My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 56

“Connor!” He sprinted into the school so quickly I didn’t even have time to explain, that’s how I find myself chasing after him whisper-shouting his name as he continues to walk like I’m not even behind him.

He splits into the classroom and I’m super pissed it’s already full of students. Honestly I just want to grab him and shove my tongue down his throat right now, if it wouldn’t cost him his fucking job I would.

There’s a mask up immediately, as I take my seat you’d never be able to sense the tension. Connor goes straight into work mode, giving back our assignments and talking through the work like I didn’t just fucking crush him.

I can’t concentrate on shit. It’s not like we’re a couple, even if I had kissed Antonio it still wouldn’t have been cheating or anything. We both know what we have right now, but that doesn’t stop me feeling like crap about it hurting him.

He waffles on about something and I make some seriously sketchy notes as the rest of the class seems thoroughly enthralled. The clock hits it’s mark for the end of the session and I get ready to make the apology of my life.

The class clears, the only student left with me is slutty big boobs. She’s like this every damn time, just fuck off so I can kiss that boy already!

I can see Connor’s frustrated, he’s been masking it well but this session has been difficult for him too. Finally she closes her bag but instead if heading for the door she makes a beeline straight for his desk.

Bitch, I will end you.

“Professor Joseph?” Connor looks up from his desk to glance at her. “I was just hoping you could tell me about your tutoring sessions? I’ve seen a few of the professors are offering them and I was hoping to sign myself up for yours... you’re already an incredible teacher but I feel like I’d benefit from some one-on-one attention.”

Slut, I’ll give you some one-on-one attention. How about I give your face some serious attention from my fist?

Connor shuffles uncomfortably. “I don’t offer tutoring personally. If you want a list of people that would be suitable there should be one at the front reception office.”

The bitch doesn’t take the hint, she leans in, placing her silicone filled ass on his desk and taking his tie between her fingers. “Would you possibly consider making an exception? I could make it worth your while.”

I scoff, loudly. She whips her head back to my direction at the sound, her eyes glaring into me. God, I’ve smacked a bitch for giving me looks less than that.

“Why are you still here Brianne? Don’t you have anywhere to go?”

Brianne? She better wind her damn neck in before I detach her fucking head from it.

“She’s here because I asked her to stay and discuss her paper, which you are currently preventing me from doing.” Connor’s voice is so firm right now, Hope isn’t the only one who wants to call him Daddy.

Budget hair extensions grabs her fake Prada and storms out of the class.

“That was hot.”

Connors lips curl up slightly at my words but he doesn’t look at me, keeping his eyes locked firmly to the papers on his desk.

I walk over, shoving the papers straight onto the floor before placing myself down on the desk right in front of him.

“Brianna, I needed to grade those.”

I place two fingers under his chin and lift him to face me. “I’ll pick them up. Connor, what you saw in the car, it wasn’t what it look-”

There is no opportunity for me to finish as Connor takes hold of the back of my neck and slams my lips down onto his. The kiss is immediately deep and sensual, his mouth hungry for mine as he slides his tongue between my lips and I welcome him gladly.

I know he needs it right now, so I don’t fight him for dominance. I let him explore my mouth, his hand slipping from the back of my neck into my hair and entangling with my curls as he forces me down into him.

There’s so much need in this kiss, so much want and passion. I slip from the desk down onto his lap, letting my legs wrap around his waist and chair as I straddle him.

I start to grind softly, while he places a hand on my lower back and applies gentle pressure to keep me close to him. His breathing starts to increase as I grind harder, forcing him to break the kiss as he takes in oxygen.

Taking hold of his head in my hands I don’t let him look at anything but me. “He was a client, my car broke down and he brought me here. We had something once but it’s not something I want anymore, I told him that when you saw us. Connor, you know what this is. You know I like you but I’m not ready to be tied to you. If you need out of this, I’ll get it. You just have to tell me.”

He shakes his head. “I don’t want out. I know what this is, you’ve never lied to me Brie. You’ve always been honest and open about where our boundaries are. I just... I didn’t want to see it.”

I can hear how hurt he is in his voice, he keeps saying he’s okay with this but I’m not sure he really is. “It wasn’t anything. He’s not someone you need to worry about... Are you sure this is still what you want? I don’t want to hurt you Connor, if what’s happening between us is hurting you then I want you to end it now.”

