My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 5

I stand completely frozen, unable to move a muscle as I stare at the man who once paid me for sex. Of course it turns out he was a fucking escort himself but that didn’t change the fact it ended up being the best fuck I’ve ever had.

What the hell is he doing here with these people? He’s the one marrying the richest woman this side of the Mississippi? Fuckkkkk....

Sonya looks between us. “Destiny? No Antonio this is Brianna, she’s my assistant and will be working very closely with you both over the next few weeks so I hope you’ll both get along wonderfully.”

Okay so firstly, I guess he used his real name as an escort - fucking weird.

Secondly, how the fuck are we supposed to work together? Yeah I’m sure we’d get on wonderfully if it wasn’t for the fact the last time I saw this man his tongue was buried deep in my cunt as I screamed his name!

Professional Brianna. Be a bloody Professional that’s how. You can’t mess up this job, it could be life changing for you.

I plaster on a fake smile but don’t miss the look Clarisse gives as she scans from her fiancé’s eyes to their target on me. Extending my hand I snap the man from his trance.

“Brianna Parker, lovely to meet you Mr...”

He places his hand into mine and the spark is instant, my body reacting to the touch memory of the way he made me feel pushed up against the hard cold glass that night.

“Romano, but please call me Antonio. It is a pleasure to meet you also... Brianna.” He says my name slowly, letting each syllable sit on his tongue for a moment before spilling it out.

I take my seat next to Sonya and pass her the folders we brought to go over with Clarisse today.

I’m trying to concentrate I swear but have you seen that guy? I’m having to clench my thighs together just to stop my legs from springing out and wrapping around his perfect fucking head.

I’ve never stopped thinking about him. You know everyone has that person, a person you meet and the chemistry is so instant that even years later the thought of them makes your toes curl? It might be someone you dated or someone you just fancied, hell maybe it was just some dude that stood next to you at the supermarket smelling like a citrus God that made your panties instantly wet. Either way everyone has someone like that and for me... it’s this guy.

Every time I glance over he’s staring back at me with a smoulder in his eye, seeming to show little interest in the woman that is soon set to be his wife sitting next to him. I know I have to get a handle on this shit before I lose it.

“So where did you guys meet?” I blurt out just as Sonya was in the middle of showing lettering samples.

Clarisse looks at me, confused by my sudden outburst. Shit. “I just mean, usually we get to know a lot about a couple so we can properly incorporate their love story into their big day. I can imagine yours is beautiful.”

Antonio looks to Clarisse as she smiles up at him. He has to be twenty years younger than her at least right? I’m not judging, good for her I just don’t understand how two people like them came to be here.

Sonya scoots forward in her chair as Clarisse starts to talk, trying to remember every detail so she can recant it at the country club later I’m sure.

“Oh it was magical. I was dateless for the Hampton golf club summer ball after my darling son decided to ditch me to go to Hawaii with that god awful business partner of his, so I went down to the bar of the hotel to drown my sorrows and there he was. Our hands met for a brief moment as we both reached for the same newspaper and the rest as they say, is history.”

She looked at Antonio all doe eyed but I had pretty good bullshit radar and right now it was spiking. There’s no way that’s how they met.

Helena came into the doorway. “I’m sorry to interrupt but the pastry chef is here that you asked to speak with Ms Parker, if you’d like to catch him before he goes home?”

Thank fuck for that. I nod towards her and excuse myself from the room, my heart pounding erratically when Antonio locked his eyes to mine before I left.

That story was definitely horse crap, one of two things was going on here. Either Antonio had somehow managed to con a savvy billionairess into marrying him without knowledge of his past, which I highly doubt considering the type of background checks I’m sure these people do before dating anyone or... Clarisse fell for her escort.

I finished getting all the details I needed from the house pastry chef, a man who’s eyes seemed to be glued to the giant globes that sat very far south of my face. Not that I wasn’t used to that but today I just wasn’t feeling it, I’m not sure Clarisse would be happy to find me fucking the staff anyway.

Although I guess it would be better than her finding out I was once screwing her future husband so I guess there’s that.

Walking out with my hands full of recipes I almost lose them all as I’m pulled into the pantry closet for the second time in two days.


My eyes meet his deep chocolate ones and all I can think is... Wow.

“I’m so sorry my amore, I just had to speak to you alone.” His grip on my arm loosens and he rubs the spot gently with his fingertips to sooth it but I’d hardly noticed he was holding so tight to begin with.

‘My Amore’. It’s exactly what he called me that night and the words still send a tingle straight down my spine to my happy place.

His eyes run over my body as a smirk spreads across his face. “You still look incredible Destiny, like you haven’t changed at all.”

I pull back, that’s not who I am anymore. “It’s Brianna... and I’d appreciate if we could keep what happened between us confidential, it’s not a time in my life I’m particularly proud of.”

Actually I didn’t give a fuck who knew but I wanted this job and I needed him to play ball to keep it. If Sonya found out then she’d have me replaced with Diana in a second.

“Of course... Brianna. I would never wish to cause a beautiful woman such as yourself any unnecessary embarrassment. It shall be our secret.”

Fuck he smells good, what is it with hot guys always smelling so good? I just want to tear him open and take a bath in his scent.

I let my eyes travel over him now, pausing for a moment at the giant bulge in his pants. I swear some nights I can still feel it inside me... Fuck what am I doing?

“How are you even here? Bit of a change from what you were doing a few years ago isn’t it?”

His lips curl up into a smile, a smile he gave me so many times when I would hang upside down on that pole. Even back then he could make me feel like I was the only woman in the world but I guess that was all part of the illusion, he was paid to make me feel that way, nothing more.

“I could say the same thing about you bellissima... Tell me, do you still dance?”

Fuck, that accent. Nobody should be able to have that accent, it makes it impossible to concentrate on anything but his fucking tongue.

“Not for a long time.”

His hand is still holding my wrist, drawing small circles on the inside of the sensitive skin and continuing the tingles that follow. I honestly never thought I’d ever be this close to him again. “It seems a shame to waist such talent... the way your body moves... a gift like that should never be kept it the dark...”

Does he not realise I know he was a whore too? That the whole him being there with me was all part of a humiliating attempt to blackmail me?

I always promised myself if I did ever see him again I’d ask him one question and I may never get another opportunity after we walk out of here to be alone with him so I’m asking now.

“Why did you do it? You knew what they were going to do to me, the guy with the camera and the blackmail plan, that’s why you apologised in the note right? Why were you so okay with doing that to someone?” My tone much more angry than I originally intended, I preferred to never let a man know he’d triggered any kind of emotional reaction from me.

He looks at me completely shocked, like the words coming out of my mouth are completely foreign to him.. which I guess considering he’s Italian they are but I digress.

Just as his lips move to answer the door is swung open and Helena looks in at us, thank fuck it’s her. I don’t even bother making up an excuse, it already looks bad enough I was in there with my soon to be married client so I just walk straight out past her as she gives me a subtle smirk and I return it by poking my tongue out at her like a bloody child.

Sonya was waiting by the front door when I got there, with Clarisse giving me the side eye.

“Do you have those recipes?” Shit, I left them in the cupboard.

“I’ve put them into the office upstairs, I’ll need to talk further with some of the vendors before I can confirm any options.”

Clarisse’s eyes dart to behind me and I don’t even need to turn to know who’s there. Instead I pull the only power move I can and step closer too her, extending my hand she shakes it with an over the top large smile. “I’m very much looking forward to creating the perfect evening for you to spend with your wonderful fiancé. I promise it will be a night you’ll never forget.”

One thing I learnt from the last engagement party I was at, they're always memorable... one way or another...
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