My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 48

I’m not sure what I was expecting for this fight, honestly I kind of thought it would be a circle drawn on the floor with some dodgy guy collecting bets around us in a worn out warehouse somewhere, but that is so far from what I see.

This place is huge, it’s attached to a gym I’ve never even heard of right on the edge of the county. Walking in there’s actually a huge caged octagon style fighting ring in the middle and rows upon rows of seating all around with some seriously good fight style lighting. I feel like I’m at one of those underground places rich people go to on TV to watch werewolves and vampires fight to the death.

We’re guests of one of the fighters so we get to sit at the front, I can smell the sweat and blood that’s soaked into the mats from here. I know this place is legit, I showered the website earlier, but there’s still something dodgy about being in this world.

There are some scary ass looking dudes here though; huge rippling muscles, scars and tattoos galore. On any other day this place would look like a Brianna all you can eat buffet with the talent here tonight, but I’m too fucking nervous to even think about them.

Josh explained that because Steve is just in an amateur match he’ll be on near the beginning but we don’t know exactly when. The first match just took place and Aleah spent most of the time with her head buried in Jayce’s shoulder, her stomach still isn’t the strongest and when the guys knee connected with his opponent’s face the crunch could be heard even at the back of this place.

The second match is underway and it’s between two of the meanest looking bitches I’ve ever seen. I swear one of these girls hit on me a few years back, I recognise the scar running across her neck.

They start smashing the shit out of each other and with every hit I feel Josh’s grip on my thigh get stronger, I know he can’t stop picturing what’s coming soon and in every wince of pain on these girls faces he sees his brother.

The girl with the long blonde dreadlocks sends a roundhouse kick to the back of Scars head and that girl is fucking out. Her trainer practically has to drag her unconscious body across the ring as they set up for the next match. When they announce the names we realise the wait is over.

“Next up we have an interesting match between a favourite of ours here and someone very much trying to make a name for themselves tonight. In blue we have the undefeated - Steven ‘The Iron Will’ Jones, and in black we have newcomer – Jordano ‘The Stallion’ Robertoooooo!” The ring announcer moves back as the curtain is drawn and out steps Steve along with what I assume is his trainer.

He looks focused, his eyes don’t leave the cage as he walks through. Fuck, he looks good. Every lean muscle on his body is rippling under the layer of tattoos and sweat that already covers him. I can tell he’s psyched up, he hasn’t stopped moving since he got in there, jumping back and forth on each foot whilst cranking his neck.

I honestly don’t know how he’s standing, I’m not even in the bloody fight and my adrenaline is so high its making me want to pass out. There’s a slight rumble through the crowd as his opponent steps out through the curtain, he didn’t come alone. This dude has an army of people with him and he’s making his way to the cage dripping in gold whilst wrapped in a velvet robe. Who does this guy think he is? Fucking Tyson or something?

Stepping through the doors of the cage his entourage follow him until he’s swarmed by them. Steve is cool, calm and collected but this dude is all fire. His men start to strip him of his robe and gold, I can’t help the turn up in my lips as he’s exposed and I see he’s way smaller than Steve. This is going to be fucking easy.

The guy turns to face Steve as the ref calls them to the middle, he’s trying to act tough but I can tell by the glint in Steve’s eye he knows he’s got this.

Right as the ref is about to call for the bell to start the fight this little cheeky twat swings out and catches Steve right in the jaw with a sucker punch. Josh flinches as the sound of Steve’s jaw crunching echoes through the room. “Cheating cunt!” I scream, earning me a few glares from the surrounding people who I assume are with that fucker.

I’d had this weird sense all night that someone was watching me but as I rise to get a better view of Steve the feeling intensifies, I whip my head around but I can’t spot any familiar faces in the crowd.

As I turn back to the cage I can see the ref checking if Steve wants to still go ahead with the fight, clearly that guy doesn’t realise what he’s done because if anything Steve just looks more determined to tear his face off.

For a split second Steve’s face turns to our direction and our eyes lock, the glint I saw in his eye earlier only grows as he looks me dead in my own before sending me a panty dropping wink.

Jesus Christ, that man is fucking hot right?

Josh jumps to his feet and stares at his brother but all of Steve’s attention is now returned completely to his opponent, any hope Josh had of a moment lost as the bell rings and Steve charges at the guy across the ring.

I’ve never been a big martial arts fan, I mean I watched wrestling back in the day but it was mostly because I wanted to fuck Randy Orton’s brains out. The things that man has done to me in my imagination...

Watching Steve is different, he moves with animal instinct as he anticipates every possible outcome before choosing what to do next. He’s good with computers and that’s how he looks like he works in a fight too, breaking down the code and rewriting it so it fits his own purpose.

His fist connects with the guys face before his knee joins it, the guy gets a shot to Steve’s ribs but it was a calculated loss as Steve locks his legs around this guys neck and pulls him to the floor.

Hit after hit, blow after blow. Steve doesn’t hold back as he decides to teach this guy a lesson, forcing his body into holds that are painful to even watch. I know it's stupid and primal, probably some left over caveman shit built into my DNA, but watching a guy beat the crap out of someone is so fucking sexy.

Finally Steve decides to end this poor boys suffering, pulling back his arm in an arm-bar so far I expect it to pop straight out of the socket. The guy has no choice, tapping out as me and Josh start screaming and hugging like little fucking girls.

Al is buried into Jayce so tight she doesn’t even realise the fight is over until she heard us cheering and shouting Steve’s name.

The people with the fighters step back inside the ring, the ref checking on the guy still on the floor before walking over and holding Steve’s hand up in victory. Josh is swelling with pride as I look over at him, he can’t take his eyes off his brother but as I look back at the ring Steve’s eyes are only on one person. I can feel the heat rising through my body as he focuses his radiating energy directly at me.

I’m so caught up I almost miss the now recovered guys take something from one of his trainers before he approaches Steve, whatever’s in his hand catches the light as he walks over and I realise it’s metal.

Oh fuck. “STEVE!” I scream but it’s too late, the guy comes directly behind Steve and shoves the knife straight into his side. I feel my body want to crumble as Steve hits the floor, the guy punching him in the head as his entourage holds back anyone already inside the cage that tries to help.

Blood pours out onto the mat and I don’t even have time to fully process what’s happening before throwing myself up against the steel wired cage, I don’t even know how I made it here so fast. Smacking my hands against the cage over and over I cry out and beg for him to stop.

I can hear Josh screaming somewhere around me as I watch the blood drip down his face. My heart aches as he lays flat on the mat, his body growing more still but his eyes still staring directly at me. The doors open and the opponents make a run for it but I cant do anything in this moment, as his eyes begin to close I find myself frozen to the spot.

Fuck... there’s so much blood.
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