My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 33

I was over the fucking moon when Sonya decided to do the meeting with Clarisse herself today, although I’m sure she only did it so they could day drink at the posh bar of the hotel and she could leave me to do all the heavy lifting of the party prep. I’d been on the phone with vendors all bloody day and by the time I got to night school it felt like my head was going to explode from the migraine I had developed.

Nothing Connor said stuck at all, he may as well have been up there speaking French. I didn’t take one single note, just sat staring at him like he was a walking, talking blob with perfect abs.

At the end of class everyone got up to leave but I could feel myself still in a daze, I tried to pack my bag but gave up after the third attempt to put my laptop in the bag so grabbed some pain killers out and took them quick instead.

“Rough day?” Connors pitch perfect voice came from right in front of me, he stood there in his light blue fitted shirt and navy suit trousers, looking effortlessly gorgeous whilst I probably look like a bus ran over me then backed up to make sure it finished the job.

“Yeah, something like that. Rough fucking month actually.” I finally focused enough to pack my bag before searching for my keys but getting no luck. I felt Connor take the bag from me, pulling out my keys and handing them to me.

“You know, you shouldn’t be driving when you’re this distracted. Want me to drop you home or something?”

I shake my head. “No I’m good, I’ll just sit in the car until the pain killers work their magic. I need it for work tomorrow anyway, but thanks.”

He looks down at me. “It’s freezing out, you’re not sitting in your car. I’ve got papers to grade from my day job, I’ll just stay here and do them until you feel good to go.”

Honestly I want to protest but my head is pounding too much to argue. I lay my hands down on the desk and rest my head on top. My eyes suddenly become less sensitive and I realise he’s turned out the lights for me, allowing me to lift my head just in time to see him pass me a bottle of water before turning the seat in front of me around and facing my desk. I guess this is the Dad in him coming out?

“How are you going to grade in the dark?”

He smiles. “Good eye sight.”

I want to laugh. “Oh yeah? Then what’s with the glasses?”

He continues to stare down at the paper in his hand. “They look good on me.” Well I can’t argue with that.

Laying my head back down I feel the pressure that’s been pressing against my frontal lobe start to release, the feeling only growing more pleasant as Connor puts his hand on the back of my exposed neck and starts to massage the tense muscles.

I don’t say a word as he rubs his thumb in circles along the back of my neck and at the bottom of my skull, it feels like fucking heaven. My breath becomes more heavy as I feel the stress starts to leave my body, my words coming out almost as a moan. “Oh god, please don’t stop doing that.”

He chuckles, lowering the essay he was reading and adding his other hand so he’s now massaging my shoulders whilst the weight of my head is still bared by the table in front of me.

So turns out this guy isn’t just good with his tongue, his hands are fucking masterful too. My hands slip out from under me, lowering my forehead completely to the desk and embracing the cold surface of the table. I don’t know why I do it, my body reacting on instinct as my arms reach out and take hold of the front of his shirt, pulling him closer as he continues to soothe me.

There’s definitely something about touching this guy, my fingers lock onto the buttons of his shirt as he continues to smooth over my exposed shoulders and it’s like I want to feel him on every part of me right now. My fingers poke through the buttons of his shirt and graze against the skin of his chest before I even realise what I’m doing.

His skin is smooth and soft, his scent so strong I want to lick him just to taste it. All the tension I felt earlier now completely eliminated as he slows and I lift my head from the desk to face him. I hadn’t realised I’d pulled him so close, as I open my eyes his are right in front of me.

Our lips sit at the same level, his own breath tickling them as he lets out a deep exhale whilst staring at me. I swear to god I try not to but my whore eyes can’t help but glance down at his own, those plump pink masterful lips of his just sitting there waiting to be kissed, licked and bitten.

Why did he have to have those lips? Why did he have to have those fucking eyes? As I move my gaze back to them it’s almost like they’re glowing as they take me in.

I love how we flirt, in fact I really love being around him but I know he loves this job and I won’t be like Antonio, I won’t risk it for him. I let myself have one last glance at them and I see a quiver of hesitation there. He’s thinking the same thing I am, but we both know we can’t.

Deciding to be the stronger person I pull back, letting go of his shirt and instantly regretting it as his heat leaves me.

He seems to snap out of his trance too as he shakes whatever images he’d built up free from his head. “So are we good for Saturday?”

Saturday? Connor reads my confusion and points to a chart on the board that shows our appointments to discuss our essays. I guess that’s what he was talking about over there, I was so out of it anything he said at that point sounded like his voice was coming up from underwater.

“Shit, I’m on Saturday? Fuck.”

He smiles. “Sorry, I’d move you but every other slot has been confirmed now... you got a date or something?”

I fucking wish. “No, my best friend is having a barbecue. She’s finally telling her family she’s preg-” I stop myself but I realise it’s a little bit late for that, shit. I guess he doesn’t actually know Al so it’s not like he’s going to tell anyone.

Connor smiles at me. “Ah okay, well you were in at twelve... the first appointment is at ten but if you come in at nine I can see you then instead if that’s good? Although I’d appreciate you not telling everyone else about me giving you special treatment...”

Smirking I grab my bag from the floor and take my keys back from the desk. “That’d be great thanks... don’t worry, it’s not like you haven’t given me VERY special treatment before, is it?”

He lowers his eyes to the desk but the wide smirk on his face matches my own. “What can I say? You’re a very special student.”

I try not to look back at him as I step to the door. “Good night Professor good boy.”

There’s a small whisper that comes from his lips bit I don’t catch it, knowing I need to run from this place before I go back in there and let him do me ragged against the desk.
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