My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 46

He ignores me, his lips pursuing mine hungrily as his hands slip down onto my ass and pull me towards him. There’s nothing rough about Connor, the way he does everything is with purpose. He runs his hand from my ass down my thigh, lifting my leg and tilting me backwards as he deepens the kiss. “You’re an incredible dancer.”

Well duh...

Morning breath is gross but his just tastes like blueberries and strong coffee, it’s mouth-watering. We hear the water shut off and I force my lips from his. He doesn’t move back, continuing to stare down at me with those gorgeous green eyes. “Just when I thought I had any chance of not falling completely in love with you, you had to go make my daughter smile like that and make it ten times harder.”

Falling in love with me?

Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Nope. I need to get the hell out of here, I signed up to maybe date a guy, nobody said shit about love.

I know he can see my face drop and starts to panic. “Brie, I didn’t mean it like-”

The front door opens and an elegant woman, dressed in an impeccable Gucci two piece set skirt and jacket, steps through the door. She has long gorgeous grey hair and something about her face is slightly familiar if I’m honest, although I can’t place her.

Connor realises our positioning as he drops my leg back to the floor and steps away, whilst the woman in the doorway looks between us both, a look of confusion and amusement on her face. “Well Connor, something you need to tell me?”

Hope comes running out of the bathroom, straight through the middle of us and into the woman’s arms, signing so fast I only catch half of it.

Connor rubs his hand across the back of his neck, mouthing me an apology before turning back to the woman holding Hope. “Um Ma, this is Brianna, her and Hope fell asleep on the couch last night so we were just finishing up breakfast. Brie this is Hope’s Grandmother Bethany.”

Bethany eyes me up and down, if this bitch wasn’t his mum I’d be giving her evils right now with the way she’s judging my tiny shorts. This isn’t exactly how I’d wanted to meet his mother, mum’s tend not to like me. Usually because they walk in on me riding their sons like a bull at their first rodeo so really she should be grateful that we were just necking on. I extend my hand and plaster on my work smile. “Very nice to meet you Mrs Joseph.”

She takes my hand tentatively. “Not Mrs Joseph dear, Connors mother comes into town a few days a year so I’m the closest thing he has to a permanent mother figure. I’m Meg’s mother.” Ah shit. I remember now Connor telling me his ex’s mother was still super active in Hope’s life, now I feel like a bigger dick.

I nod, taking my bag from the seat and desperate to leave. Hope turns to face her Grandmother. “We’re not going to go to ballet today Nana, Beebee said the teacher is shit so she’s getting me a new one.”

Oh mother of Christ kill me now. The woman I’m pretty sure already hated me is now glaring straight through me, and I can’t even bare to look at Connor after hearing my awful language pour out of his sweet and innocent daughters mouth. Yep, time to go.

I don’t wait to hear their reactions, stepping my way to the door and giving Hope a quick kiss on the head before scurrying out and attempting to pull the door closed behind me. See, this is why I shouldn’t be trusted around kids! I love them but I can’t watch my tongue every second, I hate having to worry about how everything I do could affect them. This is exactly the reason I’ve never wanted to be a mum, I’m too set in my ways.

Getting to the car it takes me a full minute to realise I’ve left me keys inside. I almost consider just abandoning the car here and making a run for it but I’m already late to get started on everything today, I never actually planned on staying the whole night, I just figured we’d fuck and I’d do him the decency of actually waiting for him to fall asleep before running off. That’s more than most guys get so I thought it would be progress.

Trudging back to the house I see I didn’t actually get the door closed properly, edging it open I see they’re in the kitchen so reach over to take my keys off the side before they see me. I’d almost got the door completely closed again when I heard the volume level of their argument increase.

“Ma you know I love you but this really isn’t any of your business. Megs been gone for four years, I’m free to be with who I want.” Connor has never raised his voice around me but right now there’s definitely an edge to it.

“I understand that Connor but you must be more selective, that girl is terribly young for you, don’t you think? She could be one of your students for crying out loud! Hope has never used language like that, I’m not sure someone like that is the best person to be around her. I wouldn’t want her influencing her language or her dress sense for that matter.” I look down at my shorts, this bitch would go into cardiac arrest seeing what I wear on a night out.

I can hear Connor breathing from here, like he’s trying to control his temper. “You don’t know her and you have no right to judge her like that. Hope really likes her, they’re actually incredible together. For God’s sake I let her take Hope out without me yesterday! I’ve never let that girl stay with anyone but you or me since what happened, but I trust her! Is this really about Brie or is this about Meg coming back?”

He didn’t tell me Hopes mother was coming back, I guess he doesn’t have a reason too though. Shit, I knew he was nervous leaving Hope with me but I thought it was just normal Dad stuff, I didn’t realise it was such a big moment...

Bethany’s voice gets closer and I realise they’re moving into the living room so I take a step further back from the door. “Connor, you three are supposed to be a family. I know she made an awful mistake but now she’s so off the rails I’m not sure I’ll ever get her back, this new guy of hers seems like trouble. You were the only one who could ever get a handle on her Connor, I just always thought one day she’d come back to you.”

Connors breathing slows to the point I can’t hear it anymore, his voice is much closer and calmer when he speaks next. “Ma I know you thought we would work it out but that day changed everything, I’ve only ever stuck being in the same room with her since for Hope’s sake. We are never ever going to be a couple again, it’s not what either of us want. Brianna is a really good person, she’s the only person I’ve felt anything for in so long. You have to give her a chance because if I get my way, she won’t be going anywhere any time soon.”

I scurry away from the door back to the bug. When I agreed to come here last night everything was so heated, I thought we were going to take things slowly and let me adjust to being like this with someone. For him this is already something isn’t it? Fuck, I don’t know if I’m ready for that...

Pulling away from the house I feel a mix of emotions. He likes me, he really fucking likes me and I like him too but it’s just all a bit much. I cut shake this feeling... am I just so used to being disposable that my brain can’t process that someone may actually just want me?

Or do I know deep down, this isn’t what I want...
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