My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 41

Pulling into the drive I can see the living room light still on, so hopefully Ma hasn’t fallen asleep on the couch again. I keep telling her to crash in the guest room if she’s tired but she never listens to me, I’m just her annoying ex-son-in-law who apparently nags too much but she still loves me dearly.

Walking in I see her scrubbing paintbrushes in the sink. “She sleeping already?”

Despite her once long brown hair now being a soft grey, she still bares such a striking resemblance to Meg it throws me sometimes.

Smiling her lovely warming smile she nods. “Yeah, about ten minutes ago. Not before she roped me into painting at least five unicorns for the bedroom wall, I’ve left them to dry on her desk so me careful. You’re back late?”

I put my briefcase down on the couch before taking the brushes from her and continuing the cleaning process. “One of my students weren’t feeling well, had to stay with her until she felt up to driving home. Sorry I kept you, did you want to shoot off? I’ve got this.”

Putting her shoes back on she hesitates, sitting down on the couch. “Connor... I need to talk to you about something actually.”

Well that tone never leads to anything good.

I finish the brushes and turn on the kettle before leaning against the counter, waiting for her to answer.

She rises to her feet before perching on the arm of the couch to face me, sorrow in her eyes. “Megs getting married.”

Okay, not exactly what I was expecting but not entirely surprising. We’ve been divorced for over three years, she was going to move on eventually.

She continues. “She called earlier today, I didn’t even recognise the number because it’s been months since I spoke to her last. I’m guessing by your face you didn’t know and she hasn’t been in touch to tell Hope either?”

I shake my head. She never calls Hope, in three years I think she’s called four times, most of them more to gloat to me where in the world her latest sugar daddy had taken her more than to actually speak to her daughter.

Hope doesn’t even recognise her in photographs anymore. I’d had one framed and kept in her room since the day Meg left but I noticed a few months ago it was gone, I didn’t pry. It was Hope’s decision what she wanted to look at, not mine.

“I told her to call you Connor, Hope deserves to know. This guy she’s marrying seems older but she talked like they’re still planning on starting a family... I’d hoped it would make her want to have Hope be a part of it. I know she’s my daughter but we both know when it comes to Hope, she never lived up to her potential as a mother. Maybe things could be different now... Although a part of me broke when she told me, I’d always prayed in the back of my mind that you two would work it out. You were always so good for her Connor.”

Yeah I was good for her, not the other way around. Meg broke me when she left, but in many ways it was for the best, after what happened I had no choice. The Meg I was in love with left a long time before the thing that now walks around in her body did.

Meg was so different when we met, she was sweet and naive. There was something about her that just made you want to take care of her, she had so much vulnerability. When we got married everyone kept telling us we were too young but we’d just laugh because we knew what we had was true and special, they just didn’t understand.

I don’t know when the switch flipped, it wasn’t overnight, it was subtle. Tiny things here and there that just grew until she became unrecognisable to me. The day we found out we were having Hope I was overjoyed, but she acted like her world was ending. There were times after she was born where she would look at Hope like she was something to be revolted by, like she was this little human sent to ruin all her fun.

Then she did what she did...

Hope lost her hearing and Meg lost whatever little compassion she had left towards her daughter. I told her I thought it were best she leave and she did, with a smile.

Now we’re nearly four years later and she’s thinking about doing it all over again? To another poor child? Hopefully she’s learnt her fucking lesson.

“Thanks for telling me but it doesn’t really affect us, you know she’s never coming around to Hope Ma, if it was going to happen it would’ve happened by now.” I step forward, pulling her into a hug. “She’s got the people who love her, she doesn’t need anybody else... now you go home. Are you still good for Saturday?”

Her face drops, she forgot again. The woman has a memory like a sieve. “Oh Connor, I’m so sorry I forgot. I’ve got a thing then a luncheon, I could pick her up after the meeting at one? She’d have to stay in her room whilst we’re doing the food but I’ll get in some new colouring books to keep her busy?”

I nod even though I know Hope’s going to hate that, I don’t have much choice, she can’t really go anywhere else.

Deciding to ditch the idea of coffee I go check on Hope then go straight to bed instead, stripping out of my clothes I can’t even be bothered to shower before jumping into the sheets.

My mind races with everything I already had to do this week, without all this other stuff added to it. Meg getting married isn’t an issue though, if anything I feel sorry for the poor guy she’s tricked into marrying her.

I’ve found over the last few weeks when my mind gets like this there’s always one thing I can do that seems to calm and focus me. Laying my head deep into the pillow I let my lids fall shut, as I picture those perfect deep chocolate eyes...


‘Dad was Brie in class tonight? Was her hair still pretty?’ Hope signs through her mouthful of late night toast. She was still awake when I got home tonight and was apparently starving.

I’d be lying if I said my heart didn’t drop a touch when Brianna messaged to say she wouldn’t be in class, I got the impression that slave owner she calls a boss was riding her ruthlessly at the moment...

