My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 54

Finally I’m saved as the door swings open. I see Christopher in the hallway holding Helena’s hand about to walk in, this place has become a bit of a sanctuary for them to be together during the day but right now it’s seriously bad timing.

“Clarisse!” I shout to draw her attention before the sees them, they immediately drop hands.

She looks at me slightly confused but I’m saved yet again when Christopher steps inside. “Ah mum, there you are. Um... Helena here was just looking for you to um... go over todays dinner plans. Now we have the extra guest I think the kitchen were unsure what they should be doing.”

Clarisse throws her hands up in disbelief before arising from her seat and glaring at Helena. “Must I do everything myself? If you need to know what the man wants go ask him!” She tries to rein it back in but I’ve seen her mask slip so many times over the last few weeks I know what the monster under her Armani really looks like.

Helena practically quivers as she follows Clarisse out, Christopher giving her a sympathetic apology through his eyes before he closes the door.

I fall back down in my chair. “You owe her something for that, expect to have your head between her legs until your jaw locks tonight.”

He fidgets uncomfortably, clearly not used to women talking like I do. I haven’t spent much one on one time with Christopher, in fact I’ve mostly only seen him when he’s popping in and out of the bedroom to my left during the day. The times I have spent with him though I can see how him and Helena are such a good match, they both have such an innocence about them.

I feel protective over that girl, when this all goes tits up for the pair it’s her that’s going to end up hurt. Fuck it, time to grill the kid.

“Why won’t you tell people about you guys? Are you embarrassed about her?”

He raises his blushed face from the floor and shakes it profusely before settling in the chair in front of my desk, I feel like one of those bad cops interrogating a suspect.

“God no, of course not. She’s amazing, I could never be embarrassed about her. It’s just... you’ve met my mum right? Do you think she’d be okay with her youngest son being with the maid? Helena would be sacked in a heartbeat and she’d make sure I never set eyes on her again.”

I don’t buy that. “Chris you’re what, twenty-three? You’re an adult, you don’t need your mother’s approval. You have enough money all by yourself surely to just leave with her if they don’t accept it? Helena would still love you if you slept under a bridge.”

His eyes shoot up. “Helena loves me?”

Shit, seriously? They’ve been together for ages and they haven’t said that to each other? She told me within ten minutes of meeting her!

He falls back against the chair. “It’s not that easy, everything we have comes under the family name, nothing is ours. Why do you think we all still live here? She won’t even let us move out and get our own places. She says it’s a safety thing, that we’d be kidnapped for ransom if we lived alone without all the security that’s here. It’s not straight forward, she won’t ever let any of us leave.”

Well that’s some creepy bullshit. What is up with this family? It’s so weird the way they are. “So what’s the plan then? Just keep her working here until she’s old and grey, still sneaking around into spare bedrooms for five minutes alone together? You know this isn’t right, it isn’t fair on her Christopher. She’s nineteen, she lost her sister and she’s responsible for her mum. She deserves more than five minutes in a broom closet with the man she loves.”

He gets up from his seat and starts pacing the floor. Despite the fact he’s older than me I feel like his big sister or something right now, there’s something very pure about him but I can tell he’d also be easy to manipulate, I’m not sure he’d ever be strong enough to stand up to mommy dearest.

“I know what she deserves Brie, I fall asleep every night wishing I could give it to her. In a perfect world I’d walk away, I’d let her live her life but I just can’t. In the beginning I tried to end it over and over but every time I saw her face I just couldn’t. I got her the job here because I thought it would make it easier to see her but now I can’t go five minutes without putting my hands on her. Do you know what that’s like? To have someone you know you should stay away from but everything in your body calls out to them?”

Unfortunately, yes I fucking do.

My phone starts to ring, I answer it to a screaming Sonya and Christopher uses it as his opportunity to escape.


Some day, some how, when she’s least expecting it – I’m gonna kill that bitch.

I wrap up everything I was doing, it’s already four and I should be going home to set up for class but of course not, why would Brianna ever need to be at home for? It’s not like she has a kid sister or a Gran or a needy pregnant best friend to take care of! Fuck, Saturday cannot come quick enough. Finally I’ll have a full day to just chill.

