ever before felt embarrassed about sex but right now I’m fucking mortified.

My eyes catch hers and I can see the pain and confusion that’s evident in them. “Helena..”

But she doesn’t even let me say anything before turning to walk back towards the office door.

“STOP!” Antonio’s voice is so dark I even stop pulling my clothes on. He waits for Helena to turn back, now quivering in fear as she steps towards the bedroom. He looks down at her with a look of distain, seeming completely unbothered about the clear upset he is causing her. “It would be in your best interest to keep what you have seen here today to yourself Helena. Do you understand?”

His voice is so void of anything but anger, I’ve never seen him sound like that, I didn’t even know he could.

Helena nods but keeps her eyes glued to the floor, her fingers fiddling with her skirt at her side like she doesn’t know what to do with herself. She’s terrified of him, why?

Antonio’s lips curl up in a smirk, not the nice sexy kind but like he’s a cunning and vicious predator that’s just spotted their next meal. “Good. I believe we have an understanding then Helena... because should I find out you have not kept your word to me today, I shall not be as quick to keep your night-time visits to Christopher’s bedroom a secret from my fiancé any longer.”

Helena’s eyes shoot up to meet Antonio’s and the fear she felt is now dripping from all her pores. “How did you...?”

“You’ll find there is very little that gets past me in this house young lady. I shall not always be so kind with my discretion, remember that.”

I’m not going to just stand here and let him talk to her like that. “Don’t fucking threaten her Antonio. She’s a fucking kid, what kind of man threatens a nineteen year old girl? She isn’t going to say shit, you don’t need to do that.” Seriously, who is this guy?

Antonio spins his head to face me but it’s completely void of its usual charm, I don’t even know if I recognise this man. “I shall do what it takes to protect you amore, if I need to destroy every person in this household to do it then I shall. If she becomes a problem I shall have her removed. I just need her to know the consequences of her actions.”

I shoot daggers at him as I talk through gritted teeth. “She understands... Now fucking go.”

He takes a step closer to me and I try to show no fear, refusing to let my body flinch as he strokes my cheek. His face has now returned to its usual state of beauty but there’s something there now at the back of his eyes, something I’ve never seen or perhaps something I’ve just never noticed before. “I shall see you soon amore.”

I don’t answer. Instead looking at Helena, who I see now has tears in her eyes as Antonio walks past her and slams the office door shut behind him.

Helena doesn’t move, still staring at the floor. I can’t imagine what she thinks of me in this moment but all I want to do is give her a hug. Stepping forward I feel the glass crack beneath my boots, I slowly reach my arms around her in case she just wants to shove me back but she doesn’t, instead falling completely into my embrace and sobbing her heart out.

“Do.. y-you think he’ll... tell Clarisse about me and Chris?” She sobs onto my shoulder, as I move us away from the broken glass and sit at the side of the bed that isn’t soaked in my juices.

I stroke her hair in an attempt to calm her breathing. “No sweetheart, he just... we just didn’t expect to get caught. He’s just covering. I’ll make sure he doesn’t do shit, I swear.” This poor thing can’t stop shaking, she doesn’t even seem to care about what she saw, she’s concerned about Christopher.

We sit there for a while as she composes herself. I know she’s worried about people finding out about her and Christopher but surely people are going too one day? They’re both old enough to walk away and be together even without his mums money, if he cared as much about her as she does about him then wouldn’t he just say fuck it and tell the world about them?

She finally gets her breathing back to a regular pattern. “Brianna, is this a one time thing or are you... involved... with him?”

I honestly don’t know the answer to that question, I wouldn’t characterise what me and Antonio have as ‘involved’ but I can’t say it’s a one time thing either, at this point I can’t even promise it won’t happen again. I wish I could but today has proved how I always crumble my resolve around him. “It’s complicated. I knew him a long time ago, we have history. I’m sorry you saw us like that.”

She nods. “Just be careful Brie, Clarisse isn’t someone to mess with and if she finds out... things could turn out very badly for you. People with this amount of money aren’t tied to the same rules and restraints as the rest of us, trust me.”

I thought she was scared of losing her job or of being away from Christopher but as I look in her eyes I realise most of the fear she feels seems to be for me. “I’ll be okay, I’m used to getting myself out of trouble. Just don’t worry about me okay? You’re too young to get wrinkles.”

She laughs and we have another few minutes of reassuring cuddles before I help her strip the bed and clean up the broken glass. I was grateful it was her that caught us, it felt like a warning – a warning to stay the fuck away from Antonio.

I decided to call it a day, not wanting to risk running into the Italian again so Helena walked me to the door and helped me put my stuff in the car. I glanced up at the house before I left and could swear for a brief moment I saw Clarisse staring down at me from one of the upstairs windows, Helena assured me I must be mistaken because she wasn’t here so I brushed it off as some weird paranoia caused by today’s events and left.

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