My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 61


This week is finally fucking over! Saturday means one thing – shopping.

I was just getting ready to leave when my phone started ringing with a video call from Connor. For a moment I debated on taking all my clothes off to answer it but considering we hadn’t actually slept together since the night we met I wasn’t sure this was exactly the way I wanted him to see me naked for the first time.

Answering the phone I was incredibly grateful I kept my clothes on when Hope’s glowing face filled my screen. “Hi Beebee!”

I placed my phone against the edge of my TV so I could sign freely. “Hey princess, everything okay?”

I could see she was laying on her stomach on Connor’s bed, the one I still hadn’t been in but recognised from the photo he sent of him and Hope sleeping. “Yeah. I have my first lesson at Ms Days school tomorrow. I’m really scared to go there when nobody knows me... Will you come with me? Pretty please?”

Oh crap. “Ummm... Babe, does your Dad know you’re asking me this? Does he know you’re using his phone?”

The little smirk on her lips told me everything I needed to know, cheeky little scamp. Fuck, am I ready to go back there? It’s been three years. Maybe no-one will even remember me and I could sneak in and out without anyone seeing me? Like fuck, I practically ran that place, I’m not exactly easily forgettable.

“Sweetheart I don’t know-”

I’m cut off as a cloud of steam floods out from the door directly behind her, fogging up the screen for a moment before I see Connor emerge in nothing but a tiny towel wrapped around his hips.

Fucking hell. Maybe I should stop calling him good boy because that body makes me want to do very very bad things to him.

“Hope? Who are you-”

Connor looks at the screen as Hope looks up at him giggling. “You said you couldn’t ask her to come Daddy, so I asked her.”

The phone is quickly pulled from the cheeky little madam as Connor’s face comes into view, the water from his hair still dripping down his chiselled jaw line. “Brie I’m so sorry, I didn’t know she would ask you that. I totally get you can’t come with us, the history you have with the place and everything. Plus you’re working all the time. I’m so sorry she called, I don’t even understand how she unlocked this thing.”

I hear Hopes voice call out from out of frame. “It was easy Dad, your pin is my birthday. You need to change that, it’s not safe. Change it to Bries birthday, you love her now too so it’s her turn.”

Fuckkkkkkkk. I don’t know who wants to die more right now, me or Connor. We both just stare at the screen blankly, blinking like we’re trying to signal someone an sos with our lashes.

I need to change this conversation, fast. “Um.. Yeah of course I’ll come. What time is her class?”

Connor tries to hide it but I can see how much he wants to smile. “Are you sure Brie? It’s at three but you really don’t have to, Hope will understand.”

No, I really can’t hide from that place forever. “Three is great, I promised Granny I’d go to Sunday service with her since it’s the first time I’ve been free in months but that ends at two, pick me up after? I don’t get the bug back until the next morning.”

Connor has a smug smirk on his face. “You’re going to church? I thought I was the good one here.”

Trust me, I’m as surprised as anyone every time I manage to step inside that place without the walls bleeding. “I don’t have much of a choice, Granny’s banging the pastor.”

Connors phone tumbles out of his hand and hits the bed, robbing me of his reaction to my confession on Granny’s love life but still making me laugh out loud.

He manages to retrieve it and tries to act cool but there’s no hiding the blush coating his cheeks. He rubs his hand across the back of his neck as he tries so hard to look un-phased. “So um... what are you doing today? Still going shopping with Aleah?”

I nod, taking the phone and pulling it closer to my face as I stroll down the stairs. “Yep. She needs new underwear and I need new toys.”

Connor looks at me confused. “New toys? Like for the baby?”

I smirk. “No, the kind of toys I need are definitely not suitable for kids.” His eyes grow wide as he comes to realisation of what I’m saying. “See you tomorrow good boy.” I hang up, leaving him a quivering mess as images of all the things I could possibly be buying flood through his mind.


Finally, five fucking minutes to myself!

I love Al but trying to shop with her whilst she talks endlessly about Jayce in one ear, Clarisse and Sonya deciding my day off means nothing as they shout down the phone into the other ear all whilst I try to hold back from killing some poor person just passing through the mall that accidently bumps into me – it was too much.

I'm trying to think of the money, in two weeks this engagement party will be done and I'll have more money than I ever thought possible. I can stop worrying about saving for everything, I can put it to good use and finally have something left in the bank when I'm done.

