My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 57

“Al chill the fuck out! He’ll be back any minute.” She’s been pacing around the school car park for the last twenty minutes and it was starting to make me feel dizzy.

It is May’s first basketball game on the team today and Jayce had said he’d meet us here when he got back from his training session, that was supposed to be half an hour ago and Al was getting impatient.

“He should be here by now, he said he’d already left when he called. What if there’s been an accident? What if he’s laying on the side of the road somewhere crying out for me?!” Oh god, is she going to cry again? These hormones are bringing out her super emotional side bless her, she made me watch Ghost last night again and cried from the open credits to the end. Then she made me ring Jayce just to check he was still alive and not a ghost only she could hear, it was awkward.

I hear the unmistakable raw of Jayce’s car in the distance and Al’s head shoots to the entrance gate just in time to see her beau’s smiling face pull into the lot. I had to hold her back from jumping straight in through the window but the second he stopped he came barrelling out of the car and she was hoisted up into his arms.

They were still kissing as the car park started to fill with some seriously nice looking cars, all packed with overly tall and extremely fuckable guys. Did I fall asleep and take myself to hot dude land again?

Jayce smiled at me as I started to eye all the talent pouring out of the cars. “Romeo, what’s going on?”

Al smirked and I realise she must have been in on this little plan too. “This is the team, time to show those little pricks who May’s brother is. They’re all here to support her.”

Oh fuck, she’s gonna freak. He really is the sweetest big brother she could’ve wished for. I pull Jayce into a hug. “Thank you, she’s gonna love it.”

He squeezes me back, but then it gets a little too tight as he whispers in my ear. “Okay Brie, don’t flip okay? He’s on the team now, I couldn’t just leave him out of this.”

What the fuck is he on about?

“Um, hey Brie.” I turn around and see him. I’m gonna fucking kill the bastard!

Ripping myself free of Jayce’s hold I grab the dick by his t-shirt and slam his whole body down onto the hood of Jayce’s car, not giving a fuck if I leave a dent.

I can hear men scrambling around me and Al slapping Jayce’s chest, I’m going to guess she didn’t know this skid-stain would be with them either.

Baring my whole weight down onto his chest I hold him in place, to be honest he’s not even fighting back. “What the fuck are you doing here... Drew?!”

The man that crushed Kallie looks back at me but he can’t quite meet my eyes. Yeah you better look away you fucking coward, after what you did I should beat you right here in front of all these guys and show them what a piece of shit you are!

“Brie, please. You don’t understand the whole story. I lo-”

I don’t give him the opportunity to finish, sliding my forearm up from his chest and leaning it across his throat. “Come near Kal while you’re here and I will slice your dick down the middle like a fucking hot dog bun, got it?”

He nods his head but makes no attempt to move until I release him from my hold. I turn back around to see twenty giant men, all cowering towards me in a mixture of fear and lust. What can I say? Powerful bitches like me turn most guys on.

I compose myself, smoothing out my skirt over my legs before walking back to Jayce. “If you weren’t being such a good brother right now, I’d smack you into next week.” Al stands beside with her arms crossed over her chest giving Jayce the death stare, he hates it when she does that and I can see his resolve breaking as he looks between us.

We start to make our way over to the school, the trail of basketball players following behind like we were the pied piper of giants.

I heard a voice speaking to Jayce behind me. “Dude, that’s your girls best friend? She’s psyco!... Can I get her number?”

Jayce chuckled. “Be careful what you wish for mate, she’d break you.”

The guy talking to him chuckles as I feel his eyes burning into my ass. “I think I’m in love.”

Oh bless, I do have that affect on men.


May lost it when she saw everyone coming into the hall, she screamed and ran into Jayce’s arms as her entire school looked on. I made sure to focus my attention on the little idiot that had been saying shit to her and felt very satisfied when his jaw hit the floor.

The whole team made such a fuss of her, running drills with her before the match and showering her with so much attention. I loved seeing my little firecracker so happy, she’d been struggling lately and she really needed this.

The school let Jayce do the introductions to the match, which he did with pride whilst making sure to tell everyone about his perfect little sister and how much he loved her. I watched her smile up at her big brother, she was so desperate to impress him today but I knew he would be so fucking proud of her no matter what.

We were only two minutes into the match and I’d already been hit on by four basketball players, it was too easy. Like shooting really hot fish in a barrel.

