My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 34

Walking into the house I could see the hallway light on, I’d turned everything off before I left and told Granny I wouldn’t be back until late when I tucked her in. I was supposed to meet up with Al after class but she’d text to say she was exhausted so could we see each other Friday instead.

It was hard for them being back, they’d been living just the two of them for a few months and now they were back in the pool house they weren’t really getting any time alone, so I knew exhausted was code for ‘Tara and Cole are busy with May so now we can actually fuck loudly without being interrupted.’

As I stepped into the house I could hear grunts and moans coming from upstairs, if I didn’t now better I’d assume Jayce and Al were back to using this place as their little love shack. I threw my stuff down on the couch and bombed it up the stairs, terrified something was going on with Granny.

I swung open the bedroom door ready to spring into action but it seemed someone ready had!

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” My eyes! My fucking eyes will never recover from this!

There laying under the sheets is Granny... and she’s not alone... Holy shit, I know him. “Pastor Jones?”

Granny looks like she wants to die and quite frankly so does he. I don’t know whether I should laugh, cry, close the door and pretend I never saw this or just stay in a shower and never fucking come out because nothing will ever make me feel clean again.

“Brianna... I can explain.”

I fold my arms over my chest as they both pull the blankets up to their chins like teenagers being caught by their mum. “Actually Granny it looks quite self-explanatory. How long has this been going on young lady?”

Granny fiddles with the comforter between her fingers. “Six months.”

She is shitting me. “SIX MONTHS?! HOW THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING THIS FOR SIX MONTHS?!” Well I guess I inherited my ability to hide men in this house from her then.

Pastor Jones has to be at least fifteen years younger than her and he’s known me since I was born! This is so fucking weird.

I turn as Granny makes to get out of the bed and allow them some time to get themselves together as I go downstairs and turn on the kettle, no matter how tired I am this is a situation that needs coffee.

Pulling down the decaf I set up three mugs. They finally follow down the staircase but head straight for the front door.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to stay Gloria? Family resolution is kind of part of the job.” He jokes. I turn back just to see him place a delicate kiss on her cheek and she giggles, like actually giggles. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that woman giggle.

“No Peter, I feel this is something for me to do alone.” He nods, giving me a small smile before walking out of the house.

I make up the coffee and take her hers first before settling down in the chair opposite where she sits.

“So I guess that’s why you had my lipstick...”

Her lips are graced with a gentle smile. “Brianna, I’m terribly sorry you found out that way. I hope you do not think any less of me girl. I understand we are not married but we are far too old for all that rubbish now-”

I cut her off. “Granny you know I don’t care about all that crap, I just hate you didn’t feel like you couldn’t tell me. Or May. We just want you to be happy! Plus I’m baffled as to how you managed to keep it a secret from us anyhow.”

“Oh I still have some tricks up my sleeve for an old girl.” That’s definitely where I get it from then. “It started innocently enough, there was very little to tell you girls. We were working on the book drive like I do every year and little things kept happening. When I got sick a few months ago again he came here to see me, he was very kind. We just found ourselves in a position we did not expect.”

She takes a deep breath, I have a feeling there is more she wishes to share but doesn’t know how to word it. “My first husband, your grandfather, was not a good man Brianna. He was very unkind to me. After he left I made a vow to myself never to let another man into my heart and for thirty-eight strong years I kept that vow. Never once feeling any need to waver. I am sixty-two years old Brianna and for the first time I think... I think I may have found love... For a woman in my position that is completely terrifying. I hope you understand I did not keep this from you girls because if you, but because I needed to be okay with it first.”

I knew my grandfather had not been good to her, she still had the belt scars on her back to prove it. It played a huge role in why I never trusted men, she was so strong and never needed anyone else to complete her. Now I realise she still doesn’t, she now just wants someone special.

“Granny, I love you. We both do. You are the most worthy person on this planet to have someone love you like that... Don’t hide things from me. I want him to come here, to have dinner with us and be a part of our lives if that’s what would make you happy. You deserve all of this.”

Her gentle smile grows. “I would like that very much Brianna... now come on, it’s late. I don’t want that evil woman complaining that you’re late because of me.”

I help her up and guide her towards the staircase. “Maybe we should start saving though, if he keeps going at you like that you’re going to need a new hip.”

Her hand smacks across the back of my head and I can’t help but laugh. “Brianna! You will not talk about things like that. I will have you know he is a very gentle man and that is the last we shall speak of about this subject, do you understand me?”

Chuckling I settle her back in her room. “Yes Granny.” Getting close enough to the door I know she can’t catch me I turn back to her. “You dirty wench.”

Slamming the door shut quickly her slipper hits the wood and I scurry back to my room as fast as I can, laughing my head off and locking the door before she decides to come get payback.

Throwing myself down on the bed I can’t stop smiling. If someone like Granny can finally let her guard down to love someone, maybe there is hope for me yet.
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