My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 4

Sonya and me were travelling back to the office, she was all full of excitement about this project. Of course that was easy for her, she would just get to take the credit, all the hard work would be mine to do.

You could tell a lot about people by the food they ate I always found. For instance I knew this new guy of Clarisse’s must be European, his favourite choices were things like mussels and tiramisu. Definitely not something people local to this area would pick.

I spent the rest of the day sorting through the notes I’d made and creating the binders Sonya was fond of when it came to planning these kind of events. By six it was time for me to pack up and I was wiped, I text Kallie to see if she wanted to meet at mine instead of the cafe. I just wanted out of my clothes and into a boiling hot shower before burying myself in bed.

I’d just pulled into the drive when my phone started ringing, I looked to see who it was and answered it straight away.


Her gentle chuckle came down the line. “Hello to you too! I’m good, we’re somewhere off the coast of **static** it’s beautiful here! I miss you girl! Can’t you just fly out and meet us for a few days? It could be weeks before we’re back and I miss your beautiful face.”

She was happy. Her precious little voice full of life.

“I’d love too babe but I’ve just taken on the project of my life, I can’t leave right now. That man of yours taking care of you for me or do I need to drown his ass?”

I can hear Jayce mumbling something incoherent in the background that I’m sure I’d slap him for in person.

“He’s good, amazing actually. You know he always takes care of me.” I can practically hear his arms circling around her, probably holding her close to that giant perfectly carved chest of his. They were sickeningly cute together.

“Good, come back soon okay? I need you girl, I may not be the orgasm giving machine that boy is but you must still have a use for me.”

She’s chuckling again, the kind of chuckle she only gives when his lips are on her neck and I know it’s time to go.

“Always! I’ll call you soon beaut. Love you.”

“I love you too.”

Fuck. I really missed her.

Kallie was already inside when I got there, helping May with her homework while Granny cooked.

“Honey I’m home!” I dump everything down in the hallway closet and roll out my neck, it’s been a long 24hours and I didn’t even get to start it with the good fuck I was hoping for.

I start stirring the sauce on the hob, adding a pinch of salt.

“Brianna! That did not need salt!” Granny howled from behind me. I think the woman is losing her touch because it definitely did, not that I would ever tell her that.

May runs off to her room and Kallie follows me to mine.

“You better today beaut?” I ask starting to strip out of my work wear, this ass was not built to be contained by a damn pencil skirt.

She nods but the smile she’s trying to fake is already starting to shake. The poor thing has barely stopped crying since Drew left, I honestly thought those two would go the distance, childhood sweethearts who end up with a picket fence and 2.4 bratty little kids. It still didn’t make sense to me that he would leave her this way.

I pulled myself onto the bed next to her and let her cry it out, she was truly heartbroken and it was another reminder as to why I will never allow myself to get attached to a guy, this shit just isn’t worth it.

I never knew who my father was so I couldn’t even blame my lack of trust in men on Daddy issues, it was just my own experience. My grandfather had been a useless shit too, left Granny for some hussy he met down the bingo hall when she was still pregnant with my mum.

Granny was by far the greatest person I’ve ever met, there’s not a single human on this planet stronger than her. She raised me and May despite having nothing but we still never went without food or clothing, we were kept warm and loved, what more could we ask for?

She’d always supported everything we did, never complaining about having to get four different buses just to get me to a dance contest or working extra shifts so May could get a new ballet kit. She was Wonder Woman and just made it all happen, without anyone to support her.. Well she had a brother once but we don’t talk about that...

When she got sick I took over, she’s better now but taking care of May is still a full time job so it doesn’t stop me worrying.

I fill Kallie up on cookies and let her cry until she passes out, good thing I never had Al’s bed taken out of here because I feel like this poor girl is definitely going to need it over the next few weeks.

Tomorrow it was time to meet Mr Mystery and I just hoped he had lots of fit millionaire friends coming to this thing.. with really big cocks...

