My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 43

Just go inside Brianna. Just get your fine ass out of this car and walk up to the front door.

I’ve been sitting outside his house for too long now, I’m pretty sure that bitch watering the ugly plants in her front yard next door thinks I’m casing the place for a robbery.

I just can’t go in, it’s too... perfect. The house looks like one of those places you see in a freaky town like Pleasantville, it even has an actual white picket fence!

Me and Al always made fun of this suburb when we drove past, joking we’d have to be replaced by a Stepford Wife to live in a place like this.

Hope has left her bike on the grass out front, doing that in the neighbourhood I grew up in would mean you’d never see that bike again. The house is so cutesy; big front door and double garage. What was I expecting? A Soho loft? Of course Connor would raise Hope in a place like this, he’d want nothing but the best for her. I bet he had her signed up to all the top ranked school lists before she was even born.

Brie stop being a bloody wimp, get your head high and your tits higher. Walk into that house and get your freak on with that hot professor.

I check my lipstick once more in the mirror that’s practically falling off the window, before getting out and finally approaching the front door. Jayce informed me earlier that the bug is ‘fucked’ but at least he got it to stop pumping out black smoke until I can get it looked at properly.

I don’t even get a chance to knock before the door swing open and there he is... Fuck me...

Connor is always in a suit but right now he’s just in grey low hanging sweats and a white wife beater... he’s never looked sexier.

His eyes run over me with a smile. May had practically drenched me when I told her it was time to get out of the pool, I’d changed when I went to check on Granny into a pair of tiny jean shorts and a little black crop t-shirt. I’d looked at my outfit then back at his ever growing eyes. “So were you going to invite me in or is there a dress code I don’t know about?”

He smirks at me. “I don’t think you’d fail any mans dress code dressed like that Brianna.” Oh poor baby, his eyes are going to fall straight out of his head when he sees what I have on underneath.

He gestures for me to come inside and I let myself soak it in. It’s a home, a real home. There are photos everywhere of Hope at all different ages, her art work hanging proudly on the fridge and all her tiny shoes lined up by the door. It doesn’t feel like a man decorated this place, too much matches, guys don’t usually pay enough attention to do stuff like that.

“How long have you lived here?” I ask as I follow him to the kitchen and take a seat at the counter.

He pulls out two beers and offers me one, which I take gladly. “Five years this year. Its the only place I’ve lived in since moving to Westbrooke.”

I nod, guess that means he lived here with Hope’s mum at some point. Wonder if she decorated the place? “So you haven’t always lived in town?”

“No, I grew up out west but moved here when I was in my early twenties so it’s definitely home now. You’ve always lived here though right?”

He walks around to where I sit and settles on the arm of the couch in front of me. “Yep, born and raised. I always kind of hated the place growing up, me and Al had plans to run away to a college a million miles from here and never come back but life got in the way of that. I can’t actually imagine living anywhere else now.”

He smiles. “You two have always been close then?”

These beers are crap, I need to introduce him to a better bottle because this stuff is barely drinkable. “Always. Jayce would say we’re too close but I think that’s just because of all the times I’ve threatened to take his girl and make her my lesbian life partner, although that time he watched us in the bath together didn’t seem to upset him too much so I don’t know why he’s so bothered.”

Connors face is a fucking picture right now. He can hardly get his words out. “Y-You and Aleah... in the bath... with Jayce watching?”

Awwww look how red his little face is! I’m definitely going to break this boy. “Chill babe, it was just a wind up. Jayce is pretty much the closest thing I have to a brother anyway, well and Milo. They’re my family, me and Al just live to tease him.”

The thought of being with Jayce is actually repulsive, best get that image out of my head before I end up drier than the Sahara tonight. “So what about you? Any crazy friends I should be looking out for?”

He smirks. “It’s pretty much just been me and Hope for a long time. Lost touch with a lot of the guys I grew up with when I moved and for some reason a lot of the guys at the school don’t want me around their wives so keep their distance.”

Some reason? Does this guy not realise he’s a fucking snack? Screw that, he’s a whole fucking meal.

I scoot myself off the stool and saunter up to him, placing myself between his legs as he continues to sit and stare up at me. “Well Professor Joseph, you have a very special friend now.”

His smile only grows as he lowers his beer to the table and circles his arms around my waist. “The very last thing I’d want with you Brianna is to just be your friend.”

He’s so fucking tall, even sitting down our faces are at practically the same level. Burying my hand into his hair I pull his head back, tilting it enough I’m looking down at his lips. Time to pick up where we left off good boy...

His hands slip down from my waist to my ass as he takes it in his grasp and pushes my body in closer to him, my chest now at his chin but I’m keeping him looking at me. “Tell me what you want professor.”

Taking his glasses from his face and tossing them onto the couch behind him I look back into his eyes in time to hear his answer.


Then that’s what you’ll get. I lean down to place my lips to his, I try to keep it gentle to start but then he had to go and squeeze my ass, losing any grip I had on my control as I plunge my tongue into his mouth.