Al had text Kal to tell her about the Drew situation, the coward had kept his distance thankfully and was sitting way at the other end of the bleachers. My phone buzzes with a message from Josh.

‘Outside with Kal, she’s not good.’ Ah shit.

Al followed me outside where we saw Josh trying to calm very worked up Kal in the front seat.

“Babe, I told you that you didn’t have to come.”

She nodded and gave me a weak smile. “No, I promised May I would... I’m just not sure I can face him.”

I look at Al and then back to Kal. “Okay hun we have two options here. One – we smuggle you in, and guard you like mama bears. I’m pretty sure I put the fear of God into that man earlier anyway so he ain’t coming near you. Or we have my personal favourite, option two – you give me ten minutes to make you the most fuckable version of yourself and we show that little cunt what he’s been missing.”

I see the curl up on her lips and I’m starting to realise the influence I’ve had on this girl, I love it.

Al grabs all the make up she has out of her car and I dig around in my bag in the trunk for something appropriate to wear. We primp and prime her, forcing her into one of my cute dresses. Kallie was blessed in the chest department so those things were pushed up under her chin, the red lip and winged liner enough to make her look the sexy little minx we all know she is.

I back comb her hair to within an inch of its life and as she flips he head back over I marvel at my masterpiece. “Bitch! You look incredible!”

She shuffles around to glance in Josh’s side mirror. “Brie, I look like I just had sex!”

I smirk. “Exactly.”

Josh rolls his eyes but I wouldn’t blame him if even he was checking her out right now, the girl looked hot.

Al walked in with Josh first, making sure to grab our seats and get a good view of the action that was about to unfold. They were both drama loving bitches.

“Girl you’re fire right now, you ready?” She grinned at me before I walked us over to the other side entrance where i knew Drew was. “Confidence bitch, you walk in there like you own the damn place.”

She nods, plasters on her game face and shoves open the doors.

The match is well underway but as Kal steps into the hall not a single eye is on the game anymore. The team had taken up most of the first two rows and every single one of them were staring at Kal in awe, one most of all. I followed her slowly, making sure to watch Drew’s reaction as Kallie approached. It was a fucking picture.

I wanted to slip my fingers under his chin and close his mouth as she stepped up onto the bleachers, not missing the way the guys around her were already asking Jayce who she was.

Walking past where Drew sat he attempted to stutter something to her but she carried on moving like she had no clue who he was until she took the seat next to Al. I have never been so proud of this girl in my life.

We watch the match, my little pumpkin only attempted to smash in the face of one girl so I’d say all in all, it was a pretty successful game for her. Jayce stayed and took photos with all the kids, checking first if any of them had said anything to upset May over the years before agreeing.

She was lucky to have him. As I rest my hand on Al’s ever growing stomach I can’t help but picture the incredible Dad he’s going to be to this little one too.

I spot an intimidatingly tall figure approaching from the left of me, luckily Kal is too busy being hit on by half the guys here to notice his arrival. I quickly swap seats with Aleah and walk over to where he’s coming from.

“You really don’t like having your dick attached to your body, do you?”

Drew glances behind me at Kallie before I have the chance to shove him further away from her. “I have to speak to her Brie.”

In your dreams. “You’re not getting fucking near her Drew. Do you understand what you put her through? How much hurt she’s felt? You don’t deserve her Drew, I don’t think you ever did. She’s beautiful, funny, loving and probably the most compassionate person I’ve ever met. You had that and you fucked it.”

I keep pushing him until he’s far enough away she can’t hear him, grateful to Al for keeping her so busy she doesn’t notice me man handling him. “Don’t you think I know that?! She’s fucking perfect Brie, more than perfect. You don’t understand what happened...”

Does this prick not think she’s told us what he did? “I understand perfectly. You guys made a decision, a fucking tough one but you made it. Then when she needed you most you decided to treat her like she was some kind of fucking monster and abandon her. Get the fuck away from her Drew, I’m warning you, I will end your career before it even starts.”

Drew looks like he’s been hit with a truck, his face dropping as he processes what I’ve just told him. “That’s what she thinks happened? That I think she’s a monster and that’s why I stayed there?” His voice barely above a whisper.

Before I have time to question it further he rushes down the steps and straight out of the door, slamming it so hard the entire room turns in time to see him leave.

What the fuck was that about? He acted like this was brand new information to him, he of all people should know what he did to her.

What am I missing here?
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