My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 62

*knock knock knock*

For fucks sake! "I'm coming!!" Actually I'm not, that’s the problem.

Reaching inside I can't get hold of this bastard thing, my fingers just aren't long enough and I'm kind of in a bad position to get to it myself.

It's okay, I'll just leave it in and sort it out when Josh goes.

Getting up off the bed I can feel the egg rubbing against the walls of me with every step I take, just as I'm approaching my door another wave of vibrations emanate from it - ten times stronger than the setting I had it on. I almost collapse to the floor as I hang onto the doorframe for support. “Fuck!”

I turned you off you fucker! This is what I get for saving ten bucks by buying off brand! Why can't I resist a bargain, cheap bloody knock off!

Getting to the bottom of the stairs I think I've got this down, until the vibrations hit again and I scream out in pleasure whilst crashing into the wall. “Holy shit!”

"Brie? Are you okay in there?"

Crap crap crap, that's not Josh.

Okay Brie, game face.

Opening the door I smile at the owner of that deep husky voice, my favourite cage fighter. Steve looks so much better than the last time I saw him, his face has almost healed entirely and he doesn't look on deaths door anymore... he looks good.

He smiles back at me. "Hey stranger, Josh got called in to some office emergency crap, so he asked me to drop this off to you." He holds out the bag and I attempt to take it, just as another vibration powers through my core and I have to throw myself backwards to grab hold of the couch.

For God's sake Brianna, do not fucking moan. I bite my lip in an attempt to keep myself together and prevent my body taking over to act on instinct. Of course this situation isn't helped by Steve standing there, his tattooed body looking way too big and tight for someone who spent the last two weeks sitting on their ass.

Steve looks at me like I've lost it, scanning over my body whilst I try to keep my face passive. I know I'm failing miserably.

This fucking thing decides to pick this moment to just start vibrating gently, flooding my form with joy that I can't show.

He steps into the house, dropping the bag on the floor before coming in close to my body with a look of concern. He rests the back of his hand against my forehead. “Shit Brie, you're sweating, are you sick?”

In the eyes of the Lord? Maybe.

I can hear the subtle hum emanating from my pussy but I'm pretty sure he can't.

Just as I'm ready to put on my brave face and shove him out of the house, the most powerful vibration I've ever felt powers against me with such vigour I completely buckle. "FUCK!!" I grab hold of Steve’s shirt in my fist and his strong hands hold me upright as I ride through this wave.

I need to get this thing out of me, now. Otherwise I'm going to cum right here in front of him.

"Brie! What the fuck is going on with you?"

Fuck it.

"I have a sex toy inside me that kind of broke, now I can't get it out and the thing has developed a life of its own. I'm pretty sure if you stay here much longer you're going to watch me turn into a puddle soooo...."

Okay, I'm relatively sure that of all the things he thought I was going to say, this was nowhere on the list.

Steve's eyes scan down my body, pausing as they look at the short hem of my dress. Shit, I'm not even wearing underwear.

He stays there, he doesn't say a word. I get ready to shove him out of the house by force when another strong vibration hits me. My legs give way as I cry out in pleasure. Steve's eyes grow wide but he still catches me, scooping me up into his arms and holding me against him as I feel the juices between my legs start to coat the inside of my thighs.

Burying my head into his shoulder there's a part of me that just wants to clamp my teeth down into his hard pec. Has he always smelt this good? Maybe it's the near orgasm I'm having but I don't think I've ever smelt anything as good as him right now.

"Brie, do you like..." He rolls out his neck, I can't tell if he's embarrassed or turned on if I'm honest. "Do you need me to take you to the hospital or something?"

Yeah that's not fucking happening. I'm not going to be one of those stories medical students tell each other after their shifts at the emergency room.

"Fuck no. I'll just get Al over here to get it out."

There's a gentle smirk on his face. "Al? As in Aleah? Has anyone ever told you two that you're too close?"

All the fucking time mate. "She's busy for the next hour, can you get me upstairs? Granny will be home before then and I'd rather she didn't see me like this."

I'd meant if he could just support me up the stairs, but Steve continues to carry me like I'm weightless until he reaches my room, he lowers me down to the bed and I realise it's been a few minutes since this thing has gone off so hopefully the batteries have died.

Steve perches down on the end of the bed, quickly glancing around my room before settling on the bag of toys I'd bought with Al. "Planning on making a night of it huh?"

Bloody men. "Don't you judge me! I bet your dick was in your hand in the shower this morning! Women have needs too you know, I'm not ashamed to fulfil them."

His grin only grows. "I'm not judging you Brie, you’re a fucking powerful independent woman. I be surprised if you weren't taking matters into your own hands."

Damn right I am.

