My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 35

This job was getting beyond a joke. I’d been here so late every night this week I swear I could see the sun starting to rise when I got home. I’d even had to miss class Thursday evening, I messaged Connor to explain and he’d graciously sent me the notes on what I’d missed. I guess having slept with the professor does have its perks...

Friday afternoon nobody here had anything left to give. I watched the clock clicking down to six and prayed to god Sonya didn’t decide to come back today and stop me leaving.

The news from the Vanderbilt estate had been non-existent. Clarisse had sent a few emails but nothing out of the ordinary. Helena had text to say there was definitely tension in the air there, so bad in fact she’d booked a few days off just to escape the place.

I made sure Antonio wasn’t bothering her but she said she hadn’t even seen him, apparently he was out of town on business for the week. I had never actually asked what Antonio did now, but to be honest I wasn’t even sure I wanted to know. Something about the way he acted with her, it made me feel like there was a lot more to him than I realised and I wasn’t sure it was a darkness I actually wanted to explore.

The clock finally hit six and I don’t know which one of us moved faster, me or bad fake nails over there. Sonya had been viscous to me but she’d been downright cruel to her, I think she was making clear which one of us was the most replaceable and I could tell the girl was feeling the strain.

May was listening to music so loud I wasn’t sure how she could even let herself think as I walked into the house. With the barbecue this weekend she wanted to crash at the Manor, I felt at this point she was there more than she was here anyway but I wasn’t going to stop her. I walked up into her room to find her laying on the bed, ass in the air as she drew in her book whilst still only wearing one sock.

“Pumpkin, you know Jayce is going to be here in like five minutes to pick you up?”

She nods. “I just want to get this finished for him.”

I walked over and glanced down at the page. May had began drawing to cope with her ADHD, it seemed to calm and focus her. It was actually Jayce’s idea, even when he was still moody and grumpy before him and Al finally got back together he still made an effort with her. Even the art set she was using right now was one he’d bought her.

On the page was a beautiful sunset, overlooking some rolling hills. Sitting on one of the hills were a load of little stick figures, some sitting having a picnic and others running around playing. It was really lovely.

“That’s beautiful babe, he’ll love it. Is that all of you guys?”

She nods. “It’s all of us too. Me, you, Granny, Leah, Jayce, Milo, Cole and Tara... We’re one family now... aren’t we?”

This precious little girl. She has been robbed of so much, her spunky little attitude makes the world believe she doesn’t let it all affect her but I know it does. “Of course we are hun. What makes you say that?”

She fiddles with her pen, putting it down and staring at the image in front of her. “One of the boys in school said that Jayce couldn’t be my brother, or Milo. He said I was making it up for attention because if they were my brothers we’d be the same colour and live in the same house...”

What the fuck? I swear I hate other people’s fucking kids.

I scoot her over and pull her into my arms. “You listen here. Family is Family. No matter the shape or size or fucking DNA. Family is always Family. Me, Jayce and Milo are your family by blood, Al, Tara and Cole are your family by choice. It doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference okay? If some stupid, ignorant, shit-for-brains kid wants to say stuff like that to you then let me fucking deal with them? Want me to call the school and get a meeting?”

She shakes her head. “I threatened to shove my pencil through his eye and he left me alone, I think I’m good.”

I love this kid.

The front door swings open and I hear Al’s voice carrying up the stairs. “You get this finished and get dressed pumpkin. I’ll go see them downstairs.” Giving her another squeeze.

Walking down I could see Al was already looking annoyed. “Everything okay?”

Her head whips to me on the staircase. “Talk to him! He practically attacked this poor guy at the hospital for no good reason!”

Jayce huffs. “No good reason? The bloke was drooling over you then asked you to take off your underwear!”

She gestures her arms in the air dramatically. “He's a gynaecologist Jayce! It was his bloody job!”

Jayce throws himself down on the couch. “Well he didn't need to look so fucking happy about it...”

