My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 42


Connors lips meet mine and the spark is ignited instantly. Fuck I forgot what a good kisser he is! His lips are so soft, the pressure against my own perfect as his hand runs from my hair down to the back of my neck and holds my lips where he wants them.

I think I may have underestimated this guys need for dominance... his body pushes against mine and it’s time to remind him who the damn boss is here!

Grabbing his hips roughly I push him back until he lands on the bench behind him, my lips never leaving his as I climb straight onto his lap with my legs either side of his thighs.

Okay good boy, let’s see what I can do to you...

Sucking his bottom lip into my mouth I bite down gently, his eyes shoot open just in time to see me smirking at him. He doesn’t break eye contact as his hands take hold of my ass and squeezes it, roughly enough to make me yelp and let go of his lip.

“You shouldn’t start things you can’t finish Brianna...” His deep voice whispering in my ear before he nibbles on the lobe.

Oh bitch, there ain’t nothing that I can’t finish.

Just as I’m ready to turn into an animal and rip this guy in half, I catch his eyes. The way he’s looking at me, the glow of the emerald in his orbs. It’s not just lust... it’s something else.

My grip on him loosens, as does his on me. Suddenly the raw animal desire is gone as our lips meet gently, the nails I was ready to drag through his flesh now just want to lightly graze the skin, as his palms smooth over my exposed back.

Sliding his fingers under the back of my crop top he touches me deliberately and delicately, letting his senses absorb me as our kiss melts into one of passion whilst he holds me safely in his arms.

No-one has ever touched me like this, there’s still need there but it’s not raw. It’s like he’s savouring me.

Shit. Fuck... I’m not sure I know how to do this...

His lips break from mine. “Come home with me tonight..?”

Home? Like, his home? Fuck... “What about Hope? She can’t know about this.” That little girl is too sweet and innocent to get her involved in whatever’s happening between us, we can’t tell her until we figure it out. It wouldn’t be fair.

He paused. “I’ll put her to sleep first. Just please don’t make me spend the night without you, I don’t want to let you go again.”

I can’t blame him... I ran away from this guy once, I’m not going to do that tonight. “Okay. Call me when she’s sleeping, I’ll come.”

His eyes light up as he pulls my lips to meet his again. Sliding into his body I feel him harden below me, a moan leaving my lips as I grind him against my core. Shit, do I really have to wait until tonight?

I feel his hands slide up my exposed thighs and under the fabric of my skirt, inching their way higher and higher until they reach the apex, his fingers digging into the flesh of my hips. “Fuck, do you ever wear underwear?”

My lips curl into a smirk. “Not if I can help it.”

His lips trail the kisses from my lips to my jaw, then straight down my neck. God I could let him do this all day, his tongue trailing along my skin like he has to taste every bit of me.

There’s a pool between my legs and there’s no way I’m stopping now.

I slide my hand between our bodies and into his pants, taking hold of his length and stroking him. Shit, I forgot how fucking big he is, there’s no way this is ever fitting down my throat without suffocating me. Damn, what a way to go though.

Connors head falls back from my lips as I start to pump him, his forehead resting against mine. “Fuck Brie.”

“Yeah, fuck Brie.”

My eyes turn to look at the doorway, where Al stands with her hands crossed in front of her chest grinning at me. I can tell Connor wants to die of embarrassment, but let’s be honest, if Al walked in here and I wasn’t trying to fuck him she’d be more shocked.

“Sorry to interrupt this little... groping session, but Hope is kind of exhausted and ready to get out.” Her eyes travel to my hand, which until this moment I forgot was still inside Connors pants.

I get up and readjust my skirt, of course Al’s eyes haven’t left me, she’s enjoying this way to much for my liking. Connor quickly put his shirt back on before sliding past her in the doorway. “Thanks for watching Hope.”

Al smiles back, it’s innocent but I know the thoughts running through her head right now are anything but. “No problem... professor.”

She waits for him to leave before turning her glare back at me. “Soooooo.... Decided to get yourself a good boy hey?” If she keeps wiggling her eyebrows like that I’m going to shave the fuckers off while she sleeps.

I grab her hand and pull her to sit on the bench next to me. My head falls back against the wall as the events of the last ten minutes run through my mind. “Babe am I mad to try this? He’s so far from what I thought I wanted... this could actually turn into something... I’m shitting bricks here.”

Al takes hold of my hand, letting her head fall back against the wall to join mine. “Hun, unless you try you’ll never know. Take it slow, there’s no need to rush this stuff. You have the right to be happy Brie, more than anyone else I’ve ever known. If you think he can make you happy, you owe it to yourself to let him try.”

Sometimes I think this girl was sent to me as my angel, the person who puts the whole world into perspective for me. “What if I fuck it up? What if I can’t take it and run away again?”

Her delicate hand reaches over to cup my cheek, turning me to face her. “No matter how far you run babes, the right guy will always chase you – to the ends of the earth and back.”

Damn right they will.

“But maybe don’t fuck him on this particular bench.”

I want to laugh. “Because you’ll be scarred from catching us again?”

She grins. “Nope. It’s because I’m pretty sure Jayce didn’t wipe it down after fucking me here this morning.”

Jesus Christ, those bloody two...

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