My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 52

That’s bullshit anyway. He could’ve found me, if he really fucking wanted me he could’ve found me. He wants power, he wants control. That’s all this is, it’s all it’s ever been.

I stand tall, pulling away from his grasp and holding tight to the handle of the door before I say what I want to say to him. “What we have isn’t special Antonio, it never was. You enjoy fucking me, just like millions of men before you, nothing more. You met me when I was at my weakest, when I was most betraying who I am but that’s not me anymore. I’m stronger now, I’m Brianna fucking Parker and I don’t need your shit, we’re done.”

The fire burns in his eyes as I swing my body from his clutches and pull open the door sharply.

His hands try to take hold of my waist to pull me back to him but I throw my whole body weight into ripping myself free through the doorway, completely losing my balance and almost tumbling straight into the floor before a second pair of hands grasp my shoulders and steady me on my feet.

I look up into a familiar set of eyes, a look of worry on his face as he scans me over. Tommy Vanderbilt. “Brianna right? Are you okay? We met the other day at the hotel, I gave you a pen?”

Nodding, I try to regain my composure but Tommy’s eyes move from me to the man behind me. He stares at Antonio like he’s revolted at the sight of him and as I glance back I see the same look in his eyes whilst looking at Tommy.

“What did you do to her?” Tommy asks, a voice dripping with venom as he spits the words.

I don’t even need to look at Antonio to know what he’s thinking right now. “Take your hands off her Tommy.”

Is that guy for real? If it wasn’t for Tommy keeping his hands on me I would’ve hit the deck when I left that room.

Neither of the men move so I give out a gentle cough to draw Tommy’s attention. “Mr Vanderbilt, would you mind showing me the way back to the office?” I really didn’t want to walk back there alone and give Antonio the chance to try corner me again.

Tommy nods and gives me a gentle smile before walking beside me in the opposite direction of where Antonio still stands. Leaving the seething Italian to stare at my fine ass as I walk away from him.

The walk is short and quiet, Tommy doesn’t say anything until we approach the doors of the office where he gently takes my wrist before we enter and stops me pulling the door. “Are you okay? Honestly, I hate that prick. The way he treats the women around here is disgusting. If he ever does anything that makes you... uncomfortable, please call me.” He reaches into his suit jacket and passes me a business card.

I smile and nod before walking into the office with him following behind. I can’t believe he was so upfront with his feelings towards Antonio, with everything I’ve heard I’d thought keeping up the pretence that he likes the guy would be important to him.

Al and Helena are still sitting on the sofa, I can see from the red puffiness around her eyes she’s been having a cry, clutching the wrist that contains her bracelet to her chest whilst giving me a small smile to assure me she’s okay.

Helena was smiling too until she spotted Tommy behind me, her face moving to one of... fear? I remember her warning me about Tommy when I first came here but I haven’t seen anything that leads me to believe he’s dangerous, in fact he’s been a perfect gentleman on every occasion I’ve seen him.

Maybe she’s afraid more that he’ll tell Clarisse that she’s sitting here on her day off? Her eyes follow him as he crosses the room but he just smiles at her before turning to Aleah and extending his hand.

“I don’t believe we’ve been introduced, Tommy Vanderbilt.”

Al pushes herself up off the seat to her feet and shakes his hand. “Aleah Davies, I’m Brianna’s new intern. Lovely to meet you.”

“Likewise.” His gaze falls to the hands that now cup her stomach and his smile grows. “How far along are you?”

She smiles back. “Nearly four and a half months now.”

“Wow, half way there. May I?” He gestures towards her stomach and she nods nervously as he places a single hand on her bump. “My wife is fighting me on having another one, we’ve got two and she says that’s enough but I’d like a few more.”

I’d completely forgot Tommy was married, or that he had kids. I’ve never seen them around the house but I guess in a place this big that’s not exactly hard.

Al nods. “My boyfriends the same, wants a whole basketball team but I told him let me see how I cope with this one first.”

They both laugh as Tommy pulls his hand back and stands up straight. “I’m sorry to leave you ladies but you must excuse me, my mother has requested my presence as we welcome our new arrival. Her fiancé’s brother is coming to stay until after the engagement party and should be arriving shortly. Good day to you all.”

As he turns I don’t see the look he gives Helena but her face drops and she stares down at her knees sheepishly until he leaves the room, I’m starting to wonder if maybe Tommy knows about her and Christopher because something definitely isn’t right there.

I don’t get time to question her on it as my phone rings and Sonya’s voice fills the room before I even get a chance to put her on loud speaker. Shrieky shouty little bitch.


An hour later and I finally have a solid table plan, I swearing one more person R.S.V.P.S late I’m going to sit them in the fucking toilets, I am not altering this thing again!

Al helps me pack up and Christopher pops by for a secret smooching session with Helena, the bedroom in this office has been getting some serious activity lately and it’s unfortunately got nothing to do with me.

I haven’t had sex in so long I’m starting to get turned on my their vanilla make out session! Can’t even see Connor tonight because he’s on a fucking training course, I thought this whole dating thing was supposed to mean sex on tap?

Just me and my vibrator tonight then, oh I think I’ll use the big purple one for a change! I really need to switch up my porn game though, that gang bang stuff I’ve been watching is getting boring.

“Al let me carry that!” I can see her struggling with the bag and I wish she’d stop trying to do everything by herself. Since Jayce left she think she needs to be superwoman, he’ll be back in a few days though.

This baby thing isn’t going to be easy with him working away and I know she’s worrying about having to do a lot of this alone, I know they’ll make it work. They have to.

Walking down the stairs I spot Clarisse talking with someone in the foyer, me and Al stay quiet as we try to sneak past without her noticing. She has a lovely habit of never actually running out of things she wants me to do!

Of course the eyes in the back of her head catch us and I hold me breath ready to take the onslaught of her demands. “Leaving so soon Brianna?”

So soon? It’s nine! I should’ve left four hours ago!

I smile sweetly. “We’re done for the day Clarisse but I’ll have the samples you requested tomorrow and the decorator will be here at eleven to set up the table options in the sun room.”

Just let me fucking leave bitch.

She nods and I feel Aleah grasp hold of my hand quickly, turning I see her staring at the guy with Clarisse with wide-open eyes, like she can’t believe what she’s seeing.

I follow her sight to the guy who is now staring at me too. He’s younger than Antonio, his suit just as pristine though. His face holds some marks, a faded scar still red from where a split lip has had time to heal.

Oh Holy shit.

Al nods at me and we both realise where we know this cunt from. This is the piece of shit that stabbed Steve after he beat his ass.

“Fratellino!” (Little brother)

Antonio’s voice booms through the halls as he comes through into the foyer and pulls the little twat into a big hug.

This guy is his brother?

Wait, he can’t be. Steve said that the guy he fought’s family was..

Oh fucking hell! Antonio’s in the Mafia!
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