His lips meet mine again and I lose myself in them, the growing bulge on his pants a sign I should keep grinding on him. “I don’t want to end it, I know what we can be Brie. I’m going to wait for you until you see it too.”

This boy... he could crush me or save me with a single word. No man has ever offered me the chance to be something new the way he has, he is someone who just wants whatever I’m willing to give him, move at my pace. He’s someone who could change my whole world if I let him.

Okay, time to show him what a Brianna-style apology looks like.

I unhook my legs from him and drop to my knees on the floor, undoing his pants and pulling them down.

“Brie, what are you doing?”

I smirk up at him as I push my hand into his boxers and pull free his solid hard member. “Apologising.”

“You don’t have to do th-”

Funny how many guys finally develop the skill of being quiet when you put their dick in your mouth.

I only take in the tip, sucking slowly before swirling it with my tongue. Connor sinks back into the chair, letting his head fall back as I let my tongue travel up and down the length of him. He’s solid, desperate for a release already but I’m going to make this last for him.

Teasing the tip again I run my nails gently across the sensitive skin of his shaft, causing a deep moan to pour from his plump lips. It’s like music to me as I take hold of his length and begin to pump him at a torturously slow pace.

He loses all control as I flick the tip over and over with my tongue, lapping up every bit of pre-cum until he begins to squirm with anticipation.

Show time.

I lick down his length once more, only to reach the bottom and start sucking on his balls as my hand starts to pump him with more ferocity. “Fuck...” That’s what I want to hear.

I’m used to guys being more aggressive than this when I’m down on them but he hasn’t tried to grab my head once, he doesn’t want the control here, he wants to feel exactly what I want to show him.

His hips start to move as he follows into my hand with thrusts that match my own movements, I know he’s getting closer as his eyes fall shut and his breath hitches.

I remove my hand just as I had him teetering on the edge, he goes to protest until he locks eyes with me. I smirk back at him, taking his tip in my mouth and waiting a solid three seconds before slamming my head down and taking his full length into my throat.

“Fuck Brie!” He screams out in pleasure, my body vibrating at the sound of him in such a state of bliss. As per usual I don’t have underwear on, but fuck do I wish I did because my inner thighs are now coated in my juices.

I start to slide up and down his whole length, making sure to follow him until my lips meet the skin of his pelvis. He can’t stop moaning, his legs shaking with every movement I make.

He’s back at the edge so quickly and I can see him holding back, he’s trying not to fuck my face just like he wants too. He doesn’t realise that it’s all I want him to do.

I grab hold of his hands, placing them to the back of my head so he can take control of the speed. He hesitates as I encourage his thrusting. “Fuck Brie... I don’t want to hurt you...” Hurt me? Oh bless his heart, he couldn’t hurt me if he fucked me until I couldn’t breathe anymore.

This is what I want. I reach up, taking hold of his nipples between my fingers and pinching them tightly just as my head slides down to his hilt once more. I very gently let my teeth brush against his dick, the sharp momentary second of pain enough to bring him back to reality and show him I’m not afraid to be rough with him, so he shouldn’t be afraid to do it back.

It was all he needed. His fingers interlock in my hair and he starts to bob my head up and down him at a monstrous speed, all whilst bucking his hips up into my mouth and slamming into the back of my throat. He starts to moan and pant like he can’t get a fucking enough of me, I’m in heaven.

The strength he showed starts to waver as his movements become ragged, he’s right there and I need him to jump. “B-Brie... I’m gonna...” I don’t give him the opportunity to pull out, removing my hands from his nipples and grabbing hold of my own throat, squeezing it tightly so it clenches his cock.

He screams out, his hot salty seed filling my throat and coating my tongue as I milk him of every drop he has to give. I don’t stop until I feel him turn into mush below my touch, his legs twitching as I slide my lips from him and swallow everything he left inside me.

There’s almost silence, the only sound filling the air are his heavy gasps for breath. I don’t say anything, I just let him bask in the glory of his high before climbing back onto his lap and holding him close.

I’m not someone that does something like this after anything sexual, but I know he is. I sit there, letting my head rest against his shoulder until his arms wrap around me and his hands soothe my back.

That’s how we stay, two people riding the wave of pleasure and enjoying the basking sun of its rays, together.
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