My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 51

Work, work, school, work, work, school, work. That's all I've fucking done for two fucking weeks.

I've hardly seen anyone, the closest I've come to quality time with Connor are the hot and heavy make out sessions we've been having after class or the three am sexting when I get in.

We've only got three weeks left until the engagement party and Sonya has decided that I no longer need sleep, food, water or human fucking rights! Did anyone misplace a Nazi? Because I think I found it!

Thank god Al is here. Jayce has had to leave for a five day boot-camp with the team so I managed to wrangle Sonya into letting me have an ‘unpaid intern’ to help me at the mansion. It’s basically just Al sitting her rapidly growing fat ass on the couch whilst shovelling chips down her throat and giving Antonio looks that could kill if he comes within twenty feet of me.

I love her.

He sent me a message a few days ago asking if we could meet for lunch to discuss a few things but I learnt my lesson from last time so sent a very pleased Sonya in my place. I swear she came back glowing, but I couldn't be sure that wasn't the five glasses of champagne I'm sure she had.

I don't care anyway. That guy wasn't going to have a hold on me anymore, I refuse.

Steve was recovering well according to Josh, I hadn’t had a minute to go see him since the day he got back from the hospital but he had sent me a cheeky picture of how his face was healing, he would soon be back to his usual state of handsomeness, not that he wasn’t already...

Al was currently about an hour into listening to Helena gush about Christopher, I'd been ignoring most of it trying to get this fucking table plan sorted.

“Helena, the Swindon family have to stay on different tables right? I can't even put the brothers together?”

She shakes her head. “Not unless you want a blood bath, I was waiting one of the tables they were at last year and almost got caught in the crossfire, if Christopher didn't pull me into the kitchen I probably would've lost an eye.”

Fuck, rich people have so many bloody issues.

Al looks at Helena all doe eyed. “Aw he saved you like a Knight in shining armour? That's so romantic! Brie isn't that romantic?”

“Yeah bitch, I'm creaming my panties just thinking about it.” Okay I know I'm being a right sarcastic bitch but I haven't been laid in weeks, never mind slept, and these two have been at this love sick crap for days. I know Al is missing Jayce so I'm trying to be understanding but seriously? They both read too much trashy romance.

Al rolls her eyes at me. “Ignore her Helena, she's romantically challenged. How's Connor?”

I shrug as I move around the members of table twenty-seven for the fifth time today. “Haven't seen him outside the classroom, Hope is going to her Grandmother's tonight so I said I'd try get there but God knows if I will if I can't get this sorted. Fuck though, I need a good seeing to.”

“Unsatisfied amore?”

All heads in the room whip to the door, leaning there against the frame is my least favourite Italian. I don't know what happened but the moment I saw him talk to Helena that day it was like I started to see him completely differently, it changed everything I thought I knew about him in an instant and now the last thing I wanted was to be around him.

Professional face Brianna. “Mr Romano, what can I do for you?”

His eyes travel from me to where Helena and Aleah sit, Al giving her standard 'I'm pregnant and I'm not afraid to cannibalise you' look at him as he glares back.

“I need to speak with you Brianna, it is a private matter. If you wish to accompany me to my office?”

Absolutely fucking not. “I apologize Mr Romano but I am extremely busy. I assure you that you may speak freely in front of my colleague.”

Antonio turns his eyes to Helena. “Miss Helena, I appreciate it is your day off but I don't believe Clarisse would be pleased to see you here distracting the staff she is paying to work.” Seriously, I won't go with him so he's going to take it out on Helena? Again?!

Helena nods her head and starts to rise to her feet but I'm not taking this shit. “Actually Helena has been a great help to me during these planning stages, I believe Clarisse would be more than happy to encourage her selfless participation in trying to create the perfect day for you both. I would appreciate being able to continue using her expertise on such matters.”

Al smirks at me, she loves it when I get all boss bitch.

Antonio looks like he's ready to blow a fuse but he reins it in, plastering on a fake mask of indifference. “Very well. Clarisse would like to talk to you this evening, although I don't know when she'll be back so you could be here all night. I overheard you have plans and that was why I wished to talk to you alone now but if you wish to wait I completely understand.”