He really does have the most incredible eyes... Especially when they're staring down at me with that look that he has right now. I'm becoming very aware of how wet I am down there and it has nothing to do with the egg. Fuck, he's really gor-

A hum fills the room and I know he can hear it this time. Our eyes are locked, both of us desperately trying to look away but neither of us can achieve it. I should feel vulnerable, but having him here like this may have been exactly what I wanted when I started this, I just didn't know it.

I can feel how deep this thing is now, fuck, I'm not sure Al is going to be able to get to it. Should I ask... no Brie, that’s not the kind of shit you can ask a guy to do!

Steve has this look, like he's reading my mind. He's always been like that, even at the club he could sense if I was uncomfortable just from a look and he'd sweep in to save me from it every time.

His eyes turn to the ceiling. "Brie are you going to be okay to wait while your grandmother is here?"

Not really. I'm pretty sure it's going to be a fate worse than death if she ever found out.

Steve's head continues to face towards the ceiling as he lets out a deep breath. "Brie... do you want me to..."

"Yes." Jesus Brie, answer any quicker?

Steve is desperately trying to keep it together. Just as his eyes come back to meet mine another deep vibration hits and my hands instinctively take hold of his shoulders as the pleasure courses through my veins. I swear I try to hold it in but the sensation is so intense I can't stop the moans that escape my lips.

"Fuck Brie, lay back before that thing fucking kills you. I won't look, okay?"

I nod, laying back on the pillow but not allowing my legs to fall open. Am I sure I want to do this? I open my eyes to look at him. "Don't laugh! If you ever tell Josh about this you're a dead man walking."

His lips curl up in a fucking sexy smirk. "I won't laugh Brie, or tell anyone. Now, open your legs."

Holy fucking shit, did his voice just get deeper? It was like a command I had no choice but to follow.

His hand starts to travel down the inside of my thigh, opening my legs slowly until they fall apart. His eyes stay glued to my face but I can see the flicker in them as his hand approaches the tops of my thighs and runs over the layer of my wet juices that coat them.

I take a deep breath as I try my best to relax, his touch so soothing I revel in the feeling of it against my skin.

He is breathing deeply now too, his rugged breaths tickling against me as he tries to keep his focus on me. He places two fingers at my entrance and my heart almost stops. "Brie, am I okay to do this? If you want me to stop I will."

I look him dead in the eye. "I'm okay, do it."

He pushes into me, extremely slowly. I lose eye contact with him as I try to remind myself he's just doing me a favour here, this isn't supposed to be sexual. It's just like a doctors appointment Brie, nothing more.

Oh crap.

The tips of his fingers come into contact with the egg and nudge it just slightly into the perfect place, it's too late.

His eyes shoot wide as I beg my body not to do it, I squeeze my eyes shut so he can't see them about to roll back in my head but any hopes of him not realising what was happening went out the window as my walls start to clench around his fingers.

Mother of Christ save me! I can't even bring myself to look at him as the cries leave my lips, the edge I've been teetering on collapses as the most beautiful wave of pleasure washes over me in the form of a long deep orgasm.

Once it starts there's no stopping it, he can't move as the walls of my pussy hold him in place and it takes every ounce of self control I have not to grind against him as my back arches up slightly from the bed.

Don't do it Brie... Don't fucking do it... "Steve..."

It was the orgasm! It wasn't me shouting out his name, it was the fucking orgasm! It possessed me!

The seemingly never ending ripple of pleasure finally ceases. As my pussy decides to release Steve from it's vice like grip he quickly takes hold of the egg, pulling it free from my body and liberating a flood of my juices onto the hands that just caused this.

My high continues long after the orgasm stops but as that also comes to an end I feel the heat swell up to my cheeks. What the hell am I supposed to do now?

There's a war going on behind Steve's eyes, he can't look at me but I know he wants too. There's always been something between the two of us but neither of us ever acted on it, I don't think either of us pictured the first time something happened between us being like this.

Fuck, it was hot though.

Steve finally brings his eyes back to me but we don't say anything, his fingers twitch and the cum on them catches the sunlight leaking in through the windows. I look into his eyes and there's nothing but fire, his drop to my lips and I would need an axe to cut the tension in the room.

He's making a choice... what do we do now?

Steve's body starts to move, he leans over me until our faces are close enough I could lean up and lick him. He stares straight into my eyes, before glancing at the wet hand he's leaning on next to my head.

His stare is so intense. I raised my hand to his face, letting my nails run into his hair and down his neck as I watch the shiver run through him. We can't stop looking at each other.

My voice comes out as a whisper "Steve..."

His eyes snap from the trance he was in as they quickly glance to my lips. "Fuck."

Without warning he springs up to his feet, refusing to look back at me as he bolts down the stairs and out of the house, slamming the door behind him.

I don't move as I hear the hum of his motorbike engine roar back to life and keep listening until the noise of it riding away is lost.

What the hell just happened?
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