My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 53

“The Mafia?! Like the actual fucking Mafia? Babe, you sure you haven’t been watching Scarface or something? Remember that time you watched The Matrix and spent two weeks pointing out all the glitches you saw around town...”

“That dog had two heads Aleah!”

She scoffs. “Brie it was just two dogs standing next to each other and you freaked the fuck out!”

I know what I saw and that thing had two heads! Not the point here. “I’m just telling you what Steve said, he seemed sure that’s who that kid was, that’s why he didn’t go to the police about the stabbing when Josh tried to make him. Maybe they’re not like real brothers? More like a brother-friend thing?”

Al shakes her head. “Hun they were virtually identical, they’re definitely blood brothers. Are you going to say anything to him?”

I pull up to the house and can see all the lights are off already. “What am I supposed to say hun? ‘Hi Antonio, I’m pretty sure you’re in the Italian Mafia, care to get yourself killed by telling me everything about it?’ I don’t think that’s the best idea babe.”

She nods, grabbing her overnight bag from the trunk as we make our way inside quietly. It’s really difficult for her to sleep without Jayce and I don’t like the idea of her being alone in the pool-house whilst pregnant, so she’s going to stay with me until he gets back. I’ve actually missed her so much it’s lush to have this much time with her.

I grab us some bits from the fridge and throw together a late night snack, which we decide to eat on the table outside under the stars. I love the outdoor air, I feel like I’ve been stuck inside a lot lately and I need to enjoy these moments when they come.

“Did the Williams’ cut down the trees at the back? I swear I can see into their living room from here.”

I nod. “Yeah, the son is putting it up for rent or sale or something so they’ve been gutting it.”

She drops her half eaten pop tart onto the plate. “Shut the fuck up!” Springing from her seat she rushes down to the bottom of the garden and stands up on the edge of the raised flower beds to look over the fence. I race after her as I step up and peer over with her.

“Holy shit, it’s better than I remember! We could do it Brie, we could complete the plan!”

Oh my god, the plan. When we were little we had this plan that we would buy houses next door to each other, tear down the fences and just have one big garden that we could run into each others houses through. “Al, have you seen the work that place needs? Granny said he wanted to sell it as it is but there’s so much work to do he didn’t think anyone would buy it so they were going to do it up first. Even with what Jayce gets paid you wouldn’t be able to afford to buy this place when it’s done up.”

The Williams House is one of the nicer ones on this part of town but its fallen into disrepair over the years. When we were little we would hang over this fence and watch Ms Williams pottering away in the garden talking to herself, she was a batty old bird but she always made time to stop and talk to Heather. She made really good lemonade too.

“We could if we got it as it is now and did the work ourselves. I’ve still got the money my mum left me and my job at the clinic is secure for a few months while we’re still in virtual training mode until the baby comes, even after that they said I can work from home for a bit to stay with her. Shit Brie, it could be perfect.”

I would kill to have them this close to me, for them to build their family right at the bottom of my garden. We’d be together again.


Al had been up at the crack of dawn to go speak to the owners of the house, she wanted to find out if it was even an option before she talked to Jayce about it, although we both know if she asked for a bungalow on the moon he’d make it happen.

She was now in full maths mode, doing every possible calculation to see if getting that place was doable for them. I told her to get her Dad out there to take a look at it too, the whole place could be on the verge of collapse for all she knew about construction.

“Brianna, I really think option three is the more elegant choice now, please have it changed.” Someone had definitely pissed in Clarisse’s cereal this morning, this is the fourth time she’s changed her mind about the table decorations and I’m about ready to shove her own head in a vase with some rose petals, place it perfectly in the centre of the table and call it a fucking day!

“Of course Clarisse, I’ll contact all the vendors and get it changed for you.” Again.

She gives me that fake smile she’s been giving me all day, if this bitch knew the things I could do to her face with one hand tied behind my back she’d stop looking so fucking confident. She didn’t even try to pretend she was sweet anymore, she just gave me that fake smile before returning to bitch-mode.

“So Brianna, how long do you think it’s going to take you to finalise these plans? It is taking rather longer than I initially expected.” It would’ve gone a lot fucking quicker if you could make your mind up and stick to it you stuck up cow!

I smile politely but neither of us are buying it. “I hope to have it all finalised in the next couple of days, my greatest apologies for the delay but being on such a tight time scale makes things more difficult than usual. Is there anything in particular you’d like me to complete today?”

She shakes her head. “Just do your job Brianna, it’s amazing how many girls come here and can’t follow a simple set of instructions. Do your job in my house, nothing else.”

What the fuck is that supposed to mean? What else would I be doing? Well, except for Antonio... Fuck, does she know? My heart starts to race like crazy and I stumble with the binder I was holding as it’s sent crashing to the floor.

Clarisse makes no move to assist me, instead choosing to stare down at me whilst I scramble to pick up all the papers.

“Please be more careful Brianna, I hate finding messes I have to clean up.”

Okay that one definitely sounded like a dig. Fuck, of all the days for Al to not be here she chooses today.

Clarisse saunters over to the couch and sits herself down gracefully. “So Brianna, do you have a boyfriend? You’re welcome to bring a date to the party if you wish.”

Is this bitch high? “I don’t think that would be appropriate Clarisse, I’ll be working.”

She grins at me, it’s a bit too snug looking for my liking. “You didn’t answer my question Brianna. A young girl like you, someone so beautiful, there must be a special man in your life. Tell me about him.”

Yep, this girl is fishing. There’s nothing to find so keeping going with that rod hun, I’ve got all day. “Not currently, I’m dating but nothing permanent at the moment.”

She nods but her eyes stay glued to me as I sit at the chair by my desk and attempt to show no fear. Have you ever seen those old cowboy movies, where two guys have guns pointed at each other and the camera zooms in on their squinty little eyes whilst some seriously dramatic music plays? That’s the scene I’m currently finding myself in.

“That’s the problem with you young girls today, so busy putting it about you forget what it’s supposed to he used for. Finding a man willing to settle with a girl of your background must be difficult I guess.”

My background? What the fuck is that supposed to imply? Sweetheart, if I wanted too, I could fuck your fiancée right now - so don’t think you hold the power here.

“I’ve never had men seem to find my background an issue Clarisse, in fact I’ve had to reject men lesser women are still willing to marry even up to a few days ago. It’s sad really isn’t it? These poor weak women who think so lowly of themselves they end up in loveless marriages with men who picture the help while they fuck them.”

Her face drops, completely caught off guard. She knows I didn’t admit shit so she can’t do anything about it but she clearly doesn’t like me getting one over on her here.

She quickly composes herself, plastering on that smile before standing up and smoothing over her ridiculously expensive dress. “I guess that’s the issue with mistresses isn’t it, they think they’re the chosen one when really it’s the wife that man is coming home to at the end of the night.”

I smile back politely. “I guess that would only be a problem for mistresses who want them all night. I personally I’m a believer that when you’re done with the meal, you should always send the scraps back to the kitchen for the less fortunate.”

She wants to plunge her overpriced manicure into my chest and rip out my heart doesn’t she? I know I shouldn’t be doing this, I shouldn’t rile up the beast but I’ve taken a lot of crap over the last few weeks and my patience is running dangerously low.

Obviously she suspects something, but if she knew anything for definite I wouldn’t be sitting here right now. The thing about the extremely wealthy, they care about their image as much as they care about their money. No woman in Clarisse’s position is going to let the world know she’s intimidated by a twenty-one year old girl in her house, she needs proof before she eliminates me.
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