Sonya sent me text messages all night so this morning I was really not looking my best, nothing a good concealer and decent cup of coffee can’t fix but still. It was a reminder these next two months weren’t mine, I was at her disposal to use as she wishes.

Think of the money Brie, always think of the money.

“You look tired Brianna, you should get more sleep.” Sonya remarks as we pack everything up to meet our new clients at their mansion.

Well yeah because you fucking kept me up all night you bloody insufferable wench. “Sure Sonya, I’ll get right on that.”

I’d already talked Josh and Kallie into coming out with me tonight, I needed a drink already and I hadn’t even got to this meeting yet. Tomorrow evening is my first night class and I was bricking it for that too, school wasn’t something I was ever particularly good at but if I wanted to get out of events and into P.R. I needed something that made me a bit more qualified than just having a killer ass and quick wit.

I always thought I’d dance for the rest of my youth then teach full time when everything started to droop but not anymore, not since Harley. I hadn’t even taken a step inside the dance studio since the day he died, the closest thing I had to a showcase now was on the Friday night dance floor.

Helena answered the door and gave me that cute smile of hers, maybe I should see if she wants to come tonight? I bet she doesn’t get much opportunity to get out and hang with the regular folks working in a place like this. I’ll see if I can catch her before I leave.

“Ms Vanderbilt is in the lounge, if you’d like to follow me. She’s also set aside one of the upstairs offices for all the people working on the event to use when they’re here if you’d like to leave anything?”

Sonya barely glanced at Helena as she searched for the face of Clarisse’s new beau. She was dying to be the first to see him and get the rumour mill working with her in charge of the spin.

“Brianna, you follow the maid to the office and leave the folder copies, I know my way to the lounge. Don’t forget to make yourself at home girl, you’ll hardly be leaving this place soon.”

I want to roll my eyes, hard. Sonya was always more than happy to make me be the one that has to stay. On a party prep last month I ended up in a bloody cabin on my own with no Wi-Fi for two days because we had a client who wanted pictures of exactly how it would look in all different lights at different times on different days! Bloody rich people...

I follow Helena up to what I expected to be a small room with a desk maybe but nope. It was huge, multiple large wooden desks with shelving all around, two large sofas sitting in the middle and two doors that lead to a bathroom and a guest bedroom.

“Shit, she actually expects people to have to sleep here?” I ask staring at the giant four poster bed in the adjoining room.

Helena laughs. “Most of the staff have learnt over the years that Clarisse isn’t great at realising people have a life outside of the job they’re doing for her. When you’re still here at four in the morning with her screaming about the different shades of napkin holders you’ll appreciate the bed, trust me.”

I make a mental note to throw an overnight bag in my car in case I end up falling victim to this slave driver.

Helena helps me put all the bits I don’t need straight away onto the shelves before we start walking back down. “Hey, me and some friends are going to that bar Wood’s by the night school tonight if you fancy it?”

She smiles at me like she’s never been asked to a bar before in her life. “Um yeah that would be lovely, I’m finishing at eight but I can meet you there after? Unless it’s one of those over 21 places only because I’m not quite..”

I wave my hand at her. “It’s all good, bouncers a friend of mine. Well less friend more guy I occasionally go home with when all other options have been exhausted. He’s not going to card you. You live on the corner by Sabrina right? I gave your mum a lift home once after one of the meetings. I’ll pick you up at nine?”

There’s an extra little pip in her step as she points me towards the lounge before jetting off to the kitchen.

Walking towards the open doors I can see Clarisse and Sonya deep in conversation, Sonya’s eyes glued to the man sitting next to Clarisse. Mr mystery I take it.

The back of his head is a mess of gorgeous dark brown hair but that fine fitting suit is making up for it. He’s built and I can see his biceps fighting to get out of his jacket as he places the glass he’s holding back on the table.

“Ah here she is, the woman of the hour. This is-”

Mr Mystery turns to face me and I freeze, as does he. Okay not so much of a fucking mystery then...

His thick Italian accent filling the room. “Destiny?”

Holy fuck.


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