He tries to fight me for dominance but in this position he knows I’m going to win, my tongue explores his mouth as I caress his. I could kiss him forever, his lips fit so perfectly in with mine.

Connor is so different to any other man I’ve been with, its like every move he makes has intention.

As the kiss grows more passionate his hands never leave my ass, holding his grip tight as he rises and walks us back to the counter.

He’s strong, I’m not a light girl at 5'11 and almost pure muscle from years of dance, but he lifts me like I’m weightless as he places me on the counter.

I immediately pull his top over his head as he starts to undo my shorts, all whilst keeping our lips connected at every opportunity. My shorts are pulled quickly from my body as his kisses move down to my neck, he sucks gently at the skin in sensual slow movements until I can’t stop the moans leaving my lips any longer. My body riddled with anticipation that’s making my heart race.

He takes a moment to glance down at the tiny red lace thong I’m wearing and smirks. “You put on underwear.”

I bite my lip looking back at him. “Couldn’t separate the set.” His eyes grow as he takes hold of the bottom of my crop top and pulls it up, stepping back to admire me in all my fucking glory... here it comes.

“You’re so fucking gorgeous.” There it is. Please feel free to substitute gorgeous for beautiful, sexy, perfect or fuckable at any point in the future good boy.

He leans back into the kiss, grabbing hold of my hips and pulling me sharply to the edge of the counter, I’m not used to handing over this much control but I’ll let him have this round. Pressing his body weight against me he lowers me until I’m laying flat against the surface of the cold hard granite on my back.

He moves his lips to trail open mouth kisses down my sternum, sending shivers and tingles firing out from every spot he touches.

This is virtually the exact same position I was in that night in the park, of course that night after he got me here he did that thing with his... Oh fuck!

His lips are on my pussy so quick I didn’t even realise he’d dropped to his knees. This man doesn’t just like to own a woman’s body, he likes to worship at it.

Kissing over the lace he slips his thumbs into the waistband and begins to pull them down, revelling in the image of me being exposed to him inch by inch.

My thong hits the floor at the same moment his lips hit my bare cunt. I expect him to hook his hands under my thighs and hold them to his head like last time but instead he pushes against my inner thighs and spreads my legs wide open, holding them there like I’m an open treasure chest and he’s looking for the fucking gold with his tongue.

Good god this man knows what he’s doing down there. His tongue starts slow, rolling over every part of me, causing me to shake and moan as he hit all the right spots. He returns to my clit as he runs over it in definitive circles, sweeping over my sweet spot again and again as he forces a rush of energy to my core.

I cry out in bliss as he starts to flick and suck at that point, using every tool he has to create a world of new and different sensations. My body was tense with desire but now I’m so relaxed I could sink completely into this worktop. He moves down, forcing his tongue into my entrance and fucking me slowly but building speed. “Fuck...”

My head starts to spin as I find myself grinding my hips against his face in a desperate attempt to create more friction. His tongue moves back to my clit, his hand releasing one of my thighs as he slides it down between my legs, making sure to caress the delicate skin he feels along the journey before letting a single finger circle at my opening in rhythm with what is tongue is doing.

Jesus Christ I can’t wait for him to fuck me stupid. I’m so wet I know his face is probably dripping but he doesn’t give a fuck as he latches on and sucks my clit hard just as he forces two fingers into me. “Oh god Connor!”

My fingers interlock with his hair just so I have something to keep myself from falling over the edge. His other hand comes up under my shirt and starts to pinch my nipple through the sheer lace fabric of my bra. Screw fucking me, just keep doing this forever. I may never let his face leave my pussy.

The way he’s pumping in and out of me suddenly changes, the slow and steady movements turn deep and fast, again and again and again he powers into me without ever stopping his tongues pursuit of my clit.

He’s everywhere at once and I can’t concentrate on what I’m loving more. My legs start to shake as the pressure in my core builds to boiling point. I just need something to push me over the edge...

Right at that moment he senses it and pushes in a third finger, stretching me as I scream his name. This gives him a whole new drive of determination as my orgasm hits, he doesn’t relent as he fucks me harder and deeper whilst I spill out into him in a thrilling moment of ecstasy.

I hadn’t even realised I was holding onto him so tightly until the high runs its course, my quivering legs relaxing and my fingers letting go of their grip on his hair. His head must fucking hurt because my hand is throbbing.

He kisses all along the inside of my shaking thighs, smirking every time the sensitivity makes me jump. Rising slowly to his feet he kisses back up my stomach, stopping to bite along my breasts before returning to kiss my lips.

I need him, now. Looking directly into his eyes he slips his hand under my lower back to pull me up into a sitting position again. I lock my hands around his neck, not missing the way his torso touching my clit makes me flinch in the aftermath of what he just did to it.

Planting my lips to his I run my hand down between us and into his pants, rubbing it along his solid hard length and forcing him to let go of the kiss to let out a deep exhale. I look him in the eye. “Take me to your bedroom good boy.”

He smirks, wrapping my legs tightly around his waist as he lifts me from the surface of the counter.

Just as we’re about to take a step out of the kitchen we both immediately freeze, hearing a door open and the sound of tiny footsteps.

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