Josh said he'd drop the stuff I left at his old place off to me before he starts packing up to move to Steve’s tomorrow but he won't be here for another hour... what could I possibly do for an hour that will help me to relax?

Looking over at the pile of coursework I have on my desk is already giving me a headache but the bags from my little morning shopping trip with Aleah are staring right at me with a smile.

Jayce is leaving for a few days again tomorrow and none of Al's sexy underwear was fitting her so we had to do a fun filled trip to the sex warehouse. Poor thing was all nervous that Jayce won't think she's sexy anymore, I had to remind her how possessive that man of hers is. He loves letting people know she's his, the fact she's carrying an actual part of him inside her probably means she's more sexy to him now than she's ever been!

I convinced her to get this cute little red lace set and bought a few extra treats for myself... oh shit, the egg!

Diving over to the bags I dig around until I find the box that caught my eye on the way through the store - a love egg. This is exactly what I fucking need right now.

Okay... let's get my favourite professor involved shall we?

Grabbing my phone I hit the call on green eyes' number, playing with all the buttons on the remote to this thing and watching it vibrate, bouncing all over the mattress. Shit, this egg has some power.

The call goes to voicemail. Fuck, well I can do this shit myself anyway.

I slip my underwear off, leaving me in just my t-shirt dress as I run my hands all over my thighs. Even with myself I'm a little tease.

Laying my head down on the sheets I claw my nails up my torso, running over the lines of my toned stomach and letting my eyes close as I reach my nipples.

I've always liked things a bit rougher than most girls but today I think I just deserve a treat, something nice and relaxing.

My phone buzzes next to me and I glance at it quickly to see a message from Connor.

'Sorry, can't answer right now. You okay beautiful?'

Well, I can do this on text. I write the message with one hand, making sure to keep the other one pinching and caressing my hardening bud.

'Got some new toy... want to play?'

My body starts to tingle with pleasure, my heaving breasts crying out for someone else's attention but I'm all they have. My phone pings again.

'Brie, I'm out with Hope and her grandmother. Please don't do this to me.'

Oh bless him, wouldn't stop me. I lick my finger tips and continue my pursuit of teasing my nipples with flicks and twists until I know I need something more.

'Come on good boy, tell me what you'd be doing if you were here...'

I really need him here right now, it’s been so fucking long. My fingers slide down between my thighs and I'm already so wet, I run them over my clit and start to rub it in gentle circles, making sure not to put too much pressure anywhere specific before I'm ready.

'Brie, please, I can't do this right now. Fuck.'

Jesus Christ, I'm not asking you to jack off in the toilets and send me the video here Connor! Just a bit of dirty talk, is that so hard?

Fine. Don't need you for this.

Throwing my phone down to the bottom of the bed I grab the purple vibrating egg and place it at my entrance, using two fingers to push it in slowly whilst increasing the pressure on my clit.

Fuck. For something so small this thing feels incredible!

My whole body starts to shake as the gentle vibrations ricochet throughout my being. My once sensitive bud is now alive with electricity, my heart starts to pound as I push the egg in deeper. I know I'm not supposed too but it just feels so fucking good.

I take the tiny remote in my hand and slowly turn up the pressure, fucking hell! I've barely got this thing turned up to three and the sensation is euphoric...

Laying back I let the egg do its job, letting my increasingly sensitive clit have a break from my vigorous fingers as I push the egg in just that little bit more before throwing my head back deeper into the pillows and letting out a deep symphony of moans.

My hands roam all over my smooth skin as I pursue the vibrations that seem to be travelling along it. Turning the dial up to five the moans grow to screams and I clench around it, only increasing my sensations.

Wow this is...

*knock knock*

You have got to be fucking kidding me! Nope, Josh can wait.

Trailing my fingers back to my clit I start to brush against my most sensitive spot, increasing the pressure whilst trying to turn up the dial but I'm not sure it's working.

*knock knock knock*

Mother of Christ! I was so fucking close!

Okay, we're coming back to this later.

Hitting the power button the vibrations stop and I reach inside, taking hold of the rubber tag between my fingers I attempt to pull it out, only for a wave of vibrations to hit again and cause me to yank too hard.

As my fingers leave me I look at the small purple rubber tag between them, now completely disconnected from the egg still inside me.


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