Al leans her head against my chest and I try my best not to laugh. “This is going to be a fucking long five months if he keeps this up..”

Stroking the back of her head I see the smirk on Jayce’s face, he can’t help being protective in general but with her pregnant he’s just going to get a hundred times worse.

“Okay Romeo, I think I need a night with my girl and you need to take a chill pill. I’ll bring her back in the morning before I go in for this class meeting thing.”

His head pops up over the couch. “Oh I don’t think she should stay-” He’s cut off as Al raises her head to glare at him, I’m guessing this over protective thing is getting to her too and she’s gone full scary mama bear as he sinks himself back down out of sight of her. “Yeah Brie that’s a really good idea... My dick could use the break from her constant hormonal pounding of me anyway.”

Oh this dude has a death wish.

She starts hurling cushions at him as he swipes them away, only making her more angry. Just as I think she’s about to claw his pretty blue eyes straight out of his head he grabs hold of her waist and pulls her into his lap, kissing her with so much passion she forgets she was even mad to begin with.

These bloody two... They’re going to be amazing parents but they’d better get a grip on the p.d.a. before this kid comes along because otherwise half of Jayce’s yearly bonus is going to be going on therapy for the poor thing.

“Okay you two break it up.” I squeeze between them onto the couch. “Romeo I need you to do me a favour, May’s been getting some crap in school about you not really being her brother – apparently some kid noticed you don’t exactly look alike and-”

Apparently Jayce’s protection doesn’t just extend to Aleah. His whole body shifts towards me. “They said fucking what to her?! Tell me who this kid is. No better, tell me who his fucking father is so I can go beat the crap out of him.”

I can hear Al chuckling next to me and I don’t know why I didn’t realise this would be his exact reaction. “Chill Rambo, she took care of that bit. Just spend some time with her tonight? I think she needs her big brother right now. Milo is over at the Junior high school now so she doesn’t have him there to back her up and she’s feeling it.”

Jayce nods but I can still see the plan brewing in the back of his mind and I’m not sure I want to know what it is.


“Bitch move the fuck over! You don’t have a big bump yet so stop taking up half the bed!”

So mine and Al’s night mostly consisted of too much ice-cream, watching the breakfast club too many times, making fun of Granny on the couch with lover boy and of course, having far too intimate gossips about our love lives.

“It’s my fucking bed Brianna! You need to get your fine ass dressed anyway, sexy green eyes will be waiting for you.” Her little eyebrows wiggling.

Can you hit a pregnant woman if she’s being particularly annoying in the morning?

“Al don’t, its hard enough for me to keep that shit out of my head without you reminding me! He’s too much of a good boy hun, he probably wants a wife and a picket fence. We both know that isn’t me.”

Al rolls her eyes. “Babe, he fucked you senseless on a picnic bench in the middle of an open park. I’m not sure he’s the good boy you think he is... plus you wouldn’t be risking your job with that one...”

She was worried, she knew how hard I’d worked but it came from a place of love. She’d never judge me. “No but I’d be risking his. He’s got a kid babe, a kid! We both know that isn’t me either. I don’t want what either of them have to offer, Antonio will only break me and I’ll only break Connor. This is why I never see the same guy twice! It’s too bloody complicated if you do. From now on I’m just going to be in Brie-mode, fuck and leave.”

I dig through my closet and pull out the outfit I had planned for the party later, if I wear it to see Connor I can go straight to the Manor afterwards.

I pull the white knitted-effect mini skirt and matching long sleeve crop top on, making sure not to ruin the curls it just took me 45 minutes to dry. I keep my make up chilled and natural, only adding a solid wing liner for a touch of drama. I can always add more later.

Tying up the wrap around wedge heels there’s an overwhelming sense of nostalgia, the crisscross of the ropes up my legs mirroring the way I always wore my ballet slippers.