Fuck, now I’m thinking about riding her ruthlessly...

‘Dad?!’ Hope waves her hands in front of my face and pulls me back into reality.

“Sorry little miss, lots on my mind. No she wasn’t in today... you really like her huh?” She nods whilst shovelling the last bit of toast into her mouth.

‘Yeah, she’s funny and pretty and can colour good and she makes you let me have McDonald’s, I think she’s perfect!’

Can’t deny the girl when she’s right.

Scooping her up into my arms I carry her little frame back to her bed, settling her down after making her brush her teeth whilst letting her pick a story. As always, she goes straight for Beauty and the Beast.

“This is why I don’t let you pick, I know this one so well I don’t even need the words in front of me to tell it anymore.” I complain. She just smiles up at me, her arms holding Mr Snuggles tight as she settles under the covers.

I’m barely three pages in when her little eyes start to drop, her hand still firmly placed to my chest so the vibrations tell her I’m still reading. As I get to the end her tiny fingers fall to the mattress and I can’t help but sit there a few minutes longer just looking at her.

There’s so little of her mum in her, from the day she was born she’s been all me. I can see my sister in her eyes and my mum in her hair, but her heart – that’s something of her own creation.

I think most people try to be good, but she does it without effort. She’s a completely pure soul... So how can Meg still not want her?

Moving the curls threatening to fall in front of her eyes behind her ear, I lean down and kids her head. She is my everything, there is nothing I’m prouder of in this world than I am of being able to call myself her Dad. She’s made my whole life worth living.

Laying out all the essays I need marked before Saturday I come across my favourite name. Reading through I’m actually impressed, she really gets it. She doesn’t have the same confidence in her writing that she presents in person but we can work on that. In some ways I’m glad Hope will be with me Saturday, it’s hard enough being in a classroom full of students with Brie never mind getting an hour all to myself with her.

I’d made sure to keep my notes from today’s session and uploaded them to her student server so she wouldn’t fall behind. Just as I’m about to lose myself to sports centre for an hour before crashing my phone goes off.

‘Brianna Parker – Thanks Professor good body, I’ll make sure to get caught up before Tuesday.’

I want to laugh just as another message comes through.

‘Shit, meant Professor good boy. Although I guess both suit you 😉 I’m typing under the desk and risking the wrath of the she-devil herself to talk to you so you’d better not be giggling at my typos!’

Well now I am. It’s like ten, why is she still in work? Does that woman ever let her go home?

Although it is fucking cute she’s risking getting in trouble just to talk to me... Fuck, what do I say? I swear I spend half my time talking to her just erasing and re-writing my messages so I don’t sound like a love sick teenager with a crush on the hottest girl in school.

‘You’re welcome... Any signs of you getting free of her clutches anytime soon? You need sleep.’

Oh god, I sound like a Dad. I mean I am a Dad but Dad’s aren’t sexy... shit I should’ve said something else... I sit staring at the screen, convinced I’ve scared her away until I hear it ping again and open it immediately.

‘Doubt it, didn’t get out of here until one this morning and was back in at six 😴 Although I guess if I get another late night headache you could always give me another one of those massages...’

Shit. Okay Connor be cool, you know how to flirt with women. Stop being such a dick around her...

‘Anytime gorgeous...’

Okay, that’s okay, it’s short and calm. Send it.. Oh shit what if it’s too short? Ah what if she doesn’t respond now and thinks the conversations over? Umm okay send something else too.

‘Anything else I can do to make your night better?’

Jesus Connor could you sound like any more of a fucking perv? What’s she going to say? Yes, please come here and fuck me until I forget my own name just like you do every night in your dreams? Man you need to get a grip-

‘You could keep texting and entertain me? 😉’

This girl is going to be the death of me...

We talk until the early hours, never running out if things to say. She’s not only the easiest person to talk and flirt with, but I think she might be the funniest girl I’ve ever met. Once she started sending me photos of drawings she’d done of all the different ways she was going to kill her boss I was done for.

Finally she escaped, sending me a photo of her now safe in her bed and ready to sleep. I look at the image, my thumb caressing over her happy makeup free face as she smiles up at me. She knows she’s gorgeous, but she doesn’t realise that it’s her soul shining through her eyes that makes me want to melt into a puddle.

I look at the empty pillow next to her in her bed, one that I would give anything to find myself laying on right now.

She says she’s not that girl, not the girl that wants a guy to cuddle her and hold her but I think deep down she’s just terrified. She’s terrified what letting someone see that part of her would do to her, how it could change her.

I don’t want to change her, I wouldn’t swap a curl on her head. That day she left my classroom after her headache a whisper left my lips, a whisper I didn’t even mean to let out but the words passed over my tongue and a realisation hit me with them.

“One day Brianna Parker, you’re going to fall in love with me.”

Looking at this photo of her now I know – Fuck the consequences, no matter the cost. I want to let that happen, I want to be the one for her.
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