You prick.

He's doing this on fucking purpose, he knows this is the first evening I've had free for weeks and he's going to tear it away from me.


Al shoots me a look but I just shake my head, I’ll just go and get this over with. She tries to stand up, it's becoming slower each time as that little bump of hers continues to grow. I hoped this little one would take after her but I think she's got another giant Thompson growing in there at the rate she's blooming.

“I can come with you Brie... to support you in your work.” Giving me a knowing look.

“I assure you your colleague is very much in good hands with me bellisima.” A shudder runs through Al at Antonio's words, I think it's just the idea of me being forced into room with Antonio that's got to her until I see the tiny tear threatening to fall from her eye. That's when it hits me, the last time anyone called her that... it was Chad.

Ignoring Antonio completely now I pull her into my arms, looks of confusion on the faces of the other people around us. I can hear a tiny whimper from her before she pulls herself back. “I'm okay babe, just hurry back.”

Nodding I pass her over to Helena before following Antonio down the hall to a large set of double doors and walking through into a very over dressed office.

Antonio walks straight to the globe shaped bar in the corner. “Drink Amore?”

Shaking my head I just lean back against the door, I'm not even sitting in this room. Antonio walks to the black leather couch clutching his glass of amber liquid, I'd be lying if I said it didn't remind me of the first time we were alone together. That night at the hotel he sat very much like this, he was looking at me the same way that night too.

“Take a seat Brianna.”

“No. Just tell me what you want Antonio.”

He looks at me, rocking the ice cubes in his glass before he undoes the top few buttons of his shirt. “I appear to have upset your friend amore, please apologise to her for whatever hurt I have caused.”

To be fair that one isn't actually on him, he couldn't have known what saying that to her would do. After Chad died Granny couldn't even watch telenovelas in the house with Aleah there because hearing the language was enough of a trigger for her to start crying again. “Okay. Why am I here?”

He takes another swig of his drink and pats the seat next to him but I don't budge, crossing my arms over my chest as I stare down at him. “I did not expect this kind of rudeness from you Brianna, it's very disappointing.”

I'm being rude? He practically threatened to ruin poor Helena’s life and he expects me to what? Jump into his lap and let him have his way with me again? Like fuck.

“Cut the crap Antonio. Let's just be real here for a moment is it? You're a power hungry dictator in the making who clearly gets off on making other people feel inferior. The way you spoke to Helena that day disgusted me, you can try to dress it up in a bow and pretend it was protection for me but I saw your face, you enjoyed watching her squirm like that. Any chance you had with me went out the window the second you let a tear leave her eye.”

I'm spitting my words with rage, every one reminding me more and more of that incident.

He sits forward, placing his glass on the table before holding his head in his hands as his elbows rested on his knees. “I am not surprised you feel that way amore, I saw your face that day too. The way you looked at me has haunted me, the way you are looking at me now hurts me more than you can understand... I have no excuse for my behaviour with Helena, I was just scared for you... scared for us.”

Scared for us? “Antonio there is no us! We were sex, all we've ever been is sex. It's the only thing you've ever wanted from me so don't pretend it's anything different.”

His head whips up out of his hands to face me, the look of death I'm expecting is nowhere to be seen, instead a look of hurt and pain clouds his face. “Is that what you truly believe amore? That all you are to me is another conquest?”

Fucking obviously! “You have given me no reason to believe otherwise Antonio. Look it's done, okay? You're marrying Clarisse and I might actually have something special going with someone soon, so let's just call it a day.”

I was so busy trying to avoid eye contact with him I didn't see him get up, I hear his footsteps approach and look up just in time to see him directly in front of me. Shuffling my way back against the door I try to put as much distance between us as possible, grabbing hold of the door handle in case I have to make a run for it.

He takes a single step closer, slowly closing the gap before reaching out to stroke the side of my cheek. I try not to react, flinching would show fear and leaning into the touch would show how much I like it. I stay completely stoic. “Amore... We both know that what we have is more special than anything any other man could give you. I find myself in a position I did not expect, should I have believed I would ever see you again Brianna... I would never have agreed to my arrangement with Clarisse. I can assure you of that.”

I don’t want to hear this.
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