Losing dance meant I lost a part of me too, it’s impossible for someone without a passion to understand but it was almost like suffering a death. I mourned it along with Harley, something that had been a part of me being torn away. I just couldn’t face the studio after him, I know he’d slap me upside my head for not going back... but he wasn’t here, I had to deal with this myself.

Dropping Al back to the Manor we laughed and sang along with the music, it reminded me of all the times we’d drive to school together again. This was turning into a sentimental kind of day and I needed it to stop, I always got this way the closer we got to the anniversary of the shooting...

Connor had arranged to meet us all in the office next to our usual classroom, the halls were so quiet with it being a Saturday it made the place seem much more eerie than I’d ever seen it before. Have you ever had an irrationally fear that the zombie apocalypse has started but you just haven’t realised yet? Then you find yourself looking around and convincing yourself that they’re definitely around a corner waiting for you?

That is the only explanation I have for almost smashing Connor in the face when he suddenly opened the door next to me, my fist an inch from his face before I realised who he was.

He threw his arms up in surrender with a smirk and I heard the most precious little giggling coming from the staff room behind him.

“Don’t sneak up on people like that!” But he just laughs, I look around the corner at Hope, who is currently pouting with her arms crossed sitting on the seat.

His eyes fall to my ass as I lean past him to wave to her, he tries to look away but I catch him, making him go all tomato. “Sorry, I just wanted to tell you we’ve had to move to this room, you didn’t respond to the group message I sent out last night to tell you.”

Ah shit, I hadn’t checked my phone a lot after being able to actually catch up with Al. “Sorry, I had a friend stay over. What’s up with little miss?”

Connor looks slightly uncomfortable and I realise I didn’t explain it was a girl mate, not that it matters, right? He pulls himself back. “She’s mad she’s here. Her Grandmother was supposed to take her for a few hours but she can’t get her until one and-”

Hope cuts him off, shouting and signing emphatically. “And then she wants me to stay quiet in my room whilst she has a tea party with lots of old people! I’m bored just thinking about it!”

Well the kid wasn’t wrong, q party with only old rich white people sounds like my idea of hell too.

Connor walks over to crouch down in front of her, making sure to sign gently. “Princess, I’ll come get you as soon as I’m done here. If I had any other options than keeping you here you know I would.”

Her little eyes look so fucking sad, I didn’t even want to come here on a Saturday and my grades depend on it, I don’t even know how she must be feeling. “I can take her with me if she wants?”

Connor spins to look at me, Hope realising I must of said something and signing. ‘What did you say?’

I go sit down on the couch next to her. “My friend is having a barbecue with her family today, my little sister will be there and her brother. If you want to come you can, there’s loads to do there and you won’t ever get bored with May around.” I turn back to Connor. “If your Dad is okay with that of course.”

Hope starts jumping up and down on the seat, before crashing down onto my lap and giving those puppy dog eyes to her father. “Please Dad! Please can I go?! Please!”

Connor looks up at the both of us, I can see the debate going on behind his eyes. “Are you sure about this? I mean... how many kids have you taken care of?”

Fair question, I’m not sure how much I’ve ever even told him about May. “I’ve had shared custody of my baby sister from the day she was born and I’ve been taking care of classes full of dance kids by myself since I was fourteen. Trust me, this little cutie is probably the easiest kid I’ll ever have to look after.”

He rises to his feet, looking down at us both as Hope looks at me and I match her little puppy dog eyes as we glance back at him. Connor runs his hands over his face before leaning back down to look at Hope. “Best behaviour?”

She nods with the biggest smile on her face before wrapping her arms around his neck. He looks back at me whilst holding her. “You two are kind of hard to say no to together, I didn’t realise so many women had power over me.”

I laugh and stand up to stroke the hair out of Hopes face as she sits merrily in his arms. “Clearly only the beautiful one’s.” I state looking down at her.

The breath of Connors next words hit my cheek drawing my attention back to him. “Definitely the beautiful ones.” My eyes meeting his.
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