My Twisted Lovers - Book Two of The Forbidden Lust

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Chapter 63


SHIT! FUCK! I just... I made her fucking cum.

I try to concentrate on the road as I zip my bike between cars, trying to get home before I turn this thing around and go back there to fuck her.

Brie. Fucking Brie. I’ve never met anyone like her, she just has that thing, it’s unexplainable.

I remember so clearly the first time I met her. I was sitting in the back office, watching as some of the girls that came in to audition for amateur night. Most of them were your typical college girls just trying to get through the semester, I recognised a few from campus but I wasn’t one to judge, they were just working with the hand they were dealt.

Most of them moved okay but nothing to write home about, then she walked up. I saw the boss drop his pen, a man who spent all day surrounded by beautiful women and even he couldn’t stop being in awe of her.

Then she danced...

Fuck me. I’d seen some girls do crazy stuff on those poles but she wasn’t like that, you could tell she was born for it. Her body moved like the music was controlling it, not a step out of beat. Every guy in that place stopped what they were doing and just watched her, but all I could think was why a girl like that would want to be in a place like this?

I’d hoped it was just a one and done, loads of girls only come for the amateur night then decide its not for them, but not her. She owned that place, she came back not long after and I couldn’t stop myself talking to her. I’d promised my girlfriend that I would never speak to any of the girls there unless I had to, but I just couldn’t help myself with her.

Brie was clearly younger than she said, I could still smell the innocence all over her, but she was just so strong. It became clear very quickly that she wasn’t there by choice but by necessity, I tried to talk her into doing something else but she needed money and quick. So instead I made sure I was always there to keep an eye on her when she worked. Even missed a night of studying right before one of my finals but I just couldn’t stay away.

Nothing ever happened, she was only seventeen and I was with Chrissy, I’d never do that. The night she left with that Italian guy I wanted to rip her out if his arms and pull her back but I knew I couldn’t, she wasn’t mine to keep.

She never came back and a part of me was grateful. I still looked out for the girls there but I couldn’t stay forever either.

I didn’t see her again for a while, not until the night of the shooting. I heard what was happening and rode straight to the school, I knew Josh was there. He was distraught, he’d just seen the love of his life be torn from this world by a psychopath and he couldn’t even stand. The cops let me past the barrier and I held him as he screamed and cried, I’d never seen a person in that much pain. It was unbearable.

Just as we were getting ready to take him to the hospital to be checked over I spotted her. She was standing in the car park, clutching a little girl in her arms. She looked so fucking beautiful, all dressed up for the dance and like a radiant glow of light through a sea of darkness. Then I saw her face, completely and utterly broken. I didn’t know back then that she had suffered such a terrible loss that night too.

I didn’t think I’d ever see her again, Josh would sometimes mention she was staying with him and Aleah back at college but I wasn’t sure how much he knew about her time dancing so I never even mentioned that I knew her.

Then one day I step out of my bedroom and there she is, my perfect stranger just stood in my kitchen. I thought maybe I was dreaming, it wouldn’t be the first time she’d made an appearance in them.

Yet again there I was, falling under a spell she didn’t even know she was casting. I was angry with myself, I had a girlfriend so I shouldn’t even be looking at her.

The night if the party when she caught that bitch cheating on me I was so overwhelmed with emotion. I’d spent the last few hours talking with her and I realised how beautiful she was on the inside too. She’s kind and loving, she cares so deeply about the people around her and has this contagious energy. I can’t imagine there are many men in the world that would be immune to her charms, and I was no exception.

She’s fire and ice, she could lift you up to the heavens only to let you go and watch you crash back down to the earth. I knew when I threw her out of the house that night part of it was my own guilt at finding myself so attracted to her when I knew I shouldn’t be.

The next day Josh practically ripped my head off and I knew I deserved it, I’d been really shitty to her and it wasn’t her fault. She flirts with everyone, she doesn’t even realise she’s doing it half the time I’m sure. I’d let it get to me and make me believe something that wasn’t there... or so I thought.

I don’t talk about my mum. It’s too hard. There are a handful of people that know the story of what happened to us and I never intended to add her to that list. Sitting there on the beach, watching her hair blow in the breeze as she drank her coffee. I just couldn’t stop looking at her, I saw her completely differently for the first time, she spoke about Harley and there was so much vulnerability there.

I couldn’t stop myself telling her, it was like a part of my soul wanted to open up to her completely. I’ve never felt that way with anyone but I just recognise something in her and the feeling has only grown. The night of the fight her voice filled my head, like the echo of an angel calling me into focus.

I looked at her, right before I smashed that little fucker to pieces I looked at her and I’d never felt stronger. I was going to talk to Josh after the fight, see if he’d be okay with me asking her out some time, she’s his friend at the end of the day.

Then everything went crazy. I hit the mat and felt the blood pour out, there was no pain but it was like the world numbed. The only thing I could concentrate on was her, those big brown eyes of hers just holding me to this world.

I remember crying out for her but I didn’t even know why. I’m not that type of guy, of all the girls I’ve been with I’ve never had one that can do to me with a single look what she can. I tried to brush it off, say it was just lust or something but I know it fucking isn’t.

Even Josh has started to notice the girls I’m bringing home kind of resemble her, like I’m trying to substitute her some how but it’s no use. There is no substitute for Brianna Parker, she’s one of a kind.

And now I’ve made her fucking cum... and she shouted my name. It sounded perfect pouring off her delicious lips.