Just as I’m getting ready to leave I hear voices arguing from outside the door, I’m a nosey bitch so of course I practically push myself against it to listen but they’re talking in Italian. Knew I should have taken that instead of gym in high school, I just love watching the volleyball bounce off Cheerleaders heads so fucking much!

Fuck it, I’m leaving. I completely ignore the two Italian idiots as I make for the stairs.

“Stop Amore.”

Why did I stop? I shouldn’t have stopped. Fuck, I hate having a boss that was also someone I once shagged, it blurs the lines too much when they command me to do something.

Antonio approaches me, with his little dog in tow. I stare straight through the prick that stabbed Steve, I wonder if he even recognises me? The girl hammering the cage and screaming at him, begging him to stop.

“Brianna, have you been introduced to my brother yet?”

The evil little swine has the audacity to smile at me while he extends his hand. I completely ignore him and I can tell he’s not used to being treated like this, I don’t care who he is. He hurt someone I care about so as far as I’m concerned I wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire.

I swear Antonio has a smirk on his face but I don’t stick around long enough to see it, I should’ve kept walking in the first place.

Just as I make it to the stairs my attention is brought back to them. “Ah, so that is the famous Brianna.” There’s a gentle chuckle before he shouts out to me. “How’s your friend bellissima? Recovered yet from his little accident?”

Accident? Fucking accident? I turn around and march right over to where he stands, ready to smack the grin straight off his face when I feel Antonio take hold of my wrist.

Turning to face him he just shakes his head, instructing me against the action I was about to take. The little dick chuckles again. “Listen to my brother troia, you would do best not to piss me off.”

I smile at Antonio which causes him to let go of my wrist, just when they think I’m about to walk away I complete my mission and slap that smug look straight off his fucking face.

Antonio jumps back, startled by my actions before grabbing my arm and pulling me close to him. “You shouldn’t have done that amore.” I don’t give a fuck mate, your brother can go spin on a dick if he thinks he can laugh about what he did to Steve like that.

I’ve not seen Josh that frightened in years and the fear that ran through my body when I watched that blade plunge into Steve’s side was more than I ever thought it could be. Do what you like to me, I can fucking take it, but don’t fuck with the people I care about.

Antonio’s brother pulls him back from me. “It’s fine fratello. This girl of yours has quite the temper doesn’t she, you always did like them feisty. She should know her place though, maybe if you’d given her a slap of your own she wouldn’t feel she has the right to hit someone so much higher than herself.”

You? Fucking higher than me? Antonio knows as well as anybody that if he slapped me it would be the last thing he ever fucking did. Besides, I’m the furthest thing from his fucking girl.

Antonio gives me a look of concern before a fire erupts in his eyes. I didn’t even see him move, it was like I blinked and the next second he had his brother dangling by his neck against the wall.

I gasp loudly as my bag falls to the floor, my hand covering my mouth as I watch the colour drain from his brothers face. “You know I love you little brother, like my own son, but say another word about someone laying a hand on this girl and I will return you to father in pieces. Understood?”

Antonio had shown he has darkness that day with Helena, he showed he could be threatening when he felt it necessary, but this isn’t just darkness. There is only black. His eyes void of their soul entirely as he holds him there without mercy.

His brothers face starts to turn blue as I see him grasping and clawing at Antonio’s hands begging for access to air again. Shit, he’s going to kill him. “Antonio!” He doesn’t listen, I rush over and attempt to pull his arms away, my skin coming into contact with his own snapping him from his state as he let’s his brothers gasping body fall to the floor in a heap.

I attempt to jump back but Antonio now has a hold on my hand, he moves it to his lips as he kisses my knuckles. I become very aware we’re still standing in the corridor, anyone could see him. Is this some Jekyll and Hyde shit? I glance back to make sure it’s clear when he grasps my chin and forces my face to return to his gaze. “Are you okay Amore? I’m sorry you had to see that.”

Am I okay? Why don’t you ask the man you almost just strangled to death if he’s okay? I don’t understand this man, how can someone be so loving and attentive, whilst also having a part of him that frightens the crap out of me?

I pull back from him, collecting my bag from the floor before hurrying down the stairs and out of the front door without a word.

What the fuck just happened?
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