Shit, I don’t even understand how I let myself do that. I knew I shouldn’t have, I know I should’ve just left but then I asked and she answered so quickly... I didn’t think she’d say yes.

I tried to control myself but as my fingers slid inside her I was already so hard, she felt perfect wrapped around them but I knew she’d feel even more perfect wrapped around me. I could do things to that girl she’s only ever fantasised about.

She may have been to sex clubs and had guys fall at her feet but she hasn’t had anyone that could do to her what I can. I’d have her screaming and clawing at my back before she even knew what was happening... but she’d have to want it too.

I don’t know if she even feels about me that way, sure its been implied and I swear sometimes I can feel her scratching underneath my skin as she tries to bury her way into me but I heard her on the phone to that teacher guy, she was different with him too.

Maybe that’s what she wants, someone who can calm her. I wouldn’t do that. I’m hot headed and impulsive, I’d have her on the back of a bike at three in the morning hunting down good pizza. I’d want to make love to her on the sand of the beach and fuck her in the toilets at the family barbecue. I’d worship the ground she walks on and make her breakfast every morning, she’d be able to depend on me to be there but I’d also keep surprising her.

If she wants him, she doesn’t want that. I don’t want kids, I love them but I just don’t want them. I don’t want the family house or the Volvo, I want someone who will jump on a last minute flight to Hawaii without a hotel reservation and love every second of the unknown adventure.

Pulling into the drive I see Josh’s car already there, him jumping out just as park next to him.

“You already taken that stuff to Brie? I got out early so I was gonna go there if you haven’t.” He extends his hand and pulls me into a bro hug. “Dude, why is your hand so sticky?”

Oh fuck, couldn’t exactly stop and wash them could I? Probably shouldn’t tell him because I was inside his best friend half an hour ago should I?

“Sorry man. Yeah I dropped them off already, she said something about her Gran coming home soon if you still want to go over there though?”

He shakes his head as we step inside, before throwing himself down on the sofa. “You okay bro?”

“Yeah, Mum’s just being a bit weird about this whole moving thing. She wasn’t like this when I moved in with Aleah so I don’t know why she’s being like this now.” I fucking do, the woman hates me almost as much as I hate her. Don’t know why, I never did fuck all to the bitch.

“Mate if it’s too much you know you don’t have to, I told you the room is yours anytime you want it anyway.”

He nods. “I know, I just want out of that house. Every time I’m on the phone it’s like she’s right there checking what’s going on. She says she just wants to make sure everything is okay with me but it’s suffocating. Everything’s packed, I’ll pick it up in the morning. Brie said she’d help but her car is fucked so I told her to leave it.”

Well since he brought her up... “So.. this guy Brie is seeing, is it serious?”

Josh shoots me a look. “Don’t.”

“Don’t what?”

“Don’t even think about going there with Brie.”

How the fuck did he know. “That isn’t what I meant-”

“Yes it is.”

He never looks at me like this, he is always so relaxed but right now he looks downright vicious. “It really isn’t. Why would it be such a problem anyway if it was? Don’t think I’m good enough for her? I know I’m your brother but surely even your gay ass can see I’m a fucking catch.”

He tosses his eyes back into his head and returns to his usual composed self. “It’s nothing like that. She’s one of my best friends, you’re my brother, I know you both so well and I know it will only end in disaster. Neither of you can hold down a healthy relationship, you’re both fuck and dump people. I wouldn’t want you to hurt each other.”

What if I don’t want to dump this one though? Someone has to pin me down someday, someone worth sticking around for, someone that can keep me so excited I never get bored or want to move on to the next one.

“I just don’t need the extra drama, especially with everything going on with Mum already.”

He’s right, I’d never do anything he wasn’t okay with anyway, he’s the most important person in my life – I would never hurt him like that. “It’s fine dude, you don’t need to worry about stuff like that. I was just curious... Mate, with your mum... Do you want me to talk to her?”

A laugh leaves his lips and I can understand why, I haven’t spoken to that woman since I was a kid. “Josh I’m not joking, if it will make crap easier for you then I can talk to her.”

He looks at me blank, like he can’t quiet process the words I’m saying. “Um yeah, actually she asked me to come to dinner tonight because Dad is out of town. She asked me to invite Aleah but it’s her last night with Jayce before he goes away again so I don’t want to pull her away, do you want to come instead?”

I’m gonna regret this. “Yeah sure, just let me get showered and stuff then we’ll leave.”

Okay, I can do this. She’s just a woman... an evil backstabbing woman who practically killed my mother, but still just a woman. She’s half of who Josh is, so there must be something good in there, right?

Getting out of the shower I throw on a button down shirt and make sure to stop myself rolling the sleeves up, I’m not sure walking in there flaunting all the tattoos is the way to win her over.

Glancing at my phone I see I have a text from a new number. For a stupid fleeting moment I thought it could be Brie but unfortunately not, just a cheating ex using yet another number to try get In touch with me. I’m pretty sure this will be the eleventh one I’ve had to block now.

‘You can’t keep ignoring me forever Steve. I really need to talk to you.’

How about fucking no?

I stare down at my hand, a disgusting part of me didn’t want to wash it. I didn’t want to lose the evidence of what I’d done to Brie earlier. Maybe it meant fuck all to her, maybe she’s on the phone right now just laughing about it with Aleah and will forget it ever happened by tomorrow...

But can you really fake that look in your eye? She wanted me. No matter how she feels now, in that moment - she wanted me.

Now I know though, I can never have her.

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